The Nerd Fitness Academy is an online “school” with self-paced courses will contain EVERYTHING you need to build healthy habits, start exercising properly, and effectively adapt your diet and level up your life.

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Each course comes with its own “path” to follow, high-definition exercise demonstrations, months and months of exercise programming, nutrition advice based on your goals, a special community for “students,” and more.

It’s the information used in these courses that helped people like Joe lose 130 pounds in 10 months:

Joe Before After

And women like Staci discover her love of strength training to transform into a powerlifting superhero:

Staci Nerd Fitness Before/After

Right now, feel free to check out the sales pages for each course (Men’s Fitness 101 and Women’s Fitness 101), with all of the information you need, and an email sign-up at the bottom of them to make sure you get all the info and can be one of the first in the course to join up!

It’s a perfect medium for us to help people and provide specific advice that we can update and improve on the fly.

mens_fitness101_marble   womens_fitness101_marble

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