How to Level Up in the Game of Life


This may be the sweetest sound you can possibly hear when playing a role-playing game (henceforth referred to as an RPG).  “DING!” or something similar depending on the video game you’re playing, means that your character completed a certain number of quests, killed a specific number of monsters, and ran enough errands to level up.

Congratulations, or “grats!” are usually in order for this occasion. After a brief celebratory /dance, you purchase new spells, reward yourself with new armor, and then immediately start working towards  your next level.

It’s this particular reason that games like World of Warcraft, Rift, Oblivion, Everquest 2, and any other RPG are so damn addictive: there’s always another level to reach, another dragon to kill, and better armor to acquire.

Today, we’re going to turn life into a giant role playing game. If you’ve read the “What Is Your Profession?” article, then you’ve already turned yourself into a character. Let’s put that character into action.

Since day one, the tagline for Nerd Fitness has been “Level up your life.”

Today, you’re going to learn how.

Don’t complain about your starting zone

Let’s assume that you hit the random button when creating your character in World of Warcraft – you were hoping for a good looking elf and ended up with a goofy-looking ogre.  Instead of starting in a beautiful city high up in the clouds, you start in a dank sewer down in the bogs.  Suck.  However, you agreed to play a random character, so you suck it up, and decide to become the best damn ogre you can be.

In the game of life: we’re all dealt a “random character.”  Some humans are good looking, some are goofy, some are tall, some are short, some are big, some are small.  Some people can build muscle quickly; others can’t build muscle to save their life.  Some people have fast metabolisms, while others have slow metabolisms.

That’s life.

It might not be fair, but it is what it is. If you think you were dealt a poor hand, try complaining  to anybody that will listen for the next week and see if it helps make you better, faster, stronger.  After that doesn’t work, try sucking it up and taking action for the next week.

Look at it this way, the more dire your situation now, the better your origin story will be when you create your own epic destiny.

Rule #1 of the Rebellion – “We don’t care where you came from, only where you’re going.”

We don’t accept excuses, only solutions.

Life as a newbie

Whenever you start playing a new RPG, your character is generally wearing a plain tunic, carrying a wooden sword, and has no sense of direction.  Luckily, there’s a commoner near you that asks for a favor: “Go into the sewer and kill ten rats.”

It’s a crappy job, but you know that if you go into the sewer and kill those rats, you’ll complete the quest and be that much closer to level 2, where you’ll have access to more interesting quests and eventually better equipment.

In the Game of Life: Things are no different. If you’re 300 pounds overweight and live in your parents’ basement, that’s your starting point. If you want to get in shape, get a job, and move out, you need to start at level one by “killing a couple rats.”

These are the rats you need to slay:

  • Walk 15 minutes a day.
  • Put together a job resume.
  • Open a savings count.

These are things you need to do in order to start “leveling up.” They might not be fun activities, they might not be what you WANT to do, but you know that these actions serve a purpose. and will get you moving down the path towards a better life.  Never forget that undesirable and seemingly insignificant tasks up front can pave the way for success down the road.

Encountering Elite Players

After you’ve gained a few levels, you’re finally allowed to venture outside of the safety confines of your city’s walls.

At this point, you get to do more important quests like delivering letters, killing giants spiders, slaying snakes and such. While you’re whacking away at these mobs, you encounter a level 50 player; the best of the best.

This dude has it all:

  • A glowing horse decked out in platinum armor.
  • A flaming sword and shield.
  • Badass armor crafted from the rarest metal.

You take one look at his inventory and you’re instantly inspired to play more. You know it took this guy days and days of questing, grinding, and dungeon crawling, but if he can get to level 50 and get all that stuff, so can you.

In the Game of Life: You’re standing on a treadmill at the gym, huffing and puffing after two minutes. You peak over to the free weights section and see a guy that is absolutely ripped doing pull ups with 45 pounds hanging off him.

Rather than get jealous/blame your genetics/get depressed at how much farther you need to go: GET INSPIRED. This guy might be a Level 50, but you have NO idea what he’s gone through to get to that point in his life – the hours in the gym, the nights at home cooking healthy meals, the early evenings in bed to get enough rest. He’s living proof of what’s possible if you’re willing to work for it. You might be level 2, but it’s a short leap to level 3…and a little larger leap to level 4…and so on.

Pick on somebody your own size

When you’re level 10, try attacking a level 70 dragon with your rusty sword. Half a nano-second later, you’ll be shouting “um, can I get a res(urection) please?” because you just got your ass kicked. Lesson learned.  You get a good laugh out of it, realize you’re WAY out of your league, and quickly run back to the proper zone to fight things that are your level.

In the game of life: If you’re severely overweight, underweight, or hopelessly out of shape, don’t try to run a marathon tomorrow…you’re going to get your ass kicked and get very depressed. Start with walking 15 minutes a day, and then 20, and then 30, and then 45, and then jogging for 15, and then jogging for 20.

Tackle challenges that are level-appropriate. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Perfect physique, superhuman strength, and unlimited endurance won’t happen overnight either.

One day at a time, one level at a time.

Determine your Level 50

In games like Everquest and World of Warcraft, finding out what happens at Level 50 is easy – it’s the level that comes after level 49. When you get to level 50, you get to enter special zones, wear special armor, and it comes with a certain amount of prestige.

In the game of life: you need to decide what your level 50 is, which will certainly depend on where you’re at now and what your life goals are.

Your “level 50” doesn’t need to be something incredibly dramatic, outlandish, and extraordinary (though it certainly can be), but it does need to be something that you can visualize perfectly so that you have something to work towards:

My life at level 50 looks like this: From a fitness perspective, I’m in the best shape of my life – handstand push ups, pistol squats, pull ups with 45 pounds hanging off, 300 pound squat, and a 400 pound deadlift. I’m also flexible as hell, well trained in Kung Fu, a great breakdancer, and a damn good cook.

I live in a nice house on the coast somewhere in the States. I wake up without an alarm clock and grab my surfboard for a morning session. I spend the middle of my day working on Nerd Fitness and the Rebellion (while also booking a business trip to…Hawaii? Japan? and a free vacation to Tahiti using airline miles), and then sneak out to play 18 holes of golf in the afternoon at a local course. I come home, crank out a quick strength training workout or martial arts session, cook a healthy dinner for my wife and I, and then relax by inviting some friends over for drinks, music, (Halo), and hanging out.

That’s my life at level 50…I still have a long way to go, and I’m sure my definition of level 50 will change drastically as I get older and my priorities change, but I have something to work towards.

Plot your path to 50

RPGs are so damn addictive because it’s easy to say “one more quest.”

As soon as you level up, there are new quests that become available to you.  If you’re level 14, you know that you’re 36 levels away from Level 50 – it’s a long way to go, but it’s a fun journey, and you get to explore new zones, fight new bad guys, and do more fun quests with each new level.

Everything is documented, and you know how many more quests you need to complete in order to level up. You know which zones to fight in for your particular level, when its time to move on to the next zone, which mobs give the most experience, and so on.

That level 50 carrot on the end of the stick keeps you walking in the right direction.

In the Game of life: Once you’ve determined your level 50, you can start making decisions based on whether or not they’re bringing you closer or further away from that end goal.

Games are fun, life is fun, why can’t life be a game?

For example, I’m currently traveling on my world trip and I don’t have access to a gym, but I want to come back in better shape than when I left.  I hope to be able to do handstand push ups and pistol squats by the time I get back to San Francisco in June.

In order to get to that point, I have MANY MANY levels in between. Every other day, I level up by getting stronger than the previous workout. With no weight, I have to continually “upgrade” my exercises to make them tougher and tougher until I’m at the point where I’m happy.

This is what my progression looks like push ups to hand stand push ups

  • Regular push ups
  • Divebomber push ups
  • Shoulder press push ups
  • Handstand push ups

I’m currently doing regular push ups until I’m at a particular number of reps that’s high enough for me to “level up” and start again with divebombers.  Once I can do enough of those in a row, I’ll move onto should press push ups, and then eventually to handstand push ups.  It’s going to take me months to get there, but I have a clear, distinct path to take, and know what I need to do in order to succeed.

This works no matter what type of life you seek at level 50:

  • If you want to run marathons: sign up for a 5k, then a 10k, then a half-marathon, and so on.
  • If you want to be a power lifter: start by learning the basic lifts with just the bar, and begin with just 5 pounds on each side of the bar. Every week, add more weight.
  • If you want to become a black belt in Tae Kwon Do: you have to start as a white belt, and then work your way up to yellow, then green, then blue.

Don’t just kill rats for the hell of it

When you start playing a RPG for the first time, you’re always sent out to kill level 1 rats. You do it because that’s what the quest asks for and you know that completing the quest will open up other quests. However, once you’ve leveled up a bunch, going back to kill another 100 rats probably won’t be that fun, and it won’t get you any closer to level 50. You have bigger fish to fry, tougher mobs to kill, and more important quests to complete.

In the game of life: Live your life with purpose – if you’re doing something, make sure you know WHY you’re doing it. And if you don’t like the thing you’re doing, and it’s not bringing you any closer to your life at Level 50, find a way to stop doing it  At least put a plan in place so that eventually you don’t have to do it anymore.

Reward yourself with better equipment

The big draw in RPGs is that whenever you level up, you get to use better weapons, wear cooler armor, cast cooler spells, and so forth. Better equipment will help you fight tougher monsters, which will in turn give you more experience and get you closer to the next level up. It’s a viciously awesome cycle that keeps people playing for days and days on end.

In the game of life: reward yourself with stuff that will reward you back.

I don’t love the concept of rewarding yourself with unhealthy food or habits when you do something good. It drives me nuts to see somebody that spends four months training for a marathon, and then rewards himself then after the race is done with two weeks of binge eating and no exercise (which becomes three weeks…and then a month…).

According to Rule #2 of the Rebellion, “When you join, you’re in for life.” We’re not in this for diets and quick fixes. We don’t accomplish a goal and then backslide with an unhealthy reward system. We accomplish goals and celebrate with rewards that push us to be even better:

  • Hit a new weight loss goal? Great! Buy yourself a new bathing suit to show off that body.
  • Just ran a 5k? Awesome! Buy yourself some vibrams and start considering barefoot running for your upcoming 10K.
  • Completed the advanced body weight routine? Great! Reward yourself with a gym membership and start learning how to lift weights.

The above are just examples – it’ll be up to you to determine your rewards, but if you can find ways to reward yourself with things that help you level up, you’ll get to level 50 far quicker than if you reward yourself with stuff that has you backsliding.

Don’t turn life into a grind!

If you’ve ever wondered if I was a true nerd, these next two paragraphs should just about do it.

Back when I used to play the original Everquest, WAY back in the late 1990s, I remember hanging out with my friend Saint at the wizard spires in North Karanas. We weren’t doing any quests, we weren’t killing any bad guys, but it was the first time I had ever met up with a friend from real life in a video game. We giggled like school children, and took turns cracking each other up by typing “/flex” and “/dance” which made our characters perform those actions.  I think three hours later we finally moved on to fighting stuff.

I also remember going to Kelethin, a city up in the tree tops, and having races with my friends Cash and Seth after drinking mead (which made my character “drunk” and thus unable to run in a straight line) to see who could run from one end of the city to the other without falling off the pathways.

Did these things have ANY purpose or advance my character in any way towards a higher level?


Was it fun?

You’re DAMN right it was!

In fact, those were probably two of my favorite memories from playing Everquest.

In the game of life: I know earlier I said “always have a purpose,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too. I like to live a life worth living, knowing that each activity or action puts me one step closer to  my ideal life. However, I still go out drinking with friends, stay up too late playing Halo: Reach (how I miss thee), and eat foods that are unhealthy for me every once and a while.

These things keep me grounded, keep me sane, and keep me happy.

Although I’m fanatical when it comes to my gym sessions, I also seek out “fun quests” like ultimate frisbee, hiking, climbing, surfing, and other activities that make me happy but might not necessarily get me any closer to competing on Ninja Warrior.

I’m okay with that.

Stay out too late every once a while. Eat bad foods while watching sports or playing video games. Do stuff that makes you happy.  Just make sure you’re also doing stuff that makes you a better person and gets you closer to a better life.

What’s life like for you at Level 50?

In the comments below, tell me what life is like for you at level 50. Then, tell me one quest that you’re going to complete TODAY in order to “level up” and get closer to making that dream a reality.

Let’s hear it – your life at level 50, and your quest for today to make that dream a reality!


This week’s Rebel Hero: Simon O. in rural CAMBODIA! Last week we had a Lithuanian, now we have a Nerd Fitness rebel in Cambodia…the Rebellion is gaining support in new areas of the world, and the legend of our group of overachieving underdogs continues to grow with each passing day.

Watch out world, the rebels are coming.

After taking this picture, Simon ripped the tree behind him out of the ground with his bare hands, bench pressed it forty-seven times, and then threw it across the Pacific Ocean where it stuck in the ground in Hawaii.  True story.

Want to be the next Rebel Hero? Take a photo doing something epic in your NF Apparel and send it to us at so we can feature you on the site!  

photo, photo, photo, photo, photo

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  • Roselyn

    My Level 50: Eiher finding a job or getting into the Art School so that i can finally move out to my own home. Get a cat, have a 2 room aparment. Cook for my boyfriend and draw/paint all night long with a glass of green tea. Attend FRP conventions. Yeah. 

  • katgetsfit

    My level 50: I will be an expert Sailor ready to cruise the seven seas. My cooking skills will be maxed and daily fitness will be as routine as brushing my teeth.  I can easily run at a comfortable pace for 20-30 mins, I have also rediscovered my inner gymnast and am able to leap over small children in a single bound, effortless pull myself up and over any obsticle and regained my flexibility.  I might even meet a sexy Rogue along my quest path.  He must love water, animals and look good in leather.  

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  • Rene Friberg

    I’m level 1. But, today, I did 4 pushups during my first Angry Birds workout… Bam! bye bye rats!
    My level 50 will be normal healthy bodyweight, a 5k race, and being able to hike up mountains again (“Mountains, Gandolf!”).

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  • Gideon Teerenstra

    Right now I am at level 1. At level 50 I will have a masters degree in something like human resource management and a bachelors degree in engineering management (what’s that you might think, just Google it, it combines the beauty of engineering with the management of it all). Together with my wife and children I will live in a nice (not necessarily big) somewhere near the forest, probably in the Netherlands. And I will still go for a run every other day. My killer job as a  great consultant will take me all over the world so I will know how to do good and efficient body weight exercises in my hotel rooms. Also I will be a great cook. Even better than I already am, and being able to cook even healthier.

    I know I will have to sacrifice some stuff to get to level 50 and craft some new weapons and cast some new spells but just like everyone I do it with a supreme goal. Even at level 50 I will still be challenged because I am pretty sure that when I get there I will have to buy the expansion pack called “Life – Beyond the Sword” and that will help me reach level 75. What that is I am not to sure of but luckily enough I still have plenty of quests reaching level 50.

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  • Dmmcclair

    My level 50 is to have reached 200 pounds and have earned a black belt in Mixed martial arts.  I want to have my degree and be waking up for a job i enjoy.  To start that today I am traveling my area to locate a good martial arts teacher.

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  • Misty Miner

    Level 50: Uh. Fully proficient in at least one type of martial arts and yoga, with knowledge of various other types of martial arts – fully develop my fighting style. Eat healthy and on a regular basis. Overcome insomnia. Effectively manage ADHD, overcome my academic struggles, have successfully graduated college and be on my way to becoming an up-and-coming political journalist. Or something like that. Perhaps that’s more somewhere around level 40, but at the very least it’s a goal. xD

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  • Irons

    My level 50. Hell that is a good question. I’d like to have my six pack back, be at least a 5th dan in Jujitsu, be a sensei in Jujitsu, have competed in an MMA fight, won an international medal, live in australia, be able to surf, be able to play the guitar and just basically enjoy life.

    Today I’m going to go to jujitsu for an hour followed by an hour of ground fighting.

  • Cale

    My level 50:  Marathon/Warrior runs every now and then (annual?). Doesn’t feel human w/out 3 mile morning run. Cooks amazing organic meals, goes rock climbing once or twice a week. All while having earned my Ph.D.

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  • fearaine

    Level 50: have a bachlor’s degree in Development studies, a master’s degree in photography, working with human rights and/or enviroment issues. And I want to have enough free time to practice parkour, making (guerillia) art and keep (new) friends along the way. Be well, be happy, be the me I feel comfertable talking about. Anything’s possible, right?

    Today I’ll log into twitter for the first time in weeks, and see if amnesty international has some interessting campaigns going on, then I’ll do a 20 or 40min body-wight routine tonight.
    Gotta start somewhere! 😀

  • Andy Creighton

    I was so inspired by this article that I created a small program to help me track my progress. It even has sounds :D…

  • MookieFish

    Nice! what program did you use? Visual Basic?

  • MookieFish

    At level 50 I am an Assassin posing as a bard. I am in the best shape of my life; about 150 lbs of muscle, agility and endurance and I have mastered the art of parkour and freerunning and at least one form of martial arts, most likely Taekwondo. I have continued mastering the guitar as well as mastering my voice. I have three occupational directions in mind. The first being a software engineer, or web developer. Secondly I would enjoy being a professional musician. Lastly, I would most enjoy living off the grid and going where I please and being truly free. The most likely of these scenarios would be number one. Where I live makes no difference to me, though I often picture myself in isolation in the forest where I can freely roam the wilderness. 

    Today I am going to practice three new cover songs, and finish mastering Drifting, by Andy Mckee. (I pulled a muscle at a parkour session last night, or I would’ve done some interval training as well, but oh well)

  • Pallas Athena

    My 50 will be being fit and healthy enough to backpacking the 500 miles of the WA state portion of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2014 at age 63. I’ll be stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been, and returning to an activity I used to love.

    Today I already did the NerdFitness Beginner Bodyweight Workout. It felt good to get started after exploring so many options. Tomorrow I’ll do the 25 minute interval workout.

  • Samantha Russell

    My level 50…. Jeez. At level 50, I will have a successful job that I enjoy. I’ll have my own house (potentially with an upstairs) with a nice basement. I’ll be able to cook healthy meals for myself. I will have graduated from college. I’ll be able look good in a bathing suit. 

    I’m fond of weight lifting, but I don’t think I can really set a goal for that. I just want to keep improving for as long as I can.

    I want to be able to do handstand pushups. And pullups. And I want to be able to run without dying.

    I guess my main goal would be to just be happy with my life and what I’ve done with it, and feel healthy.

    I’m not too simple, am I?

  • Brontoman

    My life at level 50 will look like this: I will be fit like a superhero, I will have superconfidence. I will help others reach their goals. I will be a SUPERHERO!

  • Meredith Brown

    Level fifty will probably be: me, as a writer, living in some lovely place with my boyfriend and fit enough to join him on his runs and gym time. Also, able to do aerial silks, belly dancing and fire spinning with ease. Also, money somehow. 

  • Genvejen

    Just drop the rice and everything should be ok.

    (the meat, vegetables, etc might not 100% paleo due to ingredients like the oil they use, etc., but in my opinion it’s not really a problem to worry about).

  • Heather Katsoulis

    my level 50 life: being in the best shape of my life, strong and flexible from ashtanga yoga (all 3 series) and weight training. my mind will be at peace from daily meditation. i’ll spend the days running and teaching in my healthy living community center & promoting my charity, and free time frolicking with the kids outdoors & gardening. evenings will be cooking a relaxed gourmet vegetarian dinner with and for the family – inviting any and all to join in the bread breaking, followed by games and reading by the fire before sending the kids off to bed to conclude the night with a bit of romance. 🙂

    i’ll also make time for that weekly couples hot tub and massage. and we’ll be able to jet off to adventurous vacations at the drop of a hat – remembering to live by our golden rule, “live simply, so that others may simply live.”

  • Amelia

    Level 50: I
    will own my own awesome video game store. I will be in the best physical
    condition in my life, girly 6pack and whatnot. I will have a nice house with a
    yard for my doggies to run around in. I will have made my own video game, have
    a successful blog and will enjoy every day with friends and family.

    Today I’m
    going to go on a mile long walk and then go to the gym and make myself super
    sore for tomorrow.

  • zurdta

    At level 50 – I’ll be living in my own home (comfortably stylish) and working in a job I find challenging in a stimulating way and not in a panicky OMG what now?! kind of way.  I’ll be in the best shape of my life – fit, supple and classy. My leisure time will be spent tending my garden, visiting art galleries and travelling to culturally interesting places with my significant other. And going down the pub.

    Today, my focus in on relaxing… plotting, planning and getting ready for the game of life tomorrow.  Preparation.  From Pudgy Human to Enlightened Druid.

  • Jess

    My level 50: Travel to a foreign country helping people for a year after becoming a General Doctor. Speak either French or Chinese in said country, or learn a completely new language that is not spoken in many places there. Fitness-wise I would be at the top of my game and be able to fend off men chasing me in a impoverished city. Or just parkour my way out of it. Either way, being able to fend off any guy (I’m a girl) who is part of a gang and keep my virginity is my plan. Oh and not have acne scars, have a six pack, defined muscles, and a girlfriend/boyfriend who is loyal and smart. Epic best friends who are with me every step of the way and treat me like nothing’s changed after coming back from possibly hundreds who have died from outbreak.

    Plans for now: Focus on learning Japanese and memorizing the human anatomy, all of it. Take Strength and Conditioning class in high school this year alongside French 1 and Chinese 1. Practice basic parkour and do interval training and sprinting, alongside squats, lunges, incline pushups (not there… yet!), and planks. Practice harp and violin since those will get me scholarships and study vocabulary to get into a good pre-med school. Take self-defense classes. Use acne medication and eat healthier foods and drink water all the time. Find a new best friend this year that will last me for a lifetime. But most of all be myself in the end.
    I have much work to do… Time to set out on that anatomy memorization 😀

  • S Spinney

    When I reach level 50 I’ll have gotten my weight down around 140 or 145 and be comfortably running my own yarn store, with a book of original patterns published. Today I’m going to do weight lifting and some cardio before relaxing with a movie and my newest knitting project.

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  • Courtnie Marie

    My level 50 is being able to go to amusement parks and airports without worrying about gracing the person next to me with my thighs. It includes short skirts, flowing dresses, and fitted corporate casual outfits. My level 50 includes a small coast house in Massachusetts with my wife and three dogs. It includes playing Frisbee, catch and soccer in our large fenced in area and swimming (in a VS two piece!) in the afternoon. Evenings will be spent around our campfire with our friends, brothers, sister, their kids, pets, and some turkey burgers topped with veggies from our garden (I’m thinking mostly lettuce, onion, and tomato).
    I also agree with George below and the Life 2.0 Expansion Pack discussion!

  • busybrowngirl

    My level 50 is me in great shape at a weight that is healthy and comfortable for me. I live an active lifestyle with my family that includes biking, hiking, dancing around the house and general active play on a regular basis. I split my working time between home and the office. I have manage to slip in at least two hours per day for myself – one of which is spent in meditation – the other on my fitness regimen. I cook great meals, I throw great parties and have a strong support system. Level 50 is about balance for me.

    For now, I am working on making time for just little ole me by limiting the amount of time I spend in the office, committing to making healthy meals for myself and getting in at least 30 minutes of activity each day, even if it’s just a walk around the block.

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  • Marco Pietrosanto

    My life at level 50 will look like this: I’m in a real good shape, I stay in a Roda (Capoeira fighting session) for more than 10 minutes, I can kick fast as hell, and I’m able to do most of the acrobatics I do like more (Rainbow kick, Parafuso, Side flip, No hands cartwheel..); moreover I’m well trained in Taichi and I spend at least 20min. a day practicing it.
    My work gives me time to spend for myself and with my wife, I still have lots of time to play videogames and reading books, and I’m also a great cook (Sanji is my level 50 cook/monk inspiration!) ! I have a nice house which I own and I’ve decorated all the way with my wife with videogame-inspired things.
    Last but not least, I’m relaxed.

  • wal11

    I’m a parkour loving kenpo specialist living in the north Californian woods

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  • kreleia

    My life at level 50. ::dreamy smile:: My SO and I own a wonderful house that we’ve designed and built to suit our needs and wants. I doesn’t have to be huge, but it will be roomy and have at least one room dedicated to costume and prop creation, and a fully stocked library. We will also have a fully functioning garage/work shop for our vehicle restoration and recreation projects.

    I will have a career that I’ve been able to advance in and be successful with, and have finished paying off my student loans. SO will also have a great job that gives him normal hours, so he can have evenings and weekends off. We are both fit and healthy, and don’t have to worry about how we look in our clothes, because they’ll always look good. We spend time together working out, and working on our projects, and enjoy our off evenings watching fantastic, geeky television shows. International travel happens every so often, and Disneyland at Christmas is a tradition.

    Today, I’m going to do BodyRockers Day 4 of their 30-day Fitness Challenge (that they posted back in Feb 2012), and possibly run later tonight. Tomorrow, I have a second interview with a company that I would really like to work for, especially since a good friend of mine works there. I will NAIL it. Yes. I will.

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  • Riddler

    I love this creative perspective Steve. 🙂
    Wonder if you ever met a person in the minus levels?… like someone who
    has a severe illness, or homeless or something like agorophobia (one of the most
    debilitating mental illness I could think of because it would interrupt everything) where they would have to
    level their way up to health and normal level 0-1 (that most people take
    for granted i.e. mediocre would still be good for someone in a fair bit
    of suffering) before even considering leveling up from a base position?

    I guess from that point there level 50 would be what others consider their level 0?
    I don’t have anything that severe personally, but just curious as I get quite unhappy on and off and got me thinking of people worse off and how this could be considered repair work before even starting the game.

    Great point on not complaining about your starting point, because even someone in a basement in a first world country got a better start point than the homeless guy or person that has to start in a war-torn country, move to first world then get a basement! 🙂