Do Something You Suck At!

This past week, I strummed a banjo for the first time. I sounded like I was completely unfamiliar with the concept of “music.”  Heck it took me an hour of messing around to learn this (and I’ve been playing the guitar for years!).

Last Wednesday, I had my first violin lesson, and it sounded slightly better the howl of an asthmatic alley cat.

Two Saturdays ago, I had my first ever Krav Maga lesson, and I looked like one of those wacky-waving inflatable arm tube guys getting tackled by Terry Tate.

When was the last time you did something you absolutely suck at, purely for enjoyment?

Today, I’m issuing a challenge. I want to see how much you can suck at something that you enjoy.

Today also happens to be the latest 6-Week Challenge on the NF Message Boards, and a perfect time to up the stakes.

Let’s all suck together! (Wait, that came out wrong.)

100 Ways to Join the Nerd Fitness Rebellion

Holy crap!

At some point last week, we added our 200,000th rebel to the Nerd Fitness email list. That is a lot of rebels

About five and a half years ago I had a simple idea: “hey, I’m a nerd and I like fitness, maybe there are other nerds who want to get fit too?” 

Nearly 600 articles later, from the Angry Birds Workout to explaining the science of cholesterol, we’ve tackled any topic that can help people live better lives.

But one email we commonly get is, “Uhf, okay where do I start?”

So, because we have so many articles and workouts, we wanted to make things easy for you. I know, I know, we’re THAT nice.

If you haven’t yet officially joined the Rebellion, here are some of the best ways to get started in your Epic Quest to get healthy and level up. If you HAVE joined, check out some of our favorite articles, success stories, and achievements that you may have missed.

Remember – you don’t need fancy equipment, a personal trainer, or thousands of dollars to get healthy.

All you need is the start button.


Ready, player one…

The “One Week, No Excuses” Challenge

“Well I would have, but __________.”

“If it wasn’t for ______________, I woulda made it!”

“I’m sorry, but it wasn’t my fault, because of _____________.”

We all do it.

Things go wrong in our day-to-day life. We look back on what could have been, and it’s very easy for us to blame outside forces for those setbacks.

Everything was going great except for that one thing that we never expected to happen. And we get pissed, rightfully so. 

We all have that friend or coworker who always has everything go wrong for him or her; they’ll loudly complain to anybody that will listen about how the world is out to get them…that they’d be supreme high chancellor of the world if it wasn’t for those damn outside forces. 

Unfortunately, this excuses-first mindset is holding us back in our fitness, our health, and oftentimes our lives.

Strength Training 101: The Overhead Press

Here at Nerd Fitness, we love
the Legend of Zelda.  

In fact, it was an article I wrote on the Legend of Zelda years back that led Staci to Nerd Fitness: she’s now a full-time team member and author of this article!  Take it away Staci :)

There’s no greater feeling in a Zelda game than stumbling across the big treasure chest in a dungeon, anxiously watching Link  retrieve its contents, wondering what the treasure is.

And then comes that sweet, familiar sound as Link raises the new item over his head…

Duh, nuh, duh NAHHHHH!!! 

Now, what if Link COULDN’T press that item over his head?  What if he couldn’t complete one of the most basic moves of fitness: raising an object overhead with good form?

How can we expect him to save the world from impending doom if he can’t even raise a sword or treasure over his head?”


Luckily, for you (and the world), Link is a master at the overhead press, and after today, so too shall you!

Is Cholesterol Killing Us? A Beginner’s Guide to Cholesterol

For the past few decades, cholesterol has been portrayed as the Mini-Me of food.

While dietary fat, AKA Dr. Evil, has no doubt been stigmatized as the truly evil madman that is ruining our health, Mini-Me (AKA “cholesterol”) has been branded as the evil sidekick, almost as equally responsible for destroying our bodies.

We’ve been told for decades to avoid foods with cholesterol, because they are what’s clogging our arteries. No egg yokes, only egg whites!

We’ve been told that if we want to be healthy, we need to minimize cholesterol consumption. No butter, just margarine!

We’ve been told to switch to grains and minimize meat consumption. Meat has cholesterol, and cholesterol is bad! Meat will kill you!

If you’re anything like me, you have probably heard all of this stuff about cholesterol your whole life, and you just accepted it as truth. After all, 99% of doctors renounce cholesterol and put people on cholesterol reducing medication as quickly as possible when their cholesterol rises. Likewise, everything you’ve ever heard on the radio or in magazines tells you to avoid cholesterol just like you should be avoiding unhealthy fats!

But if Mini-me can join the good guys in Austin Powers: Goldmember, can cholesterol turn from the dark side and actually be something beneficial?

Right now, you probably have a few questions:

  • What the HELL is cholesterol?
  • What do I do I do if have HIGH cholesterol?
  • Do I need to be on medication for high cholesterol?

Don’t worry, my dear rebel friend, just like we’ve crushed topics like The Paleo Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Sleep, Water, and Supplements, we’re gonna cut through the crap and give you the real deal on Cholesterol.

Note: I am not a doctor nor registered dietitian, just a nerd who sometimes wears pants and lives for research and digging into the truth. Discuss all dietary changes with your doctor – heck, bring this article and have a discussion with them!

How to Stay Active When You Have A Family

Staying active can feel like an uphill battle.

It seems like there’s always something getting in the way of your routine: an emergency at work, an impending deadline at school, a friend in town to visit, or the next quest in your favorite RPG that won’t stop calling your name.

It can be hard enough dodging all of life’s obstacles, but when you have a family it’s like playing the game of life on legendary difficulty. After all, it’s easy to feel guilty after spending all day away from your loved ones while working, and then asking for even MORE time away to focus on leveling up your life.

You might be wondering, is it possible to stay active, and healthy, AND spend tons of quality time with your family?

As a parent, staying active and being healthy isn’t just about you finding time to take care of business, but about cultivating a mindset and habits to keep the whole family on track. It’s about finding a way for you ALL to enjoy healthy habits.

Today we’re going to talk about how your family can spend some quality time together WHILE being active together.

How to Make the Easiest Chicken Ever

This is a post from Rebel Chef Noel.

Imagine this: You come home from a rough day at work. You’re tired, a little bit grumpy, and definitely hungry.

But alas! It’s the end of the week and you’ve managed to eat ALL the food you prepared…except one tupperware of leftover veggies. Uhf.

But you’re a warrior! Vegetables will not stave your hunger. Not this day night…Just then it hits you: Your roomate has a frozen pizza in the freezer, a half a pint of ice cream, and…an uncooked chicken breast. What to do? What to do? The couch is looking awfully comfortable. And you haven’t had pizza in a while…

Fear not, friend! Help is on the way!

This is the lowest maintenance, easiest way to make a tasty chicken meal in about 20 minutes. Less time than it takes to cook a frozen pizza.

Take that, Pizza Demons!

A MASSIVE Camp Nerd Fitness Update!

Happy Monday my dear Rebel friend!

Today is a super exciting day around NF Headquarters, because we have a lot of really fun announcements to make that I’ve been holding close to my vest for a few weeks now…and I can finally spill the beans.

We have some amazing new things added to Camp Nerd Fitness.

Check the details for both below :)

How Nick the Tobacconist Lost Over 60 lbs: A Nerd Fitness Success Story

Meet Nick, a bartender and tobacconist with an INCREDIBLE success story.

Nick’s journey started in a place that many can relate to:

  • Nick found himself winded easily, anxiety ridden, and self conscious.
  • He never made made time for his diet. He’d work through his morning and simply order whatever he thought would fill him up when he was hungry. Large pizzas, whole calzones, subs, energy drinks, and more.
  • After work, Nick was too tired to making a healthy meal, and would simply graze or grab more of the great food above.
  • Nick had anxiety issues, which, as he says, caused him to use “every excuse under the sun” not to take control of his life.

Last year this all changed, and Nick made a number of small changes that added up to an INCREDIBLE transformation.

Let’s take a look at what happened.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone! Take This.

To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.” -The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I remember the first time I played The Legend of Zelda for Nintendo.

Your character is just a little kid, dropped in a big scary world, with no instruction. You see a cave, and an old man says, “It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.” You are handed a sword, and thus begins your adventure. You go on to climb mountains, cross seas, explore caves, conquer dungeons, and save the world.

Link taught us that the world is out there to explore. Yes, it’s dangerous, and nobody’s going to hold your hand the entire time…but epic adventure awaits.

And isn’t that what our parents taught us as well?  We’re encouraged to go anywhere and do anything we set our minds to.  We dream of seeing far off lands, going on amazing adventures, and becoming something like an astronaut.

And then we grow up.

We set this idea of adventure aside until “things get less busy,” “when I can afford it,” or “when the timing is right.”  We quietly brush aside this desire for our adventure, watch movies that take place in exotic locations, and get lost in books about heroic characters that save the day.

Well children, today you are planning your adventure. Whether on the far side of the globe or the far side of your town – the world awaits.

The Lord of the Rings Workout: One Plan to Rule Them All

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men, doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

An incredible poem, from the greatest fantasy epic ever told (Tolkien had quite a knack for poetry).  A little while back, we posted a Star Wars Workout on Nerd Fitness and the response was overwhelming: “GIVE US MOAR WORKOUTS!” you said.  “KEEP THE NERD COMING” you said.

So I said, “Stop yelling at me!” and “Your caps lock is broken!”

And then we made more workouts.

In honor of one of my favorite stories, and a great companion to our “Walk to Mordor” guide, I wanted to bring you another fantasy-themed-workout.

Not only is this workout incredibly nerdy, but it’s also an epic workout that will go perfectly with your Star Wars Workout and  Beginner Bodyweight Routine (just remember to take a day off between each!)

So…shall we…GO to Mordor?

Boards Don’t Hit Back: The Legend of Bruce Lee

Today is a special day.

We are going to discuss one of my heroes, and probably one of your heroes. The man, the myth, the legend: Bruce Lee.  If he’s not your hero yet, he soon will be.

If you are a nerd, you love Bruce Lee.  

If you are into Martial Arts, you love Bruce Lee.

If you like Nerd Fitness, you will also love Bruce Lee.

Bruce is one of my heroes, and I’d like him to be your hero too, so I’m going to be sharing his philosophy and some of my favorite quotes from him. This guy accomplished more in his tragically short life than most people could in 10 lifetimes.

His philosophy drives a lot of the rules we live by at Nerd Fitness.

So, just how much of a badass was Bruce Lee? When Chuck Norris was asked if he and Bruce actually fought to the death, who would win, Chuck replied without thinking: “Bruce of course. Nobody can beat him.”

Let’s get after it.

10 Ways to Level Up Your Life in 5 Minutes or Less

Getting in shape and leveling up your life can be a daunting task.

Like Frodo setting out from the Shire and walking to Mordor, the end of this journey might seem like something that is years and years away.

However, just like Frodo, we have seen time and time again that the most important thing to do is GET STARTED.  Every tiny decision adds up, and these tiny decisions put together can build some serious progress towards reaching your goal.

Around these parts, we like to call this the Optimus Prime Strategy:  He transforms from a mac truck into a giant ass kicking robot…not with one movement, but rather hundreds and hundreds of tiny steps.

So, how do we get started? And, once we’re started, and things get tough, how can we keep that momentum going?

Here are 10 of my favorite ways to level up life in 5 minutes or less, because sometimes five minutes is enough to start building momentum.

How to Make Paleo Tacos

This is a post from our resident Rebel Chef, Noel Fernando.

So you’ve mastered the art of the push up. You can almost do a handstand. Maybe you’ve even conquered the legendary Paleo Spaghetti.

Dang, you’ve come a long way! Would the “you” from a year ago…heck, a month a go even recognize you now? My friend, you are CRUSHING it. Sounds like it’s time to level up your cooking game.

Enter new opponent: The delicious…the nutritious….PALEO TACOS!

If I could date one food, it would probably be tacos. They’re incredibly tasty, easy to make, super versatile, and every time I make them, I marvel at my own cooking skills.

That’s what I want you to feel when you make these for the first time.

Lost in a Labyrinth: Getting Healthy Isn’t a Straight Shot

The maze.

A sprawling complex network of dead ends, traps, adventures, and challenges.

I’ve always LOVED the concept of a giant maze, and I know I’m not alone.

From the movie Labyrinth (featuring an amazingly bizarre David Bowie), the maze in Harry Potter’s Goblet of Fire, the absolutely incredible Pan’s Labyrinth, the labyrinth in God of War III, The Shining‘s Hedge Maze, and MadMaze for Prodigy (remember that game!?), I’m always up for a good maze-run to test my wits and keep me on my toes.

You know the phrase, “it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon?” 

That’s not true at all.  It’s neither.

It’s a freakin’ labyrinth.

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