[FREE] 5-Day walking Challenge For NERDS

Let’s Start Together: Create Sustainable Fitness Habits With Nerd Fitness Coaches and The Rebel Community! 

September 11th - September 15th


Meet Your Master Coach: Jim Bathurst 

Throughout this 5 Day Challenge, Coach Jim will be creating daily training sessions, Q&As, and assigning you your walking challenge for the day.

He will be bringing on other NF Coaches as Co-Hosts to help bring more sustainable tools and tips to your life so you can walk away (no pun intended) with a sustainable fitness plan that works for your schedule, preferences, and goals. 

This Challenge Is For You If You've Struggled TO...

❌ Get started (or restart)
Sometimes getting started is the hardest part and it can be for a number of reasons: Not wanting to go the gym, overwhelmed by all the home workout options (“but which one is right for me?!”), or maybe you don’t have enough time to commit to a steady workout routine right now. Our 5 day challenge is specifically designed for folks who don’t know where to start, need motivation to start, or don’t have a ton of time on their hands. Breaking inertia can be the hardest part! Start with an inclusive and supportive community, be led by certified NF Coaches, and after 5 days of movement you’ll walk away with a clear plan of action for how to elevate your routines and stick to a plan!

❌ Maintain consistency longer than 30 days

Getting started might not what the problem for you. Sticking to your habits beyond the first 14-30 days is where others might struggle. During the 5-day challenge Coach Jim will be hosting live trainings (and bringing on expert opinions as co-hosts!) that will help you understand why you’ve struggled with consistency, how to create a plan that sticks, and most importantly how to re-set or re-adjust when life inevitably gets hectic.

❌ Make time in your busy schedule for a workout routine

September is the end of summer and the last month before the holidays. You’re likely quite busy right now and getting ready to transition to the end of summer and the busiest time of year! Maybe the next 30 days you are starting a new job, on the hunt for a new one, getting back into the routine of taking the kids to school, taking care of a family member, or moving. All these life events take up a lot of time and energy.

This challenge is perfect for those who don’t have a ton of time on their hands or have an inconsistent schedule week by week because each day you’ll have a challenge task that will offer alternatives and can be done anytime of day.

❌ Navigate how to exercise because of a past or current injury

If you’re currently injured or recovering from an injury, heading to the gym or starting your usual workout routine may not be an option for you right now. This 5-Challenge will help you get back on track and start you off where you are currently at physically and mentally!

Is walking not an option for you right now? This challenge will have movement and habit building alternatives! Plus, all 5 days of training will help anyone trying to create healthy exercise and eating habits and stick to them, regardless of their level! 

What we'll normalize throughout the 5-day challenge...

✔️ Something is always better than nothing (even if it’s just a 5 minute walk, it counts!)

✔️ Being “busy” is a state that can last for weeks, and it’s ok if you can’t go “all in” for weeks at a time

✔️ No Pain = Sustainable Gain (You don’t have to be suffer through exercise in order to see progress)

✔️ Respawn (Re-starting) is a celebration (It’s OK to fall off track, what matters is you started back up again)

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