A Nerd’s Tale: Two Weeks in South Africa

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words.

Well, how many words do you think THAT picture is worth?

Greetings from my “home” in Washington, DC! After 16 hours in airports, 27 hours of flying, and 7 time zone changes, I am officially back from my trip in South Africa.  To say I had fun would be an understatement.  My buddy Cash (who I’ve been friends with since 1st grade) met me down in Cape Town, South Africa, and we spent two weeks hanging out, hiking, having the occasional adult beverage, and going on an epic animal safari.

I started to take photos with my more-than-adequate point-n-shoot camera, and then realized halfway through the trip that Cash is a way better photographer and has a way better camera…so today’s photos are ALL courtesy of Cash – thanks pal, hope you’re enjoying Mozambique right now!

Thanks to this trip, I was able to cross another group of things off my Epic Quest of Awesome (which I’m bringing up to date ASAP).  This is also my 6th continent (all visited in the past 14 months)…only elusive Hoth Antarctica remains!

Today’s post will be light on words and heavy on photos.  I hope you don’t mind.

Cape of Good Hope

The day after hiking up Table Mountain (TOTALLY WORTH IT), we rented a car for our trip down to the Cape of Good Hope On the way down, we stopped by Simon’s Town to check out the penguins, because penguins are the coolest.  I tried to high five one, but he just tried to bite my finger off – I kept all of my fingers, or else typing this article would have sucked.  Cash was able to capture some incredible photos, including this one that should win some sort of award for “most adorable photo ever.” 

You may now say “AWWWWW”:

After Simon’s Town, we continued down to the Cape of Good Hope, where we passed dozens of street signs saying “WARNING – BABOONS” and then were handed this warning sheet about baboonsNow, I don’t know about you, but this made me instantly want to find some damn baboons.  As luck would have it, we didn’t have to wait long as one mean mofo decided to jump in the back of the truck parked in front of us:

After successfully avoiding a baboon attack, we spent a few hours hiking all around the Cape of Good Hope.  We even found a secluded beach where Cashy decided that a front flip going down the hill was necessary, which he landed (surprising the hell out of me):

From there, it was on to the Ostrich Farm, where we treated ourselves to delicious ostrich burgers.  We walked outside to take pictures with a few; needless to say, they were none to happy that we just ate one of their brothers.  Unfortunately, this particular ostrich farm didn’t allow you to ride them…next time.

After getting pecked by ostriches, we headed back up to Cape Town.  Upon driving away from the farm, Cash drove for a good 2-3 minutes down the road before quickly jerking the car to the other side.  “Ooops, yeah…we should be on the left side down here, huh.”  Best part was that I didn’t even notice til he moved lanes.

Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate for a few days which didn’t allow us to do any cage shark diving because we had to cross the country in time for our safari!

Kruger and The Safari

Our 4-day safari was up in Kruger National Park, made famous in the YouTube video “Battle at Kruger.” 

Unfortunately, we never saw such a battle during our escapades; due to it being summertime in South Africa, the watering holes were full, the vegetation was plentiful, and all animals were pretty happy.  If I come back for another safari, I’ll make sure to do so in August or September when resources are low.

On top of that, the 4-day safari was really like a 2-day safari with 9 hours of transportation on days 1 and 4.  If I could do it over again, we would have probably booked our own lodging near Kruger, hired a guide for the first day, and then drove ourselves around for another day or two…sure it was an expensive lesson for us to learn, but it was still worth it.

Here are some of Cash’s best pictures, all taken in one day at Kruger:

We were able to see all of the big five: Lions (though we only saw females – no simba), Elephants, Rhinos, Leopards, and Buffalo…success!

Good times

If you want to see more photos from the trip check out the full sets here and here.

Lastly, wanted to give a quick shout out to Glen over at ViperChill and Diggy from UpgradeReality.  I had a chance to meet up with these guys down in Cape Town for a night of adventure – great guys running awesome websites.

And that concludes my international traveling for 2011!  I’m going to run a post VERY soon looking back at my past 14 months of adventure travel: favorite places, tips for other travelers, highs, lows, and my favorite memories and stories.  Want to see what my flight chart looked like?

Next week, I’ll be looking at how 2011 went for Nerd Fitness, and where the Rebellion is headed in 2012.

Oh, what the Hell…Let’s give away another NF shirt Whoever can come up with the funniest caption (subjectively decided by yours truly) for my ostrich picture up top wins a free NF t-shirt.  You have until Dec 26th at 11:59 PM to submit your comment on this article.




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76 thoughts on “A Nerd’s Tale: Two Weeks in South Africa

  1. For t shirt contest
    “Unfortunately the poor ostrich was a victim the nerd’s supreme photobomb techniques…ruining yet another good picture”

  2. Welcome home my man. . . Here’s my caption: “I’ve been goosed! This ostrich just grabbed my ass!”

  3. amazing pics!  i already miss south africa!  i dont think the ostrich pic needs a caption so much as one additional image immediately preceding it in the photo album….

  4. “Cash!! This is NOT what I thought you had in mind when you wanted to set me up on a blind date.”

  5.  “Now repeat after me: ‘I will never eat Ostrich again.’ Very good. Now get out of here before I change my mind…”

  6. “Steve was the biggest nerd in his small town. But even he couldn’t anticipate that his innocent experiment would go so terribly wrong. Coming this summer to a theater near you…OSTARAPTOR: Rise of the Aves.”

  7. Awesome post, very jealous 🙂


    “Steve was ecstatic when he found that despite the rules, the ostriches could still ride him!”

  8. Funny story Steve:

    I was in Africa in ’09, and we traveled to Cape Point one day during our trip. As we went in, they handed us the same “Don’t feed, touch, play with, or even look at the baboons” pamphlets. I looked at it, was slightly intimidated, but quickly forgot about it :P…

    A few minutes later, we pulled our vehicle into the tourist parking area, and saw a baboon sitting on a van. We took a few pictures of it, then got out of our mini-bus, and started looking around and taking pictures of other things. As we were doing this, I noticed I was starting to run low on memory space in my camera. I knew I had an extra memory card with me in the back of the vehicle, next to some of the other’s bags and some other food and such we had. 

    So I went into the vehicle, reached into the back, grabbed my bag, got the card, and put my bag away. As I went to get out, I noticed something in the seat beside me that wasn’t there before…….
    After realizing there was a baboon in the vehicle with me, I VERY quickly got out, and looked in with my team in amazement as the baboon climbed in, grabbed and ate an apple, and grabbed a bag of huge oranges that we had, bringing them out of the vehicle.Long story short,A BABOON JACKED OUR FOOD!!!

  9. Awesome roundup of South Africa!
    I’ve actually never been to the Kruger Park, Cash took some beautiful photos!

    Good meeting up with you man, I definitely have to come to your side of the world sometime in the near future!

    Cheers buddy!
    p.s. thanks for the shoutout!

  10. Ostrich: “don’t move…there’s a tarantula on the back of your neck”

    Congrats on 6 out of 7!

  11. ” like looking in a mirror”
    ” Steve and his new girlfriend”
    ” ugh … How drunk was i last night”
    ” your supposed to play dead not dumbass”

  12. Doctor: Mr. Kamb, my assistant Nurse Peckstadeth will be performing the rectal examination. I hope you haven’t eaten anything that will disagree with her recently.

  13. Caption: “Hello.  My name is Inigo Montoya.  You ate my father.  Prepare to die.”

  14. “Here’s a picture with my hero Steve from my favourite blog site Nerd Fitness. He taught me how to Level Up my life. I used to be a goose 12 months ago but after 3 times a week savannah workouts and a paleo lifestyle I am now a buffed ostrich”

  15. Visiting South Africa is the first destination on my places to visit when I graduate list. Glad you enjoyed yourself there. These pics make me want to go there that much more.


    My favorite rule from the warning sheet:  Do not leave your vehicle if you come across any baboons on the road.

    Because they will not hesitate to steal it.  Grand theft baboon and such.

  17. “Ears are very tasty” “Add an earring or two and that’s like frosting!!”  (yes speaking from personal expierience)

  18. Hiya Steve! 
    The penguin picture-ultimate cute (now if they just had sweaters on…:p! For the t-shirt contest: “You had me at hello.” :3 

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