Fat Shaming vs Body Acceptance: Is it okay to be fat?

Love who you are! But don’t settle!

That person must be vain. They’re way too in shape.

Get that girl a burger! She’s too skinny!

I’m full-figured and proud of it! Strong is the new skinny!

You can’t go five minutes these days without everybody chiming in on body acceptance, fat-shaming, or just expressing their opinion about what a human body should look like. (Not to mention the recent controversy surrounding /r/fatpeoplehate on Reddit.)

Today, we’re gonna dig into some of the tension between those supporting body acceptance, those actively engaged in fat shaming, and those looking to simply improve their health and the health of their loved ones.

Regardless of your current physique and situation, I bet you’ve contributed to this problem without even noticing it.

Let’s get after it.

You should look like this


Regardless of what you look like currently, or how you want to look, there will always be detractors everywhere, letting you know you should look different.

Ultimately, they’re saying one of two things:

  1. I am interested in this type of person, and you look different; therefore, you should change.
  2. I look a certain way and you look different, thus I need to challenge your look to feel better about my look. (Sometimes this is also, “I want to look like you do, but I don’t, so I’m going to challenge it to feel better.)

About a week ago, Nerd Fitness was featured in an Imgur article that made it to #1. In it, they referenced the before and after photos of Team NF member Staci and her incredible transformation.

A quick trip to the comments reveals plenty of dudes who decided it was their place to let Staci know they liked her better in the before picture.


Staci gets this quite frequently (thank you Internet), and her response is always the best:

“Why do I care what they think? I was unhealthy, my doctor told me I was unhealthy, and I was miserable. Now I’m happy and healthy. Thanks for the input though.”

I’m sure this isn’t the first you’ve seen of this. People want to let others know they liked them better when they were bigger, or smaller, or whatever. It will come from random internet trolls, or even from our own family and friends!

Throw in this “Dad bod” nonsense (I weep for the future of humanity that I even have to acknowledge this) and you got yourself plenty of situations where we have a group of people who are unhealthy justifying their unhealthy lifestyles by putting down people who choose to live healthy.

It’s ridiculous, and it needs to stop.

Things we need to stop saying

words dictionary

Be honest, I bet you’ve said one of the following phrases or saw somebody else saying it and agreed. If we’re gonna elevate ourselves above all of this, the following phrases should be put out to pasture:

“Strong is the new skinny!” This phrase is often accompanied by a picture of a smokin’ hot woman in minimal clothing who is thin and (maybe) strong. You now have two things to feel bad about: you’re neither strong nor skinny! Not only that, but there are a ton of skinny folks trying their hardest to gain weight. Which brings us to…

“That person needs to eat.” This is essentially “skinny-shaming.” Many people have no problem saying “that girl should eat something!” when the same person would probably never say “that girl should eat less!” about someone who is overweight. We all have different body types, and yes, some people are naturally very thin. Guys or girls!

“Real women have curves.” Real women have a heartbeat. If you qualify, then you’re in! Real women have curves, or they’re skinny, or they’re big, or they’re tall, or they’re short. Just because you don’t look like the woman next to you doesn’t mean she’s not a real woman.

“That person is WAY too fit. Soooo vain.” It’s easy to make fun of the really really big guy at the gym, or the “too strong” girl, and make fun of them for being really vain or “scary” for having a bodybuilder body. We don’t make fun of people for being great at football, drawing, or cooking – fitness is a hobby, too (and weightlifting / powerlifting is a SPORT just like football).

Apparently the world has determined it’s okay to get in shape, but not too in shape. If you’re a dude, you can get big… but not too big. If you’re a woman getting strong is cool, until you’re too strong and then it’s “manly” and you need to stop because it’s gross.

As the comedian Jim Gaffigan quipped in a way that’s all too real: 

Jim Gaffigan

We all want to feel good about ourselves, and it’s easier to indirectly put down others who don’t look like us instead of taking a look in the mirror and asking ourselves “am I healthy, happy, and comfortable and confident in my skin? Cool, I’ll do me, and you do you.”

After all, who gets to determine what somebody should look like? And whether he or she should gain weight or lose weight, get bigger or get smaller? Only THAT PERSON!

Body acceptance vs shaming

measuring tape bellyNow, we’re all created differently. 

Where do we draw the line between telling people “love who you are, no matter what” and “you are killing yourself with your lifestyle choices, and you need to change?”

It’s certainly not always tied to our physical appearance. Some women have a gap between their thighs, while some men can put on muscle quickly and easily. Some women are naturally more big boned, and some men are super skinny. Regardless of where we are: big or small, thick or thin, we can all work towards a healthier existence.

That’s probably why you’re visiting a site called Nerd Fitness!

On top of that, you might look at somebody and say “that person is unhealthy,” not knowing that they are on their journey, down 100+ pounds already, and working daily to improve themselves. You never know.

In this game of life, it’s like somebody hit the random button when it came to our genetics and that’s the character we must play…but from there it’s 100% up to us to play the game however we want. Once you accept your starting point, you can also accept personal responsibility and start leveling up from there.

Regardless of what you look like, all I care about is the following:

  • Do you get a clean bill of health from your doctor? You can be “damn proud” of your body, but if you’re overweight and unhealthy, or skinny and unhealthy…something needs to change.
  • Are you working to get better? For some that might mean a bigger deadlift, or a slimmer waistline, or 10 lbs lost or gained. Again, the specific goal is less important than having one! What I care about is that you only compare yourself to you from the day before, and work on making improvements.

If we’re going to survive as a society, we need to stop putting down other people, fit or unfit, and realize its a waste of our time, energy, and effort. It’s never okay to shame or bully people.

Body acceptance and health

lego pullup

The truth can hurt sometimes, but we need to accept it: we are bigger as a nation than we’ve ever been. 

In fact, women’s clothing has had size inflation for the past 40 years. It’s clear that as a society, we might not be doing so well.

And yup, things need to change. 

I’m all for body acceptance, but if we are in an unhealthy place, it should be accompanied by a commitment to getting healthier. The truth is, many people are unhealthy and eating themselves to an early grave.

Insulting people who are unhealthy is certainly not helping; it’s cruel, unhelpful, and can make things worse.

We have a personal responsibility to ourselves to be happy. We have a responsibility to play the hand we’re dealt, challenge ourselves to be better and take action on improving our lives. Nowhere is there a place for insulting others.

My challenge to you today is to start thinking about a few key things:

1) Are you using any of the phrases that put down others to make yourself feel better?

2) Are you getting a clean bill of health from your doctor, or are you using the “I am proud of my body” as an excuse to live an unhealthy lifestyle?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this controversial subject: 

How should we navigate this space of not wanting to offend, but help the people in our lives get healthy? What about people who proudly don’t want to change?

Conversely, have you noticed yourself putting down others because they were simply different?

Let’s hear it in the comments!



photo source: Paul Boxley: Kirby, caleb roenigk: hostility, Koisny: Lego

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  • Omar Tariq

    If you lost 50lbs in 3 weeks then you are a miracle of modern
    science! At best you burned, let’s say, 2500 calories a day if you were
    exercising regularly and have some muscle.

    3 weeks is 21 days. 21 x 2500 = 52,500 calories

    1lb of fat = 3500 calories.

    52,500 calories / 3500 fat-calories = 15lbs.

    if you had eaten NOTHING and had NOTHING but water to drink in the 3
    weeks that this program supposedly lasts, you could have lost 30% of
    what you claim you lost.

    So unless you had surgery, you’re lying
    about yourself. If you had surgery or it takes longer than 3 weeks,
    you’re lying about the program.

  • johnmarsh

    I couldn’t care less if people want to be healthy or unhealthy, fit or unfit. At some point one has to accept that people are grown ups, and they have to right to live as they please whether it’s harmful or not. My issue is with government stepping in to protect the interests of unhealthy people at the expense of the healthy; whether it’s arresting people for “trolling”, giving subsidies to fat-acceptance movements, passing legislation on acceptable model bodytypes, or worst of all making decent normal people pay for the healthcare of the recklessly unhealthy via socialist healthcare.

  • Nikkah Lubanga

    Love yah Steve!

  • Szebran

    Dudes liked her in the before pic?? It sounds like guys who are desperate to get laid.

  • Bourdeux

    “I’ve been all over the world and the beauty standards are totally different. U.S. and some European Countries, as well as Brazil to name a few are about the “skinny”, “fit”, “buff”, etc. But if you go to Africa, the Caribbean and Hawaii, being overweight is considered the standard.”

    But you see, that’s the point. The fact that being fat is the standard in some places is pretty terrible. It’s actually downright horrifying. Physicians/ doctors/ medical world don’t care about “the standard” they care about health. And the sad fact is that most of the European countries, like Sweden, with extremely low overweight and obesity are the healthiest.

    TV didn’t set the standard for beauty, evolution did. Before there was TV, radio, and Internet, people had their ideas of beauty. Before art propagating beauty, people picked mates by gauging fitness. And fitness shows through beauty, we are programmed to recognize health and attribute it to beauty.

    That man with rock solid abs, buff arms, chiseled jaw, perfect skin, and great hair is hot because his body shows vitality, strength, and endurance. Your body is throwing up the signs that say, “hey, he can protect, he is healthy enough to survive and help with family, and he has enough vitality to work and provide”. On paper he is a great guy.

    The same is true for women. Hips, breast, face, eyes, hair, all are good surface indicators of health.

    I agree that we should accept people and that it’s none of our business, but I disagree with the ignorant notion beauty is entirely a social construct.

  • Joe Smith
  • Danny

    Completely agree with you Chris!

  • Danny

    If you are not happy with yourself then it means you need to change it. It is your mind’s way of telling you that you need to do something about it.

    Secondly, no one can be 100% perfect. Even those who are in great shape will still find something about themselves that they need to work on. The important thing is to find the happy medium and be content. There is always room to improve, get better, stronger, more fit. Just get on the right path.

    Thanks Staci for the great article!

  • greyhalo

    If you don’t want comments, don’t show off your body. Seems pretty simple. If you put yourself out for criticism or praise don’t be surprised when you get some. And please, don’t tell me you post publicly for yourself. That is just not a valid argument. If you aren’t hungry for admiration you don’t need to post pictures of yourself. That’s called narcissism (you can look that up when you stop using your phone to take another picture of yourself).

  • frank

    Many will argue this statement. But, I do not promote a healthy weight and lifestyle because I care what you look like. Who does care what others think of your appearance? No one should be shamed into feeling bad about themselves. I only try to advise people to reduce their health risks. Healthy weight people normally live longer more active lives. see link here. http://theconversation.com/mondays-medical-myth-overweight-people-live-longer-12825
    That being said, I hope you are happy with and about yourself and all of the positive attributes you do possess. People of any weight, who eat properly and exercise regularly will usually be healthier than same weight (or even lesser weight) people who do not. Many overweight people however, will not and do not understand or accept that they themselves are overweight. And that the excess weight they carry increases their health risks of eventually suffering from several of the leading causes of deaths in this country. This denial or misunderstanding, prevents them from seeking professional advice regarding their unhealthy weight. And by extension of that body image misconception, they feel no need to improve their percentage of healthy food or increase their activity levels to healthy daily minimums. If you do not think you have a problem, you do not seek a solution. Until we find a valid method to promote and advertise what healthy weight and unhealthy weight bodies actually look like, very little will change. It shouldn’t be about FIT-shaming or Fat-shaming. It shouldn’t be about fitness snobs or fat pride. Neither are helping reduce the real problem. Another commenter mentioned the adverts regarding the unhealthy aspects of cigarette smoking. Weight related illnesses, disorders and diseases are now the leading causes of deaths annually. Recently surpassing cigarette smoking. For similar reasons, PSA’s about how many days, months or years that lives are shortened by being overweight, obese and/or morbidly obese. Surgeon General commercials regarding the increased Morbidity and Mortality rates for the rising percentage of our overweight/obese population. Until people can mentally define themselves as being over the maximum healthy weight limit or sector, they will refuse to act or even care.

  • TheShadowOne

    This is very motivational. i am glad that i do not do any of these things but i am sad that people do..

    The only real freedom you have is the freedom of choice, It is your choice how you want to live. Remember you only live once so take care of what is most important to you..

  • pete

    Fundamentally, weight loss is about calories in – calories out. However, your body works hard to maintain fat mass homeostasis. When you reduce your fat stores and/or caloric intake, it compensates by decreasing the amount of energy it expends. Specifically, this is done mostly through a hormone called “leptin” that is produced by your fat cells. When leptin is high, your metabolism is normal and you naturally expend more energy (for me, this feels like I have more energy). When leptin is low, your energy expenditure is down and the dopamine reward you get from food intake is increased. The reason people become obese is due to the body losing sensitivity to the leptin hormonal signal being produced by fat. There are many reasons for this. Just being overweight or obese decreases your sensitivity to leptin. Fructose, by itself, also directly induces leptin resistance. This is why it is terrible to drink sodas with high fructose corn syrup (there have been studies trying to correlate body weight and diabetes with lifestyle habits and soda consumption is a pretty strong correlate).

    The foregoing commentary seems to suggest that I’m arguing it’s not possible to maintain weight loss or that it’s entirely biological and beyond our control. However, I don’t believe that… I think most people can lose weight and maintain that weight loss. I don’t think it’s OK to be fat and the National Weight Control Registry provide evidence for the idea that the vast majority people can maintain a reduced weight voluntarily (most of the weight loss maintainers on that list are genetically inclined to be obese since their parents were obese).

    In short, it is possible to eat in the worst way and lose weight, but you will need superhuman willpower and will be constantly without energy and just generally miserable. In short, there’s a 99.999 % chance you will fail if you’re significantly overweight. It is better to lose weight in a healthy way by following the guidelines here:


    An introduction to leptin by its discoverer and his opinion on “the biological basis of obesity” is given below:


    But it’s not just about leptin, it’s also about ghrelin and many other things. Insulin is also intricately tied in with leptin. All these factors are important to various degrees. It’s not so simple.

  • trixietimez

    Oh “fat shaming” my least favorite term lately. I have seriously read people saying that “their doctors were “fat shaming” them, for telling them they need to lose weight for their health. I’m all for body acceptance, but we need to stop fooling ourselves by pretending that being obese or morbidly obese (note I didn’t say “overweight”) does harm your body AND it’s a huge cost to society in medical bills every year.

    It’s not fat shaming to see the data that obesity is the cause of the skyrocketing diabetes crisis (especially among children.) It also destroys your knees, your back, contributes to high blood pressure, and creates mobility problems even as early as 50. Not to mention that extra fat does change your biochemstry, as each fat cell excretes hormones.

    But yeah, let’s celebrate obesity and use the fat shaming ruse as a way to not make necessary changes. Our society simply can’t afford the cost “The estimated annual health care costs of obesity-related illness are a staggering $190.2 billion or nearly 21% of annual medical spending in the United States. 1. Childhood obesity alone is responsible for $14 billion in direct medical costs.”

    I attended someone’s high school reunion the other day. It was for people in their late 40s. And 99% of the women looked 9 months pregnant. It was frightening, because it was clear that they were not healthy. Yes, you can tell that if a person has most of their extra weight around their waist, they are not healthy. That’s just science. I keep seeing pics of my old classmates, and only a handful are still trim, most have spare tires or apple bodies in their 50s. You can’t tell me that this is healthy and something to embrace.. because there is a reason why they call it “morbidly” obese. Morbidity = death.

  • trixietimez

    it’s our business when the costs to the public of obesity is now at 190 BILLION a year.

  • Rose Demers

    The “body acceptance” movement is to stop eating disorders and suicide due to weight issues. It’s about promoting the fact that your body is NOT the only aspect of you: you have plenty of good qualities: your laugh, your smile, the way you flip your hair, your freckles, your beautiful brown eyes. Just because someone is “overweight” doesn’t mean they’re going to die at age 20 due to heart disease, because “overweight” is a relative term. Honestly, the best thing to do is to exercise and eat right without worrying too much about the number you see on the scale. Fat acceptance is good when it comes to mental health as long as it doesn’t overlap into physical health. I have trouble gaining weight, some people have trouble losing weight. In the end, other people’s bodies aren’t my (or your) problem. That’s my two cents, at least! 🙂

  • Obesity Continues to Rise…

    And the results are in! According to the CDC, obesity rates are continuing to rise despite all the whining, apologizing, and blame-shifting by ideologues.

    We in the West need to confront a fundamental fact: listening to our wants is NOT good for us, for our bodies were not built for the world of plenty (sex, narcotics, sugar, fat, sedentary pleasures) that we have provided them with. We simply have not had enough time to evolve to handle birth control, mind-stimulating drugs, easily accessible calories, television, video games, etc. Westerners are undergoing a slow motion demographic implosion.


    I think the only solution is basically Darwinian: Obese individuals, who seems susceptible to denial and low willpower, will gradually weed themselves out of the gene pool. Any attempts to legislate a healthy lifestyle will result in the same sort of outcry and eventual violence as did Prohibition, and I for one would rather not waste my tax dollars on lost causes.

    Good riddance, I say. I am sick of dealing with the dimwits whose minds inhabit denial-land.

  • Cerulean

    That size inflation thing is a serious problem for the people who actually do stay the same size, especially for those on the smaller end of sizing. Depending on brand, I am usually anywhere from a size six to size two. My shoe size for a very long time has been 6. (American sizing) recently, however, my dress size has sharply declined, not because I’ve changed, (my weight is roughly the same) but because dress sizes have gotten bigger. I went from 6 to 4 to 2 to 0, and it’s getting to a point where size zero is often too big for me. My shoes size has gone down, from always a size 6 to 5, and sometimes all the size five shoes in the store (there usually aren’t many) are too big. If anything, my foot has gotten slightly bigger since I was buying size 6 shoes (a pair of boots I have in old size 6 now pinches my toes) this sizing change is extremely frustrating for smaller women, because while people who have gotten bigger may feel better about themselves, clothing selection for petite women has been drastically reduced. In a two story clothing department store at a mall, (not a petite specialty store) I’m lucky if I can find more than one rack of clothing my size. In addition to that, a lot of clothing made for smaller women assume that small size = no curves. Shapeless styles that work great on flat chested, stick – like women tend to look odd on my hourglass shape. I’m all for people feeling good about themselves, but until someone start making sizes smaller than double zero, we need to discourage the size inflation thing so those who wear smaller sizes will still be able to get clothes. Size is just a number. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 2, a 14, or a 28, if you’re healthy and happy, you are gorgeous. Also, people of the world, stop skinny shaming in the name of body positivity. Referring to a person as “not a real woman”, or a “skinny b*” is not positive in any way. If you are overweight and unhappy about it, the best way to feel better is to make a lifestyle change and deal with it. Don’t aim to lose 10 pounds, or lose 4 inches for a special occasion, aim to be a better version of yourself tomorrow than you were today. Never put down others to make yourself feel better about a problem you’re avoiding.

  • derk

    How about people just have the bodies their lifestyles provide…noone throughout history focused on this the way we do now. Eating had a purpose and so did exercise…instead of practicing a movement incase you may need to perform that later …how about you just do it. Its very rarely aknowleged that there are many fat people who are just built well enough to be healthy long living people …while there are health nuts with unfortunate genetic flaws that will drop the early in life …the combination of genetic /lifestyle make up is so infinite the idea that everyone needs to perform this practice of “wanting to better themselves” or should somehow be ashamed , is what is most aggravating. Leave people alone period…your doctors job is to be devils advocate, you can live a long life of being on the high or low side of any scale…realize a majority of these arguments are designed to sell you one product/service or another, and just move along. Its ridiculous how gullible people are. (BMI chart was designed by insurance companies not doctors for example) Trust me yo will enjoy life much much more and have much more grey matter available for hobbies etc…instead of “hey I lived longer so I can sit in a wheel chair for a decade” …”omg howd you do it” …”all I had to do was spend a collection of 20 years in the gym /pulling my hair out about it!” Give us all a break.

  • derk

    This is a tired argument …statistics can be bent to portray a variety of outcomes …taking away the slim possibilities linking the issues there are relatively low expense rates related to obesity. If you believe in this you should be equally pissed off at the public who consumes any processed food , uses a cellphone , drives a car, takes a bus, or showers in city water as cancer rates climb across all types. The fact is you have just CHOSEN to be mad about this , just as the first lady did as she rides around on her OWN “obese” body. Stop following the leader and you might get somewhere.

  • derk

    This is bullshit…sliding down slides was always “dangerous” …guns always had the ability to be used by nut jobs etc. Its people like yourself who need to project their fears (your lgbt flag for instance and the fears you/ someone wont be accepted for this or that) in the attempt to eliminate the things that make us mortal beings. If you truely believe that everyone has a right to what makes them happy like your profile pic suggests…you should understand that if someone wants to be fat and even enjoys doing so, that there is nothing wrong with that. Your opinion on the matter is JUST that…an opinion. You are reffering to facts put out by people who stand to make LOTS of money by targeting fat people. But that seems to not sway your opinion on any other front…You have simply chosen this stand.

  • Anastassia Adomako-mensah

    theres no such thing as being big boned…

  • Name

    All this time we’ve been focusing on negative things, without realizing and remembering that the beautiful things in life are positive. The bottom line, support and encourage them to be the best they can be, no matter who they are. This takes a lot of confidence and optimism from our own selves to do.

    Pretending to be proud of being unhealthy (in whatever form it is, and this doesn’t apply only to body by the way) is a farce to try to justify their wrong deeds and continue on in unhealthy habits. That’s the bottom line!

    Positivity and optimism takes personal responsibility for its choices, and works its hardest to be its best and healthiest; emotionally and physically!

    Negativity doesn’t take personal responsibility for its choices, but commonly justifies its wrong actions in order to try to make it seem okay.

    Therefore, we first all have a duty to first be emotionally healthy; because every thing we see in the world today started with a thought. Thoughts are concrete, and they have substance. So to be healthy physically, it first starts in our mind, and then manifests itself in reality.

    Good post, thanks for the reminders. 🙂

  • Just me

    Thank you.

  • http://willyoulaugh.com Will Chou

    I cried

  • MK

    Why do we go off of statistics that women’s clothing sizes have gone up over 40 years? Have men’s sizes gone up also? As far as the “dad bod” phenom, isn’t that just trying to bring (albeit negatively)up the point that being unhealthy/overweight is not just a woman’s issue. Being unhealthy is a people issue.


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    Dumb attention whore spammer. u look like a hooker put some clothes on whore!


    Also you look FAT admit it – you still got FAT ON YOU!


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    You have no body shape and look like a stick with skin and bones. Not attractive! Stop shaming people with curves to make your anorexic self feel better u attention whore spammer! what a superficial ugly whore monger BYE

  • Ashton

    Finally! I’m so happy you explained that it’s about being healthy! Yes you can love your body but, if you are unhealthy, then you should look into ways to become healthier. You can do so much more in life when you are healthy because you’ll have so much more energy.

  • K.V. Lady

    This is a great article. No, it is NOT fat shaming to want to lose weight by living a healthier lifestyle.

  • Jessica Zim

    haha! RAD!

  • K69y2k

    Happy and unhealthy or miserable and healthy. Pick one, can’t have both. Personally, I would rather live a happy unhealthy life into my 50s or 60s than a miserable healthy life into my 70s and 80s. If I die, I die. At least I can say I lived a happy life doing what I want, when I wanted. Than living my life miserably, living by societies rules. Just so people will like me. Because society thinks that your only truly happy by. Being skinny, eating healthy food, exercising every day, and being around other people all the time. Pretty much loving the high school teen girl life till the day you die. That ain’t a happy life. Sure you’ll probably be healthy asf bit your gonna be miserable seeing all those other people living their lives to the fullest doing what they want, when they want. Eating what they want and performing the activities they want. Rather than eating that price of broccoli and spending 3 hours sweating at a gym every day. While the happy people are eating good food and out spending time with friends and family. Sure a lot of people will probably die when they hit 60-65 but they can die with no regrets though.

  • Wakamatsu

    What it really comes down to is neither fat shaming or body acceptance. It also isn’t a “I don’t care what people think” problem. The root of the problem is that people want OTHER people to accept them as they see themselves. This will never happen. You will always be compared to the person next to you, that is what makes us individuals. There is also a major hypocrisy in our attitudes today. People will spend hours doing makeup, choosing the right clothes, and grooming hair to look “better”, but will not spend any time on their body. If you believe those things will make you look better to other people, you shouldn’t get angry if they also noticed you put zero time and effort into your diet and exercise.

  • mspeabooks

    “Shaming is not necessary. Most research (and common sense) indicate that being overweight – carrying excess body fat – is harmful to long term health in many ways. Being overweight increases risk factors for diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, liver disease, and even Alzheimer’s Disease (most likely due to the relationship between fat cells and chronic inflammation). It is no exaggeration to say that if you are overweight, you will (most likely) have a shorter, less healthy life.”

    Excerpt From: Mike Stair. “200 calories Every 2 hours.” iBooks. https://itun.es/us/9RSzW.l

  • Marina Dribnenki

    I always believe that you should never talk to strangers about “concerns for their health”. It is completely unacceptable to assume someone’s health based on first impressions. You don’t know their medical history. You don’t know their story. You don’t get an opinion.
    (It’s different for a close friend or family member with health concerns, I’m talking about total strangers on the street)

  • Marina Dribnenki

    Health concerns from a doctor is not fat shaming. Fat shaming is random people on the bus saying (and I quote) “You should kill yourself because you use up too much resources”. The kicker was that I was only 17 years old and weighed maybe 150lbs. I didn’t want to leave the house as much after that. It’s important to be healthy, but (real) fat shaming really is terrible and doesn’t help anyone.

  • http://www.protegeek.com Erwin Anciano

    Body acceptance is foolish. I’m fat and. I realize that I need to lose weight for health reasons. In this stupid PC world fat shaming is seen as a bad thing, but it’s not.

    It’s one thing to be fat but it’s another thing to glorify being fat. That’s just stupid. It is NOT a good thing to be fat, overweight and obese, there is no if and but about it.

    I am overweight and I know this.

  • Luke Schlieper

    This honestly astounds me. I don’t give a shit if you tell me not to criticize your obesity because you are going to die, but obesity has been proven to lead to more diseases and that takes from others health care who can’t afford it. It’s not only you who should be able to lie in you body fat cushion

  • Nano Ibrahim

    Well, you are referring to grown women as “girls.” Other than that, I agree with you 100%. People act like exercise is an obsession or a waste of time. There is still a stereotype that scholars are pale and out-of-shape as a byproduct of all the studying they do. If you want to strive for self-improvement, you need to strengthen your mind, body, and emotions.

  • Nano Ibrahim

    I love that you went through all this effort for a paid advertiser. I usually don’t even wait for them to finish saying “I’m calling because you stayed at one of our resorts…” before I hang up on them.

  • Angela

    But you’re really just pointing out the flaws in health coverage systems – that people end up paying for other people’s decisions/mistakes. Same problem with car insurance. Let’s say, hypothetically, if nobody had to ever pay for someone else’s health problems, how much would it REALLY matter that a person is fat? The only thing I can think of is if you have to sit next to them on a plane.

  • Frank

    The simple truths. It costs you nothing more to eat less food each day. That actually save you money. It costs you nothing more, to get off your lazy ass and begin walking 30 minutes MORE, each day. Eventually, increasing that time up to 60 minutes each day. And if you want to lie to yourself, about not having enough time to do that each day. Ask yourself, just exactly how many minutes you sit down and watch TV each day!! Investing 30-60 of those same minutes, to improve your health and fitness, walking, biking, exercising in some form, is most certainly possible for almost every human being who has the time to watch tv. If your waist is more than 35″ for any man. Or more than 32″ for any woman. Of any age. Or any race. With any excuses. You are carrying too much of your body weight as FAT! Whether subcutaneous, visceral, or both!! Without spending any additional monies. Practically every single person, who is selfishly hoarding, too much fat, can begin by replacing most of the beverages they drink each day, with water. Actually increasing their flyid intake each day. By purposefully increasing their intake of water. Both with meals and between meals. Begin eating slightly smaller portions, each and every meal. Replace each and every snack with whatever raw vegetables you can enjoy. And WALK!! Injured, or handicapped persons, might need to begin by only taking a 5 minute walk each day! But must attempt to increase their walking time by an additional 5 more minutes each week. Find a friend! Walk with them. Find interesting new pkaces to walk. The time will go by so quickly, you might even wish to keep going. Weight loss is neither mystical nor impossible! Drink much more water. Eat a little less every meal, every day. Set aside your daily exercise time, each and every day. And always show up for it!! Every human being who eats less calories very single day, and exercises more EVERY SINGLE DAY, will lose weight!

  • KrisRenateox

    I find this article interesting, but also problematic.

    Steve, you contradict yourself. You claim that you do not think that anybody should be shamed for how they look, yet you pass judgement at all of society for being “bigger”. Not for being more unhealthy. We’re living longer than ever, curing diseases, and while being obese does increase a person’s generalized risk for disease, it’s not ubiquitous. I’m a medical anomaly myself; my whole family are overweight or obese and yet we all seem to live well into our 90’s. I’ve only seen two deaths in my family ever.

    What is interesting is that you have the right idea at the individual, and yet you contradict that idea at the macroscopic level. It kind of betrays what you really think; you’re open to say that fat people should not be shamed for their body, yet you condemn any media that has fat people expressing any sense of pride in their shape, calling it, “glorification of an unhealthy lifestyle”. Making media with fat people, and speaking about your appreciation for fat people, is not the same as saying “ay skinny girl why not chub up a bit.” Fuckin nobody should have to be made to feel inadequate about their body, I agree with you. But man, if you were never fat yourself then you really don’t understand how often fat people have to deal with that. In order to simply make friends, I had to go above and beyond and develop an extremely charismatic and enthusiastic personality, I had to become so brave that I never guard myself ever, and only then did I get any social gravity to make myself noticed and appreciated by other people. It was extremely difficult!

    The difficulties that fat people face, that’s what a lot of this fat media is about. It’s about celebrating people like myself, who go to the doctor and receive a clean bill of health despite my size. I have had to lose some in the past for liver issues, so I won’t pretend that being very overweight has no connection to disease, but I lost enough to resolve that concern and I still remain overweight. And frankly, I have very little desire to change much further. So long as I am good at the doctor’s office, and I can meet my own goals (such as rock climbing).

    So, Steve, I think that you probably agree with me, and I am gonna choose to believe that your contradictory expression of your opinion here was simply a matter of how you write, and not an actual contradictory opinion that you feel you may not express clearly. You could have and likely would have gotten away with writing a significantly more inflammatory article if you actually hated fat people. But I take issue with your criticisms that all media given to appreciating the dad bod is just cringey glorification of unhealthy lifestyle. Shockingly enough, fat people can be attractive too. I think you can appreciate that.

  • Katherine Murphy

    its not about glorifying! and shame isnt the opposite end of the spectrum from acceptance. Acceptance is self compassion and support, shame makes you ashamed of yourself and even if you are interested in weight loss studies prove better attitudes toward self work and shame does not. Shame is damaging. Ideas to the contrary are trash.

  • deez nuts

    Make up your damn mind. Are they fat or thin? Lol.