How to Level Up in the Game of Life


This may be the sweetest sound you can possibly hear when playing a role-playing game (henceforth referred to as an RPG).  “DING!” or something similar depending on the video game you’re playing, means that your character completed a certain number of quests, killed a specific number of monsters, and ran enough errands to level up.

Congratulations, or “grats!” are usually in order for this occasion. After a brief celebratory /dance, you purchase new spells, reward yourself with new armor, and then immediately start working towards  your next level.

It’s this particular reason that games like World of Warcraft, Rift, Oblivion, Everquest 2, and any other RPG are so damn addictive: there’s always another level to reach, another dragon to kill, and better armor to acquire.

Today, we’re going to turn life into a giant role playing game. If you’ve read the “What Is Your Profession?” article, then you’ve already turned yourself into a character. Let’s put that character into action.

Since day one, the tagline for Nerd Fitness has been “Level up your life.”

Today, you’re going to learn how.

Don’t complain about your starting zone

Let’s assume that you hit the random button when creating your character in World of Warcraft – you were hoping for a good looking elf and ended up with a goofy-looking ogre.  Instead of starting in a beautiful city high up in the clouds, you start in a dank sewer down in the bogs.  Suck.  However, you agreed to play a random character, so you suck it up, and decide to become the best damn ogre you can be.

In the game of life: we’re all dealt a “random character.”  Some humans are good looking, some are goofy, some are tall, some are short, some are big, some are small.  Some people can build muscle quickly; others can’t build muscle to save their life.  Some people have fast metabolisms, while others have slow metabolisms.

That’s life.

It might not be fair, but it is what it is. If you think you were dealt a poor hand, try complaining  to anybody that will listen for the next week and see if it helps make you better, faster, stronger.  After that doesn’t work, try sucking it up and taking action for the next week.

Look at it this way, the more dire your situation now, the better your origin story will be when you create your own epic destiny.

Rule #1 of the Rebellion – “We don’t care where you came from, only where you’re going.”

We don’t accept excuses, only solutions.

Life as a newbie

Whenever you start playing a new RPG, your character is generally wearing a plain tunic, carrying a wooden sword, and has no sense of direction.  Luckily, there’s a commoner near you that asks for a favor: “Go into the sewer and kill ten rats.”

It’s a crappy job, but you know that if you go into the sewer and kill those rats, you’ll complete the quest and be that much closer to level 2, where you’ll have access to more interesting quests and eventually better equipment.

In the Game of Life: Things are no different. If you’re 300 pounds overweight and live in your parents’ basement, that’s your starting point. If you want to get in shape, get a job, and move out, you need to start at level one by “killing a couple rats.”

These are the rats you need to slay:

  • Walk 15 minutes a day.
  • Put together a job resume.
  • Open a savings count.

These are things you need to do in order to start “leveling up.” They might not be fun activities, they might not be what you WANT to do, but you know that these actions serve a purpose. and will get you moving down the path towards a better life.  Never forget that undesirable and seemingly insignificant tasks up front can pave the way for success down the road.

Encountering Elite Players

After you’ve gained a few levels, you’re finally allowed to venture outside of the safety confines of your city’s walls.

At this point, you get to do more important quests like delivering letters, killing giants spiders, slaying snakes and such. While you’re whacking away at these mobs, you encounter a level 50 player; the best of the best.

This dude has it all:

  • A glowing horse decked out in platinum armor.
  • A flaming sword and shield.
  • Badass armor crafted from the rarest metal.

You take one look at his inventory and you’re instantly inspired to play more. You know it took this guy days and days of questing, grinding, and dungeon crawling, but if he can get to level 50 and get all that stuff, so can you.

In the Game of Life: You’re standing on a treadmill at the gym, huffing and puffing after two minutes. You peak over to the free weights section and see a guy that is absolutely ripped doing pull ups with 45 pounds hanging off him.

Rather than get jealous/blame your genetics/get depressed at how much farther you need to go: GET INSPIRED. This guy might be a Level 50, but you have NO idea what he’s gone through to get to that point in his life – the hours in the gym, the nights at home cooking healthy meals, the early evenings in bed to get enough rest. He’s living proof of what’s possible if you’re willing to work for it. You might be level 2, but it’s a short leap to level 3…and a little larger leap to level 4…and so on.

Pick on somebody your own size

When you’re level 10, try attacking a level 70 dragon with your rusty sword. Half a nano-second later, you’ll be shouting “um, can I get a res(urection) please?” because you just got your ass kicked. Lesson learned.  You get a good laugh out of it, realize you’re WAY out of your league, and quickly run back to the proper zone to fight things that are your level.

In the game of life: If you’re severely overweight, underweight, or hopelessly out of shape, don’t try to run a marathon tomorrow…you’re going to get your ass kicked and get very depressed. Start with walking 15 minutes a day, and then 20, and then 30, and then 45, and then jogging for 15, and then jogging for 20.

Tackle challenges that are level-appropriate. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Perfect physique, superhuman strength, and unlimited endurance won’t happen overnight either.

One day at a time, one level at a time.

Determine your Level 50

In games like Everquest and World of Warcraft, finding out what happens at Level 50 is easy – it’s the level that comes after level 49. When you get to level 50, you get to enter special zones, wear special armor, and it comes with a certain amount of prestige.

In the game of life: you need to decide what your level 50 is, which will certainly depend on where you’re at now and what your life goals are.

Your “level 50” doesn’t need to be something incredibly dramatic, outlandish, and extraordinary (though it certainly can be), but it does need to be something that you can visualize perfectly so that you have something to work towards:

My life at level 50 looks like this: From a fitness perspective, I’m in the best shape of my life – handstand push ups, pistol squats, pull ups with 45 pounds hanging off, 300 pound squat, and a 400 pound deadlift. I’m also flexible as hell, well trained in Kung Fu, a great breakdancer, and a damn good cook.

I live in a nice house on the coast somewhere in the States. I wake up without an alarm clock and grab my surfboard for a morning session. I spend the middle of my day working on Nerd Fitness and the Rebellion (while also booking a business trip to…Hawaii? Japan? and a free vacation to Tahiti using airline miles), and then sneak out to play 18 holes of golf in the afternoon at a local course. I come home, crank out a quick strength training workout or martial arts session, cook a healthy dinner for my wife and I, and then relax by inviting some friends over for drinks, music, (Halo), and hanging out.

That’s my life at level 50…I still have a long way to go, and I’m sure my definition of level 50 will change drastically as I get older and my priorities change, but I have something to work towards.

Plot your path to 50

RPGs are so damn addictive because it’s easy to say “one more quest.”

As soon as you level up, there are new quests that become available to you.  If you’re level 14, you know that you’re 36 levels away from Level 50 – it’s a long way to go, but it’s a fun journey, and you get to explore new zones, fight new bad guys, and do more fun quests with each new level.

Everything is documented, and you know how many more quests you need to complete in order to level up. You know which zones to fight in for your particular level, when its time to move on to the next zone, which mobs give the most experience, and so on.

That level 50 carrot on the end of the stick keeps you walking in the right direction.

In the Game of life: Once you’ve determined your level 50, you can start making decisions based on whether or not they’re bringing you closer or further away from that end goal.

Games are fun, life is fun, why can’t life be a game?

For example, I’m currently traveling on my world trip and I don’t have access to a gym, but I want to come back in better shape than when I left.  I hope to be able to do handstand push ups and pistol squats by the time I get back to San Francisco in June.

In order to get to that point, I have MANY MANY levels in between. Every other day, I level up by getting stronger than the previous workout. With no weight, I have to continually “upgrade” my exercises to make them tougher and tougher until I’m at the point where I’m happy.

This is what my progression looks like push ups to hand stand push ups

  • Regular push ups
  • Divebomber push ups
  • Shoulder press push ups
  • Handstand push ups

I’m currently doing regular push ups until I’m at a particular number of reps that’s high enough for me to “level up” and start again with divebombers.  Once I can do enough of those in a row, I’ll move onto should press push ups, and then eventually to handstand push ups.  It’s going to take me months to get there, but I have a clear, distinct path to take, and know what I need to do in order to succeed.

This works no matter what type of life you seek at level 50:

  • If you want to run marathons: sign up for a 5k, then a 10k, then a half-marathon, and so on.
  • If you want to be a power lifter: start by learning the basic lifts with just the bar, and begin with just 5 pounds on each side of the bar. Every week, add more weight.
  • If you want to become a black belt in Tae Kwon Do: you have to start as a white belt, and then work your way up to yellow, then green, then blue.

Don’t just kill rats for the hell of it

When you start playing a RPG for the first time, you’re always sent out to kill level 1 rats. You do it because that’s what the quest asks for and you know that completing the quest will open up other quests. However, once you’ve leveled up a bunch, going back to kill another 100 rats probably won’t be that fun, and it won’t get you any closer to level 50. You have bigger fish to fry, tougher mobs to kill, and more important quests to complete.

In the game of life: Live your life with purpose – if you’re doing something, make sure you know WHY you’re doing it. And if you don’t like the thing you’re doing, and it’s not bringing you any closer to your life at Level 50, find a way to stop doing it  At least put a plan in place so that eventually you don’t have to do it anymore.

Reward yourself with better equipment

The big draw in RPGs is that whenever you level up, you get to use better weapons, wear cooler armor, cast cooler spells, and so forth. Better equipment will help you fight tougher monsters, which will in turn give you more experience and get you closer to the next level up. It’s a viciously awesome cycle that keeps people playing for days and days on end.

In the game of life: reward yourself with stuff that will reward you back.

I don’t love the concept of rewarding yourself with unhealthy food or habits when you do something good. It drives me nuts to see somebody that spends four months training for a marathon, and then rewards himself then after the race is done with two weeks of binge eating and no exercise (which becomes three weeks…and then a month…).

According to Rule #2 of the Rebellion, “When you join, you’re in for life.” We’re not in this for diets and quick fixes. We don’t accomplish a goal and then backslide with an unhealthy reward system. We accomplish goals and celebrate with rewards that push us to be even better:

  • Hit a new weight loss goal? Great! Buy yourself a new bathing suit to show off that body.
  • Just ran a 5k? Awesome! Buy yourself some vibrams and start considering barefoot running for your upcoming 10K.
  • Completed the advanced body weight routine? Great! Reward yourself with a gym membership and start learning how to lift weights.

The above are just examples – it’ll be up to you to determine your rewards, but if you can find ways to reward yourself with things that help you level up, you’ll get to level 50 far quicker than if you reward yourself with stuff that has you backsliding.

Don’t turn life into a grind!

If you’ve ever wondered if I was a true nerd, these next two paragraphs should just about do it.

Back when I used to play the original Everquest, WAY back in the late 1990s, I remember hanging out with my friend Saint at the wizard spires in North Karanas. We weren’t doing any quests, we weren’t killing any bad guys, but it was the first time I had ever met up with a friend from real life in a video game. We giggled like school children, and took turns cracking each other up by typing “/flex” and “/dance” which made our characters perform those actions.  I think three hours later we finally moved on to fighting stuff.

I also remember going to Kelethin, a city up in the tree tops, and having races with my friends Cash and Seth after drinking mead (which made my character “drunk” and thus unable to run in a straight line) to see who could run from one end of the city to the other without falling off the pathways.

Did these things have ANY purpose or advance my character in any way towards a higher level?


Was it fun?

You’re DAMN right it was!

In fact, those were probably two of my favorite memories from playing Everquest.

In the game of life: I know earlier I said “always have a purpose,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too. I like to live a life worth living, knowing that each activity or action puts me one step closer to  my ideal life. However, I still go out drinking with friends, stay up too late playing Halo: Reach (how I miss thee), and eat foods that are unhealthy for me every once and a while.

These things keep me grounded, keep me sane, and keep me happy.

Although I’m fanatical when it comes to my gym sessions, I also seek out “fun quests” like ultimate frisbee, hiking, climbing, surfing, and other activities that make me happy but might not necessarily get me any closer to competing on Ninja Warrior.

I’m okay with that.

Stay out too late every once a while. Eat bad foods while watching sports or playing video games. Do stuff that makes you happy.  Just make sure you’re also doing stuff that makes you a better person and gets you closer to a better life.

What’s life like for you at Level 50?

In the comments below, tell me what life is like for you at level 50. Then, tell me one quest that you’re going to complete TODAY in order to “level up” and get closer to making that dream a reality.

Let’s hear it – your life at level 50, and your quest for today to make that dream a reality!


This week’s Rebel Hero: Simon O. in rural CAMBODIA! Last week we had a Lithuanian, now we have a Nerd Fitness rebel in Cambodia…the Rebellion is gaining support in new areas of the world, and the legend of our group of overachieving underdogs continues to grow with each passing day.

Watch out world, the rebels are coming.

After taking this picture, Simon ripped the tree behind him out of the ground with his bare hands, bench pressed it forty-seven times, and then threw it across the Pacific Ocean where it stuck in the ground in Hawaii.  True story.

Want to be the next Rebel Hero? Take a photo doing something epic in your NF Apparel and send it to us at so we can feature you on the site!  

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  • Justin B.

    My level 50 is this: I have my own dojo, I know I can get up and just run 15 Km if I have the inclination, my parkour team and I meet every week to have some fun and push ourselves to be better than we were last week. I have a 6 foot precision jump and can do 10 free standing hand stand push ups. I’m not afraid to go to the beach because I’ll be confident that I’ll look good. I’ll have gained 40 lbs and be able to do 25 pull ups. I’m married and live by the coast or by the Great Lakes. I’ll in the best shape and be the happiest I can.

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  • Mrs. Wolfe

    Level 50… is this a realistic level? Not sure. But I will be able to wear a bikini without worrying about my stretch marks from my kids. Why? Because I’ll look and feel great and not be ashamed of those marks. I will be able to do 50 pulls ups and chin ups. I will have run a 1/2 marathon. I will have had a small part in a movie and a large part in a musical in Atlanta. I will also live near the beach and run almost every day. I will have my kids tell me that one of the things they will always remember was my love of fitness, healthy food and broadway musicals. They will be happy and healthy. My husband and I will be able to go visit anywhere on the planet we want at a drop of the hat. My grand kids will tell me that they think I am cooler than their parents and that I am the most awesome granny ever!

  • India Brooke Hedgecock

    At level 50, I will be successful counselor with both a career and and a life! I will have a husband who adores me for the good and the bad, children, and we’ll be a family playing video games and arguing over bandwidth. xD However, we’d also be a family to emphasize eating right and exercising and hopefully me and my husband will be prime examples. I either want to live in Colorado or somewhere north. Why? Because unlike most people, I love the snow! It’s annoying, yes. But I think its beauty far exceeds that. Winter is always my fave time of year! ^-^ Further more, I will be a slender successful (all be it five foot nothing) woman in her prime with a beautiful house and never having to worry about money or finances like my parents constantly had to. Silly? Maybe. Unusual? Probably. Do I still want it? Definitely. xD

  • smily20

    At level 50, I’m going to have an IT career, be out on my own completely/possibly have started a family. I’m going to be thin and eating healthy.

  • Jackson Pinna

    At level 50, I see myself with all A-,A,or A+ grades,at least one AP class,a healthy relationship with a girlfriend, at least 5 REALLY GOOD friends, little to no zits,myself off of gluten and dairy,and myself being comfortable with my parent’s divorce.

  • Helen Buttons

    My Level 50..
    I live in a beautiful, spacious house with a large deck, spacious kitchen/dining area and lovely garden. It can be by the coast or out in the country, as long as there’s nature and space and light. I have cats and dogs and a horse. Every day I wake up without my alarm, and get moving, whether it be a long ride, heavy weights session, an hour yoga or a run through the bush/along the beach. I freelance as a marketing advisor and also write for several publications, and make enough money to have the flex time to bake, volunteer, entertain and dance (I have a room that is designated studio/breathing space). I also have a small co creation based project that I’m working on. My husband is practical, thoughtful, driven and hardworking, probably a mechanic with his own business, so that we can match our flexi schedules and go on adventures, or just take time off to just be. We travel every year, to places that challenge and educate use. In my breathing space I have an easel, a pole, a desk, a music stand and an electric violin. It gives me a place to create and get lost in my outward flow of creativity, much like exercise gets me lost in the sensations and placement of my body.

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  • Alsya T

    At level 50, I’m going to be an excellent biology and engineering student in a university of my choice in the states. I’m going to learn to respect myself and others and know when to say no. Doing parkour without breaking a sweat will be a piece of cake and shyness will no longer be an obstruction. I’ll be disciplined as fuck and wont be scared of the damn dark anymore. I’ll finish all my school work on time while handling a part-time job and have a decently filled savings account. And I’ll get those nice 4 packs and a slight thigh gap.

  • Alsya T

    Reading this already sounds impossible though.

  • kilroy

    My level 50 is to be Married to the girl I’ve been with for the past 8 years, have a few kids, and a job that I enjoy that also pays well. Physically, I’m not looking for anything crazy. I just want to be in shape. I don’t need to be ripped. I want to be able to walk up a few flights of stairs without having to sit down. I want to be able to run around chasing after my dog or my future children without being exhausted. I want to be able to go to the doctor and not constantly hear about how unhealthy my weight is.

    As for today, I’m starting my Rebel training. After work, it’s off to the gym. I’m keeping track of what I am eating and trying to make smarter decisions about what I put into my body.

  • countess d’if

    At level 50, I am a bad ass attorney with an amazing house that has at least one big picture window. I wear a size 10. I run 5Ks for breakfast every morning and I can do crow pose for eight hours straight (or five breath cycles, that’s cool, too). I make my husband and our mini-me a killer breakfast then we head out to work/school where we save the world every day.

    To get here, I need to take the LSAT, get accepted to and then slay law school. I need to keep running like zombies are gonna eat my brains and I need to practice crow every single day.

  • Neapher

    Level 50 Gear is going to be enough money to do whatever I want comfortably. This includes a fair sized house (Wherever I want of course); with an Indoor gym, outdoor pool, and more vidja games than I can imagine (obviously).

    My stats should be 18’s in both Strength and Dexterity, with a 17 Con. Not a beefy appearance, more of an actor look. Something I can walk around the major cities and have all the other players go “Oh he looks pretty good, I wonder what kind of diet he’s on.” Someone who looks slightly athletic, but can chase, tackle, and pin down a bull.

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  • Avantasia

    I’m definitely going to be a scientist at level 50, climbing the mountains like a chamois, having visited almost every country in the world and preparing a beautiful future for my children through my research on AI. A real scout, right? 😀

  • Zombie Inkpot

    Level 50 for me is being in great shape with muscle definition in my stomach, arms and legs, having lots of energy, competing in dog sports with my dog, horse riding for fun, living in my own house near the beach and being a full time best selling fantasy and horror author.
    My goals for levelling up today are walking 5000 steps and completing one full body weight circuit.

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  • Sabrina Lanae Coulter

    My level 50 is a gorgeous hourglass figure. I’ll have at least a 4 pack, and I’ll be able to do 40 pull ups. I’ll be a special needs teacher in San Francisco. I’ll have. 3.5 gpa at least. I’ll be in a healthy, happy relationship. Today, I will do as many sit ups as I can before bed, and I’ll eat a salad instead of my usual burger and fries at work.

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  • SuperMom

    Level 50 for me would be getting up early – 5:30am is probably about right. Then taking 30 min to pray, study scripture, write in a journal and schedule the rest of my
    day. About 6:00 I would start my workout and finish by 7:00 to get the kids up and ready for school. Fitness wise, it would be fun to be an Assassin. Free running and rock climbing would be awesome! I would love to take my family backpacking for the weekend in the backcountry just because we wanted to go this weekend. I would also like to be able to run a marathon.

    I would be a full time stay at home Mom. My family would live somewhere close to East Idaho, where most of the grandparents and cousins live. We would have a house out in the hills or some farmland, so the neighbors couldn’t see everything that happens in our
    backyard. We would have enough land to have a nice garden, a few fruit trees, a pasture for cows and horses, and enough yard to play a game of pick-up baseball, volleyball, or soccer whenever we want to. I also want a spot in the yard where we can go sledding in winter.

    I want to be debt-free. I don’t want to owe anybody anything. It’s not really yours if you owe somebody else money on it. I want to be able to take a week or two of vacation every summer and visit national parks and monuments. I would love to spend a week at the Smithsonian with my family. I want my friends and family to want to hang out at my house, because it’s comfortable and there’s plenty to do.

    TODAY: I’m going to go to bed before midnight.

  • Tenaya

    Wow, food for thought. Makes me think about why I have the goals that I have now.

    My level 50:
    -I have long, strong, thick, shiny hair. Like Samson.
    -I open water swim in lakes, rivers, ocean, etc, all the time. I can maintain butterfly for some time. I am a Catalina Channel swimmer.
    -I can backpack long and steady. I have done the Inca Trail, the JMT, PCT, Great Divide, and packed in many of the world’s beautiful places.
    -I am strong enough to hold my own when out with the people I love – who are VERY strong. I can also lift patients, tools, and any items I need to with ease, and without relying on men to help me. Unless I feel like it. Because
    -I am hot enough to manipulate men into doing just about anything I want of them. With ease. Thinking with the anatomy they usually think with, they are powerless before me.
    -I have kicked med school in the arse. My student loans are paid. I love my work and have LOTS of time to play outside!
    -I am tough enough to physically accomplish tasks required of me at whatever given time. I meet basic military standards of fitness. Not that I’m joining up… they only wish they could be so lucky as to have me :).

  • NinainMA

    hmmm my level 50…all I can think about is getting to level 2. I’m out of shape, very busy and overwhelmed with “people” and life situations right now it seems impossible to me to think of ever reaching level 50…but…lets see…retired and traveling with my husband, hiking, walking, swimming, enjoying the great outdoors in our camper with our dogs…basically being active more so than now, healthy with steps to improve our health even more so. I like the idea of relating life to leveling up to gain what you want…to gain strength, flexibility, peace of mind, finances in order and living comfortably…no need or want as in material things. I have all I need now and am fortunate to have it so…basically to improve my fitness level and mental health due to much continued stress in my life. Even the best laid plans….someones laughing at me right now…but there it is…

  • Thomas

    My current level 50 goal is working at Blizzard Entertainment as a senior software engineer and to complete the first round of American Ninja Warrior. I want to be able to do parkour for a couple hours at a time.

  • Thomas

    My ultimate goal (think killing the final raid boss of level 50) is to win American Ninja Warrior. Like the whole thing.

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  • Samir Nabil

    In level 50 i will be millionaire 🙂 and i will have a great Internet business and have a great house to live alone then i will be a famous person for many topics i will be great son, friend and husband.

  • Josh Cecil

    At Level 50 I will have an elite level of fitness and a working knowledge of jkd. I want to be a cooler version of the most interesting man in the world. I would also like to own/ run a bar, and a business that profits from my knowledge of plants and organic gardening.

  • Agent Texas

    At level 50 I will be a successful published Novelist and Comic Artist. I will be a total fitness badass: I want to lift heavy, run far, and do parkour and climbing, martial arts, and dance. I will beat my anxiety and depression and love myself! I will feel fulfilled in my life’s purpose and meaning, and be working every day to make the world a better more beautiful place. (Basically, I want to be a superhero).

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  • Marty Waite Jr.

    I love this article very interesting.
    My Level 50 is the 30 to 40 pounds of fat ive put on in the last 3 years will be muscle. I’ll be in the best shape of my life and I’ll be doing parkour/ freerunning and attempting the next American Ninja Warrior course that comes to south Florida.

  • Marty Waite Jr.

    Forgot my quest. I will start the Konami cheat code exercise and see how many I can do before I attempt to walk back to my room from the gym. 🙂 Hopefully I make it…to my room I mean. Lol.

  • Izzy

    My life at level 50. I own a great house, close to nature because I love it. I’m married and have a few kids. I am super fit, healthy a black belt in some type of martial art. I have a job I love (right now its focused on recreational therapy with a side of personal training, but it might change i am pretty young) and I am living comfortably (not rich, but I can afford the things that I want.) What I am going to do today will focus on the healthy part, stop the stupid diet I am currently doing and actually eat healthy and I am going to put everything into my workout today.

  • nella5

    My level 50 consists of me living in a nice, large house, with a happy girlfriend (not wife, I would only be 23), and a constant touring schedule with a band I plan to start at level 20. I would have lots of money, but nothing vulgar. Not yet.

    It’s doable and simple, and my favorite part is that my favorite game (Pokemon) doesn’t stop at level 50 – it goes all the way to 100! WOOHOO!

  • Mclout

    I am trying to get into marine archaeology!!! What areas do you work in?

  • Benjamin

    My level 50. I’m a doctor, trusted by his patients and respected by his colleagues. I have enough time to write sci-fi/literary fiction and I’ve been published in a few magazines. I’m still with my girlfriend, we’re living together in a proper house with a ton of bookshelves, and thinking about starting a family. I meditate every day. I can do all this because I regularly exercise, I have a body like a Greek statue from running, surfing, swimming, kayaking, weights, yoga… You name it! Ultimately, I’ve got willpower stronger than a suspension bridge made our of carbon nanotubes and this lets me choose the things that will make me happiest in the long term.

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  • Jackson

    These articles are just the greatest! Good work!!

  • Cindi

    Level 50
    Well due to health issues I can do nothing about (M.S./rotor cup) I can’t be in as good a shape as I dream about. But I would be out on my small farm. Gardening, a few chickens/rabbits, a couple of cows, and such. At least 2 horses. I would have have lost the 150 pounds I have picked up and be in shape too. I want to be able to enjoy my grandchildren when they visit instead of waiting for them to go home. I would be in much better shape to enjoy life with my hubby.

    Set a couple of goal. Coke down to one a day. Cut down on carbs. I am recovering from a broken ankle so I can’t do a lot. But I am going to walk a block like I did yesterday. My life right now is literally one step at a time.

  • Cindi

    When I broke my ankle on the 20th of Dec. I was up to 2 miles/30 min walking a day. I have to start over SLOWLY!!

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  • Mosa

    My level 50: Live in a comfortable house with lots of nature, ability to travel frequently for short excursions and long worldwind trips, with the slender beauty, strength and grace of a yoga master

    TODAY: remove fried foods from my diet, fix my pedometer and rediscover daily step goals. Find a yoga class

  • Alex

    At level 50, I’m not going to be afraid to hop in a pool shirtless due to disgusting gut and moobs. I’ll be able to exercise for more than a few minutes at a time. I’ll be in college, working a job, and doing what I love (other than getting healthier!) in my spare time, developing video games and learning new programming languages.

  • Warmarin

    As a simple 27 years old guy, my level 50 at the moment is to reach 30 with no belly fat, and look as younger as my 23 years old brother

  • mad-ivey

    My level fifty would be to have a plane, a collage education, and a job that allows me to travel the world as much as possible. My level fifty body would be lean and fit, ready to respond if there was ever an emergency. (I would also be able to do 25 pull ups with ease.) Due to my collage education, I would know a lot about the world and how it works.

  • Jon B

    I would soo visit your theme park man.

  • Level 9001

    Have you Guys ever heard of life hacks?

  • Allen Rider

    Well my life as I see it is a never ending game (Because noone wants to really think of Game Over and if I do it right I won’t even know it’s coming) I’ve always been the type to write freakishly long lists of stuff I want to do from traveling to Egypt and seeing the tombs to something completely random, like milking a cow. If my life was a game it would probably be Skyrim, so many quests and they are all active at once XD

    Level 50 I wouldn’t have any major regrets.I eather did everything I really wanted to do OR I’m still young enough to add more onto it. Debts are nonexistent because I have been able to pay them all back, my house has things no one else can have, my own legendary items from all over, and I’d have stories to tell people that would make them skeptical of if I really did it and jealous at the same time. Plus if I can become a ninja warrior or sensai in one of the Orient countries, that would be an awesome bonus XD