10 Ways to Gamify Your Life Today

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You may not be aware, but life is a giant game:

  • It’s meant to be enjoyed.
  • It’s supposed to be challenging but not impossible (even though it can feel that way).
  • You get to be any character you want.
  • You have a chance to level up in whatever style you see fit – school, business, sports, gymnastics, etc.
  • It has a built in social network!

“Life is a game” is the platform on which Nerd Fitness has been built – looking at life like a giant video game and using the addicting and enjoyable  aspects of video games  to better yourself in the real world.  Although I’ve already covered leveling up in the game of life, in a TEDx talk, and in an upcoming game, today I want to have some fun.

Today, I want to teach you how to gameify even the smallest tasks and activities and make them (and your life) more enjoyable.

Life is a game

Take a few minutes and watch the video, “Games We Play,” and I bet you’ll find yourself saying “Man, I remember when I used to do stuff like that!”

The Games We Play (video)

I then stumbled across “Never Leave the Playground” from my buddy Vic – it’s about this awesome old guy who stays limber and quick witted (and completely crazy) by turning everything into a game.

Think about it: As kids, we create games to make the most mundane tasks seem exciting.  Sure, we’re not born heroes, but it doesn’t mean we can’t create epically fun adventures, even with normal tasks, right?  When we’re 10 years old or younger, these are things we do naturally.  Unfortunately, as we grow up, the concept of playing and making up games doesn’t keep up with cubicles, couches, and (eventually) cardiac issues.

Damn public opinion (who wants to fit in with the majority, anyways?), here are some fun ways to gamify your life TODAY, helping you become more healthier, happier, and more productive.

The games I play

A photo of a man running

The tree game: If you enjoy going for a run and find yourself growing tired or bored, turn it into a game.  Pick a tree 100 yards ahead and do whatever you can to get there as quickly as possible…after all, that’s the tree you need to run past!  Once you’ve run past the tree, you can slow down and recover, until you notice another tree (or marker further ahead) that you you have to make it to that tree by hopping.  The next tree, maybe, you have to do it in as few steps as possible.  Stop. Go. Fast. Slow.  Plays out like a game and trains you like interval training.  Everybody wins!

The music game: I love trying to accomplish boring tasks as quickly as possible.  I also happen to love music.  So, I use music to my advantage and help me complete tasks more quickly.  Every morning when I take a shower, I put on a song right as I’m getting in the shower (generally something from my Epic Playlist), and I have to complete my shower by the time the song is done.  If I am trying to clean up my apartment (whenever I actually HAVE a home), I’ll put on a song and tell myself that I only have to clean for that one song, but I have to get as much done during that song as possible.  Most of the time, I end up cleaning for more than one song…but we all know it’s the “getting started” part that slows us down.

The “waiting for the game to load” game: If you’re a gamer, you probably spend a good chunk of your time on your couch waiting for the next deathmatch or zone to finally load.  Rather than sitting on your ass and staring at the screen like a dope, try this – every loading screen, complete as many reps of one of the exercises below:

After four loading screens, congrats! You’ve just completed a full workout!  Good luck owning n00bs.

The email game: I recently taught you all about productivity and how I’ve completely revolutionized my email inbox by simply applying a few key rules.  I’ve turned it into a game by only giving myself a certain amount of time to spend in my inbox, and the inbox must be at zero by the end of the countdown!  It turns out I’m not the only person that thinks this type of gamification is necessary for emails.  There’s actually an “email game” that you can play that awards you points for getting in and out of your inbox as quickly as possible.

The “ground is lava” game: The next time you’re on a playground, pretend like you have to get from one side of it to the other.  Obviously don’t go disturbing the children that are playing, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it too.  You might need to jump from bench to bench, swing to swing, use the monkey bars, climb on top of things and under others.  Think of it like a combination of Ninja Warrior and Assassin’s Creed.

The supermarket game: I’m going to expand on this in a future article, but every time I’m in a supermarket, I think of myself as a contestant on Supermarket Sweep.  I’m awarded points for buying healthy things (vegetables and fruits) and negative points for buying unhealthy foods.  On top of that, I have a time limit. I must get in and out of the store as quickly as possible!  The less time I spend in the store, the more points I get.  You should see me in a self-checkout line: I put everybody else to shame with my efficiency.  Is it weird that I seriously take pride in that?

The hunting game: Credit goes to Mark’s Daily Apple for this game.  If you’re out running in a park, pretend like you’re hunting prey by picking a target way ahead of you and trying to secretly, but quickly, sneak up on them (as if you were a hunter).  Once they’ve been “hunted,” move onto your next target.  Obviously you’re not going to get really close to them, freak anybody out, or get arrested, so please make sure you have pants on when running through the park.  My nemesis, Joel, takes a different approach and hunts cute butts.  Not a bad strategy either!

The airport game: I think of my time in the airport line as if I’m on a NASCAR pit crew.  To start, I scan each line when I get to the airport to find the one with the most optimal chance for speed – no little kids, no strollers, no wheelchairs, etc.  I then have to remove all necessary articles of clothing, items in my pockets, shoes, belt, laptop, toiletries, and have them in the security line bins as quickly as possible.   Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous to think of this as a game, and you’d probably be embarrassed to be flying with me when we go through the line, but for how much I travel, I manage to find fun in this.

The “zombies are chasing me” game: There’s a reason apps like Zombies Run! and races like Run For Your Lives! are so dang popular.  Feeling like you’re getting chased by zombies is one hell of a motivator. So imagine you’re being chased.  Pay your friends to chase you (kidding, kind of). Regardless of who or what is after you, imagine that you need to get from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Scale stairs, vault over benches, jump over ditches, roll down hills; do whatever you need to.  These parkour skills will probably come in handy once the apocalypse actually begins!

What games do you play?

jumping sunset

“But Steve, that’s only nine!” That’s because I want you to come up with the tenth.

What games do you play to pass the time and make your life more exciting?

I don’t care HOW mundane the task is, I’d love to hear it.

I feel like giving away something today, because free stuff is awesome.  Whoever comes up with the most clever game that also improves your health, wellness, or productivity will win your choice of the Rebel Fitness Guide, Rebel Strength Guide, or Rebel Running Guide.

The Nerd Fitness team and I will pick our favorite.

Submit your answer by leaving a comment on this article by Sunday the 2nd at 11:59PM.

Good luck, and game on!



Photo Sources: Giorgio Pulcini © 123RF.com,  Marco Bernardini – Play with Food, R’eyes – Bring me to life

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117 thoughts on “10 Ways to Gamify Your Life Today

  1. I totally play the supermarket game! And sometimes get annoyed when there aren’t self-checkouts. Whenever I am in workout classes I always pick the person going the fastest and secretly race them in my head. I also like to tell someone that I want them to beat me so that my competitive side will take over and I’ll push myself much harder.

    One game I like to play as far as productivity goes is estimating how long it will take me to do something, like write an article or design a flyer, then set a timer for 10 minutes less than my estimate and race to get it done before the timer goes off. I am so much less likely to get distracted when there is a tight deadline, even if self-imposed!

  2. I always listen to music when I work out and I have a tendency to do everything in tempo, so I set a playlist of music with alternating fast and slow tempos to help with interval training.

  3. This might or might not be what you’re looking for…

    When I’m running on a treadmill, I always have to be facing a window. The reason is that once I start going, I’m picturing myself walking/jogging outside. I go through the gym’s parking lot, through the yard, and into the forest. From there, I invent what I see, what I’m walking past, and what I’m running from. It’s makes for a great adventure if you’re unable to run outside because of weather.

  4. I like to run but sometimes I need a way to break up the monotony. When this happens I like to pick out some funky terrain (rocks, tree roots, park full of goose poop, etc) and quick-step a safe path through the danger zone to the beat of the Super Mario Bros. theme song. Spins, hops, and stalls are common occurrences as I attempt to keep the rhythm. I consider it a win when I make it through without falling on my face.

  5. When I am trying to complete a goal like jumping rope for idk 100 times I make myself that I am on the U.S. Olympic Team for Jump Roping and I am the last hope for the country to win a medal.

  6. Depending on my mood as I get dressed I’ll either pretend I’m dressing up as a military man or some kind of other hardcore character archetype. Makes getting dressed so much more interesting and I get to feel confident for a little bit while acting as that character.

  7. I also play this game in the supermarket sometimes to see how much of one exercise like jumping squats before someone walks by me or gives me a dirty look 🙂

  8. I am a dad of twins, 1 boy 1 girl. Weighing 40 and 30lbs respectively.. I from time to time substitute my milk gallon for my son or daughter. They enjoy the lifts and i get a workout :).. Rock On Nerdfitness!

  9. I’m a fan of the “Quitting” game – I get to that point when I just want to stop. Right at mile number 4 of a jog, or rep 4 of a lift with a weight that’s kicking my butt. And I push through it – I don’t quit. And then I lift it two or three more times, or I run one more mile because I pushed through that barrier.

  10. I’m constantly playing games, of the board game/Xbox/computer variety. I work as a transcriber, so sometimes I’m competing with myself for how fast I can get work done. Actually, I wish I could gamify fitness a bit more — Fitocracy is a nice try but doesn’t quite work for me – although I’ve used BodyFate a few times, a cool gamified fitness app.

  11. I like to play the “Save Point” game where I mentally “save” at a time and try something. If it works then, hurrah. If not, I mentally return to the “save point” and retry with the new knowledge. Repeat until success.

    Having multiple “save points” in my life allows me to experiment and try new approaches and then evaluate the results for more effective approaches in the future.

    The “save point” game worked very well when meeting people in mixers. Usually by the end of the evening I had new friends.

  12. My job often requires me to make cold sales calls. No, I’m not a telemarketer, but those times can make me feel like one so I try to spice it up a bit. If I’m not feeling as motivated, I’ll start keeping a tic-mark tally of my calls that day. I try to set goals for various levels and even rewards for myself: so many calls in 30mins, an hr, etc. Once I get to X calls I let myself take a break etc. Breaks up the day a little bit.

  13. Grocery Shopping Game: How many times can I make the cashier have to pull out the big book of produce numbers to look up the price of an item?

    How to play: Most items you buy at a grocery store are simple to ring up since they have a UPC code. Produce is one exception, however, and all produce is assigned a simple number that must be entered to “scan” them. The numbers for common produce such as apples and carrots are typically memorized by cashiers due to the high frequency of these items. Since I buy a large amount of produce as a result of the Paleo diet, I like to see how many times I can “stump” the cashier and force him or her to look up the number for a particular veggie or fruit item. As an added bonus, I get to buy some awesome veggies and fruit!

  14. When I start to feel self-conscious at the gym I play the “look good naked” game. It’s not really a game so much as I repeat the mantra in some form or another, in time with whatever exercise I’m doing. When I do that I pretty quickly forget to feel subconscious, and I remember about my various fitness goals, and why I’m there in the first place, and how little it matters how ridiculous I might seem to other people. Just be careful because one time you might accidentally find that you’ve been mouthing the words in time with your exercise and the girl next to you can totally make out the word “naked” every time you say it. 😛

  15. I do construction and have to carry weights up and down stairs for elevator installation. I like to pretend I am a soldier charging a hill to give my comrades supplies. The more I can get to them the more likely they are to survive. My quads are usually burning by the fourth floor carrying 100 lbs, but I have to help them!

  16. As a kid riding in the back seat of my parents’ car, I’d pretend to chop things down or use my fingers to jump over trees and buildings and whatever passed my window. This next “game” is kinda gross. Hey I was only about 8! In the winter tine I would spit on my window and see how long it would take to freeze.

    Now that I’m older, I can’t really spit on my window (what would that teach my kids?). But I do pretend snowflakes are enemies or bombs and I try to keep away from the really big ones. I still look out for cracks on sidewalks, hold my feet off the floor when crossing railroad tracks and hold my breath passing cemeteries. Did I mention I just turned 40 last week?

  17. Happy I was not the only one to notice that! Coincidentally I have also enrolled for that course 🙂

  18. I have the “dancing game,” because I love music so much. I listen to music during a lot of my day, and if a song comes up that I absolutely love (I classify that as an urge to sing along), I’ll dance to that until the song is over. Points for finishing out the song- bonus points for making it actually look like some sort of routine. Super extra bonus points if people clap afterward (this has only happened to me once). It helps me loosen up, mentally AND physically, and it’s a lot of fun. 🙂

  19. Being a Monk, I play a different version of The “waiting for the game to load” game, whenever I’m waiting in a loading screen I try to do as many punching combos and drills hitting my punching bag, I don’t think about it, I just hit it with all I got. I also do it while I’m going downstairs in my building, I try to count how many punches I can land in the ceiling before getting to the other floor. =D It’s very exciting and fun although I may have scared a few neighbors.

  20. Shadow Spy

    You are an international spy, your mission is to pick a target at your gym and shadow them workout for workout. Copy their workouts, except you must one-up them every time- one more rep, a heavier weight, a faster pace, etc. Follow them for 20 minutes.

    Don’t be detected! If you are made you have to switch targets and start over!

    • Easy mode: Shadow one target without being detected
    • Medium mode: Shadow two targets without being detected
    • Hard mode: Shadow three targets without being detected
    • INSANITY mode: Find fittest person in your gym and shadow them without being detected!

  21. Since my garden exploded this year, in order to not give up on my canning I pretend I’m a pioneer and I need to get supplies for winter. Then I try to think up other things to save I’d never considered before, like crab apples.

  22. Awesome article, thanks for posting! A cool game to help with interval training is to change your running (/cycling/walking/etc.) speed with every bus that passes you. Of course, you have to live in an area where there’s plenty of buses! 🙂

  23. This is a great game to play with kids or, if you’re still “kid enough”, try this out. Turn the World on It’s Side.

    Basically you pretend that your house, or where ever you are, has tipped up on it’s side. Picture an action movie where your home has slipped over a cliff somehow and lodged where one end is still at the safe-level but the other empties into a river of lava below. Climb out of your house. 🙂

    So basically you’re dragging your bodyweight along a lot or rolling along the ground.

    For instance, hallway ahead? That’s no hall. It’s a vertical shaft you have to scale. Putting your hands and feet along the walls, reverse crawl or “climb” the hallway, up to say, the bedroom door, where you have to then grab the door jamb and pull yourself up/into the bedroom.

    This can take your everyday world and turn it into a playground – particularly good on rainy days if nobody wants to get outside to play.

  24. I dance along to my iPod everywhere, when walking dance close to other people on the footpath (behind them) without them noticing or dancing in the shops until a security guy or worker gives you ad odd look.

    Walk as long as possible lunging or taking one large step and then one small one or make up a routine of different length strides.

  25. I play “race the train” on my commute a lot. My tube ride to work/home is about 30 minutes with stations every 2-5 minutes as mini-deadlines. Depending on the crowdedness, sometimes it’s solving newspaper puzzles/maths exercises, sometimes it’s standing on one foot, or calf raises or sitting with good posture or knitting a row. En route to the ice rink I try to do ankle and knee warm-ups. Even if I’m ‘just’ reading a novel, I tend to aim for something like “finish this chapter before arriving”.

  26. Life can move pretty fast. I found the solution for that it’s called the pause game. Are you stressed out hurrying around trying to meet your deadline giving yourself a headache. I just press the pause button and all the action stops. I can walk away from my game and mentally prepare myself for the moment when I unpause. During the pause I walk into the other room forget about everything for a minute and then get back to it. The game is always right where you left it when you paused it but now I’m more prepared to defeat the dungeon, boss, or level whatever is standing in my way. We all need to step back and pause our busy lives once in a while.

  27. I’m a big yoga-fan and started occasionally doing this when milling about some random blocks on the city streets:

    Stand close to the center of the sidewalk, maybe a little farther away from the traffic so you’re not directly blocking anybody’s path. start going into some basic yoga positions, getting increasingly odd looking as you move along (maybe start with Mountain Pose, where you’re just standing up straight, and progress to positions on all fours, or one-leg balance postures with your arms all akimbo) and see how many people notice you.

    I’d never thought to treat it as a game, but now that I think of it, you could score yourself on factors ranging from how long it takes you to get your first reaction, to whether or not they stop to look, to maybe even how they react (one point for a funny look, two points for a smile, maybe three if they compliment you…Just once, I did this and someone tipped me a dollar!–I feel like that would have to be an instant ten points).

  28. I play the “Sneak in a Workday Workout but Don’t Get Caught” Game. During my nine-hour desk jockey workday, I have to get in as much exercise as possible without freaking out my coworkers. How many squats can I do in the bathroom before someone comes in and gives me a weird look? How long can I type without letting my feet touch the ground or forearms touch the desk? How many calf raises can I do while my boss rants on about TPS reports? I track my daily achievements, and penalize getting caught with…you guessed it…more exercise!

  29. I have the distinct pleasure of living on the coast and I spend a lot of time on the beach. This invariably leads to “the ground is lava” games on the rocks. It’s great for your legs and core muscles! I’m often referred to as a mountain goat by my parents, who don’t balance quite as well on the rocks.
    This is also often combined with an intense desire to see “just around the next corner” for, like, 10 corners. Other additions include trying to find the biggest rock crabs under the smaller boulders, saving stranded starfish, not stepping on the starfish/muscles/barnacles etc, drawing in the sand, digging a hole in the sand, making moats, exploring the low-tide “islands” and making clam holes squirt. Endless possibilities!!!

  30. My inner fanboy requires that I do Star Wars gamification of virtually everything. Elevator/automatic doors operate with the use of the force, with a hand wave of course. Stubborn drivers that drive way to slow in front, or way to fast behind, get a bit of the mind trick. Virtually everything that is a cylinder will become a lightsaber at some point, regardless of length. Sometimes I even shoot first.

  31. One that we play as a family at the playground goes like this. You’re a special agent, and some one proposes a ‘mission’ – go across the monkey bars without touching the ground, jump down from the platform, run over to that other platform, climb the pole, crawl through the tunnel, down the slide, etc. Then each person in the competition (usually me and my 9 year old son) has to complete the course to see who can do it the fastest. I have a speed advantage over a 9 year old obviously, but getting through those tunnels can be tough as an adult, and I’m definitely not as daring as him going over the chain ladder wall and coming down the other side. It’s fun, and it’s not like I win all the time. Even the 4 year old gets in the game. 🙂

  32. I don’t know why, but I am terrified of being followed up stairs. Even as a kid I took the stairs at least two at a time to ‘outrun’ whatever was chasing me. I still run up stairs, scared, but now I can call it working out 🙂

  33. I like to keep a list of everything I have to accomplish this week at work. It’s my quest log. At the end of every week when I meet with my supervisor for an update meeting, I turn in my quests for experience points towards a promotion. It helps keep me motivated and it helps me see that I really do accomplish things.

  34. I always do “don’t step on a crack” when running. It never grew out of me! The challenge though is to do bounds whenever I’m on a sidewalk, one to two steps per slab. Stepping on one means I do 20 pushups on the spot. Its the least i can do for my poor broken backed mother 🙁

  35. Me and my coworkers play a game I invented called Sleeves. It’s pretty simple, but can help speed and reflexes as well as make the day a bit more fun and therefore (imo) productive. Here’s the rules from our facebook page.

    Points are awarded based on pulling the sleeve of your opponent. Rules for engagement are as follows: 1. A single sleeve pulled gets 1 point, while both sleeves pulled gets two points in normal play. 2. The first engagement of any given day scores double (Single sleeve is two points and double is four) 3. Only one scoring opportunity per engagement. 4. A new engagement cannot be initiated unless either of these terms has been fulfilled:a. opponents get to a distance of 10 feet apart and five minutes have passed since the last engagementc. one of the opponents has interacted with a customer since the last engagment 5. An opponent who is speaking to a customer is off limits. 6. In the event of a tie, the engagment continues. If there is a double tie, the oponents will count to 3 and release and step back a few steps. If one opponent fails to let go the points are rewarded to the other opponent.

  36. MLB Fit Test

    Put 11 slips of folded paper in a hat, labeled 10 through 20. You and a training partner each select a paper and reveal the hidden numbers.

    At the top of each inning of a major league baseball game, you must complete the same number of pushups as on 1 of the pieces of paper, for EACH batter.

    At the bottom of each inning you must complete the same number of air squats, or burpees (insert any exercise you want) as on the 2nd piece of paper, for each batter.

    Game gets fun very quickly during rallies and extra innings.

    Winner decided by one player unable to complete all required reps or which player can finish required reps faster over the course of all innings played.

  37. Taking pride in getting out as fast as you can at the self checkout lane is a great idea. Instead of allowing yourself to mess around. You can take it up a notch and turn it into a game. Awesome idea!

  38. This is not my idea, but one my friend Jon Lance introduced me to.
    It is called “Ninja skills” (corny I know). Essentially a group of us would show up at a park. Each park had a different set of rules to make it an obstacle course that would give you a total body exercise by the end of it.
    For example: We would frequent a park we dubbed “The spider’s web”. It was a modren park made up of steel arches painted red with connection points made of black spheres. We would map out the order of the course and followed these three rules:
    1. Hands can only touch red. Pretty easy, it was mostly red.
    2. Feet can only touch black. Very tough.
    3. The ground is lava!
    We also had rules for the event that applied at each park. You must honestly try each obstacle three times before giving up and moving on. If you say anything negative about yourself (“I can’t!” or “It’s too hard for me” instead of “I’ll give it my best”) or anyone else (like making fun of them), you get to start over completely. We also had a system to track how often you went. Everyone had an animal of the zodiac (I was a rooster) and an element (shadow). Every time we completed a park we got a bead for our lanyard,key chain,necklace, etc. to keep track of for bragging rights.
    By the end of it you would have climbed in awkward ways, tested your balance and endurance, and made you mind think in creative ways on how to tackle obstacles. Plus it’s tons of fun goofing off at the park with your friends.

  39. When I’m in the Minneapolis airport, I play the “let’s see how many times I can walk the 1.4 mile loop before I almost miss my flight” game. My current record is around 7 miles. Not a bad way to pass the time during a layover!

  40. Game rules: Pick a word, a song, and an exercise
    (e.g. word = ‘the’
    song = “Can’t Stop–RHCP”
    exercise = burpees).

    Every time the word ‘the’ is said throughout the song, you have to do one burpee. This can be done with movies, TV shows, you name it.

    Bonus: it’s fun to do alone or with friends. 🙂

  41. Well I suck at this. “doing things the hard way” isn’t so much of a game as a way of life. I moved into a place with a small lawn, tried cutting it with a grass whip, realized I couldn’t keep up in the middle of august heat, bought a mechanical mower. (Whoever has a lawn small enough to do it with hedge trimmers is going to have a nice butt.)

    Limiting my use of baskets for laundry is a great workout. If I sort and hanger the laundry in the living room, carry shirts to the closet in groups of five, it sounds perfect for going from sloth to endurance for light training sessions. (Mediocre weight, slow movement.) (I get points on chore wars for doing things, but there’s no xp adjustment in my contest for efficiency or speed or how far behind one of us gets.)

    I have a treadmill and more kbm setups than computers, so setting up a treadmill desk for random mouse-potatoing isn’t going to cost any more than a little hardware and ingenuity. I hope to get to the point where I wonder why someone is worried about having all day to travel 18 miles.

    I know… Hard-core make believe. It’s going to take a bit of equipment, notably steel-toed boots for some of them, but pretend you are a lumberjack, or a farmer, or one of those guys that use a five-foot long wrench. Go one step farther in a zombie fantasy and start digging latrines and filling them back in without actually using them. Don’t harm any trees that aren’t yours when pretending to be a lumberjack.

    My hardcore make-believe is to pretend I have a stepmania board. (I could probably build one soon, I have a cheap USB keyboard and some salvaged copper wire.) I don’t even try to use the program, I just load up songs from youtube and improvise dancing.

  42. Sounds like I’m not the only one with Sam running alongside the car. I did something similar when walking – my fingers would “run” along any fences, walls, etc alongside me, and “jump” over any gaps. I’m 33 now and haven’t done this in ages – ooh, at least a week.

  43. God I almost play all those games without even realizing I do so until now! It’s the only way I can get through the day and feel satisfied and proud of my achievements 🙂 They are especially important in the morning for my early exercise – I go with my sister so that it’s like a competition where who wakes up earliest (the alarm becomes your best friend xD!) gets to have coffee/breakfast done by the other and/or showers first. We also love to ‘compete’ with other walkers or joggers that happen to be there – though, of course they’re not aware of it (however if they suspect what we’re doing we usually get a good laugh together!) Otherwise when nobody’s around to be in my ‘game’ I pretend I’m a runner (or any other athlete depending on what I am doing) in a race being watched by millions and run as fast to give my best performance and impress the onlookers! On the other hand, when I have mundane things to do like my homework, cleaning my room, run errands etc, I enjoy breaking these chores into small parts and completing them (in new and different ways each time such that they don’t become repetitive and boring) one at a time at a set time – at the end I feel like I have made a big achievement and save lots of time from procrastinating and alienating myself from the task. And most of all whenever I have an event that I feel anxious or scared of, I pretend I am on an important mission or am the strong character of an inspiring story who manages to overcome the most daunting and difficult situations s/he is in. And why shouldn’t one think of him/herself as being such a person? Everyone is fighting a battle in life, isn’t that right? Depends on how we do that!

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