A jug fills drop by drop. ~Buddha

XP: -100 / -100
Become fit and healthy. Stay connected with family. Have Tea with Mara - live a more centered life.
avatar-img Lenore

My Epic Quests

Physical Quests

Do 25 sit-ups 25 XP
Do 25 full push-ups 25 XP
Return to natural weight 100 XP

My Story

The year was 1997, and the internet was only available to me via my uncle's school account. I discovered Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and stumbled upon a room named the Black Dragon Inn (Blk Dragon Inn). I quickly discovered this to be a Roleplaying room, with a great "bot" bartender named Dulcina, who could help with /rolls and serve up drinks and banter.

Thus started my foray into creative fantasy writing, albeit not in the conventional sense, as a roleplay chat room has multiple people, and the writing was interactive, different people (named "muns" or "mundanes" - the people beyond the keyboard) "controlling" their characters through writing.

I met my real-life husband in that chat room, and we've been together for over 17 years!

My NF character is modelled after my Black Dragon Inn character, who is actually a lot of Galadriel from Lord of the Rings, except the resemblance was totally coincidental, as I'd never read the books at that point.

My character, Lenore, is reborn this day, as close as she can be after over 18 years of sitting on a "shelf" in my memory.

Lenore is physically almost everything I was NOT, but what I wanted to be. She is a beacon of health, her very being nearly glowing with restorative life (I have been through multiple heart surgeries, am about 25lb overweight, and can hardly do 5 "ladies" pushups), with long, blonde hair (I do have long brown hair), and green eyes (I have hazel). Of course, she is tall, at 5'9" (I am 5'2" and - obvs cannot change that) and slender.

I am greatly empathetic, and this is reflected in Lenore's personality, which is similar to my own, except she has more confidence and is more even-keeled. Lenore is quietly confident, nearly Stoic in her approach. A healer and helper by nature, she is always willing to step up and assist those in need. An introvert, she prefers to keep a very small circle of friends and is rejuvenated by meditation, reading, or walking. Larger gatherings tire her quickly.

She is drawn to nature, especially forests and water.

Under her almost meek nature, Lenore has an adventuresome spirit. She would love to travel the world and experience food and nature of various countries. She is also open to new experiences and ideas.

Lenore sees herself like a real-life EƤrendil - a light in dark places, when all other lights go out.