Be silly and bad-ass all at once

XP: -700 / -700
Current Quests (current fitness level = beginner) Complete a dance routine (pole or sword dance preferred) Climb a wall and a rope w/out help Run 3+ miles without stopping

My Epic Quests

Weight Lifting Goals

Deadlift 180lbs (1x5) 25 XP
Deadlift 135lbs (1x5) 25 XP
img Deadlift 45lbs (1x5) 10 XP
Deadlift 90lbs (1x5) 25 XP

general conditioning

Plank - 5 minutes 25 XP
Plank - 4 minutes 25 XP
Plank - 3 minutes 25 XP
img workout 3 months straight 20 XP
workout 3 tmes for 3 weeks 10 XP
workout 3 times for 2 weeks 10 XP
img workout 3 in a week 10 XP
img complete bbw routine 5 XP
walk 120 days straight 20 XP
img walk 90 days straight 20 XP
img walk 60 days straight 20 XP
img Walk 30 days straight 20 XP

Be Silly and Badass

Perform Sword Dance 100 XP
Perform Pole-Dancing Routine 100 XP
Perform a 3-minute gymnastic routine 50 XP
Complete a back-flip 50 XP
Master a pole-dance routine 50 XP
Master a Sword Dance 50 XP

Climbing Machine

Complete a pull-up 40 XP
Climb a rope 6ft without help 100 XP
Climb a 6ft wall without help 100 XP

Be able to run away

Run 6 miles without stopping 100 XP
Run 3 miles without stopping 80 XP
Run 1 mile without stopping 40 XP

My Story

Unchanging stats

5' 7.5"
30 years old
Family history of depression, anxiety and carrying 60-100lbs of extra weight, which often results in heart attacks and needing knee replacements earlier than usual.

Stats needing an upgrade

Weight = 214lbs
Update 10/25/15: 206lbs (heaviest weight in the week!)
Update 12/15/15: 203lbs
Update 1/22/17: 198lbs
Attitude = stressed 69%, angry = 12%, happy/content = 12%, variable = 7% (based on a 16 hour day)
Update 10/25/15: stressed = 25%, angry = 6%, happy = 37.5%, variable/content = 31.5%
Update 1/22/17: stressed = 12%, angry = 6%, happy = 50%, variable/content = 42%
Strength = laughable
Update 1/22/17 - less laughable but still beginner
Flexibility = laughable
Update 1/22/17 - same
Avg. walking speed = 20 minute mile
Avg Daily walking distance = 1 mile
Update 1/8/15: 1.5 miles
Update 1/22/17: ~3 miles (and 5mi 1-2/week)
Injuries: burnout recovery = 60% recovered, pulled rt shoulder = 50% recovered, hyper extended rt knee = 80% recovered
Update 10/25/15: burnout recovery = 80%, pulled rt shoulder = 60%, hyper extended rt knee = 100% 🙂
Update 10/25/15: burnout recovery = 100% :), pulled rt shoulder = 60%,
Arch nemesis - Saboteur's Spawn - just as corrupting as his predecessor, this get of Saboteur has new and sneaky attacks. Will update after my trusty sidekick, Bree-the-Dog, reports back from her spy mission.
Update: The Get of Saboteur, aka "S2" is apparently a shape-shifter and as likely to resemble ice-coated sidewalks and a disparaging remark. S2 has apparently put the thoughts of the father to the side and works primarily with roadblocks. Bree-the-Dog reports such attacks as injuries, bad weather, and bouts of extreme self-consciousness. Such attacks must be countered, so Bree-the-Dog and I will work round the clock to achieve success 🙂

Defeated previous arch-nemesis, who had the face of a bald, square-jawed man whose smile failed to touch his cold, hard eyes. He had a snake body that sat coiled comfortably on a large, squishy pillow - the kind of pillow that swallows you whole and makes it nearly impossible to get up again. Upon his head was a large, classic style crown of gold with diamonds imbedded in a circle, giving him the aura of authority. Around his neck (or, where his neck would have been if he hadn't been a snake), was a grandiose collar that towered just over his crown and to the edges of the pillow with ziz-zag sides decorated with hypnotic, colored circles concentric around his head. He was a shady and underhanded fellow who used his Crown of (a)uthority and his Hypno-Collar to spread lies designed to inspire you to sit upon the pillow with him. "Trust me", he said. "You deserve a break" and "Where's the fun in that?" he shouted. "You'll get hurt" and "You'll look weird" he whispered "Join me instead". When that failed to get your attention, he moved to darker fears "It'll never be enough, so why try? People will know you're a failure then" and "Your family is simply fat and unhealthy - you don't want to betray your family by getting into shape, do you?" and "why do you deserve to be happy and healthy - don't you have enough already?". The sight of him and the sound of his voice was almost enough to distract you from noticing that his pillow sat upon quicksand and, for those with eyes to see, that his body was etched over and over in shades of black with his true names: "liar", "manipulator", "rabble-rouser", "fear-booster", "imposter" and most common of all "Saboteur".

Super Powers: Still be discovered but here are a couple handy tricks
Ability to name truths - Does not accept excuses as legitimate but can name them for the lies that they are
Supporter - Can encourage others in their battles
"To Hell With It"-ism - aka, "ah, to hell with being lazy, let's just go workout and get it done with"-ism
Creativity - occasionally, creativity strikes which leads to overcoming obstacles with a bit more ease

Trusty Sidekick - Bree the Dog: alert to everything, always ready to go where ever Idealistinfire may wander, even into the dreaded water!