Crush your goals without shame or guilt

Crush your goals without shame or guilt

What would happen if you had a 1-on-1 online fitness & nutrition coach to help you get in shape, eat better, and stay consistent?

Imagine a daily routine where you have…

  • A fitness plan that aligns with your unique goals, body, and schedule (no matter how hectic).
  • A holistic relationship with food that doesn’t require a restrictive meal plan.
  • Tried and true systems that help you stick to your plan (even when motivation fades).
  • Confidence participating in the activities and hobbies your friends and family want to do with you.

And have it all without it taking over your schedule, alienating your friends and family, and feeling miserable…

Nutrition and fitness aren’t something that has to be suffered through – we can learn skills to integrate them into our lives and – dare I say – enjoy it! We’ll show you how.

Whether You Are Trying To…

  • Get back in shape (or get in shape for the first time!)
  • Feel more confident in your own body by slimming down or bulking up
  • Have more energy throughout the day
  • Go on that hike with your family and not worry you’ll fall behind
  • Level up your weightlifting skills & strength
  • Create a healthier relationship with food and develop guilt-free eating habits
  • Finally escape the start-stop cycle of getting healthy with a plan that lasts
  • Or battle a Sith Lord and come out victorious!

You’re in the right place!

Welcome to the Rebellion, a corner of the universe where fitness and nutrition are allowed to be fun and sustainable.

If we listen to fitness influencers and celebrities… the perfect plan for getting in shape should look something like: 

  • Eat chicken and broccoli for every meal.
  • Workout for an hour + every day.
  • Stop snacking. No dessert!
  • Drink 8 glasses of water.
  • Walk 10,000 steps.
  • Get a least 8 solid hours of uninterrupted sleep every day.
  • Maybe Keto? No, Vegan! Wait, Intermittent Fasting!

But what about those regular life obligations?

You know, like a job that needs us to bring our A-game, juggling family needs, and still making time for those endless adulting responsibilities.

Piece of cake. 

Those ideas may sound good in theory, but the reality is:

That plan is NOT practical for most of us.

Because most of us need plans that consider our unique situations:

  • A hip or knee injury that prevents you from doing squats
  • A full-time job that requires you to work 8-10 hour days
  • A family that you want to have more energy for; not less
  • Kids that don’t want to eat what you’re making for yourself
  • Gym anxiety or the confidence that you’re doing every exercise right
  • Travel plans that interrupt your gym routine for several weeks

Apps and online programs may not recognize your unique circumstances, but your Nerd Fitness Coach will.

They’ll help you adjust as your schedule or environment does, add new habits, and update your workouts based on your progress. 

Most of us either:

A) wait for the ‘perfect time’ to start that new exercise routine we found online – and that time never seems to come

B) force that routine into our schedule for a little while, until something else pops up and throws us off track.

If we are being honest with each other… life doesn’t really ever “calm down,” and when it does, it’s only a matter of time before the kids are back on break, you get a promotion at work (yes!) and you have to start staying late again (ugh!), or you have an unexpected life change.

That’s why most of us typically end up falling off track within the first 30 days.

If you’re like most of the Rebels in our community, the thought process goes something like this:

“When I miss a day of working out, I just fall off track completely. Then, I get upset with myself for not being able to stick to a routine, which just makes me feel worse!

I start off with a big grocery shopping trip and get all these healthy foods in the house, but then my schedule gets super hectic with work, kids, or the holidays – and I find myself going back to less healthy choices because it’s just easier.

If I make a choice that’s off my diet plan, I figure I screwed it up and will just eat whatever for the rest of the day and try to start again tomorrow.

Sometimes I don’t have time to do a whole workout, so I put it off until another day. But then, I feel like I’m always falling behind and can’t catch up.”

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry because you are NOT ALONE! So many rebels come to us with similar experiences. 

If you are struggling to stick to a plan and see results, you’re likely making one or more of these common mistakes:

MISTAKE #1: Making too many changes in the first 30 days

When we set off on our fitness journey, we’re excited about the idea of reaching our goals. And who are we kidding, we’d like to get there AS FAST AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. So we go all in right at the start.

We go from hardly exercising at all, to signing up for a 5-day-a-week HIIT class at our local gym. We tell ourselves, “that’s it! No more snacks or sweets or fast food or eating at night before bed. I’m going to be strict with my diet for the next 30 days.”

Sure, this might work for some people. But chances are, it didn’t stick long-term. We end up exhausted, a bit burned out, and frustrated that progress isn’t happening as quickly as we want.

All this isn’t helped by fitness marketing that promises incredibly fast results in no time at all. It feels like a massive disappointment when we are doing our best and it still doesn’t feel like enough. It can start to feel like there’s NOTHING that will work for us.

We’ve been there.

The truth is, the more things we try to change at once, the less likely any change will stick. It creates a never-ending, stop-start cycle of trying to reach your fitness goals.

Our one-on-one coaching program takes a habit-based approach to your fitness and nutrition. We’ll create a sustainable plan that focuses on the most impactful habits FIRST, and works with your schedule and your life. All so you can achieve results that last. 💪

MISTAKE #2: Fixating on TINY details instead of BIG wins

There is SO much information about health and fitness out there, that it’s hard to know which things to focus on.

We end up getting distracted by the new shiny object (look, SQUIRREL!) and pour a ton of time and energy into something that MAYBBBEE has a small effect on your results –  if any at all.

These may look like:

– Fixating on how much caffeine you are drinking but not on your fruit or veggie intake

– Trying to add more days in the gym without maximizing your recovery outside of your workouts

-Debating if artificial sweeteners or sugar is better but not dialing in your protein intake for your activity levels

– Focusing on getting tired from your workouts, rather than focusing on progressive overload and getting better

-Trying to add more cardio for weight loss rather than making nutrition habit adjustments

The thing is, fixating on the things that don’t matter as much takes away our time and energy from areas where we could be seeing MASSIVE improvements with the same amount of effort.

You’re one-on-one coach will keep the focus on getting the biggest return on investment for your time and energy. They’ll help you prioritize what is most important at each stage of your progress – so you can work on what matters most.

MISTAKE #3: Relying on motivation

Have you ever heard someone say, “I just need to get motivated to {insert habit change here}”? Maybe you’ve even said it yourself.

Here’s the thing about motivation:

Motivation is like adding gasoline to a campfire. It can spark things up for a bit, but it often goes as quickly as it comes.

Don’t get us wrong – feeling motivated is awesome! It makes things feel way more fun and exciting, which is especially helpful when we are trying to push outside of our comfort zone. 

The problem is, motivation doesn’t last forever. 

So what happens when we no longer feel motivated? Do we just stop and wait for the next wave of motivation to come along, throwing more gasoline on the coals to try to light the fire? There’s a better way (that gets you better results).

Instead, we look at the skill of building systems. Or as we like to think of it, adding logs to that fire that keep things burning even when we aren’t feeling motivated.

As James Clear says in his book Atomic Habits, “You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.” (He also gave Nerd Fitness a shout-out in his book 🙌! Thanks James!)

Your Nerd Fitness Coach will focus on building systems to support those habits, so you can capitalize on periods of motivation without falling off track when that motivation (inevitably) ebbs.

Workout plans and diets that you’re too busy to start or are too unrealistic to maintain are keeping you stuck.

So what is the perfect plan for YOU?

It’s the one we actually do.

You’re “perfect plan” takes your specific goals and lifestyle into account.

How do we juggle all of this information into something that’s meaningful and useful?

We use the Nerd Fitness Approach: four pillars that guide us to the right plan for you.

Pillar One: Fitness For Your Level

Your coach will create a workout plan that is tailored to your goals, body, and schedule. Everyone has different interests, motivations, and environments. We believe the best plan takes your unique circumstances into account. We’ll help you know exactly what to do and have fun doing it… without it completely taking over your life.

Pillar Two: Non-Dogmatic Nutrition Guidance

No more one-size-fits-all nutrition plans that tell everyone they have to eat the exact same way. We all have different bodies, tastes, and cultures surrounding food that are foundational to our lives. We take the best principles of nutrition science and boil them down to be relevant to your own budget, schedule and health goals. No need to eat a specific way, or altogether avoid foods you love. Instead, we’ll look at your current eating patterns and help you develop a holistic relationship with food for the long haul.

Pillar Three: Mindset Quests

Break through plateaus to unlock your full potential. Through our time working with people from all walks of life, we’ve realized there are a few key mindset shifts that all of our most successful rebels make. These shifts will not only help you level up on your own journey, but reduce stress, maintain consistency, and see lasting results. We’ll walk you through core concepts that have helped thousands of other nerds succeed and how they might apply in your own life. 

Pillar Four: Sustainable Healthy Habits

We’ll teach you how to make things stick. As our friend James Clear says, “We don’t rise to the level of our goals, we fall to the level of our systems.” We know that if you’re trying Nerd Fitness out, you’ve probably tried other programs before that didn’t work for you. We recognize you are a human with lots of demands on your time and energy, so we focus on helping you build systems that will sustain you throughout the chaos and help you keep seeing progress towards your goals. 

Everyone’s version of success looks different. That’s what we like to call:

Health Wealth

Health wealth means you are able to live the life YOU want to live and feel ready for any adventure. That can look like… 

️ ⏰ Waking up having plenty of energy to tackle your busy day

⛰ Backpacking in the Rockies or in a country you’ve never been to

🏃 Registering for a Tough Mudder with friends (and knowing you’re going to crush it!)

👪 Keeping up with your kids (and grandkids!) without worry

🍕 Being able to eat that slice of pizza and not feely guilty (at last!)

🏆 Feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin

Your version of Health Wealth doesn’t have to be the same as the influencer you follow on social media or your friend who is telling you, “you have to try this diet! I feel AMAZING!

It’s our mission to help you achieve your own version of Health Wealth

While other programs may only look at one aspect of health, like fitness, we pride ourselves on a holistic approach that blends together fitness, nutrition, AND mindset changes so we can truly have an impact on our clients.

Are you ready to create a plan that fits your life with your NF coach?

Are you ready to create a plan that fits your life with your NF coach?

Together, you and your coach will collaborate on a structured, sequential plan that adjusts as you go.

In this program you will: 

  • Follow a plan specifically tailored for you – where your input is welcome!
  • Learn how to adjust your habits over time so you can stay on track.
  • Track your progress with your coach so you know you’re moving towards your goals.
  • Explore ways to make the process FUN by including habits and hobbies you enjoy doing.


Know Exactly What To Do

Open up your app to see your habits and workouts for the day, all designed by your coach.

Easy to access, understand, and complete.

Your program changes as you change – just as it should. 

Communication that fits your schedule

Send text or video messages to your coach at the time that works best for you – whether that’s first thing in the morning, on a quick break at work, at the gym, or as you are winding down at night.

We’ll always get back to you by the next business day.

Even if you don’t have questions or feedback, your Coach will still check in with you multiple times each week to adjust your program and hold you accountable.

Make changes that stick

Track your actions in our app for your Coach to see.

Your Coach will monitor your progress and adjust your plan to be the right fit for you.

No more yo-yoing with your fitness and nutrition goals – develop habits that last with the accountability and support you need.

safe, approachable, and fun

Exercise with the security of knowing your plan is built with your needs in mind – taking your previous injury history, equipment, and goals into account.

Then, take your workouts to the next level with our built-in form check. Send videos of your exercises to your Coach for feedback – keeping you safe and strong whether you are working out at home, in a gym, or on the road.

Celebrate your progress to maintain momentum

Make sure you take the time to celebrate all that you have accomplished!

Whether that’s:

  • Hitting a new milestone on your epic quest
  • Noticing that it’s easier to do a hike you love
  • Feeling differences in how your clothes fit
  • Improving your energy levels, mood, and sleep
  • Tracking progress using measurements or progress photos
  • Crushing a new personal record in your workout…

There are so many ways to measure success together with your coach.

Know that someone’s keeping an eye on you

We get it – life is crazy and unpredictable. We’re here to help.

Your Coach has a complete view of the actions you take (and don’t take) each day. 

If we notice you’re drifting, we’ll do an accountability check and proactively adjust your program so you can keep progressing towards your goals – even when things feel like they are on 🔥.

And don’t forget about the secret sauce…

One of the hardest things to do is master the balance of hitting your goals and keeping up with life. 

Knowing when to scale up and push yourself, when to stay the course, and when to give yourself permission to dial down is the secret sauce to lasting change.

With a Coach, that guesswork no longer has to take up space in your brain. 

Your job is to focus on taking action each day and communicate about any challenges.

Our job is to meet you where you are, make any necessary adjustments, and continue customizing your plan to be the perfect fit for you.

Your Coach has a 50-foot-view of the work you’ve done and where you want to go.

They know the challenges you’re up against, they can see when you’ve been consistently crushing workouts or tasks, and they know the path.

Whether you want to build a plan for strength, weight loss, or just want to have more energy for daily life, we got you, and we’ll show you the way.

Ready to see which coach is right for you?

We’ve helped thousands of Rebels just like you unlock their superpowers and find permanent, lasting change

Jimmy was a picky eater who wanted to look like Spider-Man

He thought he needed to eat foods he didn’t like and get a gym membership to achieve his goals, but under Coach Justin’s guidance, he went from Peter Parker to Spider-Man starting with ONLY bodyweight exercises at home and enjoying a nutritional strategy that kept his food preferences in mind.

Radioactive spiders: who needs ‘em?

Christina was tired of programs that didn’t work and knew she needed help

After trying dozens of diets and popular (but generic) fitness plans, Coach Jim focused on building her a plan she would enjoy and could actually stick to.

After losing 50 lbs and getting her first chin-up, Christina found new dragons to slay! Instead of saying “all done” as she would have in the past, she worked with her coach to ask, “What am I capable of now that I’ve done all this hard work?” Having something to strive for kept her engaged and consistent.

Sarah was a new mom with a full-time job who struggled to stick to a plan

Her past efforts to lose weight were derailed when life got crazy, and with a new kid in the mix, those disruptions were now a given! 

With help and accountability from Coach Jules, Sarah made incremental adjustments to her nutrition and shifted her mindset about what a workout routine “should” be. The changes worked for her busy life, allowing her to surpass her initial goal weight (!), and Jules continues to help Sarah adjust the dial to keep making progress.

While their starting points and goals may have been completely different, they (and our other successful clients) share one important thing in common:

They worked with their Coach to build a perfect-for-them mindset and plan.

They approached the Coaching relationship with an open mind for collaborationexperimented with different types of skills to find what worked best, and built a structure uniquely their own that struck a balance between “regular life” and getting healthy.

Along the way, they learned when to lean in and push themselves and when to have patience and scale things to fit their life’s circumstances. 

They trusted their Coach to remove the guesswork and hold them accountable, and now they’ve each surpassed their initial goals and are pushing the limits of what they thought was possible!

When you become a client, here’s what you can expect from us:

  • A structured, tailor-made roadmap that guides you through incremental habit change
  • Customized workouts based on your goals, preferences, and available equipment
  • Nutritional guidance and strategies that focus on solutions that work for your life
  • A professional guide with certifications and training in the areas that matter most to you
  • Expert form checks so you feel confident in the way your body is moving
  • A collaborative relationship where we ask for your input before making decisions
  • Unwavering encouragement, support, and accountability
  • Video and text messages within the app or SMS
  • One business day response time to all questions, and a minimum of 2-3 check-ins per week to assess how things are going
  • Goofy GIFs, memes, and videos that keep things fun
  • Backup and emergency plans for social or stressful situations
  • A completely judgment-free zone
  • An enthusiastic Coach who actually cares about your long-term success

And here’s what we expect from you:

  • An open mind that approaches the process of getting healthy as an experiment
  • Regular, honest communication, particularly when things are challenging
  • Patience, consistency, and trust in the process
  • A commitment that you’ll make your own health a priority, knowing we can adjust the dial for any situation

Common Questions from Future Clients

First of all, that’s not a question but I’ll let it slide. Second of all, I hear you! After trying a lot of different things in the past without finding the success you’re after, it can be super tempting to relinquish control and rely on someone else to just give you the answers.

We will build a clear, structured plan for you to follow, and we want you to be involved in some of the decisions that are made. After all, YOU are the expert about your life and what’s realistic to commit to. After collaborating and getting your input, we’ll take the baton and turn those ideas into a plan.

Remember when we talked about other people’s idea of “perfect”? Meal plans fall into the category of “sounds great in theory…not so much in practice.” Instead of giving you strict orders to eat specific foods at specific times, we’ll work together to build a habit-based nutritional strategy that works for you in any situation and focuses on foods you enjoy eating.

In practice that looks something like this: 

Instead of instructing you to eat a specific meal at a specific time, we might focus on getting one serving of protein twice a day, one serving of veggies at each meal, or even putting your fork down between bites for one meal (don’t underestimate the power of this one!). Then we help you put that in practice using your favorite foods and troubleshoot any challenges along the way. Once that becomes a habit, we level up!

Through this habit-based leveling structure, we’ll help build your confidence in the kitchen to take the guesswork out of the what/when/why/how of staying nourished. Ultimately, our goal is to give you daily action steps to practice that will build skills within the realm of nutrition you can utilize for the rest of your life.

Hey, no problem! Above all, we are completely diet agnostic and want to find the nutritional strategy that will work for you. We can apply our principles of nutrition skill and habit development to absolutely any kind of diet.

That said, we have a team of over two dozen Coaches, each with different nutritional expertises and backgrounds. No matter your nutritional preferences – vegan, vegetarian, keto, intermittent fasting, paleo, celiac, or any type of hormone-related nutritional considerations – we have a Coach who can help!

Your Coach will stay in close contact with you throughout the week to answer questions, offer guidance, and hold you accountable. 

You can send your Coach video or text messages through the app any time – day or night. Your Coach will send a response within 1 business day.

And whether you touch base with a message or not, we’ll still check in 2-3 times per week to review your progress and make any necessary adjustments!

Honestly? It depends. 

When you begin the program, you and your Coach will talk through any goal expectations you have and what it will take to achieve them. You’ll continue to have regular checkpoints to make any necessary adjustments and have candid conversations about any changes in pace to consider.

With consistent work, we hope you start feeling a shift in your mindset and approach to getting healthy within 4-6 weeks. Overall, you’ll get out what you put in, but you should approach this journey as a long-term commitment. Our most successful clients typically stay with us a minimum of 6 months, and many have been in our program for more than 2 or 3 years!

Absolutely not! If you join NF Coaching as a monthly client, you can end your membership at any time. Even without contracts, our average client stays in the program between 10-12 months.

In most cases, yes. Nearly every Coach on our team has experience helping clients work through basic injuries, and several of them have deeper experience in rehab and PT.

However, if we feel you’re better served by seeing a doctor in person, we won’t hesitate to suggest it. And in every case, we’ll abide by your doctor’s recommendations when applicable.

How much will this cost?

In-person trainers can cost anywhere between $60-$150+ per hour – based on a wide variety of experience levels, gym overhead, and location.

Training with them just twice per week in a gym means you’re shelling out at least $500/month, with experienced coaches coming in at over $1,000 per month (or $10,000+ for the year!).

Plus, many of these gym training sessions don’t address your nutrition or your mindset challenges related to long-term change.

When you join NF Coaching, you’ll have no contract to sign.

You’re free to continue the service at a monthly rate of $197 for as long as you are hitting your goals and finding value in the accountability and structure your Coach provides.

We also have discounted opportunities for those ready to commit to their long-term health and want to pre-pay for 6 or 12 months up front that can save you even more money.

Power Up Your Coaching (Bonus #1)

When you join Nerd Fitness Coaching, you’ll also receive four bonus lessons so you can LEVEL UP your skills.

In our Power Up Your Coaching video,  Coaches Jim and Taylor walk you through what our most successful clients are doing and how to get the MOST out of your time with Nerd Fitness.

The Valley of Disappointment (Bonus #2)

Have you ever felt stuck? We have the perfect video for you. Coach Matt walks you through key strategies to overcome plateaus and bust out of the place we lovingly call “The Valley of Disappointment” to reach your goals.

The Nerd Fitness Anti-Challenge (Bonus #3)

How do we make changes that stick – without guilt or shame? In this series of six videos, Coach Jim and guests walk you through the process of automating your habits, and key strategies to reduce the stress of getting started (or re-started).

How Fast Can I Expect To Lose Weight (Bonus #4)

This training is specifically geared towards clients with weight loss goals. In it, Coach Matt helps you understand all the factors that go into weight loss, how to set a realistic time frame for your goal, and what the tradeoffs are along the way. If you’re someone who has struggled to lose weight in the past, this is a GAME CHANGER for how you approach your goals with your Coach.

All 4 of these bonuses are our gift to you – free – when you join Nerd Fitness Coaching today.

We Know That This Is Important To You.

And we believe that we can help.

If you are unsatisfied within 30-days, we want to give you your money back.

No strict contracts.

No secret cancellation fees.

Just a a group of Nerds who want to see you succeed – and teach you how to avoid the pitfalls we’ve seen so many people fall into.

We’d love to talk to you more about your own personal goals one-on-one to see if we may be a great fit for one another!

So if you’re ready to make meaningful change, your next step is easy.

Book a call below with one of our team members. These are coaches and members of our team that have been with us for YEARS. They are here to answer your questions, learn more about you, and make sure this is the right fit for you and your goals.

If you’re ready to change your life, we’d be honored to welcome you into our NF Coaching family!

Talk soon.


We speak with each and every person to hear their story and see if our coaching program would be a good fit! Simply enter your information below and schedule your free consultation with a member of Team Nerd Fitness.

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