Our flagship programs help you get lasting, permanent fitness changes.
Over the last 8 years we've helped 40,000 men and women from around the world do just that. No cleanses, no supplements, no gym needed. Just the truth, a plan, and a community to help you.
The Nerd Fitness Academy is our most popular program and the absolute best place to start.
  • Build a character, complete fitness and nutrition quests, and start seeing changing immediately.
  • Nutrition and mindset modules will teach you exactly what to eat, how to shop for it, and how to prepare it to change your habits around food permanently.
  • Each workout routine has HD videos of every movement - and fitness “boss battles” to show you exactly when to make your workouts harder.
  • Get accountability and support from our private, welcoming community of rebels on the same journey as you (many say this is their favorite part).
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A month-to-month habit-building, team-based adventure that makes getting healthy simple and fun.
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