[FREE] Live workshop: 3 No Scale Signs Your fitness & Nutrition Habits are working

1-Hour LIVE Training On: The Top 3 Signs Nerd Fitness Coaches Use To Track Progress That DOES NOT Include The Scale

November 16th @ 6PM Eastern Time

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This Workshop Is For YOu If...

Have Not Seen Progress (Or Plateaued) In Weight Loss… Despite Eating Healthy And Exercising 

You may not see progress for many reasons, even though you are exercising and eating better than ever. The first reason is the program or routine you’ve started does not fit your unique needs. The second is you could be setting expectations incorrectly (we call this the valley of disappointment). The third reason is you might be using the program, meal plan, or diet itself incorrectly. We see this a lot with folks who try Keto or Veganism.  

Stuck In The Yo-Yo Weight Loss Cycle

If you fall in this category, you likely start diets or eating habits and see results, then within 3 to 6 months, you’ve regressed in your progress or stopped altogether.  This happens to a LOT of people, and it’s usually because the meal plans you are choosing are simply too strict to be sustainable and last long term. Diets and meal plans can absolutely have their time and place if you enjoy them, but they are not necessary to see progress! What usually ends up happening is people fail to create a transition plan that establishes a sustainable system to maintain results and keep seeing progress. 

Wanting To Get In Shape WITHOUT Focusing On The Scale

This problem falls under having the mindset habit of minimizing (or ignoring) all other victories that getting in shape can earn you. If you only see progress as, “did I lose weight?” You end up in the headspace of failure if you don’t hit the number you had in mind. And if you are trapped in this type of thinking, it’s easy to tie your self-worth to the scale (even when you might know you shouldn’t… always easier said than done, right?)  That’s why Coach Jim and Coach Evan are going to show you THREE metrics that everyone should be looking at, with or without the scale in mind. 

This Workshop will help you

1. Accurately track your progress in measurable ways that don’t involve the scale

2. Learn why the scale isn’t always the most telling & effective way to determine your fitness & nutrition plans are “working” 

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