At home workouts, superhero habit building, group challenges, and the most supportive community ever.

Oh hi, friend!

It’s me, Steve, creator of Nerd Fitness. Greetings from my apocalypse bunker!

Life is very strange right now.

As we spend more time in a world of absolute chaos and uncertainty, that voice in our head starts to take over:

  • One extra cookie – we deserve it, the kids were extra bratty today.
  • One extra beer at night – we need it, work is frustrating.
  • One more skipped workout – we don’t have time, things are too busy.

We are hamsters in cages, stuck in a routine we didn’t design.

More people than ever are desperately craving connection and yet are unable to connect in the real world.

With this being our new reality for the foreseeable future…maybe there’s a different way!

What if we could actually create MORE connection and human interaction, even if we’re all stranded and separated from one another?

What if we could emerge from our apocalypse bunkers in BETTER shape – both physically and mentally – than before we went in?

I think we’re on to something here!

We’ve been working behind the scenes for a long time on a new community-driven experience, and I can FINALLY spill the beans.

It’s the culmination of everything we’ve created as a community and a company over the past decade, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

Stuck at home and need no-equipment workouts?

This is for you.

New to fitness and overwhelmed about what to do?

This is for you.

Need a community to support you and interact with when you’re isolated?

This is for you.

I’m excited to tell you about it today – it’s called…

Nerd Fitness Prime!

(Don’t worry, I’ve already cleared the name with the OG transformer, Optimus Prime. He’s cool with it.)

Nerd Fitness Prime is now officially here. The whole experience harnesses:

  • The proven successes from our self-paced online courses (over 50,000+ customers).
  • Support from the most accepting and passionate fitness community on the internet.
  • Expertise of 15+ professional Team NF coaches.
  • Exclusive access to NF Journey, our habit-building app.
  • Community challenges: virtual 5K races, chin-up challenges.

Most importantly, this system works. The Rebellion has successful members of all genders, all ages, and all backgrounds.

Men and women from all walks of life are taking back control over their lives

*The individuals above are exceptional examples from our community and do not guarantee individual success. Your experience and results may vary.

No more guessing. We’ll show you EXACTLY what you need to do to get results…

We’ve boiled down the basics of what has worked for 50,000+ members over 11 years and created an online membership that will provide you with EVERY SINGLE TOOL you need to change your life – starting right now.

We focus every step in Nerd Fitness Prime to eliminate any guesswork on your part.

What is Nerd Fitness Prime?

Nerd Fitness Prime is an online fitness and community membership that includes all parts of Nerd Fitness, including the greatest community in the galaxy (that’s you).

Have FUN completing missions, sharing your progress, and meeting nerdy coaches.

At Nerd Fitness, we know a part of long-term motivation is making the process fun and rewarding!

So when you sign up for Nerd Fitness Prime Membership today (for one low price), you get instant and exclusive early access to our NEW mobile app

Nerd Fitness Journey!

NF Journey is a fun habit-building app that helps you exercise more frequently, eat healthier, and level up your life (literally):

Nerd Fitness Journey is currently in early access and ONLY available to NF Prime members!

Thousands of Rebels are using NF Journey to gamify getting healthy. If you’re looking to start (or respawn!) your journey, this is the absolute best place to start.

In addition to Nerd Fitness Journey, you ALSO get instant access to all of our best-selling online courses:

Add that up, and you’re getting about $500 of instant value already!

These courses have been sold every day for years at Nerd Fitness to 50,000+ students across the globe. With the new changes to our way of life, we wanted to package all of them together for one low membership.

Most importantly, this system works. The Rebellion has successful members of all genders, all ages, and all backgrounds.

Here’s just a peek at what you’ll have access to…

Perform exercises confidently and safely with over 100+ step-by-step, high definition videos

We know the first step is simply knowing HOW to do a specific movement or exercise confidently.

That’s why we’ve recorded over 100 individual HD videos that show you step-by-step how to complete every movement in NF Prime with proper form.

We also focus on exactly how to scale every exercise based on your body and ability level.

Within the online courses alone, you’ll have immediate access to:

7 Levels of Bodyweight Workout Routines (30+ workouts) you can do at home (and gym workouts too).

70+ Academy videos on how to do EVERY movement correctly.

7 full 30-minute yoga routines you can do in your living room.

Yoga is the perfect active recovery workout for your day off from the gym.

A full guide on getting your first handstand (with videos for each step).

A complete guide on how to use gymnastic rings (a goal for many), and even how to set them up in your house:

We want you to complete every exercise with the confidence you’re doing things safely and properly.

So no matter where you are starting – or what knowledge you may have of exercise movements and form – we are here to walk you through each step and get you ready to rock!

Remember: you’re not alone in this!

This is why Team NF Coaches and I continually help come up with fun, nerdy ways to challenge and motivate our community with exclusive video lessons and workouts.


Great! Coach Matt is a father of 2 and did a class last week on how to get your kids involved! There are thousands of families using NF Prime to stay active and fit.

We know everybody can’t join our 1-on-1 Online Coaching Program, so we’ve come up with fun ways to share our coaches’ knowledge with the NF Prime Community in an engaging, ongoing experience.

Fuel your body with healthy eating strategies: no more dieting!

Eating and cooking healthy meals should not be torture. We simplify it – and jump-start your planning and preparation.

Anybody can google “healthy recipes” and find a million recipes, right?

But we all know recipes don’t help much useless you know HOW to find ingredients, navigate your local grocery store, and cook things that actually TASTE GOOD.

So we’ve built our entire nutritional philosophy around helping you succeed (not just a list of ingredients).

Beef egg breakfast

Most of our successful students end up finding one or two “staples” they can easily and quickly prepare (and fall back to when times get busy)!

Need help putting all this into action? We got you.

In addition to our nutrition Adventures and courses, we also have downloads for you to print and make this journey easier (and more fun).

We designed these for you to print, take the store, and quickly use as a reference for what foods are GOOD, just meh (or in moderation), and STAY AWAY from if you can.

No second-guessing, before you put an item in the cart – just check the handy cheat sheet.

Or maybe you want to watch one of our coaches walk you through their process for meal prep and batch cooking? We have multiple videos from Team NF Coaches sharing their knowledge.

Coach Justin is one of many coaches focusing on the unique challenges we are all facing in the “Apocalypse Kitchen 101” video series!

Get inspiration and accountability from thousands of people on the same journey.

Many students say their regular interactions in the private Facebook and Discord Groups are worth the price of admission ALONE!

We have two private community groups where you can meet and get held accountable by hundreds of like-minded, passionate rebels on the same journey you are.

Our large, private Nerd Fitness Prime Facebook group is a great way to help keep your Facebook thread more positive and useful during this stressful time.

We’ve also created a single, private Discord server. If you aren’t familiar – it’s more like a chatroom where you can find hundreds of NF Rebels in shared channels to discuss everything from motivation, to recipes that are working, to specific fitness feedback, and even off-topic interests.

Both our Facebook and Discord groups are moderated by members of the NF Team. These 15+ individuals bring a wide variety of specializations, backgrounds, and expertise to our community!

Regardless of your goal, I guarantee there are people in this group who’ve been there and done that – and many more who are working towards the same goals you are.

The fact is – most of us don’t have the support system around us to truly build lasting, long-term changes.

These private communities will change that for you overnight. You’ll instantly have a group of people to help inspire, share, learn from, and support you – no matter what your support system is like at home.

We’ve helped over 50,000+ members around the globe. Together we form the most supportive fitness community on the internet!


My goal with this community is to help you get in the best shape of your life and feel good about yourself.

*If you happen to develop a superpower as a result, I’m okay with that too.

I’m confident if you follow the advice and workout plans, you WILL see results.

However, if for any reason in the next 30 days you decide Nerd Fitness Prime isn’t the right solution for you, just email us and we’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. Super simple.

How Much Does Nerd Fitness Cost?

When you join Nerd Fitness Prime, your membership will include instant access to the following:

  • Exclusive access to NF Journey –Our mobile app (iOS and android) that allows you to create a superhero avatar, level up, and complete missions and group challenges!
  • 25+ Bonus Workout Plans ($149 value) – individual step-by-step workout plans. Easy to follow routines at home or on the go.
  • 100+ HD Videos – Watch exactly how to properly perform and ways to scale each movement. Access quickly and easily on any device, at any time.
  • Fitness guidance that makes sense – How to train anywhere (home, outdoors, or gym) with complete confidence.
  • Nutrition and Mindset training – What to eat, when to eat it, and how to prepare it.
  • Full Yoga Workouts ($79 value) – 7 full routines you can stream anywhere, in addition to multiple mini-mobility videos for quick 10 minute tune-ups!
  • Full Beginner Handstand Course ($99 value) – learn every single step of the way to get your first freestanding handstand.
  • Full Gymnastics Rings Class ($149 value) – how to go from “I can barely hang from the bars” up to “first chin-up” and even “my first muscle up!”
  • Private Discord and Facebook Groups –Our private Facebook communities are full of thousands of the most supportive people you’ll meet on the internet. Great for daily inspiration.
  • Simple, Healthy Recipes – Step-by-step instructions to equip you to be able to whip up fast, healthy meals.
  • Grocery Cheat Sheet – Our cheat sheet shows you what to buy, what to avoid, and what you can splurge on (occasionally).
  • Exclusive videos from Team NF Coaches – Interact and follow along with our team of professional coaches at Team Nerd Fitness! These are fantastic ways to stay active and engaged!

We make it really simple for you.

We’ve packaged Nerd Fitness Journey PLUS all our 4 standalone courses (50,000 customers over the past 11 years), and our private communities into a single membership. These used to cost over $500 combined, but a Nerd Fitness Prime membership is just a fraction of that.

In addition, we’ve added tons of additional new resources and video content to go along with our private community groups – 15+ coaches and Team NF members helping you through this unique time.

You can join Nerd Fitness Prime in one of two ways:

$39 billed quarterly for a 3-month membership (which comes out to $13/month).

$99 billed yearly for a 12-month membership (which is less than $9/month!)

No contracts or cancellation fees.

Stay for as long or as little as fits your lifestyle!

Rebels of all shapes and sizes are leveling up!

*The individuals above are exceptional examples from our community and do not guarantee individual success. Your experience and results may vary.

We believe that small changes create superheroes, so we focus on small habit changes and quick workouts that help you get permanent results over the long haul.

We want to help you get in shape permanently, and get healthy permanently!

There’s no such thing as a “quick fix” when it comes to getting healthy, so we do the next best thing: get you results that last, in a way that doesn’t make you miserable!

This is a membership program with instant online access to all of our community, courses, and The Journey mobile app for as long as you are a member.

There are no cancellation fees or hidden costs. You sign up for either a 3-month or 12-month membership and do what works best for you, your budget, and your life!

Let’s do this!

Remember, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Why not try something different, and see if Nerd Fitness Prime is for you.

Thanks for putting your trust in me to help you level up your life. This is gonna be fun.

-Steve Kamb

This is a completely online membership experience, so you’ll have access to all materials and communities for as long as you are an active member. You’ll get full access TODAY and can start participating in challenges whenever you are ready!