Nerd Fitness now offers specialized, personal training to help you achieve your goals faster!

3 minute video from Steve

Hey there! Steve here – want to tell you a little more about Nerd Fitness Coaching!

Nerd Fitness Coaching is a program to help highly motivated and committed Rebels (like you) who need some extra accountability and personalized guidance to navigate their journey.

For the last year and a half, Nerd Fitness has been testing private coaching in a top secret fashion. We started with several dozen of our existing customers who were overwhelmed, had started and stopped more times they can count, and finally just wanted SOMEONE TO TELL ME EXACTLY WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!

Our coaches, Jim, Staci, and Simone have quietly been working with clients that wanted this extra level of personalized, customized training and accountability. Not only that, we create private groups for our men and women clients and found this was even MORE effective for our nerds.

We call this combination Nerd Fitness Private Group Coaching

There is something about the combo of 1-on-1 customization and personalization with a coach, combined with the power of our small private communities our nerds have always loved.

Having a coach is a total game changer, even if you know exactly what you should be doing. I’ve worked with several coaches myself over the years – both online and in person. And all our our coaches have coaches of their own (or attend regular seminars and trainings to keep learning from experts).

Although things like monthly program oversight, accountability, and personal feedback sound like an expensive investment, it’s the best money members of the NF team spend each month. No joke.


It’s simple. Coaches know you better than you know yourself and can help see around blind spots. Coaches can look at things objectively, with a wealth of knowledge and experience behind them, whereas we all tend to emotionally cloud things with our training – usually avoiding things we need, and making subjective decisions. Coaches knows your goals, your weaknesses, and have specific technical knowledge about your goals to tweak the programming and nutrition to get you there. Most importantly, it’s his or her job to keep you patient, focused on the long-term goals, and making incremental gains month after month.

Now, you could do all of this yourself – doing your own programming, researching new programs, and analyzing my results and videos in depth. But time is precious! Instead, your coach does that for you. Your only job is to walk into the gym, do what the plan says, and go home. You can focus 100% on performance, and not on the planning aspect.

I know that coaching can save a lot of frustration and really help you move forward and reach your goals faster than if you were doing it alone. It certainly has for most members of Team NF.

As a member of the Nerd Fitness Academy, you know that we’re not interested in half-assing anything we do, and our approach to coaching is no different.

Our goal is to set out an experience that will make you say, This is the best investment I make each month, because:

  • I’m finally getting the results that I’ve always wanted.
  • I’ve found a family to walk alongside me on this journey.
  • Putting my money where my mouth is has made me take things seriously and stay accountable.
  • I can finally (insert that thing you’ve always wanted to do!), and I’m making even more progress than I ever imagined.

Meet Your Coaches

Coach Simone

Coach Simone has a few more spots for her powerful Women’s Group Coaching private community.

Simone became active in college and has been coaching women of all ages since 2013, but it was a long road to get there! An introverted, nerdy bookworm who hated gym class, she didn’t fall in love with movement until she was introduced to garage CrossFit and martial arts.

Simone credits a Nerd Fitness article with kickstarting her mindset shift, and knows the Nerd Fitness philosophy inside and out.

Over the last five years, Simone has added to her coaching experience with certifications and training in:

  • CrossFit Level 1
  • StrongFirst (SFG) kettlebell skills course
  • Integrative Wellness Academy coaching program
  • Private Powerlifting mentorship
  • ReWild MovNat workshop
  • Simone with a kettlebell

    Simone wants to learn and do #allthethings, and her ultimate goal is to help you build the life that makes you feel empowered and whole. She firmly believes that mindset is the most important (and most challenging) part of this journey and is delighted to explore it with you!

    What to Expect

    Nerd Fitness Coaches take their role in your journey very seriously, and they expect you to do the same. If accepted, here’s what you can count on from the program:

    • A dedicated commitment from Nerd Fitness in providing you with a personalized, leveled-up solution that fits your situation. We require at LEAST a 3-month commitment from you so that you can settle into your groove and give the program time to work! We don’t do 8-minute abs or 2 week sprints; we want to set you up to be healthy and strong for the rest of your life, and that means building a system that is sustainable for YEARS in your particular life situation. (After 3 months, you can simply continue with us month to month. We’d love to continue helping you with your fitness journey!)
    • An extensive onboarding process and evaluation to learn your current level of fitness and determine your goals for the program. This lets us customize your training plan and get you started in the right direction.
    • Personalized workout programming that is tailored around your abilities and goals. We’ll take the program you’re doing (NF Academy workouts, Starting Strength, etc.) and customize it to you and your needs. If you don’t have a program, we’ll set you up with a workout after your initial assessment.
    • Weekly check-in and monitoring of the workout programming. Tweaking, if needed, based on your results and changes.
    • Nutrition guidelines to help you stay on track (based around your schedule, favorite meals, and nutritional needs). You’ll track your eating in some form in order to improve your health, improve your body composition, and fuel your workouts. (Note: if the idea of logging gives you anxiety, we’ll work together on that first.)
    • Form checks. We will request videos of certain exercises and movements so that we can offer specific feedback and helpful cues. This keeps you safe and gets you better results, faster.

    A mobile app (and website) that:

    • Allows you to bring your workouts to the gym (including how to videos!) wherever you have a data/internet connection.
    • Sends notifications and emails that alert you when you should be doing a workout – that also alert us if you miss one!
    • Has an integrated calendar to schedule workouts, as well as progress photos and weigh-ins.
    • Includes graphic representation of all of your progress for just about any statistic you can imagine.
    • Integrates with MyFitnessPal for easy and in-depth nutritional tracking.

    You’ll also be included in a private Nerd Fitness Women’s Group Coaching Facebook group. These are your fellow Warriors in the battle to get healthy! You will have accountability and support from your Coach, but also from these other highly motivated, committed women (just like you).

    Personal Training Shouldn't Cost Thousands Each Month

    In-person trainers can cost anywhere between $60-$150+ per hour – based on a wide variety of experience levels, gym overhead, and location.

    Training with them just twice per week in a gym means you’re shelling out at least $500/month, with experienced coaches coming in at over $1,000 per month (or $10,000+ for the year, yikes!).

    Extreme prices aside, many of these “gym” training sessions don’t address your nutrition or your mental attitude. And that’s why it’s no surprise they have a high turnover and rising costs.

    At Nerd Fitness, we’re able to offer 1-on-1 coaching for less because we do things differently.

    First, we have a small team of dedicated coaches (and limited spots), because we aren’t willing to compromise on the quality of our experience. Our coaches not only will customize a training and strength training program to your goals, we also help manage what you eat (through an app on your smartphone) and make realistic, sustainable tweaks to your diet based on your patterns. Most importantly, we don’t shy away from the mental aspect of leveling up your fitness.

    While 1-on-1 personal coaching is a serious investment, we can offer this more well-rounded approach than many local trainers at a lower cost because of our streamlined process, simplified training and calendar app, and passionate group communities.

    The Best Part of All?
    Nerd Fitness Coaching (and Simone) get REAL results for our women!

    As we said above, Simone’s private women’s group coaching is expanding by just a few women right now. To be eligible for one of these spots (and to see if one is available now), your next step is to enter your Name and Email on the form below.

    Apply for your Spot

    After you submit your name and best email above, we’ll be in touch with you via email for a list of next steps to be considered for an open spot. Enter in your details and click submit!