Welcome home.


Regardless of where you’re at on your fitness journey today, we’re a community of underdogs, misfits, and mutants that can’t wait to help. 

After all, as stated in Rule #1 of the Rebellion (the name of our community!) “we don’t care where you came from, only where you’re going.”

Maybe you’re here because you’re overweight and frustrated. You’ve tried everything and nothing has stuck.

Maybe you’re here because your doctor told you that you’re in danger of some serious health issues, and this has you scared.

Maybe you’re here because you just had a kid and the reality that you being unhealthy could make THEIR lives more difficult just hit you like a ton of bricks.

Maybe you’re here because you just want to look in the mirror and feel better about yourself.

Whatever reason you have for being here, welcome! 

Starting RIGHT NOW, you’re going to learn how tiny little changes, done deliberately, will help you live a better, happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. Sure, we’ll cover how to work out without a gym, and how to cook a basic meal, and things like that. But we’re going to dive deep into fixing your mindset, helping you build habits, and change your life one decision at a time.

The best part? By the time you’re firing on all cylinders, you’ll actually have fun with this stuff.

Depending on where you’re at now with your life, that might sound crazy; however, give me your attention now and promise me you’ll take a few key actions and we’ll get you there. Nerd’s honor.

A big part of your success will be finding things you enjoy – if you don’t like running or going to a gym, you’ll never have to do either of those things and you’ll STILL find happiness, purpose, and a sense of accomplishment with your training.

As we’ve learned from Optimus Prime, small changes can eventually add up to huge results. You’re going to learn how to make small changes, how to do basic workouts, and cook a few good meals that help you fundamentally change your appearance and mindset.

You’ll hear stories from people like you, normal men and women, young and old, often with families and children, and full-time desk jobs.  These are people that found a way to get in incredible shape while still doing all of the things they love.  These people followed the lessons learned from Nerd Fitness to level up their lives with pretty drastic results.

Most importantly, they got to fully embrace what made them who they are! 

We lovingly refer to ourselves as a bunch of weirdos and misfits, as we don’t fit the mold! If you have nerdy pursuits, quirky hobbies, or you just want to finally stop hiding who you are and start being yourself, this might be the home you’re looking for.


I want you to know that you’re not alone.

Not only that, but the world needs you, and we need you now! Everybody tries to get in shape and fails many times before finally breaking through, so if this sounds like you, you’re in good company. If you are willing to educate yourself with the content here, share your struggles with your fellow Rebels, you can achieve results that lasts for the rest of your life.

Here are some success stories from Rebels who have followed the Nerd Fitness Philosophy (with even more here):

Do any of those sound like things you’re interested in? If so, join the Rebellion today and we’ll get you kickstarted with a Rebel Starter Kit so you can start living healthier immediately.

So, why Nerd Fitness?


Hey, I’m Steve Kamb. Me and Team NerdFitness (that’s us pictured above!) run NerdFitness.com.

First and foremost, our goal with Nerd Fitness is to remove EVERY barrier – mental, physical, and emotional – that keep people like you from changing your life for the better.

After struggling to get myself healthy for many years and FINALLY finding some success, I knew I wanted to start helping others like me.

I was so sick of infomercials selling useless fitness products, marketers selling dangerous supplements, and people getting discouraged when they didn’t get results from these things. These products are designed to make money for big conglomerates or internet marketers, not to actually help people live better. And based on how elaborate the schemes are to get people to buy their stuff, these companies are making a lot of money.

So I set out to change that. In 2008, I purchased the domain NerdFitness.com because I didn’t see anybody helping out people like me: people with desk jobs that love nerd culture, games, books, and movies, but also know they need to make healthier choices in their day to day lives.

There’s a reason there are no ads or sponsorships on Nerd Fitness: I wanted the information to be unsullied and backed by scientific research, studies, and because we’ve tried it ourselves found things that ACTUALLY work.

Now, ever the years, as I created more and content for Nerd Fitness, a community developed – I saw first hand the changes it was making in people’s lives and set my sights much higher. What started as a 1-man side project evolved into an online community of misfits, and now it has become a movement.

Here’s a picture from one of our recent in-person events, Camp Nerd Fitness, 450 nerds strong!:


These days, we have a full-time team of 10 (!) people at Team NF dedicated to helping you live better. I want this community to fundamentally change the fitness industry, change the food industry, and change the world. The Rebellion is already changing lives worldwide and that’s only going to grow.

Believe it or not, we’re looking for somebody just like you to join our party.

Yes, you.

My only request is this, BRING ALL OF YOU: the quirks, the challenges, the baggage, the struggles. That’s what we’re here for. To help you work through those things and become a leveled-up version of yourself. The world needs more heroes, and we want you to be a part of it.

The Nerd Fitness Training Philosophy

Screen shot 2010-04-09 at 1.34.10 AM

Still reading? Want to know more about our training philosophy?


We exercise because it’s fun. If the idea of running on a treadmill for three hours sounds miserable, then don’t do it!  If you don’t want to lift weights, don’t do it!  There are so many different ways to burn calories that any and all methods are acceptable, provided they get you results and put a smile on your face.  Yoga, karate, weight lifting, ultimate Frisbee, cycling, LARPing, whatever it is – we’ll help you find what it is that gets your heart racing, and help you get better at it.

Now, if you’re up for anything and want to burn the most calories in the most efficient manner possible, I’d recommend looking into starting with the Nerd Fitness Beginner Body Weight Circuit. If you’re looking for more of a step-by-step guide, I’ve created a product specifically for busy people who want to get in shape with or without a gym membership: The Nerd Fitness Academy, but try the free workout first!

For the reasoning behind my strong belief in weight training, check out our Strength Training 101 article and our research on strength training vs. cardio (with an update here). 


We understand that 80% of our success in losing weight will be a direct results of what we eat.  I’m a huge fan of a Paleo or Paleo-ish diet (fancy terminology for eating REAL food) because I’ve seen it work not only for myself but for so many of our rebellion members and success stories. I also understand that sometimes our lives, jobs, and families often make it difficult to eat healthy 100% of the time, so we do the best we can with what we have in each situation.

To explain just how important your diet is to getting in shape, I recommend reading “How to Lose Weight Without Doing a Single Minute of Exercise.”  I’m not advocating doing zero exercise, but I just wanted to highlight how important eating well really is.  It comes down to a few basic steps:

  • Eat real food as often as possible.
  • Cut back on fake foods and processed foods.
  • Eat in moderation.


Now, possibly more important than both fitness and diet when it comes to getting in shape is your mental attitude. Gandalf said it best: “all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”   Everybody can make excuses why they’re overweight and out of shape.  It’s the successful ones who shut their mouths, play the hand they’re dealt, and take care of business!

We all have lives, jobs, families, pets, friends, and more that can keep us from getting in shape.  Rather than use those things as excuses or shirk your other duties to get in shape, instead why not find a way to incorporate your changes into your daily life?

Your exercise and diet can become part of what you are, but not at the expense of who you are.

Join the Rebellion!


The time for talk and half measures is over, we need you to get in the fight!

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