Nerd Fitness Just Got Nerdier…

What did you accomplish in the past 6 weeks?

Every six weeks here at Nerd Fitness, we house a completely free 6-week challenge over on the Nerd Fitness Message Boards…and we’ve seen hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people make drastic life changes in just six-weeks.  Our goal with these 6-week challenges is to push you outside of your comfort zone, help you build new habits, and support you to make positive changes that influence every aspect of your life.

Today is your lucky day, for a new challenge begins…NOW!

Make sure you get signed up before Wednesday at 11:59pm est to be eligible to win!

To join: pick three diet and fitness goals and one life goal, and write about your struggles and victories along the way.  Make new friends, accomplish some goals, and who knows…you might even win a place in the NF Hall of Heroes!


This time we’re making things a bit Nerdier by introducing RPG-style character classes that match our NEW Class Guilds on the forums and some basic attribute points to make the scoring at the end fair.

[“But Steve and Staci, I’m not a gamer and I have no clue what RPG stands for!”   That’s okay – we still want you and you can still win! ]

A breakdown of how it all works can be found here.

We’d love to have you – the Nerd Fitness community is freaking awesome – 5700+ rebels all over the world who want nothing more than to help you succeed.  If you’re ever in need of motivation or support, look no further than this community.  On top of that, joining this challenge might net you some new friends and kick-ass Nerd Fitness shirt and stickers.  Who doesn’t love stickers!?

(speaking of shirts, we blew through our last order and have placed an order for more – sizes will be back in stock in a week or two! sorry for the delay)

Last 6 Week Challenge Winners

I’ve spent the last five hours reading over almost 300 reports from Rebels on the last challenge; I’m feeling two things: one, inspired, and two, frustrated.  Inspired because everyone achieved so many awesome things and frustrated because I can’t pick everyone as a winner!

Winner: bgvanbur

See that picture above?  That’s of bgvanbur’s belt.  Yup, that’s right: in the last SIX WEEK challenge, bgvanbur lost 26lbs. Not only did he do that, but he ran a 5k in 32:33 (down from 41:09), a mile in under 9 minutes (8:39, down from 10:17), and rocked all of his life goals (among other things).  Simply amazing. You can read more about it here.  Bgvanbur, I will be in touch on where to send your t-shirt!

Runner up: msuroo

Msuroo rocked his last challenge, bringing his squat up 60lbs and his deadlift up 50lbs, reduced his mile run time 40 seconds (from 7:30 to 6:49) along with various other goals.  You can read more about his progress (full of pictures!) here.

A few other awesome things that happened in the last challenge?

(Have I convinced you to join the next challenge yet?)

New moderators and a chat room!

(BarefootDawsy, Bigm141414, JBarduhn, Matilda117, and Knightwatch)

I’m super ridiculously excited to announce that we’ve added a whole bunch of new moderators to the Nerd Fitness Message Boards!

As the community continues to grow, we’ve identified people that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help, inspire, and engage other rebels.  For starters, BarefootDawsy, Bigm141414, Knightwatch, and Matilda117 have been added to the team to help out 67Alecto and Capn_Tommy_Sunshine keep an eye on the boards!

We have also created something new – Guild Leaders!

If you’ve been to the Nerd Fitness Community Forums lately, you’ll have noticed that we have created guilds for each type of training based on RPG Style Classes.

With those Guilds, we have introduced Guild Leaders.  These Rebels are not only incredibly good looking, but also incredibly knowledgeable in their specific field.  They will act as moderators for their respective guilds, and help keep things organized, make sure the information posted isn’t completely wrong, and help run guild challenges (like the Spring Strength Showdown and the Race Across the Sahara).

Ryan Sannar has even made Guild Logos that I am absolutely in love with.

Warriors (our Strength Training Guild):
Bigm141414, CoreyD, Pat G

Rangers (Multi-Class, CrossFit Guild)
KnightWatch, Nightlight, Crooked

Scout (Running, Biking, Swimming)
BarefootDawsy, Josh_C, So Late So Soon

Monk (Martial arts)

Assassin (Parkour, Gymnastics)
Ryan Sannar, NukeTheUnicorns

Adventurer (Undecided, all around fitness)
Chammy, Matilda117, JBarduhn

*We are still looking for a Druid (Yoga) guild leader, so for now, I’ll be leading them…which is slightly hilarious considering the fact that I got myself stuck in a Yoga pose at the gym today and actually had to call for help to get me out of it. (Seriously).

And just in case you’re bored at work or feel the need to connect with your fellow rebels all over the world in REAL time, we’ve installed state of the art, futuristic technology called “chat rooms” to make that happen.   All the info you need is right here.

Join us!

Come on in, the water’s warm!

Most people don’t realize how important a really good support team can be to leveling up your life.  They will pick you up when you’re down, encourage you when you need encouragement, give you tough love when it’s what you need to hear, and push you to be a better person.  Most of us who are trying to get in shape tend to be the only person in our real-life group of friends who’s interested in making drastic life changes…if you dont’ have a support group in person, join ours online.

Good luck, adventurer!



photo source: D&D dice, d&d legos

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  • Awesome thank you for announcing the challenge! Congrats to everyone who kicked some major butt last round.

    Also, I would be interested in being your yoga guild moderator… I am a yoga teacher and daily practitioner, as well as an all around fitness instructor. I love this community and would like to be more consistently involved!

  • Whooo Hooo I feel so special! To be mentioned in a nerdfitness blog post makes me feel like a super hero and not to mention so happy I joined this site and found wonderful friends and the support I needed to get leveling up! Quitting smoking is an amazing thing and I feel like a lot more wonderful things are coming my way! Thanks Staci and thanks Steve, but also thanks to all the other WONDERFUL nerds who make nerdfitness super awesome! Alex-aka oystergirl!

  • Bad Wolf

    Alright, I attempted the last 6 Week Challenge and just didn’t make it work…le sad. However, I’m ever one to continue to fail until I get it right. I mean, I lost 6 pounds suddenly over 2 weeks, so I can’t go wrong, right?

  • The Tin Man

    I see how it works; Staci writes the big post and Steve pops in at the end to make a pitch. 😛

  • empeg9000

    Wow I got a mention! That’s awesome!

  • Casileigh

    LOVE this, such an awesome idea for the challenges.  I’m staring down the barrel of my first week of CrossFit very soon so I suppose, Ranger it is!

    I love the way you categorized with the classes!! Suggestion: you don’t have a priest (healer) class.  Nutritionists would be an awesome additional category to cover. 

    Cannot wait to see how many more sign up. <3 

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  • Man  it’s awesome to your site going ahead so consistently!  A challenge is always a good way to rally up some positive energy and get support form other people in the same boat.  Nothing ‘nerdy’ about that 🙂

  • Physicalwellness

     Its really a great as well as valuable information. We would like to read more regarding this in future posts.

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  • It is always become special when it becomes challenge. This 6 week challenge is really an awesome idea. I am very much health concious and i really love to be more involved here. 
    Thanks for this wonderful post.

  • Tom

    Bgvanbur, congratulations on getting a new belt! 😉

  • I appreciate your encouragement and advice. I feel honored to be corresponding with you. Please advise me which is the best way to correspond with you in the future, should your schedule permit.

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