Steve Kamb


Hey, I’m Steve Kamb.

I’m the founder and chief editor of, and the author of the best-selling book, Level Up your Life.

Since 2009, I’ve published 800+ science-backed, research driven articles about health, fitness, nutrition, muscle-building, and weight loss on Nerd Fitness.

I’m proud to have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, TIME, the Washington Post, CNET, and dozens of other publications.

I’ve been a speaker at Google, Google Dublin, Facebook, and I regularly guest lecture at Vanderbilt University, my alma mater.

I’ve also lived like James Bond in Monaco, dove with sharks on the Great Barrier reef, and explored the ruins of Angkor Wat and Machu Picchu.

As for Nerd Fitness, what started as a simple hobby has since become a worldwide movement, Team Nerd Fitness now has a dedicated team of 50 professionals and superheroes to serve this community!

It’s our mission to provide the most well-researched information, in the most entertaining form, including the funniest memes and gifs, to help people level up their lives.

I’m also on a not-so-secret mission to actually become Captain America.

About Team Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness is a team of 40+ certified coaches, strength training professionals, and researchers that provide entertaining, science-based information about the complex world of health and fitness.

Each article or guide on contains dozens of referenced studies from JAMA to Pubmed to make sure any and all information or advice given on the site is backed by science and the latest studies or evidence. 

Steve and Team Nerd Fitness work hard to ensure the integrity and scientific legitimacy of each article or resource on the site, and are constantly updating articles or guides to reflect the latest research, studies, and more.

Most importantly, Steve and Team Nerd Fitness work hard to provide this information without bias or advertising. Everything on Nerd Fitness involves our efforts to be the most scientifically accurate information, representing the latest research, and designed to provide the most no-nonsense information. 

We are an independent, self-funded website. We make zero dollars off of pageviews, we have no advertising, and we do not accept gifts or free products, so that we can share only the best information without any bias.

Nerd Fitness is read by millions of people every year, and continues to grow with each passing day. 

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