The New NF Store Is Launched! Performance Shirts now in Stock!

Why am I jump kicking for joy?

Because after what seems like an eternity (totally my fault), the new Nerd Fitness Store has been completely overhauled, restocked, and relaunched!  

We’ve been in negotiations for months with my friend Lauren over at Campus Customs to become Nerd Fitness’s exclusive apparel company, and we’ve finally come to an agreement that creates some awesome opportunities for Nerd Fitness and the Rebels (which sounds like a band name).

Nerd Fitness digital guides and classes will still be available in the same location, but all merchandise will now be available through this link.

NF Team member Staci has been living in Nerd Fitness merchandise box forts for the past year, and I know she’s excited to hand off merch operations to a company that does this does for a living.

Let me tell you why this kicks ass.

The New Nerd Fitness Store

Nerd Fitness Store

Why is this such great news about the new store?

  • Zip-up hoodies are back in stock!  We’ve gotten dozens of emails over the past few months from readers looking for zip-up hoodies (my biased opinion? they’re the coolest, most comfortable hoodies ever).
  • Performance shirts are now available!  Yes, we’ve been talking about these since…April?  Now they’re available, and you can even customize what gets printed on the back of them if you’d like.
  • This frees up ten hours of Staci’s time every week that she can now devote to other Nerd Fitness matters, like helping me get our first iPhone app launched (will be submitting it to iTunes in the next week or two), and more time dedicated to
  • We’ll be able to offer WAY more options of unique, quality Nerd Fitness merchandise.  For example, over the next few months, we’ll be adding new t-shirts with kickass designs and other types of Rebel apparel.
  • We can start adding other items outside of just apparel: Jump ropes, yoga mats, towels, etc – products that pass the Nerd Fitness test for quality.  Feel free to let us know what other Nerd Fitness items you’d like to see and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

I can’t wait to see what the Nerd Fitness team is capable of when we can focus more fully on the Nerd Fitness community (pssst: that’s you).  We’re excited to continue to grow the Nerd Fitness brand and offer more unique, high quality items that represent the ideals of Nerd Fitness and the Rebellion.

Rebels Around the World

In honor of today, I wanted to share some of the most recent photos we’ve received of rebels rocking their NF great all over the globe:

If you happen to have a kickass photo of you rocking your NF gear, send us a photo at so we can share your adventure with the rest of the community 

Danielle Nerd Fitness Gear
Brittany Nerd Fitness Gear
Matt (bigm141414)
Matt in his Nerd Fitness Hoodie Thorsten Nerd Fitness Gear
Joey Nerd Fitness Gear Howard Nerd Fitness Gear

For the Rebellion!

Nerd Fitness has passed some incredible milestones within the past two weeks:

  • 30,000 email and RSS subscribers (which is now closer to 33,000!).
  • 10,000 members on the Nerd Fitness message boards.
  • 300,000 posts on the boards.
  • 450,000 unique visits in the past 30 days.

The Rebellion is growing at an incredible rate, and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it.  I promise you that I will do everything I can to stay true to what got us here: a community that is incredibly helpful, inclusive, supportive, and a little weird.  A community that goes out of its way to help people who are new to getting in shape thing.

Thanks for making the Nerd Fitness community so amazing. 

I hope you continue to be an example to those around you, and I hope you continue to help out your friends and family who ask for help on how to get started.

Thank you for being a part of Nerd Fitness, I’m honored to rebel alongside you.




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  • bigm141414

    Shut up and take my Money!

  • WTB one “level up your life” shirt! 🙂

  • stardust462

    Awesome, and today is payday too! I would love to see headbands like PaleOMG has. They’re fantastic.

  • The Tin Man

    It’s about %^&* time!

    I mean, yay! You did tease the performance shirts in February, after all.

  • The Tin Man

    I meant to add a =P at the end.

  • nightlight

    are the performance shirts mens sizes?

  • I love your pic!!! next time you’re in Chi there must be a meet-up!

  • unikarm

    For some reason i thought of hand weights with the nerd fitness logo on them 😀 and a hat

  • Malozing

    I think I may make a performance shirt an award for my next benchmark.

  • Hammi

    Yeah! Take his money and send the hoodie to me! haha

  • BauerPower

    Really excited to see what the new store brings.
    Some style of hats, NF gym bags or backpacks would be pretty cool too.

  • Sven

    Would love to see class shirts (performance shirts even) added there!

    Can’t wait to order.. but I must meet my challenge goals first ^.^

  • steve ward

    Sven that a nice idea and yea, i’m the same way have not reached my goal so i can get the shirt yet

  • Lauren

    When were you last in Chicago? I swear I saw someone that looked like you in Union Station on Thursday…

  • Katie

    Finally! Something to level up in besides my ratty teeshirts.

  • vintageenvy

    I would love to see an NF headband. I have 1000 shirts, but I always need more headbands/bandanas to keep my hair out of my face and soak up some sweat while I’m working out.

  • LaurenO_o

    Looks great! I’d also like to see headbands.

  • anon

    Are the hoodies going to be restocked in asphalt or just slate?

  • some sporting equipment

    Truly impressed! Each and every factor is very, truly clear and open.

  • Aaron Demoret

    I can’t find the store the links here don’t work.

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