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Water Intake Increased to 8 glasses a day 1 XP
Soda free 2019 100 XP
Soda by March 1 XP


Write a Novel 100 XP


Run a Mile Without Walking 20 XP

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My Story

Lord Kronos was born a Lord. Having a deep passion for the arts and reading, Kronos dedicated himself to these things. As he left the homestead of his parents, he began to lose sight of himself.

Kronos didn't see himself in a positive light. He worked hard on his musicianship, never giving up, but still struggling to wake up every day. He searched for comfort in whatever he could, escaping into the adventures of others. It was then that his nemesis, the Darkness, came.

Kronos was young and didn't understand his enemy. The Darkness wasn't an external threat, rather it lived inside of him, causing consistent pain. Kronos lost interest in what he did - even his love of music and stories. He lost sight of his noble bearing and his sense of true self.

Kronos quit taking care of himself. Feeling that it didn't matter anymore. Kronos often felt sick. When he looked in the mirror - he didn't like what he saw. He sought constant solitude, preferring to be a recluse rather than confiding in others.

One morning, however, Kronos saw his enemy for the first time. He recognized the pain of the Darkness inside, and feeling tired of the pain, he decided to fight back. Slowly, he faced the Darkness, and he failed. Slowly he fought back. Slowly, Kronos gained ground, forcing his nemesis out of his body to take physical form.

Tired from the conflict, Kronos succumbed to the Darkness's next attack. Kronos fell to the ground, bloody, bruised and beaten. He thought the end was coming, but he wasn't going to give up as long as he was breathing. As he tried to stand, Kronos' hand brushed against something from his past - something that had always been with him that he had forgotten about - his horn!

Kronos brought the horn to his lips and blew. Allies rallied to him. Some took up a defensive position, preventing the Darkness from reaching it's quarry, while others pulled the bloody ranger off of the ground and brought him for medical aid.

The war against the Darkness isn't over. Kronos has healed, but still his enemy presses on. Now, with bow, blade, and companions at his side, Kronos fights, never giving in to the Darkness' power.

Kronos retook the title of Lord and has embraced the power that he knows exists within him. He has a lot to learn, but is willing to accept the challenge.
Although the above is fictional it has a lot of truth in it. I am a musician and a reader (although not of noble birth), and take solace in both of those. The Darkness that I have faced has been depression, and the allies, my friends that have helped me though that struggle. At first I did seek solitude. I am an introvert (that's not a bad thing), but fighting alone didn't help. It made things worse for me.

I never tried to harm myself or others, so don't worry. The analogy of fighting depression and battle is quite an astute one. It leaves you drained and vulnerable. I had friends who pulled me aside, some even making me see a therapist.

It has been a difficult struggle - but I have succeeded in beating depression back. I don't know if the war will ever be over (I hope so), but I'm not going to let it control my life anymore.

Where does fitness fit in with this? Well, when I was depressed, I didn't take care of myself. As a result, I've got access weight and feel sick often. I want to regain what I have lost and want to embrace myself. I want to be happy - with my body, with my mind, and with my life.

As with Kronos, I'm beginning to embrace myself and I've seen a lot of growth in a short amount of time. I'm looking forward to this continuing.