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Nerd Fitness is a remote company with 45 employees and contractors spread throughout the world, and our headquarters is in Nashville, TN. We are self-funded, independently owned, and ad-free.

We do NOT accept guest posts, we do NOT do product reviews, we do NOT endorse or sell supplements, we do NOT do affiliate programs. Please read the Nerd Fitness Disclaimer.

If you are a fitness or diet company…

We don’t promote supplements.

Don’t email us about your “amazing supplement!” We won’t review it, we won’t use it, we won’t promote it.

We don’t do product or service reviews.

If you have an awesome product and it’s helping lots of people get healthy, I’ll hear about it from people who love it and then I’ll contact you. Don’t ask me to review it.

We don’t run any advertising on Nerd Fitness.

That includes paid links. We don’t do link swaps or anything similar.

We don’t run guest posts or paid posts.