Customize your character (what class do you choose?)


It’s your pal Steve again.  Today I have something very important to discuss with you.

Yesterday we had you go for a walk and make one tiny diet change.  I want you to continue this mindset of small changes as we move forward – think about other “tweaks” you can make. Then test them out.

With that mindset in tact,  I want to share with you my favorite part of Nerd Fitness.

The way we see it, we’re all actually playing a giant game called Life. It’s up to us to gain levels and experience points and reach our true potential. That’s why our tagline here is “Level Up Your Life.”

Way back when we met, I explained that our true mission here was to help each other “level up” and become the best version of ourselves.

By treating life like a game, you’ll not only be more motivated, but this whole journey will be far more fun.

YOUR FIRST QUEST:Choose your Primary Class.

What kind of character/class you want to be in the Game of Life?  When I ask you, “WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION!?” how will you answer?

Even if you are a couch potato right and have never worked out a day in your life, I want to hear what kind of character you WANT to be. Then we’ll work on getting you there.

Which of these seven classes do you want to be?

warriorWARRIOR:  You live for strength training.  You love the idea of getting stronger and more powerful.  You’re interested in barbell training and strength training mostly.  Your main attributes are strength and power.

scoutSCOUT:  Built for distance and efficiency rather than strength and power, you can outlast any animal on the planet.  Your muscles are built to last for hours, and you can cover great distances whenever necessary.  Your main attributes is stamina and endurance

rangerRANGER: A jack-of-all-trades but master of none, Rangers are well-equipped for any situation.  Your weight training revolves around varying the reps, sets, and downtime to continually force your muscles to adapt to new situations.  You’re good at strength training and pretty good at covering distances when required, but neither is a specialty.  Your main attributes are strength and stamina.

assassinASSASSIN: Every building can be climbed, every gap can be jumped, every obstacle can be conquered.  Assassins spend most of their time training with functional body weight exercises as that’s usually the only thing they need to lift.  Gymnasts and parkour enthusiasts would fit into this category.  Your main attributes and power and stamina.

monkMONK:  Monks can kick your ass with their fists and feet, and they will do it before you even knew what happened.  Incredibly agile, lightning fast, and loaded with power, Monks specialize in martial arts to stay in shape and destroy the opposition.  Your main attributes are power and dexterity.
DRUID: Druids spend a majority of their time training in the arts of yoga, tai chi, and other movement-based disciplines.  Each movement has a purpose, and that purpose is to further improve the dexterity, agility, and strength of the druid.  Your main attributes are dexterity and agility.

adventurerAdventurer: Adventurers haven’t quite picked a path yet – or if they have, they’re still working on gathering the skills to start their work in their profession of choice.  These brave souls are not afraid of anything though, and are often found working diligently with their allies to help ensure every adventure leads down the correct path.

If you want even more information about each class, you can see the original article I wrote on each Profession.

This class system is how we help each other; in fact, our message board community, now over 25,000 strong, is organized into these classes.

This way, you can get help and support from those who are trying to level up in the same way you are.

By choosing a class, you’re no longer exercising to “lose weight” or “get rid of this gut,” but rather to push you further down the path towards a higher level character!

  • You’re not just doing push ups because I said so, but because they will increase your STR (strength) skill.
  • You don’t just “go for a run,” you are training to increase your STA (stamina) by 3 points.
  • You don’t just “do yoga,” each yoga class brings you closer to a maxed out DEX (dexterity) skill.

Is this nerdy? Damn straight.

And in addition to having a bit more fun with the names, there is a DEEP psychological benefit to viewing your adventure through this “lens.” It’s time to stop thinking of exercise as something you HAVE to do, but instead of something you are CHOOSING to do in order to level up.  You WANT to level up.

YOUR SECOND QUEST: Continue your ten minute walk and your one diet change. Let’s focus on these basics – with a solid foundation we can build whatever want..

You have your quests. Complete them, and tomorrow your training begins.  Plan your day accordingly, as we’re going to give you a quest that will take around 20-30 minutes.

Good luck.



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