Epic Quest Help & FAQ


General Questions

Why do I have two levels? What are they?

  • Your Epic Quest (EQ) level, displayed in the badge icon on the right side on your character page with the letters EQ. This is created and maintained by you, creating your own quests and assigning XP values.
  • Your Nerd Fitness (NF) level, displayed to the left of the experience bar on your character page. This is determined by how much XP you have earned from quests found on your Quests page.

Can I request a feature or quest?

We’re working hard at constantly making updates to your Nerd Fitness Character and Epic Quest. We’ve already got a ton of new features in the works (like being able to re-organize your quest lists, a user dashboard, and badges), and we will be releasing them as soon as they are ready.

Want to submit a feature request or a quest request? Please Fill out the form here.

Creating Your Character

How do I update my info? What do I put?

On your My Character page, you’ll see a pencil icon in the upper righthand corner, by your character name. Click on that to get the “Edit My Character” pop up.https___www_nerdfitness_com_level-up_my-character_ 3Once there, you can edit the following items:

Name: Feel free to put in your real name or your character’s name. It’s up to you! You can update this at any time and it does not affect anything else (such as your name on the forums).

Slogan: A quick phrase that you go by – your motto or battle cry.

Goals: A quick overview of you or your main quest. Think about your level 50 – what does that look like?

My Story: Tell us a bit about yourself! Who are you, where did you come from, and how did you get here? Or, if you’d rather only look in the future – tell us about what that looks like! This is your space to include whatever you’d like us to know! You can have fun with this, and make it your character’s story, or be honest and give a brief history of your own life.

Uploading a profile photo

Profile photos can be in .jpg, .gif, or .png format. They can be any size but look best if they are square (the display is a square), 115px by 115px.

There’s no way to delete a profile picture, but if you’d like to return it to a generic icon, you can download this and upload it to your profile.

Your Public Profile Page

What is my public profile page? How do I get the URL?

Your public profile page is a version of your profile with any of your personal account items removed. This way, you can share your profile and epic quest with your friends!To get your public URL, either click the pencil to edit your character – it’s at the top of your edit my character pop up – or slide the public profile on/off switch. When you turn your profile on, you’ll get a pop up that gives you your URL.
https___www_nerdfitness_com_level-up_my-character_ 5

I don’t want a public profile page. Can I turn it off?

Yup! Just slide the ON / OFF toggle to off. It will be red. When someone goes to your profile URL, they will receive a message that your profile is private.
https___www_nerdfitness_com_level-up_my-character_ 6

Picking Your Class

What are these classes? How do I pick one?

We have eight classes, based upon your general goals. Everyone starts off as a Rebel, and can stay a rebel as long as you want.
You can change your class at any time, and there’s no official way to join a class other than just selecting it on your “Edit My Character” page.

What are the eight classes?

A full description of all of the classes can be found here.

What if I don’t want to pick a class, or I’m not sure?

Then you are a rebel! Picking a class is not required.

My Quests

How Do Quests Work?

If you go to your Quests page, you’ll see over a thousand quests separated by class and category.
You can expand a quest to see it’s full description, and mark it as complete or not complete.Here’s a great first quest that you have been completing as a part of this FAQ page:

Customize Your Character Profile

25 xp

To complete this quest, fill out your profile found here.



Click on it to expand it, and then click the big green button that says MARK COMPLETED.
Ta da! You’ve officially earned 25 XP and are on your way to leveling up!

Now, if you ever want to uncomplete a quest, just click “MARK NOT COMPLETE”. If you watch your XP bar when you do this, you’ll see your XP goes up and down based on if it is completed or not.

A few notes on the Quests on your Quests Page:

  • Within each category, they are listed in order of XP earned and then in alphabetical order.
  • You can complete quests found within any class, regardless of yours (So if you are a Ranger, you can complete Warrior quests)
  • Some quests are found within multiple categories
  • If you accidentally check off a quest, or want to uncheck a quest for any reason, you can just click on “MARK NOT COMPLETE” and it will uncheck it and remove the XP from your total level.

My Epic Quest

How to determine your quests

We suggest you look at your level 50 – where do you want to be in a year, two years, ten years? Then break all of the things you’d like to do down into categories, and then items within each category.
Smaller items will be their own quests. Bigger items might be split up into multiple quests. What constitutes a large item or a small item, and how you want to order your quests is completely independent of each individual.
For example, say one item was to visit Berlin.
If you live in Europe and travel constantly, this may be a small item for you, and it’s a quest in a TRAVEL quest list. However, if you live on another continent, and it’s your first trip out of your country, you might break it down into multiple quests, like this:
Quest List: Travel
Quest – Visit Berlin
Quest List: Visit Berlin
  • Put $50 a week in Berlin savings account
  • Sign up for a credit card with bonus flight points
  • Get my passport
  • Practice German 15 minutes per day on duolingo
  • Purchase leiderhosen

For fitness quests, we recommend you not only create quests for your long term goals, but for milestones as well. For example, if you would like to squat 315lbs one day, and your squat is currently at 135lbs, you might create quests at 185lbs, 225lbs, 275lbs, and 315lbs. This will help you build momentum as you work towards completing your bigger quest!

How many XP should I assign to each quest?

Normal quests should be between 1 and 25xp. A super large quest, that had to be broken down into smaller pieces could be 100xp, as you level up every 100xp. For example, you could put a lifetime lifting goal as 100xp, but each milestone PR worth 15 to 20xp.
For a non-fitness example, you might put getting married as a 100xp quest, and talking to someone you’re interested in and asking them out as a 10xp quest.

Checking off Quests and leveling up!

You level up every 100xp you earn. You earn XP by checking off quests.
If you accidentally check off a quest, you can uncheck it and you will ‘unearn’ that XP.
You can check off quests on both the Epic Quest page and your My Character page.

Now that I know what my quests are, how do I create them?

On your quest page, click NEW QUEST LIST. This will create a category for you.
Once that is created, click add a new quest to create your first quest! You can enter in the quest name and an XP value – the XP value must be between 1 and 100.
Once you have a quest created, you can hover over it and click on it at any time to edit or delete it.

Updating your quests

Under each quest there is a gray down arrow with the text “Progress Reports”. Click on this and you’ll be given the ability to add a progress report. The date is automatically added when you hit save, so you just need to input your update.
You can update as much as little as you find helpful.
Progress updates are not visible on your public profile page.

Can I reorder a quest or a quest list?

Unfortunately, not at this time. We’re working on adding this feature though! The quest list that will show at the top of your public profile is the one you last updated.

Can I see some example Epic Quests Lists?

Of course! Here are the Nerd Fitness Team member’s epic quests:

STEVE (assassin)
ALEK (scout)
BAKER (monk)
DARRYL (warrior)
LAUREN (rebel)
NOEL (adventurer)
STACI (warrior)
TAYLOR (druid)

Forum Integration and 4 Week Challenges

Nerd Fitness Rebellion Forums

At this time, the Nerd Fitness Rebellion forums is a separate login from your Nerd Fitness Character, and they work completely independently of eachother. We are working on a solution for integrating these in the future.

How do I integrate my NF Character and Epic Quest with my 4 Week Challenge

You can link to your public profile page in your profile or signature on the forums, as well as make your challenge goals one of your Quest Lists in Epic Quest. I suggest making each of your four goals 25xp, or a variation that adds up to 100xp, so that after your challenge, if you’ve completed all of your goals, you level up!

More Help!

Having troubles with something not covered here?

Contact our support wizards at contact@nerdfitness.com