Here are links to all the videos I currently have up on the Nerd Fitness YouTube page.  These videos can all be embedded on your own site, so feel free to use them if you’d like!

I realize this list might appear a little daunting, but think of it like an encyclopedia of exercises for you to use when you’re creating a new routine or looking for a way to mix up your current routine:

  • Regular squats are too easy? take a look at Overhead Squats or Prisoner Squats to up the difficulty.
  • Push Ups too hard? Try incline push ups or exercise band chest presses.
  • You can already hold a plank for 60 seconds? Try it with one foot now, or up on an exercise ball.

Now, these are also all of the exercises that are used in the upcoming Nerd Fitness Rebel Fitness Guide, where I give you 4 months of exercise routines with specific numbers of reps and sets using these exercises.

Body Weight Full Exercise Routines

Squat Exercises

Lunge Exercises

Other Leg Exercises

Chest Exercises

Back Exercises

Shoulder Exercises

Biceps Exercises

Triceps Exercises

Core Exercises

Full Body Exercises

Stretching Exercises

35 thoughts on “Videos

  1. I didn’t think Advanced Bodyweight Routine would kick my ass so much, but I reluctantly admit that it did. I did about 80% of the workout and decided maybe I could do more next time. One thing did strike me as I thought of that; next time I will start in reverse order, in the event I still don’t make it through three full circuits…you get the picture…

  2. There’s a lot of equipment needed for these work-outs (weights, etc.). Although Pilates isn’t much of a work-out, I can do it anywhere. I wonder if any of you have tried Tai-Chi? If so, what do you think of it? 

  3. Hey Steve, I would really like to thank you for these workouts. I’ve been planning to get into shape for a while and have finally started. Over the last two weeks I’ve been doing the beginner weight circuit five times and it really kicked my ass in the beginning. But the last two times, I’ve been able to do the exercises really well and without breaks, and I’ve even felt quite good after. I’m hoping that in a month or two I can move into the advanced circuit.

    Thanks a lot, this was just the kind of thing I needed to get started.

  4. Steve again I hate to say this some of your videos are not what you say they are. Such as SISSY SQUATS. That is NOT a sissy squat. And your prisoner squat as well. 

  5. Everybody calls exercises different things – this just happened to be what the guy who did my personal trainer certification called these exercises.


  6. I’m having trouble finding a definitive answer on correct form for the squat. Maybe it actually depends on your physical idiosyncracies. Anyhow, should your knees always point in the direction of your feet or should they settle a little wider than your feet at the bottom of the squat. How is that big old hinge supposed to work in an ideal world?

  7. Anything specific for hands/grip? I’ve been poking around the site for a few hours now, and I see you’re interested in Ninja Warrior, and to some extent parkour. Seems hand strength would do well for both. I contact juggle, so hand strength/dexterity is huge for me, but I’m looking into more muscle/endurance as I’ve got my didgets pretty nimble.

  8. I’ve tried tai chi for a couple months with my parents and their friends, I was the only young person there. It’s pretty awesome, usually for people with sicknesses and such but can help with specific movements including tricky foot work and hand movements, plus breathing correctly

  9. That’s great. I needed this. Though I think you should have posted a little explanation as to what makes each of them unique.

    Moreover, I can’t watch the “sissy squat” video, YT says it’s private.

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