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House Coaching

There are a lot of benefits WHEN YOU Join Team Nerd Fitness:

1) Work with talented people. We aren’t perfect, but people on Team Nerd Fitness have super powers that are well honed in different areas. If you like working with passionate, talented people, that’s us.

2) Work remotely, set your own schedule. We have 40+ team members that live in 20+ different states (and a few countries)! Because of this, we don’t have required “working hours” or only offer a limited number of accrued vacation days.

Instead, everyone gets their work done on their own schedule. We encourage people to close their laptops, take vacations, and prioritize time to travel, relax, and be with their families.

We work hard to be accountable to each other, but we don’t care where you work from or what hours you work! We help each other out too. Have family in another state or another country, and you want to go spend extended time there? Great!

3) We care about our team, our customers, and our community. We’re doing our best to change the world for the better! We’re helping hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. If that’s appealing to you – and you care – you’ll fit right in.

4) Most positions start as a 1099 contractor on a per project basis. This setup is the most simple and clean to start. We’re a team and business that’s growing FAST and we’re up for constantly evaluating where talented people can fill roles and provide value to our community.

We are hiring for these positions!

Nerd Fitness is looking for experienced, self-motivated online Coaches to join our rapidly-growing and evolving Coaching Program. 

This is a remote job where coaches with a full roster can expect to earn $45-$50k/year. Compensation is paid per client, so we guarantee a minimum of $2,000/month as you ramp up. Coaches start in a contracted position with the opportunity to advance to W-2 employment (where applicable). 

Currently, we are only hiring for full-time roles, and are looking for coaches based in the US or Canada. You must have a personal training certification or commensurate health coach certification to be considered. Our next training round will begin in early September 2022.

To apply, email your resume and one-page cover letter as PDFs to  WE DO NOT ACCEPT APPLICATIONS IN OTHER FORMATS.

In your cover letter, please include:

  • Your location and time zone
  • A brief origin story about how you came to be a Coach and why our Rebels would want you to lead them
  • Your experience working directly with 1-on-1 clients, including online if applicable
  • How your skill set will contribute to helping our clients specifically in an online setting
  • A link to a 30-second video where you talk about why you are excited to join the NF team and what drew you to the position. Please make sure the video link is public so we can view it.
  • Your earliest start date

Before applying, please consider that any extended time off will be limited for your first 3-4 months on our team as you get up to speed with our best practices and serve clients.

The Details

While this is a remote job that provides a lot of flexibility, you will also be a member of our team of coaches who communicate daily to support each other and grow together. You will receive mentorship and detailed feedback throughout your time with Nerd Fitness. We train you in the procedures, practices, and client retention strategies that have allowed Nerd Fitness Coaching to grow at such an outstanding pace. More growth specifics will be shared if we elect to move forward after reviewing your first-round application.

Our team of 20+ coaches currently works with over 1000 clients from all walks of life. Our clients have often tried various methods of getting in shape with mixed success in the past, but never found anything that stuck long-term. They don’t know how to build a plan intended for lasting change that specifically fits their lifestyle and goals NOW. That’s where we come in.

We help them navigate all-or-nothing thinking and the stress in their daily lives to build healthy habits in a sustainable way in three key areas: fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle, using our proprietary app and the foundational principles of Nerd Fitness Coaching. You can read some success stories here, here, and here.

While it is not your responsibility to find new clients (we do that for you!), it will be your responsibility to lead and inspire the clients assigned to you in a way that feels personal and customized to their particular needs and goals. You’ll chat with clients most frequently through our app’s messenger, but you’ll also record video messages for them and make occasional calls. You will be expected to be proactive about protecting the clients on your roster from losing momentum and ultimately quitting. We do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach, and your Coaching style must be adaptable to meet clients where they are.

Still interested and wondering if you would be a good fit? Here are some of the top traits of coaches we’ve seen be wildly successful in our program.

top traits of successful coaches

Responds efficiently and effectively to client messages – at a full-time position, you’ll touch base with your 70 clients at least 2-3 times per week. Coaches who are most successful are able to identify where the client is at and move the conversation forward in a meaningful way without getting bogged down.

Works well alone but also enjoys collaborating with others – remote work can feel like an abrupt change if you’re used to the hustle and bustle of in-person training in a gym, as you are alone in front of a computer the majority of your day. Coaches do well if they are able to work well independently, but also reach out and connect with other coaches on our team online. The more you plug into our team at large, the better you’ll do.

Has experience coaching nutrition and lifestyle habits in addition to fitness –  Clients do not meet you for an hour, do a workout, and go home. Because of the nature of connection via the app, the role of an online Coach requires an understanding of behavioral psychology, and a willingness to be more involved in the day-to-day success of your clients. We don’t go outside our scope of practice, but the demands of online Coaching are different than what you may expect at a gym (though our hours don’t start at 5 am).

Knows how to set healthy boundaries and expectations – In an online setting, we’ve found that clients are willing to let us into their lives more than ever. This means that we also need to set boundaries around our scope of practice and our work/life balance. Doing so will not only allow you to serve clients better, but will help you develop a skill set that you can take with you into ANY coaching situation in the future and thrive.

Additional preferred knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • Multiple years of training clients online or in-person. Having the reps of helping lots of different types of clients will serve you well here, though we always prefer skill over experience.
  • Familiar with NF philosophy, content, and communication style. Knowing who we are and how we talk with our community is an important factor in relating to your clients.
  • Experience or training in behavioral psychology or motivational interviewing. This forms the backbone of our coaching strategy.
  • A consistent schedule with availability during weekdays. While you have flexibility with your schedule, we recommend that coaches stick to a M-F routine, and communicate to our clients that we don’t work on weekends.
  • No significant overlaps with other work or school responsibilities. While some of our Coaches maintain in-person clients, being able to carve the time and attention this role needs is important in order to be successful. As we like to say, we want to make sure we’re your first date to prom.
  • Easy to talk and relate to via text, short videos or even occasional calls. Talking to people should energize you, as this is what you’ll be doing the majority of your day.
  • Ability to follow outlined organization and structure to the day in managing client needs. Part of what’s awesome about working for Nerd Fitness coaching is we help you identify the most important touches your client needs at what time. Your ability to work within this system will set you up for success.
  • Strong internal motivation to meet and exceed goals. While we talk regularly as a team, no one is watching over you all day, so you should be able to self-start and keep a narrow focus on your KPIs.
  • Very comfortable with technology, troubleshooting problems, adapting to new systems, and have a knack for teaching it to others. We are constantly evolving not only as coaches, but with our technology as well. You get to have a hand in crafting the direction of how we develop!
  • Office setup conducive to working from home – including computer (bonus points for second monitor setup), smartphone, and reliable internet – and can stay on track despite personal distractions. 
  • Experience selling memberships or services to clients. You won’t be responsible for sales in a Coaching role, but this type of experience has proven useful when communicating with clients in a variety of situations.

Straight from the Coach’s Mouth

Curious about what our actual Coaches have to say about being part of the team? These folks were in your shoes and are now making an enormous difference in the lives of their clients and the program as a whole.

“I’ve been coaching (in-person and online) for over 15 years; if only I had known then what I know now, after learning from the amazing team here at NF, I could have helped SO many more people. I’ve never experienced a new hire onboarding with more considerate training, encouragement, and support. But it doesn’t stop there, we are constantly working on new tools to level up our coaching. And we are a team in every sense of the word. If you need help with a client situation, the entire team is ready to step in and offer advice. It’s truly a hive-mind approach to coaching, and although we’re all working remotely, we are a family. The job is tough, and we work really hard for our rebels, but we also have a great time doing it.” – Coach Jules, joined the team in January 2020.

“Working for Nerd Fitness will level up your game as a Coach. You’ll get to work with both clients and coaches from all over the globe and not only broaden your clientele, but expand your coaching skill set. You’ll get to make an incredible impact in the lives of others. The team at NF values your feedback and will make you feel at home. Even though you work remotely, you won’t be alone. The team is always available to chat and everyone is down to earth and approachable. If you’re on the fence – go for it! What would the superhero version of you do?”  – Coach Lauren, joined the team in January 2020.

“Working with Nerd Fitness as an online coach has been a dream come true. I not only get to help more people become real-life superhero’s than I could while coaching in-person. I now have a team (we’re basically the Avengers) of peers that encourage me to grow not only as a coach but as a person. Plus I get to wear sweatpants while I work, so there’s that too. There’s been a big learning curve. But I’m grateful for the guidance the coaching mentors have here. I can’t wait to see how Nerd Fitness, our clients, and I grow over the coming years.” – Coach Justin, joined the team in November 2018.

Coming from an in-person gym background, working for Nerd Fitness has been rewarding and challenging all at the same time. Going into this work, I had no idea what remote work looked like as a coach – what support I would get – or even what the culture would be like, but I can honestly say that the support I’ve gotten here at Nerd Fitness has been amazing. I’ve probably learned more about the communication side of coaching since starting here than I did my entire time working at a gym.” – Coach Galo, joined the team in June 2020.

“They say if you want to grow, you should make sure you’re never the smartest person in the room. At Nerd Fitness, I never have to worry about being the smartest person in the metaphorical “room,” but thankfully, no one gives me a hard time about that! Despite many years of formal education in the field, multiple certifications, and 12 years of experience coaching prior to joining the team, it’s no exaggeration to say that the last year working with my fellow NF coaches has taught me more about being a great coach than all of those other things combined. (Those things help, but you don’t need them to succeed here.) Besides that, this is the most fun, supportive, family-like team I’ve ever been a part of. Sure, there are challenging times, and I’ve been stretched as I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone, but hey – isn’t becoming better through adversity what we’re all about as coaches? I can’t recommend this team enough to anyone looking to grow as a coach and as a person, and who wants to have a great time doing it!” – Coach Drew, joined the team in January 2020

“The coaching program has grown tremendously since I’ve been a part of it and it continues to grow. NF is willing to put the time and resources into your development as a coach and your clients’ success. It’s unlike any fitness job I’ve ever had. I feel like I’m valued not only as a coach but as a person. The expectations are high because the stakes are high. We know how much of an impact we make on a daily basis in our community, providing the Rebellion with hope and so much more.” – Coach Matt S. Joined the team in February 2018.

“Working for Nerd Fitness has re-written the narrative for me on what working within this industry can look like. Throughout every step of my journey, I’ve felt valued, supported, and believed in. Even though you’re working remotely, you immediately feel ushered into the open arms of a professional family atmosphere. If you’re looking for the refreshing feeling of authenticity and sustainability within an ever-so “vanity inspired” industry, this is the company for you.” -Head of Coaching Taylor, joined the team in July 2020.

“Working with the team at Nerd Fitness has fundamentally changed how I coach for the better.  The transition from coaching in-person to coaching online was an extremely challenging one that required me to learn and adapt, but also gave me a unique perspective and skill-set that allows me to have a much broader impact on the lives of my clients. It’s so much less about writing workouts or giving movement feedback, and so much more about being able to communicate at the right time, in the right way, about the right thing. I’ve always been someone who loves to learn, but joining Nerd Fitness gave me the tools, resources, peers, and mentors that really pushed me to a level I never thought possible before.  Being a part of this team and community makes me excited to come to work every day.” – Head of Product Matt M, joined the team in July 2018.

“I worked as an in-person Personal Trainer for over a decade and was Director of a CrossFit gym for three years. I enjoyed great success and accolades for each one, but I still had little idea what to expect when I joined Nerd Fitness and helped establish the Online Coaching program. As my colleagues have said, you need to bring your coaching game up a notch to work online. While there are a few similarities to in-person sessions, it’s definitely a new challenge that has greatly improved my coaching procedures, organization, and ability to truly connect to a Client – one that I have never met in person!

It’s tough, but if you’re ready to set your ego aside and really grow as a professional, there’s no better environment. I’ve progressed more in the past two years than the past ten. All this translates into making a difference in the lives of a tremendous amount of people!” – Head of Fitness Jim B, pioneered Nerd Fitness Coaching in May 2016.

apply today!

If you’ve gotten this far and still think this sounds like an opportunity you’re made for, hell yeah! We look forward to learning more about you.

To recap, apply by emailing your resume and one-page cover letter as PDFs to  WE DO NOT ACCEPT APPLICATIONS IN OTHER FORMATS.

In your cover letter, please include:

  • Your location and time zone
  • A brief origin story about how you came to be a Coach and why our Rebels would want you to lead them
  • Your experience working directly with 1-on-1 clients, including online if applicable
  • How your skill set will contribute to helping our clients specifically in an online setting
  • A link to a 30-second video where you talk about why you are excited to join the NF team and what drew you to the position. Please make sure the video link is public so we can view it.
  • Your earliest start date

Due to the volume of applications, we will not be able to personally respond if you have not been selected to move forward.