Come Work With Us!

There are a lot of benefits WHEN YOU Join Team Nerd Fitness:

1) Work with talented people. We aren’t perfect, but people on Team Nerd Fitness have super powers that are well honed in different areas. If you like working with passionate, talented people, that’s us.

2) Work remotely. We have team members that live in 8 different states. We don’t have set “working hours” or vacation days – instead, we expect everyone to get their work done on time. We hit deadlines and work really hard to be accountable to each other, but we don’t care where you work from. Have family in another state or another country? No problem – go work from there!

3) We care about our team, our customers, and our community. We’re changing the world for the better. We’re helping hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. If that’s appealing to you – and you care – you’ll fit right in.

4) Most positions start as a 1099 contractor on a per project basis. This setup is the most simple and clean to start. We’re a team and business that’s growing FAST and we’re up for constantly evaluating where talented people can fill roles and provide value to our community. If you’re a go-getter, you’ll succeed here fast.

Current Openings:

Internal Coaching Phone Salesperson

Online Fitness Coach

CURRENT OPENING: Internal Coaching Phone SalesPERSON

We are searching for an enthusiastic, self-motivated internal phone salesperson to join our fast growing team at Nerd Fitness.

What the heck is an enthusiastic internal phone salesperson, you ask?

Good question.

Essentially, we are looking for someone to spend most their work day having quick, fun conversations with nerds (both current customers and new visitors to Nerd Fitness) who sign up to get more information and apply to join our 1-on-1 coaching program.

You’ll need to love talking with new people, be excellent at getting to know others and building rapport quickly, and have a passion for helping determine if our custom 1-on-1 solution is the best fit for them. You’ll then share an accurate and detailed description of exactly how we can help them with our program – as well as options to join the program when applicable.

You will be compensated based on the number of nerds that join during or after your conversations and email follow ups with them. And you’ll play an essential and rewarding part of helping these self-interested nerds change their lives through fitness.

This job is fully remote, can be done from anywhere, but requires a reliable internet connection, a comfortable working arrangement, and a quiet environment (since you’ll be on phone conversations most of the time).

While this job has flexibility in terms of hours scheduled, it does require you to be available for calls at least one weekend day and at least a couple evenings during the week. Sometimes these times won’t fill up completely, other times we have a rush and the entire time you have available will fill with excited nerds wanting to talk more about how Coaching may be a good fit for their goals.

We have both part-time and full-time positions available, and in either case you will start as a contractor for a 3-month trial period. For the right candidate (and for our full-time positions), we may also be able to guarantee a set minimum amount to help make a transition while you are ramping up and learning our process.

Nerd Fitness is a fast growing company of 20+ full-time team members and coaches that has tremendous potential for individual growth and responsibility. This role is no exception. While internal phone sales is the core objective, there will be ample opportunity for the right person to grow inside the sales department in the coming years.

Our online community has 2 million monthly visitors to its free content, has over 40,000 paid customers in its digital products and trainings, and offers 1-on-1 online coaching to hundreds of monthly clients. We focus on helping self-proclaimed nerds, misfits, and mutants get healthy in a sustainable, permanent way.

Currently, existing customers and new visitors to Nerd Fitness can read a little bit about how our 1-on-1, private coaching works before signing up for a phone call (usually between 20-25 minutes total) to talk to a Nerd Fitness team member.

This is where you will come in.

You will call these “inbound” leads at the time they have selected. You’ll quickly get to know them and their current fitness goals, motivations, dreams, restrictions, and current hurdles. You’ll ensure first that we CAN help them and that we’re a great fit for one another. Reread that sentence again. LISTENING will be key. We want to actually get to know our clients and figure out HOW our program can help them (and IF it can) first.

Second, you’ll set expectations about what they can expect inside the coaching program. Third, you’ll ensure that you focus on how our program will benefit their experience, help them reach their goals, and work into their life.

You will be on the frontlines with our most important asset – our community members. We need someone who is enthusiastic, passionate, great at building rapport, and cares deeply about helping people change their lives for the better. Someone who listens as much as they talk (but also loves to talk as you will be listening AND talking all day in this role).

You’ll represent and be the voice of our entire team and play a key role in the next steps of each and every person you speak with.

Still interested? Sound like you? Read on for more specifics.

You will be expected to:

  • Work remotely to make 250-300 phone calls each month (if full-time) and manage the follow up process to add clients to our Coaching program. At this time, all calls are warm leads provided by Nerd Fitness. A potential customer must set up the call themselves if they are interested in learning more.
  • Of the calls picked up, you’ll be expected to track and maintain a minimum average rate of clients added (based on average rate of other team members). Many customers are ready to join on the phone, some will require email follow up. All these additional clients will count towards your progress here. This conversion rate should show improvement month over month.
  • Maintain flexible availability on our schedule. Our scheduling platform means that many times our salespeople will have larger blocks of time available and that only some of that time fills up. That’s great – and allows a flexible “work from anywhere” environment. Sometimes you’ll put up a large amount of time and only have a few calls. Other times you’ll put up an 8 hour block and every single slot will be filled with 16 individual calls. The right person for this job thrives with the flexibility of adjusting and adding time – and is eager for anytime when they can get people to book time to chat about their fitness goals and about our Coaching program.

To hit our company goals, your contributions will include (but are not limited to):

  • Managing our call scheduling software (currently YouCanBookMe) and its integrations (with Zapier, Infusionsoft, HelpScout etc). We’ll teach you to use this simple software and manage the sales pipeline.
  • Making yourself available for a a minimum of 40 hours a week (for full-time opportunity) for calls and administrative tasks associated with following up with leads. The majority of that time will span normal US business hours (you’d work closely with team members on both the east and west coast), but this role will also include east coast evening hours and some weekend hours each week.
  • Communicating clearly with potential clients via phone and email about the program itself, ways it can exceed their needs, and next steps to get started. Once a client makes a payment, his or her Coach takes over the responsibility for their success.
  • Developing and improving scripts and email templates to lay the foundation for a growing sales team. How can we improve how we share, communicate with, and show value to our nerds? You’ll be expected to help shape this based on your experience on the phone.
  • Tracking your calls, your pick ups, and other analytics across various sources or paths to determine which result in highest potential for joining coaching. You’ll track this in detail and we’ll work together to help get more of the best sources coming in.
  • Maintaining high level of organization and structure that allows you to follow up with leads in a timely, efficient manner.
  • Keeping concise notes about each customer interaction. Your conversations will lay the foundation of a Coach’s knowledge about a client and can help guarantee a positive impression when a Coach speaks to a client for the first time.

Skills that would enable you to thrive:

  • You have great communication skills, both spoken and written. You can connect with people easily over the phone. You’re easy to talk to, make friends easily, and are someone that people can trust to have their best interest in mind. Speaking to other people energizes you.
  • People in your life regularly brag about how good of a listener you are. You enjoy listening to people share their personal experiences and naturally know what simple questions to ask to help get more information and more detail from them.
  • You have 3-5 years experience on a sales team and excelled in various sales environments.
  • You not only are good on the phone, you want to spend your working hours calling and talking to passionate people. You enjoy the prospect of getting to know a new person quickly and are thrilled to start new conversations regularly.
  • You have a high level of internal motivation to meet and exceed goals. You won’t have someone watching over you all day, so you should be able to self-start and keep a narrow focus on your metrics. You don’t need external motivation to perform.
  • You have an intense desire to learn the ins and outs of the product and our Coaches’ strengths, and understand how the first few days of a client’s interaction with the Sales Team and the Coach impact a client’s lifespan in the program. You will improve the process as you go.
  • You have previous experience with Slack, Trello, Google Docs, YouCanBookMe, HelpScout, and/or Infusionsoft. You are quick to pick up new technology and are able to troubleshoot challenges on your own.
  • You have a reliable computer, headset, and internet connection and can make calls through programs like Google Hangouts and Skype.
  • You have a quiet work environment that you can make calls from, without distraction.
  • You are flexible in your work life. If people don’t answer, that’s okay. If people cancel or reschedule, that’s okay. If your time doesn’t fill up, that’s okay. And most importantly, if ALL your time fills up with back to back conversations – that’s definitely okay, too.

Preferred knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • Acquainted with health, fitness, self improvement, and habit building concepts.
  • Familiar with Nerd Fitness philosophy, content, and communication style.
  • Consistent weekly availability and flexibility in schedule with availability during several weekday evenings as well as at least one weekend.
  • Extreme attention to detail and a master at keeping information organized.
  • Quick learner when it comes to implementing new technology or online software.

Compensation structure:

You’ll be compensated for each person who joins our Coaching program after your sales call or follow up. You will receive additional bonus compensation if a customer elects for one of our 6 or 12 month prepaid options when signing up.

The full compensation details of each sale will be provided if you are selected for a follow-up or an interview.

Our current salespeople make anywhere from $2,000 (part-time) to $6,000 in monthly compensation depending on demand, conversion rate, lead availability, etc… As with many sales positions this number can vary month to month. The amount a salesperson can earn is only capped by available leads and by the amount of availability they schedule each week (it’s not capped by us). We expect the right person to quickly excel and push the limits of monthly compensation earned in the past.

Application eligibility:

Please note that while this is a remote position, we are a U.S. based company and you must be authorized to work in the United States to apply. We hope to occasionally work together in person, so bonus points if you live in New York City/New Jersey area, Indianapolis, or San Diego for occasional work with other members of Team NF – but this is not a requirement!

Our current Nerd Fitness team is scattered throughout the United States.

If this sounds like an opportunity you’d like to explore, email your resume and one-page cover letter to no later than Friday, March 8th by 11:59 PM PST.

We will be looking over resumes on a first come, first serve basis. 

In your cover letter, please include your location and time zone, something you are passionately nerdy about, and take the opportunity to tell us why you are perfect for this role. Also include your AVAILABILITY and what amount of hours you would want (part-time or full-time).

Your resume should be a one page overview of your most relevant work experience and achievements that should indicate your success in this role at Nerd Fitness.

Due to the typical volume of applicants for our available roles at Nerd Fitness, please know that we cannot respond to everyone who sends in an application. If you make it to the second round of the application process, you will know on or before March 12th via an email response. 

We look forward to reviewing your resume and cover letter!


Nerd Fitness is looking for experienced, self-motivated online Coaches to join our rapidly-growing and evolving House Coaching – and the awesome group of nerds below.

Currently, we are only hiring for full-time roles, which includes evening and weekend work. 

The 50 Foot View: Your Role as a Coach

Nerd Fitness Coaching is an online health and fitness program that combines the best of one-on-one training – expertise and program customization – with the accountability and support of the Nerd Fitness community to help members get healthy in a sustainable, permanent way. We work with clients to balance fitness, nutrition, and mindset to help them reach goals they thought were once unattainable. You can read some success stories here, here, and here.

Our Coaching program currently has over a dozen Coaches and hundreds of clients, and use a proprietary Nerd Fitness Coaching app that enables us to serve clients in a way that suits our unique offering. Our strategy as a company includes deep concentration and commitment to the program’s growth in 2019 and beyond.

While it is not your responsibility to find new clients, it will be your responsibility to lead and inspire the clients assigned to you in a way that feels personal and customized to their particular needs and goals. You’ll chat with them most frequently through our app’s messenger, but you’ll also make phone and video calls. You will be expected to be proactive about protecting the clients on your roster from losing momentum and ultimately quitting. We do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach, and your Coaching style must meet be adaptable to meet clients where they are.

Each Coach on our team serves a minimum of 70 clients. Your roster growth will be gradual but demanding, as the first month of a client’s journey with us is the most labor-intensive as you get to know one another and set up programming. 

Having many years of in-person Coaching experience will lay the foundation of success in this role, but the skill set needed to thrive as an online Coach is much greater than programming and form checks. Clients do not meet you for an hour, do a workout, and go home. Because of the nature of connection via the app, the role of an online Coach requires elite communication skills, understanding of behavioral psychology, and a willingness to be more involved in the day to day success of your clients. We don’t go outside our scope of practice, but the demands of online Coaching are different than what you may expect at a gym (though our hours don’t start at 5am).

We train you in the procedures, practices, and Client retention strategies that have allowed Nerd Fitness Coaching to grow at such an outstanding pace this year. You will have continued, direct support from the Nerd Fitness team and brainstorm new, exciting ideas with the entire Nerd Fitness Coaching staff – a powerful hivemind and support group. You may be working by yourself at home, but you will never feel alone!

This job is hard. We have aggressive goals, very high expectations, and no time for excuses. The flip side? We all genuinely care and support one another, and we are making a real difference on the lives of hundreds of people in our Rebellion – soon thousands. And the most exciting part of all? We’re just getting started.

Straight from the Coach’s Mouth

Curious about what our actual Coaches have to say about being part of the team? These folks were in your shoes and are now making an enormous difference in lives of their clients and to the program as a whole.

“I was a CrossFit gym owner before and wanted to dive more into individual coaching to build deeper relationships with clients. I was also intrigued with working remotely – wherever and whenever I wanted. But if you’re imagining sipping margaritas on the beach after you’ve set your clients with their programs, you’re dead wrong. Online coaching is arguably more challenging than in-person coaching; it really puts your coaching chops to the test. On top of that, Nerd Fitness places very, very high standards on their coaches. All of this isn’t meant to scare you – in fact it should excite you – but if you’re not organized and on top of your sh**, this might not be the right job for you.

I will say this, having been a coach for 8 years, running my own business, helping thousands of clients already, I felt like the systems the NF Coaching taught brought my own coaching to another level. It’s a great team and I’m proud to be a part of it. So if you’re ready for a challenge, enjoy rewarding work helping others, and want to be a part of a solid team, we can’t wait to meet you.” – Coach Pat, joined the team in June, 2018.

“The biggest difference for me when moving from in-person coaching to online coaching was the type of impact I was having in my client’s lives. It was both a challenging and (ultimately) rewarding transition, though overwhelming in the beginning. I had so much more insight into my client’s thought-processes that it became so much LESS about trying to craft the “perfect” workout, and so much MORE about being able to communicate at the right time, in the right way, about the right thing. While some of the challenges are similar as to what they are in in-person coaching, there are also many more ways you can affect clients’ lives, and as such, much more flexibility and openness demanded of you as a coach. It can be humbling, but ultimately, I know I am a much better coach for embracing this process.” – Coach Matt M, joined the team in July, 2018.

“The coaching program has grown tremendously since I’ve been a part of it and it continues to grow. NF is willing to put the time and resources into your development as a coach and your clients’ success. It’s unlike any fitness job I’ve ever had. I feel like I’m valued not only as a coach but as a person. The expectations are high because the stakes are high. We know how much of an impact we make on a daily basis in our community, providing the Rebellion with hope and so much more.” – Coach Matt S. Joined the team in February, 2018.

“While I did have some online training experience prior to working for Nerd Fitness, working 100% online with a larger number of clients was a bit of a change. When coaching online, you are much more involved in your client’s day-to-day journey and need to be prepared to help them in all areas of health, not just exercise. This means more types of challenges to overcome, but also a greater impact on their lives. The work is tough and requires dedication, time management skills, and troubleshooting ability. But you get to collaborate with an amazing team of Coaches and fellow nerds, all working together to make a huge difference in a lot of people’s lives, which is very rewarding.” – Coach Kerry, joined the team in April, 2018.

“I worked as an in-person Personal Trainer for over a decade, and was Director of a CrossFit gym for three years. I enjoyed great success and accolades for each one, but I still had little idea what to expect when I joined Nerd Fitness and helped establish the Online Coaching program. As my colleagues have said, you need to bring your coaching game up a notch to work online. While there are a few similarities to in-person sessions, it’s definitely a new challenge that has greatly improved my coaching procedures, organization, and ability to truly connect to a Client – one that I have never met in person!

It’s tough, but if you’re ready to set your ego aside and really grow as a professional, there’s no better environment. I’ve progressed more in the past two years than the past ten. All this translates into making a difference in the lives of a tremendous amount of people!” -Head Coach Jim, pioneered Nerd Fitness Coaching in May, 2016.

Not scared yet? Awesome!

You might have what it takes to earn the title of NF Coach. But how do you measure up to our elite crew? Take a look in the mirror and consider how many qualities from the list below sound like you.

Our most successful Coaches have these internal strengths in common:

  • Fitness AND Nutrition education and training in one or more of the following: Nationally accredited Personal Trainer certification; College degree in a related field; Nutritional coaching certification (like Precision Nutrition); Any related seminars or certifications.
  • Minimum 3-5 years experience as a personal trainer, online or in person, with consistently stellar reviews from your clients and superiors.
  • High level of organization and structure to the day and to each process in managing client needs.
  • Strong internal motivation to meet and exceed goals. While we talk regularly as a team, no one is watching over you all day, so you should be able to self-start and keep a narrow focus on your KPIs.
  • Very comfortable with technology, troubleshooting problems, adapting to new systems, and have a knack for teaching it to others.
  • Willing to work some nights and weekends, as we have clients from around the world who need to connect as their schedules permit.
  • Appreciation of structure, but can also go with the flow. As this new program expands, systems and processes continue to evolve and change. We expect all Coaches to be able to ride (and enjoy!) the wave while also contributing ideas to make us better as a team.
  • Office setup conducive to working from home – including computer, smartphone, and reliable internet – and can stay on track despite personal distractions.
  • A problem-solving attitude. We fill our team with problem solvers, not problem finders.

And also these skills with clients:

  • Confidence in outlining and delivering a plan for each client that balances fitness, nutrition, and mindset that meets clients where they are in relation to their skill and motivation.
  • Ability to empathize with clients; they can meet clients’ tone and need for emotion vs. logic both on a call or through text exchanges.
  • No hesitation in jumping on a phone or video call with a client who is struggling, then digging to find the root cause instead of treating the symptoms. Hear what clients aren’t saying.
  • They help each client identify their own superpowers and kryptonite and use that information to help them stay on track and accountable.
  • Great communication skills, both spoken and written. Our best Coaches are easy to talk to, inspire others, and people trust them to have their best interest in mind.
  • Experience selling memberships or services to clients. You won’t be responsible for sales in a Coaching role, but this type of experience has proven important when genuinely reminding clients why Coaching is valuable if they express interest in leaving.

Additional preferred knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • Familiar with NF philosophy, content, and communication style. You’re a reader/subscriber/adopter of our content.
  • Experience or training in behavioral psychology.
  • Consistent schedule with availability primarily during weekdays, but occasionally nights and weekends. 
  • Extreme attention to detail and a master at keeping information organized. Admin upkeep will be as important as strong coaching ability in this role.
  • Self-starter, and familiar with working from home.

Apply today!

If you’ve gotten this far and still think this sounds like an opportunity you’re made for, hell yeah! We look forward to learning more about you.

To apply, email your resume and one-page cover letter as PDFs to

In your cover letter, please include:

  • Your location and time zone
  • Your experience working directly with 1-on-1 clients
  • Some of the challenges you think/know arise with Coaching online, along with solutions you’d implement to mitigate
  • A brief origin story about how you came to be a Coach and why our Rebels would want you to lead them
  • Your earliest start date

We are currently only accepting applications for trainers who have a desire to work full-time. Please do not apply if you cannot consider full-time contracted work. This opportunity is open to Rebels worldwide.

Due to the volume of applications, we will not be able to personally respond if you have not been selected to move forward.