Join the Yoga Flexibility Challenge

A yoga downward dog pose

Have you ever wondered how flexible you are?

Or do you know you need to improve your flexibility, but you just don’t know how?

You can’t go anywhere today without hearing people talk about some yoga class that made them feel great. But getting started with these classes is expensive, and can be hard to fit into your schedule. Not to mention you have to do it in front of other people – which can be embarrassing for many people when you’re first starting out.

That’s why we came up with a fun (and free) Flexibility Benchmark Challenge.

This FREE challenge will give you benchmarks with detailed video instructions on how to test yourself – and then give you immediate steps and stretches to improve them in the upcoming weeks.

  • We explain everything with text, images, and video so you know exactly what to do. Plus, you can do the challenge in the comfort of your own home, by yourself or with a friend (no snobby Yoga studio required).
  • We give you 10 major flexibility benchmarks and show you exactly how to measure your starting points.
  • We give you free (and cheap) alternatives to monthly expensive classes and explain how you can do basic morning stretches yourself.
  • Try new movements with confidence, as we guide you through each movement with detailed explanations, photos, and videos.

Sign up below to get started tracking and improving your flexibility!