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Nerd Fitness Coaching

Nerd Fitness Prime

Prime gives you access to ALL Nerd Fitness courses, and private communities and live stream events.

Rising Heroes

Join the fight in our epic, real-time, multiplayer fitness and self-improvement adventure that makes getting healthy simple and fun. Track daily and weekly missions. Earn points for your faction, and directly influence the serialized story month-to-month.

Nerd Fitness Rings

Gain control over your body, learn fun new skills, and get in the best shape of your life — no matter who you are or where you’re starting from! Master Muscle Ups, L-Sits, and Front Levers with Nerd Fitness Rings!

Nerd Fitness Handstands

This fun, easy-to-follow bodyweight training system will help you build the right combination of strength, balance, and coordination to pull of freestanding handstands and even handstand pushups. Let’s get inverted!

The Nerd Fitness Academy

Get healthy, lose weight, and level up your life with other rebels from around the world.

Nerd Fitness Yoga

Fun, approachable Yoga workouts you can do anywhere (on your own schedule).

Level Up Your Life

Life is a Game. Press Start!

Jason Bourne. Indiana Jones. Steve Kamb? For the past 5 years, Steve Kamb has transformed himself from wanna-be daydreamer into a real-life superhero. Not only that, but he actually turned his life into a gigantic video game, flying stunt planes in New Zealand, gambling in a tuxedo at the Casino de Monte-Carlo, and even finding Nemo on the Great Barrier Reef. To help him accomplish all of these goals, he built a system that allowed him to complete quests, take on boss battles, even experience points, and literally level up his life. Best of all, he did all of this without breaking the bank.

If you’re somebody who’s always dreamed of adventure and growth but can’t seem to leave your hobbit-hole, this book is for you. Steve will teach you exactly how to use your favorite video games, books, and movies as inspiration for adventure rather than an escape from the grind of everyday life. Hundreds of thousands of everyday Joes and Jills have joined Steve’s Rebellion through his popular website,, and leveled up their lives too – losing weight, getting stronger, and living better.

Camp Nerd Fitness 2016

Join Nerd Fitness Rebels from around the world for 5 fun filled days of learning and adventure!