Sick of hours of cardio and counting calories and not seeing results?

Purchased a fitness product or plan, only to discover that after a month you’re no closer to your goals than when you started?

Tired of looking at women in magazines and feeling like you’re not good enough?

You might start to look down on yourself and wonder what’s wrong with you:

  • “Why can’t I lose weight like I am supposed to?”
  • “Why don’t I look like the women I see in fitness magazines? I’m following their routine!”
  • “I’m diligently counting calories and doing plenty of cardio. Why won’t the scale move?”

I’m going to tell you the truth: it’s not you.

The companies that create the products and plans you see on TV are designed for one thing only: to make them money. Same goes for the workouts and diet advice presented in almost every Women’s Fitness Magazine.

They’re not designed to get you healthy – if they worked, then you’d never need them again! So, they present you with crappy fitness information that sounds exciting and uses fancy buzzwords, but fills you with false hope (and their wallets with your money). They still blindly follow conventional wisdom and keep you chasing that next great routine and diet tip. We’re gonna put an end to that.

I want you to forget everything you know about fitness.


What do I need to relearn?

For starters, I want you to forget what you’ve learned through those fitness magazines, advertisements, and the mainstream media. They’ve been lying to you for years and feeding you crappy workout plans that don’t work.

TRUTH #1: lifting heavy weights and following strength training routines will NOT make you bulky. Quite the opposite actually. When you strength train, your body reacts by building really strong, tight dense muscle. Combine this with healthy nutrition of the right kind foods, and you’ll burn the fat on top of your muscle. Those muscles are tight and strong…essentially giving you the “toned” look you’re after.

TRUTH #2: Not all calories are created equal. Your body reacts differently to different types of food, so neurotically counting calories and starving yourself is not a healthy path to being healthy.

TRUTH #3: Cardio is NOT the most efficient path to losing weight and looking better. If you’re sick of hours of boring cardio on a treadmill, or if the thought of stepping on to an elliptical fills you with dread, fear not.

Although we understand there’s a time and place for cardio, we only believe you should be doing activities that help you reach your goals and MAKE YOU HAPPY.

If you’re not having fun nor you’re not reaching your goals, then something needs to change.

By combining strength training with fun activities that get your heart pumping, you’ll build the body you’ve always wanted faster than if you were just doing cardio, make every other daily activity easier, and actually look forward to exercise.

I’m confident I can get you to a point where you look forward to exercise :)

We’ll do so in the Nerd Fitness Academy.

What the heck is the Nerd Fitness Academy?

Academy Banner

The NF Academy is an online, self-paced course and fitness “quest” tracking system with over 5,000 students from every corner of the globe.

We focus on building sustainable kick-ass habits, not only in your nutrition and workouts, but also in your confidence, appearance, and mindset.

Think of us as an anti-school of sorts, like the X-Men Academy, AKA “Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.”

Most schools churn out carbon copy clones of people who follow the rules and conform to the mainstream.

Not us.

Instead, we teach you how to develop your super powers**, get in shape, look better, get stronger, lose weight, feel better about yourself, and kick serious ass.

Oh, and have a damn good time doing it.

*Disclaimer: Nerd Fitness is not liable for any superpowers developed during this course.

Video Walkthrough With Steve!

As you can see in the video, we’ve broken down the academy into several sections: Mindset Module, Nutrition Module, Fitness Module, Workouts, Private Forums, Bonuses, and our new Quest Tracking and leveling feature.

The Academy has a one-time membership payment, that grants you lifetime access to all content, all bonuses, and all future updates. We make it simple.

Who will be teaching me?

Steve ChicagoMy name is Steve Kamb, creator and founder of Nerd Fitness and The Academy, and I’ll be one of your professors for this self-directed, self-paced course. I’ve been obsessed with health and fitness for the past 13 years and truly dedicated to the cause for over six years. I live for this stuff and can’t wait to help you get stronger, happier, and…yup…look better naked.

Now, you’re probably wondering “well, Professor Kamb, that’s great and all, but I’m a woman…and there are certain aspects of training and getting healthy that you’ll never understand…because you’re a dude.”

Staci LiftingLuckily for you, I’ll be co-teaching alongside Professor Staci Ardison, AKA the Master of Deadlifts, AKA Staci: “Your new hero,” AKA “yeah, THAT Staci!”

Staci transformed her life over the past few years, and has since become a role model to tens of thousands of women that have discovered her story on Nerd Fitness. Seriously, she gets recognized walking down the street.

Together, we’ve created a self-paced online course that will provide you with EVERY SINGLE TOOL you need to change your life, starting right now: no equipment to buy, no supplements to take, just steps. Just action.

You see, I hate conventional wisdom, and I specifically hate conventional wisdom that teaches women to train improperly and eat fake “healthy foods.”

Instead, we attack the situation from a different angle.

At the Nerd Fitness Rebellion, we pride ourselves in being different and attacking problems differently. Here are some of the women who chose to mix things up and follow our philosophy.

Nerd Fitness Success Stories

These are just some of the women that have followed our advice, trained “differently” and have since transformed their lives, like other many success stories.

Staci (now deadlifts 405 lbs):

staci screenshot

VERONICA (mother of two!):


Bronwyn (mother of two, now a competitive powerlifter!)

Athena Final Before and After

These women found Nerd Fitness, felt confident enough in the advice we presented, followed it consistently, and proceeded to change their lives.

I want you to be the next success story!

I’m not going to tell you it will be easy – that you can keep “eating the same foods you love!” while not exercising and still achieve the results you want.

That would make me a liar, liar, pants on fire.

And If there’s one thing I hate, it’s pants on fire.

What I will tell you, is that if you give us your trust and effort for six weeks, I have no doubt in my mind that you see will significant progress and feel like you are moving rapidly down the path towards the life you’ve always wanted.

And not just physically. If you’re not healthy on the inside and happy, then no amount of weight loss can fix that. So we’re going to focus on finding that balance for you. And we’re going to win. Because I don’t like losing.

In fact, I’m so confident, this course is going to come with a LIFETIME, 100% money back guarantee. But I’ll get into that later.

For now, let’s take a peek at The Academy!

What’s IN THe Academy?

Great question. I knew you were smart!

This course will only be available to join for just a few days, and then we’ll shut the course down to new applicants for 4-6 weeks while we work closely with the women who sign up to improve the course.

When you sign up and join The Academy, you’ll receive access to:



A philosophy that puts you in the right frame of mind. We’ll cover things like habit building, proper motivation, accountability, the right mental attitude to be successful, and more. We’ll provide you with all of the information you need to feel confident strength training in a gym or in your home, how to use every piece of equipment, and what (if anything) you should buy in order to dominate your life!



Diet advice that ACTUALLY helps you reach your goals. Whether you are trying to lose weight and get stronger, or put on some weight and build muscle, we have you covered. We also cover all of your specific questions (we’re psychic) when it comes to women’s physiology and how to eat.

  • Should you do intermittent fasting?
  • Will the Paleo Diet work for you?
  • What kind of foods can you still eat and which ones should you avoid?

We will set you on a path that keeps you healthy and happy for years, not just a few weeks.



Content specifically designed for women. Don’t worry ladies, Staci is handling this part :) She’ll cover stuff like different hormones, pregnancy, menopause, periods, and more.

  • Will these women’s issues affect your training?
  • How should you adjust your training depending on the situation?

We cover it in here as well. And don’t be afraid to come to us with questions either. If you’re thinking it, so are hundreds of other women – that’s what we’re here for!



15 workout routines designed for women, of any age, of any size, for any situation:

  • Strength training in the gym with barbells: 4 separate levels
  • Workouts using just dumbbells at home: 4 separate levels
  • Workouts using exercise bands: 2 separate levels
  • Workouts using just your bodyweight: 4 separate levels

We give you enough workouts and levels to get you through the next millennium (rough estimate). We tell you exactly what equipment you need, our recommendations for making those purchases, how to find a good gym, proper gym etiquette, getting over the fear of the free weights section, and more.

Regardless of your preferred method of working out, we’ll have you covered for months and months and months…and months.

Staci Doing Pull Ups

High definition demonstrations of EVERY exercise in the guide.

Staci will demonstrate, from multiple camera angles, every exercise in the Nerd Fitness Academy: over 100 exercises. You’ll be able to see how to move properly through each exercise, including written descriptions for each movement as well.

Complete any exercise with confidence that you’re doing things properly.

Here’s a sample video so you can see what you’ll be looking at! Yes, these videos will display on your tablet or mobile device, in case you need a quick demo while at the gym.

You might be saying, “Damn, I wish I could do chin ups!” To which I would reply, “First of all, don’t say ‘damn.’ Your grandma wouldn’t approve.

Next, we can get you there. It might take a while, but if you put the work in, and follow the steps, I’m confident you can be doing chin ups and feel damn darn good about it.”

What Other features Are there?


Along with all of the content above, we’ve got some bonuses for people who are interested in the more rigorous curriculum:

Special Academy message boards: A special message board just for people who are following along with the Nerd Fitness Academy. You can post questions and concerns, share your successes with fellow Rebels in the course, and more. We’ll be closely monitoring these boards and shaping them based on the community that develops in them.

Academy Message Boards

Regularly scheduled live Q&A sessions with Steve and Staci: Have a question that you’d like us to answer? We’ll have regularly scheduled Q&A’s available only to women in the Nerd Fitness Academy. Fair warning: I may dress up as a pirate throughout the Q&A. And don’t worry, if you have questions that you only want to ask a woman, I’ll duck out halfway through so that Staci can address those concerns :)

Steve Q&A

Meal plans and recipes. Sometimes, it’s easier to have people decide for you what to eat and how to cook it. So we took care of you too. We have meal plans with food laid out so you know what to purchase. Along with that, we have a recipe section featuring a few dozen meals to get you started with more and more to be added.


Grocery store cheat sheet. Lost when you go to the grocery store? Don’t know what qualifies as healthy? Print out our handy dandy grocery store cheat sheet with ALL the info, notes, and foods you need to fill up your shopping cart properly. Yeah, I told you this academy was different: we’re giving you a cheat sheet!

Shopping List

The Road Warrior Travel plan. Travel a lot? On vacation? Can’t work out at your normal gym? Don’t have access to your kitchen? We got you covered. This road warrior guide will help you maintain momentum when you’re traveling so that you never miss a beat. Workouts that can be completed anywhere, advice for eating out at any restaurant, and how to mentally stay on track.

Road Warrior

The Wedding/Bathing Suit 6-Week Crash Course. Now, we’re big fans of long term results that come from teeny tiny, permanent, sustainable changes. HOWEVER, we understand there are certain circumstances that require you to look as good as possible, as quickly as possible. We provide you with an action plan that lasts six weeks and will help you get in the best possible shape for your wedding or upcoming vacation. Again, we only recommend this in situations where it’s necessary. The rest of the course is what will get you close, consider this the final polishing before showtime :)

Beach Narrow

“But wait, there’s more!”

(Don’t worry, I just smashed my head into my desk for typing that phrase. Moving on).

Interviews with Awesome women

Amy Clover

We’ll be interviewing women who are experts in health and wellness that also share a unique perspective on health. Women that smile a lot (like Amy above) while I look down and to the left for some reason. Because that’s how we roll around here.

So far we have interviews with some pretty stellar women who are going to help you live better. We have video interviews for all, along with audio downloads so you can listen to the interviews on the go!

Molly Galbraith

Molly Galbraith, MollyGalbraith.com and Girls Gone Strong: Molly takes us through her journey from overweight college kid to a competitive figure model, and to where she is today. If you’ve ever looked at somebody in incredible shape and said “If I just looked like that, I’d be happy,” Molly’s story will be VERY interesting for you. Molly earned a high five at the end of this because it was so informative. You get a high five for watching :)


Tamara Lackey, TamaraLackey.com: Tamara and I talk about mental health, exercising when we don’t have energy, when we don’t feel like it, and when we just don’t like exercise. As a mom of three, dog owner of two, and wife of one, Tamara has found a way to make exercise part of her life without overtaking it. Also, Tamara has been a vegan for six years and shares her tips and tricks for getting enough protein despite not eating animal products.

Nia ShanksNia Shanks, NiaShanks.com: Nia is the creator of NiaShanks.com where she teaches women to “lift like a girl,” aka be a total badass, both inside and out. Nia and I have a chat about why the scale is frustrating, how to get maximum results with the least amount of effort, and why comparing yourself to others can be a recipe for disaster.

She also goes on an EPIC rant about what she would do to fix the mainstream women’s fitness industry. This interview had me nodding my head and smiling throughout…which you can see :)


Amy Clover, StrongInsideOut.com: Amy and I have been friends for a few years, and I wanted her to share her amazing story about clinical depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, attempted suicide, and rebirth as a badass in control of her life.

We discuss everything from diet and fitness to learning to build inner strength. Amy is a true-to-life X-men (X-Woman?), and she shares her story and her struggles to help others. This is a must watch.

Michelle NomNomPaleo

Michelle Tam, NomNomPaleo.com: One of the premiere Paleo cooking sites on the internet today, Nom Nom Paleo has made cooking healthy meals fun again. Michelle Tam is the creator of Nom Nom Paleo, and she shares with us the best way to get started with Paleo cooking, common excuses and how to overcome them when it comes to preparing food, and her favorite tips for living with a family and getting everybody on board.

Jenn Frye

Jenn, a Nerd Fitness Success Story in the making. Jenn is down 60 pounds since finding Nerd Fitness (100 pounds overall) with another 100 pounds to go. In this interview, Jenn and I discuss her difficult childhood, her battles with depression, diabetes, arthritis, raising three children, working a night shift job, and more. At one point in this interview, I was so inspired and amazed at Jenn’s transformation and attitude that it actually made me cry (which you’ll see on camera). This interview is guaranteed to make you rethink how you attack every day.

LeoBabautaLeo Babauta of ZenHabits.net. If you’ve ever searched the internet in hopes of learning how to live a less cluttered, you’ve probably stumbled across the uber successful ZenHabits.net. Over the past number of years, Leo has gone from overweight, in debt, chain smoking, and unhappy, to healthy, strong, smoke-free, and happy.

Leo and talk about how he transformed his life one tiny habit at a time, why goals can be counter-productive, how to wake up earlier and be more productive (especially if you have children!), and how he’s been able to get stronger and healthier while living a vegan lifestyle.

We’ll be adding more interviews with fitness experts and REAL women with real success stories. We’ll also be interviewing women going through the Nerd Fitness Academy, so you can learn from those who are going through the same struggles.

Frequently Asked Questions

“So, why The Academy?”

Great question. We wanted to try something different. Although we enjoy eBooks and how they can help self-starters get healthy, we are interested in moving forward with a more technologically advanced method of content delivery to help more people stick with the plans and get the results they’re after.

We know it can take plenty of determination just to finish an eBook and then act on it, and we want to remove any and all barriers between you and a healthy life.

On top of that, we know a lot of people will be viewing this information on devices of different sizes: phones, tablets, iOS, Android, PCs, Macs, etc. – we’ve designed The Academy to be scalable, viewable, and readable on any device!

“So, it’s not an eBook?”

That is correct, it is a course that you will log into and learn from at your own pace. There will be a dashboard with the latest information, updates, and videos, and then the course will be split into different sections with information for easy viewing and absorbing. By creating a course instead of an eBook, we have an opportunity to continually update, improve and refine our content, and let you know instantly without having to create all new PDFs and requiring a download.

We’ve been working on this idea for well over a year, and we’re very excited to share it with you.

“I want to join now, but I’m super busy and can’t start for a few weeks!”

That’s fine! You have LIFETIME ACCESS to this course. It’s self paced. And we will be constantly updating and improving it. So if you tend to take things slower than others (which we actually recommend), or you have to take a break due to whatever reason, you can pick back up where you left off, when you’re ready.

100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Money Back GuaranteeMy goal with this course is to help you get in the best shape of your life and feel good about yourself. If you happen to develop a super power as a result, I’m okay with that too.

I’m confident that if you follow the advice and workout plans, we will help you reach your goals.

However, if for whatever reason after six weeks you’ve decided that The Academy isn’t for you, just let us know, and we’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked (other than maybe what we can do to improve the course for other women!).

Once you buy the course, you have until…the end of time* to let me know that it’s not for you. Seriously. If it doesn’t work for you, I don’t want your money, and I will gladly help you find another course/product that will work.

*Note: “End of Time” clause is void should a full scale Zombie Apocalypse occur.

How much Does it Cost?

So, how much is this course going to set you back?

Full, Lifetime Access ($99): You’ll receive everything above, along with access to the Academy only Message Boards, recipes, the meal plans, the grocery shopping cheat sheet, all of the interviews, the 6-week “Get me ready quick” workout plans, Live Q&As, and the road warrior workout and nutrition plans.

This is a ONE TIME cost for lifetime access to the course!

DO NOT BUY THE WOMEN’S FITNESS ACADEMY IF:You are just looking for a plan to follow for a few weeks and then move on to the next shiny object or the next secret tactic to losing belly fat. You aren’t interested in learning something new. You aren’t interested in making changes to your diet over the long term that will result in success. You will not try strength training in any capacity (even though it will NOT make you bulky) and instead want to keep doing what you’re doing, even though it’s not working.

Also, this course is primarily designed for women who are brand new to health and fitness. If you are a competitive athlete, body builder, or fitness model, this is probably not the course for you. No matter what, feel free to check it out, and after six weeks if you decide the course isn’t for you, let us know and we’ll provide you with a full refund.

A note for vegetarians: This course is primarily grounded in a nutritional plan of whole foods which includes meat. Although we have some information specifically for vegetarians and vegans, parts of the course are not 100% optimized for those dietary needs yet. Please join us and we’ll do our darndest to add those features ASAP.

Okay I’m in. Let’s do This!

Sign Me Up For the Women’s Academy Please!

Remember, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Why not try something different, and see if The Academy works for you. I look forward to the opportunity to help you help yourself change your life.

Thanks for putting your trust in me to deliver. I’m excited for you to check out the course and work with you to make it even better.


PS: This is a self-paced course, so even if you can’t start immediately, or you take things slower than normal, that’s great. You can start when you want and take as long as you want. We’ll be pushing out updates and more lessons as time goes on, and you’ll always receive that info.