The Biggest Announcement in NF History?

Things are about to get weird.

REAL weird.

Like the the thing in the santa hat in the banana mobile pictured above (wtf?)

Don’t worry, I mean weird in the best way possible

I’ve been running Nerd Fitness as my full-time business for the past 20 months, and I can honestly say I have never been more excited to make an announcement about the site than I am today.  On top of that, I get to make all kinds of OTHER cool announcements too, including a radical change in how I’ll be spending the next few months of my life.

Here we go…

Team Nerd Fitness Grows…

Yeah, you know Staci.

The woman who has inspired thousands upon thousands of women to start strength training.  The rebel who has been pretty much running the Nerd Fitness message boards since the day she joined them 18 months ago.  The 140-pound gal who can deadlift 350 lbs.

Yeah that one…

She’s joining Team Nerd Fitness full-time!

I’m beaming from ear to ear as I type this.  Staci has been a total rockstar in the Nerd Fitness community since day one – she embodies everything that NF stands for; in fact, I’d argue that she’s more “nerd fitness” than I am!  On top of that, she’s a great person and somebody I’d trust with my life.  It only took ten months of begging, pleading, and sucking up…but I finally convinced her to take a chance on helping me further develop this community into something truly epic.

Although it’s been a great problem to have, the growth of Nerd Fitness has really created a challenge trying to keep up with everything that comes with running a business, especially over the past few months.  I always felt bad when it took me days or weeks to respond to people’s emails, and it killed me every time I just lacked the energy to put together an article at the end of a long day.  I’m excited that Staci’s on board and can help me provide you, my dear rebel friend, with a better experience around here in every way possible.

I have never been more excited for the future of Nerd Fitness than I am right now.  NF got to where it is today…somehow…with just a one-man show.  And that one man is total goofball. I cannot WAIT to see what this community is capable of when we have TWO people working full time…especially when that second person has things like organizational ability, talent,  time management skills, and a 350-pound deadlift.

March 1st will officially be the day that the Rebellion gets some rocket fuel and Staci saddles up full time. 

Staci is my hero, and she’s probably yours too.  I am so thankful and grateful she for some reason agreed to babysit me and help provide some much needed legitimacy and guidance to the site.  Her role will cover pretty much anything and everything as the site continues to grow, so you can expect to see her name pop up here and there more often over these next few months.

Now, in case you don’t know who Staci is (meaning you haven’t read her story or spent any time on the boards), I’ve put together a list of fun facts about Staci so we can all get to know her better:

  • Twitter handle: StaciArdison
  • Hometown: Hyrule
  • Favorite food: nails and drywall
  • Favorite movie: Air Bud 2: Golden Receiver
  • Favorite video game: anything Legend of Zelda
  • New job title: Master of Deadlifts (not even kidding on this one)
  • Favorite exercise: machine iso bicep curls…okay definitely kidding on this one.

Trust me when I say I can’t think of anybody else on earth I’d rather have as the first person to help me take Nerd Fitness to the next level.  Please welcome her aboard!

The next nerd fitness ebook

Speaking of Staci…

Since her article has kind of taken over the internet, we have a ridiculous number of new female readers on Nerd Fitness who are interested in getting started with clean eating and strength training.  Although I already offer the Rebel Fitness Guide and Rebel Strength Guide – both of which have helped many women get in great shape – we realized there’s nothing we offer specifically dedicated to women rebels!

So, Staci will be partnering with me on the next nerd fitness ebook for women, answering each and every question a woman might have about getting started with strength training and building a body to be proud of.  All videos will be filmed with Staci, she’ll be dealing with issues specific to women and strength training and weight loss, and more.

Expect a survey soon asking what you’d like to see included in the book, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Oh, and if you happen to be a dude, don’t worry – we have something in the works for you as well – hint: it begins with an L and ends in “evel Up Club.”  Expect more details shortly.

Yes, these are premium products that will cost money.  Yes, I’ll still be cranking out as many free articles as my brain will allow on Nerd Fitness weekly, and yes the message boards will remain free, and the site will remain ad-free.

This is your community, I’m just here to be a part of it 🙂

Upcoming speaking engagements

Looks like my speaking schedule is starting to fill up over these next couple of months! Unfortunately, two of the talks I can’t announce yet, but one’s kind of a big deal and the other will give me one hell of a story.

In the meantime, I can share that I’ll be speaking at the Killer Tribes Conference in Nashville, TN on March 31st!  If you happen to be in the area and you’re interested in attending, use the code “nerd” to get a discount!

I had so much fun doing my talks at Google and Facebook (footage coming soon), but I’m excited to give a talk on something that I’m beyond passionate about: building a kick-ass community like Nerd Fitness

Until I can get my talks page up (Staci, please yell at me to do this), if you’re interested in having me come speak at your school, business, conference, mom’s basement, or spaceship, email me at steve@nerdfitness com and hopefully we can make it work!

NF Tank Tops

In case you missed the announcement on Tuesday, we’ve added Nerd Fitness tank tops to the store. $20 to ship anywhere in the US or $25 to ship anywhere in the world!  

Okay, well maybe they’re not in the store yet (see, these are the things that Staci will yell at me for), but they are available for sale and shipping as we speak!

We sold through a third of our first order in 48 hours, so if you’re interested in grabbing one before we have to reorder more, grab one today!

  • 100% Rib cotton construction
  • Form-fitting American Apparel brand
  • Will shrink an average of one size when put in the dryer
  • Sizing Chart here.

And if you’re a dude, I realize this is yet another lady announcement – we’re working on the next NF shirt too: a performance shirt (think like Under Armour, but nerdier).  We hope to have that out within the next month or so!

My next adventure…

I’ve been living in Washington DC for the past few months, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here.  However, I’ve caught the travel bug again (though with probably 15 domestic flights and a trip to South Africa since I’ve “stopped traveling”…did I ever lose it?), and it’s time to move on.

It probably had something to do with THIS video that was shared with me yesterday.  WARNING – the second half of this WILL give you goosebumps:

a story for tomorrow.

My lease is up here at the end of February, on March 1st I’ll be headed out to sea on The Rock Boat, and then I’ll bouncing around the states for most of March with four other short trips planned.

Beginning in Mid-April, I’ll be spending 4-6 weeks down in Central America!  I haven’t quite narrowed down the location yet (this decision was made less than 72 hours ago!), but I’m looking at somewhere in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, or Belize.  I’m looking for a cool 1BR house/condo (with internet) on or near the beach, in a fun but not overly touristy town (I’d like to practice my Spanish), where I can get my work done, soak up some sun, and possibly get in some surfing!

Although I’ve had fun in DC, I desperately miss the ocean and the warm weather, so I figure why not get both while working on all things Nerd Fitness!

If you happen to have any suggestions, or better yet, specific towns or connections to people with rental property in any of those countries, PLEASE email me at and we can talk about it.

Thank you

I don’t say it enough.

Seriously, thank you for helping make Nerd Fitness what it is.  Whether you’ve been reading for a day or for three years, thanks.

I feel so fortunate to be able to do what I love every day: help people live better lives.  I’m excited to see what the future holds for Nerd Fitness now that we have twice the number people working hard on making things better.

I’m a lucky S.O.B. and I know it.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you…I have never been more proud to be part of something than I am of Nerd Fitness and the Rebellion.  You, my friend, are in good hands.

Before I sign off, I’d love to hear from you about a few things in the comments:

  1. Say hey to Staci, and feel free to ask her any ridiculous question so you can get to know her better.
  2. Help us come up with a name for the Fitness Guide for Women.  Don’t suggest “Fitness Guide for Women” – that’s too boring, right?)
  3. Let me know if you have any suggestions on specific towns or rentals in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, or Belize.  I’m okay with paying for a decent place (say around $1000 a month?)

Thanks again for making this place what it is.  Let’s find out what it can become, eh?

Better grab some sunglasses, the future around here is bright.

(see what I did there?)



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  • Issara_free

    Forgot to tell that you two are a great match! I agree that the more we hear/see/read about her, the better. 

  • Saweeeeet

  • James Parker

    yay alteration!!  😀

  • James Parker

    regarding topics that I think would be beneficial in the women’s guide:
    –  of course, how to manage exercising while menstruating. gotta be number one thing I topic I see on the “Woman’s Guild” forum.
    –  I’ve seen the topic of tiny-tits on the forum too, haha.

    if I think of any more, I’ll comment.

    I’m really looking forward to that guidebook, as I’m eager to learn even more about myself and how to best get in shape.

    and welcome again to the team!!

  • pinta

    Yay staci!! You totally inspired me to revamp my workout because it just wasn’t giving me what I wanted. 
    After reading about your transformation I ditched my 20 mile a week running habit and started alternating steve’s beginner bodyweight workout and days of HIIT.  It’s totally kicking my butt and I’m loving it!
    So, so excited about this! Congrats.

  • Kelly

    Agreed, James (And what a topic for a guy to bring up! Props!). My issue is mostly with food/cravings and energy level/mood fluctuations. I’m way better at recognizing and communicating them. Not so good at dealing with the eating aspect. Maybe a section on why hormones are stupid, and how to make them your B. In my experience, it’s hard to make progress when it feels like at least a week of your month is spent avoiding or succumbing to cravings.

    I’m also surprised at how fast I’ve progressed with lifting, and find that at some points, my head gets in the way more than my body. As someone who’s never been pushed to be strong, when you’re surprised how fast you’re getting strong, it feels like it’s not real. If that makes sense? So I find myself thinking, “I can’t lift that, I’m going to hurt myself” more than just jumping in and doing it. I feel like it’s partially building up confidence, but also partially overcoming hurdles set by society.

    And most importantly, congrats, Staci! Like everyone else has said, you’re my fitness hero!!

  • Most definitely going to be including that, and ways to still progress when you feel like you cant move.  

    And thank you!! 🙂

  • James Parker

    lawlz.  I know the name is deceiving, but I’m actually a lass.  I’m just a tomboy.  XD

  • Marniyl7

    YAY for Nerd Fitness and YAY for Staci! I am fairly new to the community and I find it not only inspiring but witty and absolutely awesome!  I love the funny, positive vibe your writing emits, which is right in line with my superpower, “POSTIVE BADNESS.”

    Okay, so here are my attempts to assist with a non boring name for the female fitness guide.
    1. The SheNerd Fitness Guide
    2. Woman Power (Dead-lift Sexy) Fitness Guide
    3. She Rebel’s (Level Up Your Life Fitness Guide)
    4. GeekShe Fitness
    5. Ladies Level Up 
    6. Feminine Fitness
    7. Paleo Priestess Power 

    If you like any of these, I am not at all opposed to being a recipient of a free nerd fitness t-shirt that I would proudly wear along with my “positive badness” pin. 😛

    Congrats to you both!

  • Sarah1229

    It’s gotta be called “Level Up Your Lifting, Ladies!”

  • Parker

    Crazy. You even announced it on my birthday.

  • StrengthIsBeauty

    Here’s some ideas I had for the LadyRebel Fitness Guide Title…
    We Don’t Need Balls to Play: Fitness for REAL Women


    I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar: A Woman’s Guide to Fitness


    Rippin’ & Roarin’ : A Gal’s Guide to Strength & Confidence

  • StrengthIsBeauty

    er… Ripped n’ Roarin’: A Gal’s Guide to Strength & Confidence

  • Ohhh I like “She Rebels” or a play on that (rebels as noun or verb). LadyGeek Rebels or something… nice thought!

  • Quixotica

    YAY Spazzy!!  Congrats!

  • Sulinar

    Congratulations Staci! I hope you can get Steve to make sure we get a Friday Nerd alert every week – I already look forward to them!
    For the title, how about:
    Real Women Don’t Lift Pink
    The Nerdette’s Guide to Fitness
    Woman Up!
    The Rebelle Fitness Guide – The 21st Century Woman’s guide to getting lean and fit

  • 350 at 140?! Holy Fack! Cool Cool Beans…

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  • Anon

    Highly recommend Belize. Helps that everything is based on US dollars. Most places even take American currency because the rate is fixed at 2 to 1. 
    But it’s cheap, beautiful, and relatively uncrowded. I stayed on Ambergris Caye, but that’s a little too crowded for you, most likely. But Caye Caulker is an easy ferry ride from Belize City, it’s uncrowded, and it’s close to the largest barrier reef outside Australia. Perfect for scuba, snorkeling, though maybe not surfing.

  • Pingback: Warning: This will cause you to plan an adventure « freshgentleman()

  • RDC

    While in Belize, if you get down to or around Placencia there is one thing you must do.  Don’t ask me the name of the guide or his ‘outfit’, but he runs a diving/swimming tour of a massive cave in the area.  No liability waivers, no ultimate backstop, and life jackets are optional.  You swim in pitch blackness (with headlamps) and climb up waterfalls for about an hour and a half until you get to the source of the cave’s river, and then ride it back.  Hands down one of the coolest things I’ve ever done, and given the risks, it’s not something you’re going to do anywhere but in a third-world country.

  • niceFLguy

    Very close, but the Nerd Fitness brand needs to be included:

    Ripped n’ Roarin’: The Nerd Fitness Gal’s Guide to Strength & Confidence

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  • Kim

    Wicked! Staci is legend over on MFP (that’s, btw). When any newbie woman says something along the lines of “I’m thinking about lifting weights, but, oh no, won’t I get bulky?,” she gets a) NOOB eggs thrown at her and b) a link to Staci’s story. And then a million “I heart Staci” comments follow. Just so you know. 

  • J4k3dog

    What about “Zelda’s Nerdfitness Guide” or along those lines 

  • J4k3dog

    “Zelda’s fitness guide to kicking arse” “Women of Hyrule’s fitness guide” though then again I’m not aware of the copyright laws for names and such if you decide to you should look into it

  • Jacquee

    I think Marniy had the best ideas so far.  Cute as these are, “This Princess Saves Herself” kinda implies you have to be someone special in the first place.

    I think Staci’s entrance will be a true test of NF’s community.  At the moment, it is still in many way a guy’s club with a strong “yay chicks want to be hot and strong and nerdy that’s awesome yay” policy.  But 99% of the fitness groups, clubs, blogs, and sites out there that were originally designed by/for guys turn quickly hostile and unwelcoming as soon as a female writer tries to address a uniquely female issue like the effect of hormonal birth control on body composition and how to structure workouts and eating to reduce or control cramps and bloating at that time of the month.  Then an attitude of “girls can be in the boys’ club as long as it still stays a boys’ club” pops up along with eager suggestions for an article about how bench pressing and other chest workouts can make for a perkier chest.  I do hope I’m wrong- I’ve so dearly loved this community and the safe environment and the nerdy, nerdy references so far.

  • Hey!  

    The content on NF won’t be changing at all.  The female issues will be discussed in the women’s guide, but that’s a completely separate product from the blog.  Every blog post will still be 100% applicable to both genders.

    The last thing you’ll see on NF is an article about how to perk up your chest 🙂  Even though I’m a woman, and definitely have body image concerns like every other woman on the planet, I’m definitely more concerned with how I’m going to get my deadlift over 405 by the end of year than what muscles to work on to make a perkier chest :)We definitely have our women’s only area in the community, and I love having that – but trust me, we won’t be talking about cramps on the main site! 

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    With the Body Crave (natural development program)

  • beth

    “How To Become a Warrior Princess”

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