An Open Letter to Conventional Wisdom: Bite Me!

Dear Conventional Wisdom! 

For decades, you’ve been giving us rules to live by for a “healthier life.”  I understand that you think you’re doing us a solid with these tips, but you’re old and somewhat senile.

Okay, really old and very senile.

Now, if you were like the nice old man next door who yells at trees in the park, I wouldn’t mind – he’s harmless.  But for some reason, people don’t realize you’re not playing with a full deck…so they’ve used your advice to get fatter, slower, and unhappier.  I know you mean well, but when the stuff you tell us is either useless or dangerous to our health, I have to draw the line.

It’s time to put you out to pasture, gramps.

Here at Nerd Fitness, we do what we can to challenge everything (it’s in our rules to live by).  We understand that just because somebody told us it was true does not make it so; that often times going against what you say by doing the exact opposite is how to get results.

I know you have a huge majority of the population brainwashed, which is why a lot of my qualms below might even freak out some of the newer Nerd Fitness rebels.  I’m okay with that – like Neo in the Matrix, they need to be woken up.  Let’s take a look at some of your more egregious offenses and set the record straight.

It’s on like, Donkey Kong.

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Eating fat will make you fat

This one must have been pretty easy for you.  eat fat = gain fat…right?

How dare you sir.

You’ve been pitching this one since like, the 50’s, which is why every food these days comes in a low fat variety!  Unfortunately, the low fat versions are almost always way less healthy for you than the regular version.  Why? Because they just replace the fat with sugar, or salt, or some other chemical compound…and THAT’S the stuff that make people fat.

Fat has been wrongly accused, and I’m here to bail him out. 

Fat as a nutritional compound is actually incredibly beneficial to so many different functions in our bodies!  In fact, there’s no shame in a majority of one’s calories (50-60%) coming from healthy fats (avoiding trans fats, of course).  I realize you tell people to minimize fat and load up on “heart healthy whole grains” – but it’s those grains, sugar, and other processed carbs that make people fat!

I bet you don’t like this video, huh?

This article by Gary Taubes in the New York times pretty much puts you in your place here.  Hell, he even wrote a whole book about it, which I wholeheartedly recommend reading for anybody interested in this stuff – it’s much easier to get through than his incredibly researched but difficult to finish Good Calories, Bad Calories.

Can we stop it with the “low fat” crap, and get people focused on eating real food?

Thank you.

Eating cholesterol will give you heart attacks

Another softball right down the middle.

When people die of heart attacks and clogged arteries, their arterial walls are lined with a compound that is composed of cholesterol.  So, it was a simple enough conclusion for you to draw that eating too much cholesterol would cause these issues with cholesterol in the blood stream and lead to clogged arteries.  Factor in the pharmacutical community pushing cholesterol lowering medication on everybody over the age of 50 and its easy to see how this idea became so widespread.

You tell us that the lower our cholesterol is, the healthier we are (allegedly)…

And that food has cholesterol which increases the cholesterol in our bloodstream…

Which means if we eat less cholesterol in our diet, then the healthier we’ll be!


As the Framingham study determined (which legitimately made the researchers sad because they wanted so badly for a correlation), “There is no indication of a relationship between dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol level.”  Despite no evidence that linked the two; the doctor overseeing the study refused to believe it – “it is incorrect to interpret this finding to mean that diet has no connection with blood cholesterol.”

Seems like somebody wants to be your Valentine, Conventional Wisdom – he refuses to believe anything other than what you say!

Here’s the real deal:

Cholesterol, like fat, is actually something that our bodies need to survive, which is why our liver cranks out up to 1400 mg of it each day.  Yeah, the stuff we so desperately try to avoid in our food is produced by our body to make sure we survive!  On top of that, our bodies are pretty effing clever, which means that if we eat more cholesterol…our body regulates itself by producing less of it, and vice versa.

On top of that,  when it comes to cholesterol in our blood stream, it turns out that there are different KINDS of cholesterol – HDL, the good kind, and LDL (which actually has different types – large billowy LDL and small dense LDL).  It’s the small, dense LDLs that cause the inflammation and start people down the path to atherosclerosis and heart trouble.

Want to know what contributes most to increasing the number of the small, dense LDL?  Sugar and simple carbs!

I could go on about cholesterol until I’m blue in the face, but it’s time to move on.  So I’ll let Mark Sisson take over, who’s written an incredibly comprehensive article on all things Cholesterol, including why it’s been vilified.

Please note: I’m not advocating disregarding your doctor’s orders, but rather having a serious conversation with him about your cholesterol – if he/she continues to recommend cholesterol lowering medication (and remember, there’s more to it than just the number…), get blood work done before and after 30 days of an improved diet and then discuss things with him.

Remember, question everything!

You need cardio to lose weight

It’s no secret around here that I’m not a big fan of boring cardio.

As my friend Vic will tell you: “treadmills are for hamsters.”

But I understand why this one is so prevalent.

Life is a simple math equation, right?  “Burn more calories than you consume and ye shall lose weight.”

That means that if somebody wants to lose weight, all they have to do is simply spend more time on a treadmill every day and they’ll lose weight.  So, they spend 1-2 hours per day, every day, on a treadmill or elliptical or rowing machine or in a Zumba or step aerobics class and torture themselves to lose weight.

In this blogger’s humble opinion, there are only two reasons to do hours of long cardio:

  • You legitimately enjoy the activity.  If it makes you happy, do it!
  • You want to improve your endurance/cardiovascular health.

Notice that weight loss is not one of those reasons. 

Thanks to your crap, CW, I have to convince people every day that unless they like the activity, cardio can only take them so far.  If pure weight loss is the goal, the far better option is to focus on cleaning up their diet.  Or even better yet – combine strength training with a fun mobile activity AND clean eating!

This study revealed that 185 extra hours of cardio in a year created minimal weight loss in a group compared to compared to those who didn’t exercise at all.    Doing hours of cardio makes your body crave the very foods that make you fat and keep you fat: carbs!  It’s why this Time Magazine article accurately pointed out that exercise alone is not enough change for weight loss (even though they were lambasted by the media for it…it’s true).  They should have replaced “exercise” with “chronic cardio” though.

I don’t do traditional cardio. Ever.


Because I don’t enjoy it.   SO I DON’T DO IT

I strength train with heavy weights and strenuous body weight exercises, which gives my heart a helluva workout. Despite never doing cardio, I could still take off and run five miles at a moments notice with no ill effects.   My cardio comes from my strength training, sprints, frisbee tossing, and the occasional pick up basketball game when I’m visiting my brother.

Here’s the best article I’ve ever read creating a pretty great case against chronic cardio.

So, can you please start telling people that more cardio will not make them skinnier, and that they should instead clean up their diet and pick activities that make them happy.

Thanks, okay I’m done with you. 

Just kidding. Definitely not.

You need to eat every three hours to lose weight

Okay, CW.

I have to admit, back in the early days of Nerd Fitness…even I fell for this one.

And it’s a pretty convincing argument – in order for our metabolism to operate at maximum efficiency, it needs to be constantly working…hence, the whole “eating every three hours for weight loss” thing.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work that way – our metabolism isn’t that bright!  Want to know the real reason eating every three hours helps people lose weight?  It’s because it keeps them from OVEReating during their actual meals.  For example, not eating breakfast isn’t the end of the world…unless you work yourself up into such a frenzy by lunch time that you eat 3000 calories.

Now, this shouldn’t discourage the folks that only have time for two meals a day provided they can control their cravings and consume HEALTHY food.  After all, the quality of the food plays a big role in all of this along with quantity.

On top of that, our bodies CAN adjust to not eating for intermittent periods of time, which CAN lead to fat lossCome on, you think cavemen had meals evenly spaced every three hours? 

Now, CW…I will agree with you that eating every three hours can be really beneficial…for skinny nerds looking to bulk up.  Because they need to overload their bodies with calories to promote mass and muscle gain, it’s easier and to overeat by a few hundred calories every few hours than overeat by 1000 calories in two meals.

So you can stop this one right now.

Seriously, stop it.

Machines are safer than free weights

I’m going to slap you in the mouth for this one, you smelly pirate hooker.

Machines are the devil, and robots will one day take over the world…if zombies don’t do it first.

Honestly, I cannot think of a more useless/potentially dangerous invention in exercise history than weight machines.  They put the body in weird angles, they do all of the stabilization work for one’s muscles (which leads to imbalances and injuries), and they promote isolation movements rather than compound movements, which don’t teach your body.

I know you want to convince people that machines are better because picking up a free weight is scary and machines are easier to get started….or something like that.  Which is all crap.

I want people to think of it like this: getting behind the wheel of a car for the first time and driving in 6-lane traffic at 80 mph is dumb.  So, take the time to learn how things work, study, practice, repeat, and THEN hit the big lanes with confidence.

Where am I going with this story? Using weight machines is like having somebody else ALWAYS in the car also holding onto the wheel and guiding the car with you, developing a sense of undeserved overconfidence and reliance upon somebody else.  If you’re taught like this and only train like this, your first trip out into the big world on your own will result in an accident.

So, I tell people to suck it up learn proper form with free weights.  These newbies should start with a super light weight and work on their form.  They can also ask a competent trainer to check their form on their squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses.  A good trainer should be able to teach proper form in just a session or two.

I actually had a guy email me a few months back and say “I know you don’t like machine,s but I’m afraid of free weights.  Can you design a workout for me using machines instead?” I told him that I couldn’t do so with a clear conscience, and that he would need to look elsewhere if he couldn’t try weights.  Never heard from him again.

You might have brainwashed that guy, CW, but not the rest of this community!

(quick note: the only machine i can condone are the cable machines, as those still allow a full range of motion, but even those shouldn’t be focused on at the expense of good ole fashioned free weights or body weight training)

Lifting heavy weights will make you bulky

I feel bad for all of the women of the world you’ve convinced of this one.

Do you realize the damage you’ve done? IT IS FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE FOR A WOMAN TO GET BULKY WHILE LIFTING WEIGHTS unless they are overeating, have superior bulk-up genetics, taking supplements, and actively training and working hard and TRYING to get bulky.

Shame on you, sir.

I’m grouping this one with one of your other pearls of useless wisdom: “lift light weights for lots of reps to get that toned look that all women want.”

NO. STOP. FAIL. Picking up pink dumbbells and doing 50 bicep curls will do absolutely NOTHING for a woman’s arms, and neither will 50 leg press reps with 25 pounds.

Higher reps with low weights build muscular endurance, but do nothing for creating the look they want.

If women want to look “toned,” they need to realize that it’s heavy weights for low reps on things like squats, deadlifts, and presses combined with a clean diet that will get them the results they’re after.

It works.  Ask Staci.

You might have fooled most women CV, and even many of the people who should know better – but not the women of Nerd Fitness!  I received an email last week from a female who said “the trainers in my gym told me that girls don’t need to do deadlifts!”  Luckily, she’s smarter than them, so she’s going to learn without their help.

Oh, and this doesn’t just go for ladies – guys who strength train and eat right burn the fat but keep the muscle they have…which is how to build a body to be proud of. 

And that’s not all

Those are the six biggest crimes against the fitness community you’ve committed, but there are more.

For example. more expensive and heavier padded shoes do NOT make people less likely to get injured while running.   A better running technique and proper training will keep the injuries away.

Oh, and more sit ups will not reveal a six pack.  Stop telling people that! My friend Saint and his abs will back me up on that one.

Yeah. “heart-healthy whole grains” don’t make them healthy either.  They’re still grains and tons of carbs.

Well, that’s all I have for you today – I realize you’re old and you probably fell asleep at least twice during this rant Mr. CW, but try to get your act together and help me out here.  I’m sure it’ll take you another 30 years to catch up, but do it.

Oh, and you can tell your wife “Old Wives’ Tale” to go to hell too!

With love,


[PS – NF Reader, if you happen to have some more conventional wisdom fallacies you’d like exposed, please share them in the comments!]



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61 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Conventional Wisdom: Bite Me!

  1. Thank you for this article.   I have been telling people for a long time now that I do not even feel like eating every three hours.  Some of the CW I have always felt was fundamentally wrong but I never thought of challenging it like you did.  Good job!

  2. I’m glad you at least included that cardio can help with endurance/cardiovascular health.  I had followed the advice of this site for only heavy lifting and diet.  While my physical strength increased and I certainly saw weight loss, I really didn’t get the full cardiovascular endurance needed.  Stronger muscles?  Sure!  Run up a few flights of stairs?  Still heaving chest.  As ‘boring’ as some find it, intense cardio does seem to be needed for that cardiovascular strength needed.

  3. The ‘low fat’ thing always annoys me, theres an advert on TV regularly for Quorn or something similar that promises you can eat all the food you want without any of that nasty fat! I’ve found myself swearing at the TV when I see it on.

    The cardio thing is hard to persuade people on because they will lose weight to start with.  But hitting a plateau comes so much sooner.  When I started losing weight (107Kg down to 81Kg) a friend joined me, both started losing weight at the same pace.  I was using free weights but he stuck with the exercise bike and though he lost nearly 10Kg he hit a wall, got depressed then ate it all back on again.  No matter what I said or did he wouldn’t touch the weights.

    Anyway good article, we just need to be able convince people to listen.

  4. Hey Steve, I wanted to share this series of videos with you. I know it will likely get me booed right off the Internet, but I’m genuinely concerned for people on NF and elsewhere who eat diets high in meat protein and animal fat. This series is very, very long (I’m only on episode 51 and have been listening to/watching it while I work) but full of hundreds of reputable sources and well worth the time. Don’t feel like you have to respond to me. I just want you to check it out with an open mind. Thanks!

  5. Great article, take that CW! Would you mind elaborating on “heart-healthy whole grains?” My gf swears by them. Thanks.

  6.  hey Chelsea,

    Just watched the first one…gotta say – the mouth breathing made it really difficult for me to get through!  I also found the guy to be pretty condescending…

    I’m more than okay with anybody making their own dietary decisions.  I ask that for anybody considering making any changes, they should test themselves in as many ways possible (blood pressure, cholesterol levels, body fat percentage, looks and feels), trying out the changes for at least 30 days, and then retesting themselves and comparing the results.

    I invite nerds to question myself as well.  I’m not a fitness expert, I’m not a dietitian, I’m just a guy who’s presented what he’s found to work best for him, and what’s worked for other readers who have had tremendous success as well. 

    If anybody is a vegan or vegetarian, more power to them!  I’ve just found that paleo diet is a diet that makes the most sense to me and works best for me.  Cheers!


  7. Thanks for writing about why machines shouldn’t be used as a step up to free weights. There were a few commenters on the last post that followed CW and I’m glad to have something solid to link them to.

  8. There is a huge difference between “intense cardio” as you put it—which *IS* great for including as part of a regular weighlifting program– and the endless, boring-as-hell cardio that Steve was railing against. Too much of a good thing and all that. 

  9. There is a huge difference between “intense cardio” as you put it—which *IS* great for including as part of a regular weighlifting program– and the endless, boring-as-hell cardio that Steve was railing against. Too much of a good thing and all that. 

  10. hey steve, thanks… your articles make my day and sooo much to learn about health, diet and exercise ,  i read mark’s article that you have mentioned  ‘ a case against cardio’ another great article , i do 1 hour of  intense power yoga 3 times a week and have joined gym ( after signing up for  nerd fitness) so i can slowly start lifting weights , like many women i had this misconception about weight lifting , previously the other 3 days i use to jog or walk or do spinning but now i lift weight, told my trainer to sign up and start reading NF :p .. as i find him full of CW !!
    only field i am struggling right now is when it comes to diet …..maybe you can help!

  11. Great article Steve! However, there are things I still do and encourage my students to do with great benefits. We must know a little about good and bad fats, that will help us to choose the right ones. Cardio is a must if you want to lose weight; diet alone doesn’t work. I do not usually recommend conventional cardio unless it is a new student. I practice with them HIIT that is better. About eating every three hours; well, to lose weight you have to increase your metabolism, and you get that by eating regularly small meals. I never say that machines are better than free weights, but I do say that they are useful. Machines help newbies to get an idea of the movements and position of the body. Machines are also useful for people with back problems. Every point you have talked about should be study carefully before taking any wrong conclusion, but I say again : “great article”.

  12.  Oh! And one last thing…everybody assumes a paleo diet is like 15 pounds of meat every day…

    The biggest component of a paleo diet is plant based in my opinion!  last night’s dinner was 6 oz of chicken, asparagus, squash, carrots, broccoli, and sweet potato wedges!

    so, although we might differ on our protein sources, we’re both after the same thing – real food that came from the earth 🙂 cheers!

  13.  hey John!

    Thanks for the comment!  However, I guess we will agree to disagree on most of this.   personally, I haven’t found any sort of evidence anywhere that shows that smaller meals actually increases metabolism – that’s the conventional wisdom I’m talking about.  If you can cite some sources I’d appreciate it.

    Also, I will still strongly oppose machines, especially for beginners and people with back problems…they’d be better purposed to work with a trainer who can teach them proper movements with free weights or body weight exercises…or working with a chiropractor to determine exercises that strengthen their back or don’t put it into a compromising position (like most machines do).  Obviously this depends on each individual person and their particular situation.

    And I don’t believe “cardio” is a necessary component for weight loss unless its paired with a cleaned up diet.  If weight loss is the goal above all else, the client would better suited to do weight training in a circuit style while eating a cleaned up diet, compared to hours of cardio. 

    I will certainly agree with you that each point should be studied carefully – question everything!  I just want people to be open to discussion and not blindly accept something because it’s been the way its been for decades.  Last time I checked, we’re not getting any skinnier or healthier 🙂



  14. I certainly agree with everything you said. However, I will keep with the CW of eating every three hours. I find that having a small bite to eat (even just a banana) every three hours keeps my energy levels consistent all day. The more energy I have, the more inclined I am to get off my butt and work. The more I work, the healthier I am.  So, true, eating every three hours won’t make me magically shed pounds… but it helps me live a much healthier, active lifestyle.

  15. Excellent article as usual Steve. I’m hoping you’ll have a few of those vests left on the 24th as its pay-day and I plan on ordering one! 

  16. Hello Steve! I found your blog last summer when I first started making a conscious effort to make time for exercise in my life, a choice I made because I wanted to feel healthier and stronger. I was (and in many ways, still am) a complete newbie. And, succumbing to my nerdy nature, I started researching. It was really frustrating to see that most of the stuff available for beginners was focused on losing weight quickly and getting “sexy”. Personally, I hate that women (and many men too) feel that these are the primary reasons to become physically active. One of my favorite things about your site is that it doesn’t assume everyone has the same fitness goals, and you encourage people to be themselves, to rebel against the crowd.

    Can you address the ever prevalent stereotype (aka “common wisdom”) that people who are bigger–who look “fat” or weigh more–are automatically less healthy than skinnier folks? I know this is a complex issue, but it’s a “common wisdom” that I think does a huge amount of harm and is incredibly pervasive.Thank you! 

  17. I think this is amazing!  Love everything in here because it gives me hope.  All of this seems so much more livable than the previously held notions of fitness and health.

  18.  Sounds like you’re carb addicted.

    I used to be like that, now if I feel like it I can do a 24 hour fast with no energy issues. First time I tried a 24 hour fast it was hell, and I don’t do them intentionally, only if I get caught up in something because I don’t eat breakfast until after noon.

  19. The ‘eating every 3 hours’ thing is a total furphy. And not just because it is a pain in the arse having to find food that often! One of the most striking things I noticed in France, where fat people are few and far between, is they don’t snack. Don’t even have a word for it (other than ‘le snacking’). They don’t walk around eating in public either – they sit down, eat a real meal (probably with a fair bit of fat) and then wait til their next meal. Works a charm for them!

  20. Great post Steve. 

    Cholesterol is used in so many vital physiological processes.  Sex hormone production, first line of defense against things like cancer, and as a fat transport mechanism (the mystery behind HDL and LDL).  
    HDL takes fat out of your bloodstream and stores it in your liver.  LDL takes fat out of your liver, and puts it back in your bloodstream.  There is no good or bad, simply your body doing what it can to adapt to the demands placed on it.  LDL is viewed as bad b/c too much fat in the bloodstream increases the viscosity (and blood pressure).  But this is a necessary process in order to transport the fat to be used as fuel.  If you are eating properly and getting daily movement, the “good and bad” cholesterol will never be a problem.

    Read more @

  21. Think of your body’s fight-or-flight survival mechanism.  If you are doing cardio, and just hanging out in your target heart rate, your did not push your body to the point it needs to adapt and get stronger.  Maybe you got more efficient at running at your target HR, but not stronger.  You need to truly push your body’s limits – so your body thinks your survival was at stake – to get great results (ie, sprinting, high intensity weight training).  Consider it this way:
    Scenario – you are walking through the jungle, a tiger jumps out at you, and you immediately go into flight.  Once you run for your life, your body innately knows that it almost failed you and the consequence would have been death.  It now adapts and gets stronger for the next time.

  22. Enjoyed this, Steve.  Stick to your guns.  My husband has been a personal trainer and licensed physical therapist assistant for two dozen years, and the constant research he has to do to maintain his qualifications supports all the anti-CW positions you take here.

    Random note, re: “paleo” diet and “heart healthy whole grains” – IMO (not so expert but pretty well educated, I’m a certified personal trainer too) the only healthy whole grains are the ones we can eat without a lot of processing.  Barley, oats, and brown/black/red/purple rice, and raw corn. 

    The fact that humans can’t really eat wheat in its natural state tells me we probably should try to minimize it.  I still love bread as much as the next person, but I’m conscious every time I eat it that it’s one of the least healthy things I consume.

    Anyway, there was someone up there who asked about the HHWG question, and I’d say that if something has to be made into flour to produce the product you’re eating, it’s not really heart healthy.  Notably, the term “heart healthy whole grain” is liberally applied to highly-processed foods.  It does not occur in the produce section.

  23. Reading this with a nice glass of Cabernet.  Someone once told me that red wine was good for you.  I’m praying that  “CW” is not wrong about wine!

  24. Also, paleo and traditional foods emphasizes grass-fed and pasture raised meat sources, which are much healthier than their CAFO raised counterparts.

  25. I believe this is what he’s saying… The paleo diet is grains-free (so no bread, pasta, rice, quinoa, corn (which I recently found out is a grain, not a vegetable), etc.). Carbs on the paleo diet come from things like fruits and vegetables. I generally try to eat something like a sweet potato or banana with the first meal after a workout to replenish carbs used during the workout.

    For me, the hardest step was getting over my habit of eating so many carbs. How much I ate was ridiculous.

    Well, that, and realizing CW (and the food pyramid) tells us to eat carbs, but we really don’t need them. Eliminating these carbs will lower your triglycerides and the small LDL in your cholestrol blood work.

  26. Not sure I agree with your approach of ‘Seriously, stop it’ ..  Some of the things you list like having 6 snacks/meals a day do work for some people.. I have lost 71 lbs in under 7 months via eating healthy, cardio and 6 meals/snacks a day. Maybe I could have lost 90 lbs in 7 months by following your direction, but I am happy with what has worked for me.

  27. Yeah, like I said, it takes while to get into all the information presented in the videos. I don’t really expect anyone to watch it, but I felt like I should post it anyway.

    I know that you recommend people do their own research and decide what’s best for them, but it can be really hard to sift through all the misinformation and “buy my books to follow the REAL BlahBlah Diet”. When I first joined NF last summer I didn’t really care if people were stuffing their faces with nothing but meat, but now that I’m friends with so many people on the forums it’s hard not to worry about them.

    Take care!

  28.  Hey Chelsea!

    I guess we’ll agree to disagree on what’s “misinformation” – I don’t advocate people “stuffing their faces with nothing but meat” as my last comment explained; it’s moderate meat consumption (from grass fed, organic, free range sources if possible) combined with a huge amount of vegetable and fruit intake…

    In my opinion, vegans and vegetarians aren’t too far off from paleo – all three groups of people take an active approach in their fitness and diet to improve their lives, and all three groups advocate eating resource dense vegetables, fruits, and so on.  One of them happens to prefer eating meat for their protein sources.  I happen to be one of those people. 

    I do need to make a living to support myself so that I can focus on Nerd Fitness full time, which is why I offer books for sale, but I have no problem with people not buying them and having their own opinions.  I would guess 90% or more of NF readers will never buy anything I offer, and I have no problem with that.   Some people do buy things, which is what allows me to offer forums and everything else on this site for free and without advertisements.  

    I think there’s space in the community for people to live the life they want, and if what they’re doing is working for them, I say more power to them.  I have no plans on convincing you to eat meat, as I respect your decision to do so and clearly it’s making you happy.  On the same token, I hope you’ll respect our right to make our decisions for what we feel is right for us. 



  29. Hey Lamb!

    Thanks for the comment! I would guess that it was the healthy eating that did 80% of the success for ya, and the daily routine of exercise allowed you to continue focusing on healthy eating.

    Maybe it didn’t come across well in the article, but if doing cardio five days a week is working for you and you enjoy it (and it seems like you do?) congratulations!  I’m just telling you that things like cardio and six meals a day, that people assume are the only methods to success, aren’t necessarily so.

    Congratulations on dropping 71 pounds up to this point – you should be tremendously proud and I hope you continue being happy and healthy 🙂

    I was just trying to bring attention to some “facts” that weren’t universally true for everybody, and to encourage people to explore their options and do the research.



  30. Absolutely LOVE this article and so glad to see Jimmy Moore Pick it up and share on facebook with his readers. One thing though. Conventional wisdom aint that old-its more like middle aged. TRADITIONAL wisdom is a lot older and if people had Simply followed most of that we wouldn’t be in this mess! (at least WE aren’t in that mess, but you know what I mean!) Another great article stevorino!

  31. “I’m going to slap you in the mouth for this one, you smelly pirate hooker.” -Epic LOL

    Don’t forget just because it says “organic” or “all natural” doesn’t mean it’s healthy/good for you!

  32. “I’m going to slap you in the mouth for this one, you smelly pirate hooker.” -Epic LOL

    Don’t forget just because it says “organic” or “all natural” doesn’t mean it’s healthy/good for you!

  33. Hey Steve! I’m just a newbie to this site and all – and loving it, by the way – and I got to say that I agree with most of this article, and give props for the gathering of information! The only thing I really don’t jive with is the cholesterol issue. While some of the information you gave was 100% fact, such as the matters of HDL and LDL and how your body makes its own cholesterol, since it’s necessary for many types of hormone transport and such, other things are a little more in the gray area. You mentioned that your body decreased its production of cholesterol while dietary sources of it increased – while that’s true, the fact is that that decrease is rather minimal, and reaches a plateau point where you’re still producing while simultaneously introducing even more of it to your body through diet. Of course, the whole matter as to how much is too much is a bit of a gray issue, since different biochemestries of different people react differently, but to say that cholesterol contributing to heart attacks is a myth I think might be overreaching a bit, when you consider the amount of independent scientific studies on the matter that have shown otherwise. But anyway, great article! I look forward to them. 🙂

  34. I repect all what you said Steve. However, there are things that really work. 

    I’ve been a personal trainer for 6 years and had no problems with my methods. My students have prepared 5 melas per day, done weight training circuit, and done cardio with great results. I am not saying you are wrong, you might be right, but I have gotten good results with my work. Just one question, my friend; how many meals you have per day?

    For sure, people do not have to follow things because it is said to be the right thing to do. 

  35. As a female, I need to say that I love what you have to say about lifting weights! I train by doing pull-ups and leg lifts on an almost daily basis. I have not “bulked up” at all over the three years I have been training this way. Many of the females I know in my life are scared of working this way or “doing too much” because of this irrational fear. 

  36. Excellent post.  All very valid points and unfortunately all are still seen as conventional health and well-being wisdom.

  37. Oh, I wasn’t referring to you as one of the people trying to sell books or peddling misinformation! I think you’ve generally done a pretty good job of making it clear that you want people to do what’s best for them, diet- and exercise-wise. Sorry for the confusion.

    As a side note, I’ve bought both the Rebel Running Guide and an NF sweatshirt. 😉
    While it may seem like I’m trying to persuade you or others to eat less meat, I really just want to make sure people I know have access to as much diet-related information as possible. I’ve found the research out there on plant-based diets to be very compelling, but obviously you’re not convinced. All I can ask is that you consider it, which you obviously have.


  38. It’s weird, I never heard the “I don’t want to get bulky” thing until recently. My mom has always been crazy with working out, notably getting nicknamed “Diesel” after easily winning a one-handed pushups contest with a bunch of huge macho guys (while fairly drunk, no less). I guess it was just always obvious to me that women don’t get bulky, so I never caught on to that one (and am damn happy about it now)!

  39. Love, love, love this video, Steve! I found out about it from ManVsDebt and now I’ll be a regular visitor to your site. I’ve sent my readers an email to your link and told them not to DARE use traveling as an excuse not to exercise! LOL 

  40. Thanks steve! I just bought my vibrams five finger komodosport from sportscheck and they give me quite a workout! im tired now. lol.

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