Nerd Fitness T-Shirts Are NOW AVAILABLE!

Holy crap I launched a clothing line!

Okay, so I guess it can’t technically be a clothing line until I offer more than one shirt, but it’s certainly a start, right?  The hottest item this holiday season, Nerd Fitness T-shirts, are available RIGHT NOW for purchase.  Any shirts ordered before Wednesday at 11:59pm EST will ship out on this Thursday with a few extra bonuses as my way of saying thanks for supporting Nerd Fitness and helping me get this operation off the ground.

If you don’t care about the back story and just want to order one (or twenty), you can visit the store here.

Nerd Fitness T-Shirts

Here’s the description I’ve come up with for the shirts:

Show your support for Nerd Fitness by picking up your high quality T-shirt today! Featuring the emblem of the Nerd Fitness rebellion, this bulletproof (not really) shirt is guaranteed to make you feel 10% more awesome and your friends 16% more jealous. It will be the most comfortable shirt you’ve ever owned.

I’m not kidding when I say it’ll be the most comfortable shirt you’ve ever owned. I’ve been wearing these American Apparel track shirts for the past two years and I honestly find it hard to wear anything else (I only have three of them, which means I just rotate three t-shirts pretty much, ha!).  I knew I wanted a shirt that felt like…but not smelled like…an old, well-worn gym shirt.

These shirts tend to run a little on the smaller side of normal  (I’m wearing a large), so make sure you check the sizing chart before ordering one!

The shirt has a weathered NF logo on the front, so feel free to tell people that you’ve worn it in battle.  On the back of the shirt there’s a small logo in the middle of the upper back with the Nerd Fitness URL underneath it, so the folks who are jealous of your fantastic fashion sense will know where they can get one.

Here are the specs on the shirt:

  • Hand-printed with eco-friendly ink on athletic grey American Apparel Tri-blend Track Tees.
  • $22
  • An additional $2.50 for shirts that are 2XL (that’s the cost that is passed on to me for the larger shirts).
  • Available in both Men’s and Women’s styles/sizes.
  • Bulletproof, Kryptonite-resistant, and repels magma.
  • Will make you instantly appear more attractive and awesome to those around you.

So what the hell took so long? I initially considered selling shirts on sites like Cafepress or Zazzle, but they would have required me to charge an insane price for a simple shirt ($30+ before shipping) and it wouldn’t have been printed to my specifications on the right kind of shirt.

Luckily, I was introduced to Julia of Decatur Screenprint here in Atlanta WAY back in early May and started discussing t-shirts with them.  However, once I made the decision to quit my job in June, I knew I had to focus my time on building a sustainable business first, which is why the shirts went to the back burner while I finished up the Rebel Fitness Guide.

Now that I’ve officially established my small business, I figured it was time to unleash these kick-ass shirts upon the world. Decatur Screenprint rocks, so they’re not only printing my shirts, but handling the fulfillment of all orders as well.  This means that you get a quality product created and shipped by an established small business with a proven track record of great service.  It also means that I’ll be free to continue doing things like exercising with alpacas.

Pre-orders start today, and shirts will start shipping on Thursday!

Why You Should Pre-Order

In exchange for Decatur Screenprint not requiring me to place a huge upfront order, I promised them I would pre-sell as many shirts as possible.  I know the community of Nerd Fitness is a force to be reckoned with, and I have no doubt in my mind it will become a brand to be reckoned with as well in the very near future.

This is where I need your help. I’ve been writing free articles twice a week for the past two years over here on Nerd Fitness.  If you’ve gotten anything useful out of the site during that time, consider supporting my efforts and Nerd Fitness by pre-ordering a shirt today!  They make great Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus gifts 🙂

So here’s the deal: If you pre-order a shirt before Wednesday night at 11:59pm EST, your shirt will be accompanied by a handwritten note from me saying thanks for your support.  You’ll also receive a small Nerd Fitness button that you can pin on anything you want to show your support for Nerd Fitness and the Rebellion!

If you’re thinking about getting one, grab one early!

Last Weeks’ Contest Winners

Last week I had a contest on the site with a random winner coming from the blog comments, Twitter, and Facebook.  One lucky winner from each avenue won a Nerd Fitness T-shirt!  After pulling numbers from a random number generator, here are your winners:

  • Blog: Darin – “I had a ball pigging out all weekend. But today I’m starting the 100 push ups program (and the 50 pull ups and 200 squats programs as well!)”
  • Twitter: @DeAmbroseJr – “I want to win a Nerd Fitness t-shirt courtesy of @SteveKamb – because if I don’t, then the terrorists have won.” (happened to also be the funniest one, well done sir.)
  • Facebook: Nick Woods – “I would work out with Arthur Saxon, both for his legendary strongman status and for his rocking ‘stache.”

Now, I know there are probably a dozen of you who I already owe shirts to (who have won previous 28-day challenges and such).  Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you yet.  I just need to get some shirts sold first so I can buy a bunch for giveaways!

East Coast Meet Up

In case you’re unaware, I’m moving out of my apartment in Atlanta next week. I’m gearing up for a huge trip beginning in January (details coming Thursday), so I’ll be driving from ATL up to Cape Cod, Massachusetts over the course of a few days beginning somewhere around December 13th or 14th.  If you happen to live on the East Coast, shoot me an email and let me know if you’d be interested in doing a Nerd Fitness meet-up!

This is something I’ve never done before, but I want to start meeting folks who are part of the Nerd Fitness community.  Right now it looks like I’ll be making overnight stops in DC (need to pick up a visa or two) and New York City, with an afternoon stop in Connecticut (Foxwoods Casino for some poker!) and possibly a day or two up in Boston.

If you’re between Atlanta and Cape Cod and you want to meet up, email me with your name, location, and what type of meet up you can do (afternoon or evening). If there’s enough response in certain spots, maybe we can throw together a last minute meet-up at a bar or restaurant (or laser tag place?).  Yes, I do realize I’m an idiot for trying to plan something like this while launching a t-shirt line, packing up my entire life into a car, finishing up my second e-book, and planning an epic trip for January.

That’s how I roll.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some thank-you cards to write.

Pre-order your shirt today!



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  • Woohoo! Congrats man! I look forward to my T-Shrits (yes, multiple) and the buttons, and your gracious notes to those of us who have garnered a valuable amount of information and support from your awesome site and community!

    Great job, and keep up the great work!

  • Ha ha ha! I just realized you were standing next to a red phone booth!

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  • Totally pre-ordering a shirt… How large is a large? Are the shirts pre-shrunk? This will determine whether I need to get a large or an x-large!!

  • Just placed my order, Kamb. But I’m not wearing it until I hit my goal weight of 170. Its my reward and motivation!


    Debating to get 6 of these for my whole family 🙂

  • Look at you, go getter! Love the picture. The pose is very Abercrombie meets Nerd. If I was on the East Coast, I would be interested in a meet up. You know, just in case you were wondering.

  • You have a keen eye citizen! We could use more good men like you on the Nerd Fitness Rebellion!


  • I’m wearing a large in that photo. I’m about 6 feet tall, 170 pounds, athletic build, and I could get away with wearing a medium. They’ll probably shrink a little bit, but not too much.

    Hopefully that helps!


  • Alright Todd, I’m holding you to that!


  • Nerdman! Ohhhhh yeah!


  • Excellent! Thanks Steve! Now to decide – get the XL that fits for sure now, or a L that will be an excellent goal shirt… Or both…..

  • HMM.. I’m attempting to complete my order, but the price does not change to reflect shipping to Canada (It stays at $20/shirt). Should I submit and expect to be charged $30 per anyway?

  • Hey Jason!

    Just go ahead and order it. Our guys are working on the issue, and you’ve been contributing to the community forever, so don’t worry about the extra shipping. Just wear that shirt with pride!


  • You know I will! Order placed. 🙂

  • CapN_Tommy_Sunshine

    I got mine ordered!

  • Sa-WEET! I win! I’m more excited than that kid who got an N64 for Christmas! (Check out YouTube if you have no idea what I’m talking about.)

  • Does this mean I finally get my t-shirt from back in July? SCHWEET.

    I’ll be in DC until the 17th. If you’re here before then, holla. If not, I’m sure DC will still be fun 🙂

  • Hand in Hand (I think??)- the only phone booth I know of in Atlanta, too!

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