Nerd Fitness Yoga Is Now Available!

NF Yoga

It’s back, baby!

We launched Nerd Fitness Yoga on Nerd Fitness to a test group and 2,000+ rebels took the plunge. Over the past few months, it’s been an absolute blast interacting with them on the NF Yoga Facebook Group and watching them become more flexible every day.

Well, after closing the doors for a few months, I’m excited to announce that we’ve reopened enrollment today, this time for good! In case you didn’t join us back in August, I wanted to tell you a bit about Nerd Fitness Yoga today and encourage you to check it out!

This is, by far, the most polished product we have ever put together, and I couldn’t be more proud of it.

Why is yoga so important?

Mobility and stretching are huge components of living a leveled-up life. After all, what good is a strong body if you can’t move properly to take advantage of it, right?

Over the years, I have attended my fair share of yoga classes and found them to be incredibly beneficial to improving my day-to-day life, not to mention helping me recover from intense strength training sessions.

Yoga + Strength Training = the perfect c-c-c-c-COMBO!

However, yoga classes can be incredibly intimidating. I remember sitting in a car, forcing myself to work up the courage to attend my first yoga class. I worried about things like:

  • What if I don’t know how to do a move?
  • How do I know I picked the right type of yoga class?
  • What if I look like an idiot and I’m surrounded by really flexible people?
  • What if I rip a fart by accident and earn the nickname Fartman?

I worried about all of these things, and I RUN A FITNESS WEBSITE! So, I set out to create a course that would help Rebels of all ages, shapes, and sizes get started with yoga without having to deal with the problems of trying to find a great studio and work up the courage to join a group class.

That’s where NF Yoga comes in!

What’s In Nerd Fitness Yoga?

Yoga Set

I’ll tell you about what’s in the course quickly:

  • With Nerd Fitness Yoga, we’ve leveled up our quality big time. We have hours of high quality footage, filmed in a studio that looks like a Super Mario Brothers level, and we’ve optimized the experience for viewing on any device (mobile, tablet, desktop). Seriously, it looks fantastic on any device you’re using.
  • All the videos can be streamed to any device, or downloaded to any device when you don’t have access to the internet!
  • Moving through the course and knowing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing is a BREEZE.

Now, I’m not going to go through alllll of the benefits, features, and bonuses that come with Nerd Fitness Yoga, as all of that stuff is listed out in detail right here!

Yes, it will help you get more flexible.

Yes, it’s the perfect complement to any strength training routine.

Yes, it features plenty of corny jokes by yours truly.

Yes, it will make practically every other aspect of your life easier.

Yes, it is all done in a way that makes yoga approachable and fun.

Yes, I want you to check it out! 

I will tell you that it was really fun filming this course alongside professional yoga instructor Kate Marolt and NF Rebel Staci Ardison. I’m so happy that it’s been received so freaking well by members of The Rebellion who have tried it out.

What NF Yoga students are saying

Now, it’s easy for me to say, “NF Yoga is awesome!” but I’m slightly biased… like a parent who thinks their kid is the best at everything.

So I want to share some success stories and testimonials from your fellow community members who have been using NF Yoga for the past few months:









And to be honest, these are just a handful of the hundreds of Facebook comments and emails we’ve seen come in over the last few months.

We’ve captured more feedback right here from people from all over the world, young and old, and even families and young kids who are doing yoga with their parents throughout the week. This gets us so fired up!

Discounted Price – This Week Only

We don’t sell a lot of things at Nerd Fitness – in fact, this is only the second course we’ve put up for sale in the past four years!

That means when we do release something, it’s something I have put everything into to make sure it exceeds your expectations. It comes with a 100% money back guarantee, in case you’re still on the fence, as I want to make sure it gets you results like the people above!

So, check it out.


We know the more people who get excited and get started together, the more accountability and momentum we’ll find in the private Facebook group to rally together throughout the holiday season.

If you’re one of the 2,000 Rebels who have already joined us, thanks for taking the chance back in the day, and get ready to welcome all of the new students that join us starting today! 🙂

If this sounds like a community you want to be a part of, but missed your chance in August, this is your window. Get started right away by joining THIS week.

See you on the inside!



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18 thoughts on “Nerd Fitness Yoga Is Now Available!

  1. I tried the links, and they go to an oops page or to a post from 2 years ago. Also, I wanted to verify that Nerdfitness Academy members don’t get automatic access, right? Thanks, I’ve been hearing about NF yoga in the FB groups, and can’t wait to try it.

  2. I’ve tried that link (and every link in the article), and I’ve tried typing it in (and copy/paste). I keep getting a page with this across the top:

    Oops, you’ve tried to access content that’s part of Nerd Fitness Yoga and the scrolls in our library don’t show you as a member!

    I just want to see the homepage with the details for signing up. :/

  3. Very cool, yoga is such a perfect addition to any exercise regiment and given the concept here it will make you much more of a hero no matter who you are! Great work!

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