The Top 10 (Over)Reactions to Yesterday’s April Fools’ Joke


Got ya, didn’t I?

Yeah, yesterday’s article, “The Future of Nerd Fitness,” was an elaborate April Fools’ Joke by yours truly.

Initially, I thought It was a bit too silly and probably wouldn’t make people laugh:

It turns out, I gave at least a thousand Rebels a heart attack, and those were just the thousand I heard from!  500+ comments, 200+ emails, 130+ facebook comments, and hundreds of tweets.

Did you pick up on these TV and film references?:

  • If you Google the name of the company that “acquired” Nerd Fitness (or any of its parent companies), you’re lead to a wikipedia page for Arrested Development.  Same goes for Teamocil, the fabulous drug that I was promoting that lowers your sex drive 🙂
  • I was moving to Scranton, PA, home of the TV show, The Office.
  • My boss’s name was Lumberg, the name of the evil boss from Office Space.

On top of that, I sure had fun adding increasingly ridiculous dystopian changes to Nerd Fitness, changes that go against every fiber of my NF Rebel being:

  • Ads for supplements and popup ads!? I hate ads more than you do. Yeah, I know.
  • A focus group of people who hadn’t seen Star Wars: Do these people even exist?
  • The Rebellion would be renamed “the Fun Fit Squad” to be less controversial. Never!
  • I’d have to stop writing nerdy articles!  That’s the whole point of this site: I get to write about nerdy stuff and call it a ‘job.’
  • The stuff I’d sell on QVC? See-through yoga pants, protein vodka, low-fat microwave meals! I almost vomited just typing that.
  • Shorter articles and the Steve-Algorithm-Article-Generator? Wait…that actually sounds amazing.

If you happened to be one of those duped by my clever trick, I’m mostly sorry. Hopefully you can forgive me, but you have to admit…it was pretty damn good 🙂

I wanted to share with you some of the favorite (over)reactions I received from distraught readers who panicked when they thought I actually sold Nerd Fitness!

Top 10 (Over)Reactions to Yesterday’s Joke


Here are my 10 favorite reactions and comments from yesterday:

10)  Jamilyn121, who is still here thanks to her mom:

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 12.30.02 PM

9)  Corey D absolutely owning me on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 12.28.21 PM

8) One dude got so fired up, he sent me messages me on every single possible mode of communication available to him (email, twitter, facebook) to let me know what a mistake I was making.  When he found out it was a joke, he apologized and immediately bought a NF hat!

7) One reader going through the stages via email without a single response from me:

Email 1: #2 is way worse than #3.  Focus groups?  People who haven’t seen Star Wars?  Did you really start Nerd Fitness to worry about alienating people who ‘feel threatened’ by alternative thinking?  Weak dude.  Tea-bag in the ocean weak.  Congrats on  fulfilling your life long dream of selling-out.  Please unsubscribe me, I no longer wish to receive any e-mails from Nerd Fitness.

3 minutes later…

Email 2: Wait, is this an April Fools prank?

3 minutes later…

Email 3: Wow.  Well done sir.  Excuse me while I clean the egg off my face.

6)  Jason AKA Admiral Ackbar:

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 12.36.34 PM

5) All of you who tried to send supportive, congratulatory emails even though you could tell they were pissed at me.  Even when you’re angry, the NF community is supportive 🙂

4)  Drew ‘The Real’ Lumbergh (and the follow-up):

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 12.35.50 PM

3) Too much info Josh! 

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 12.56.49 PM

2)  Dak-Attack:

At first I was like:…

Then I was Like:…

But after reading your p.s I was like:…

1) It turns out, the jokes on me. Oops:

Over 400 Rebels gave up on Nerd Fitness because they thought I actually sold the Rebellion to the Empire! Never!!

If you happen to know one of those homeless rebels wandering about the internet, feel free to tell them they can rejoin us at

What I learned yesterday


I learned two big things yesterday: 

1) The Nerd Fitness Community might just be the most passionate community on the internet.  I have never seen such emotion displayed by a group of so fiercely loyal individuals than I saw yesterday.  It’s good to know that you believe and feel as strongly about Nerd Fitness as I do.  Honestly, the angry “how could you do this?” emails just let me know that I’m part of something special here, and I’m glad you can feel it too.

2) If I ever sell Nerd Fitness to a conglomerate, I need to flee the country immediately.


First of all that wouldn’t work, as the Rebels have reminded me in the comments below that I’ve been training my own hit squad for years to track me around the world.

Here’s the truth: I love Nerd Fitness; this is my baby.  I love this community more than anything, and I’m not selling the site, ever.

And why would I? I get to wake up every day and surround myself with people who are helping each other live better lives.  It would certainly take more than $5,000 and a DeLorean to make me give that up.  Maybe a jetpack. Or a time machine.

Joking aside, this isn’t about building a company to flip for a profit.  That was NEVER the plan and isn’t in my future plans.

Instead, I truly believe this community is our chance to make a dent in the universe.  Thank you for being a part of it.

Always and forever, FOR THE REBELLION!


PS – So, be honest, did I get you?  If you figured it out, which part gave it away? Leave a comment and let me know!


photo source: delorean

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  • Chris Jensen

    Hehe I bet, don’t worry you’re not the only one, I was accused of not being concise enough in a post to help someone fix their minecraft texture pack. I was like O_O the person in need of help did not provide enough details, I was just trying to provide every solution possible given the details he had given.

  • Benny

    You are a cruel, cruel man Mr Kamb. I recently wrote an article somewhat dedicated on your behalf, but I am hesitant to share it based on your obscene lack of honesty. But what the hell! It was April Fools!

    If anyone would like to check it out, its titled, How NOT to Study and Fail your Exams – A Superhero’s Social Experiment.

    You know…only if you want.

  • fab

    I was stuck in the middle I knew what day it was but the notice was so believable…heck I almost walked out (mentally speaking)

  • Wendy

    I have been a follower on the sidelines of your site for quite a while.
    Am embarased to say your April 1st post had me incredulous and sad till the very end.

    When I realized the rebellion continues, I knew I had to level up!
    I committed and bought your basic Rebel Guide.
    Gotta be strong enough to kick ass if the Fun Fit Squad ever does try to take the ship.

    Signed, a Devoted Fan

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. this is awesome.

  • Dutch girl

    I read the entire story, felt really sad and confused, then finally the ps took me out of my misery, ha, how blonde am I

  • Lauren

    You had me pretty disappointed in you until I read the Teamocil disclaimer. That made me go, “this sounds like a joke”. But even then, I couldn’t get why you were pulling such a long and elaborate prank until the end, when I realized it was April 1st.

  • maya

    ok. i read the april 1st post, and realized in 5 nanoseconds he woudnt do THAT. gotta try harder to fool me!

  • natedog526

    You had me right up to the very end. I was a little disappointed in myself really, but that is what I get when I read your blog shortly after waking up.

  • That was fantastic! At first, I was like, “wait, what?” *blink, blink* He did what?! But I figured out exactly what was going on when I got to the part about “no more nerdy topics” lol.

    Well played, sir.

  • Charlayna

    I thought that Monday’s article was freaking hilarious. I was almost crying at my workstation because it was so funny!

  • Bitten1ce

    I figured it out somewhere around the Teamocil reference.

  • Melissa Shank

    You had me, right up until you mentioned “instead of “Join the Rebellion!” we’ll be urging people to “Join the Fun Fit Squad, or don’t. Either way, you’re great!”” Then I thought ‘pfft he has got to be joking’

  • Jennifer Stauffer

    So I am new to NF. But I have to say that I knew as soon as I started reading your post that it was a joke, ONLY because about 20 minutes before my best friend played the WORST April fools joke on me. I was ticked and needed something to read. Where better to go than NF right? =) It was good real good! but i think the best part was all the ticked off comments at the end. Well played Steve, well played. I hope those 400 Rebels will forgive and come back.

  • MarkNorman

    As soon as I saw “Lumberg” I knew it. Mmmm-k?

  • Angella S

    I believed you through your merger with Natural Life Food Company. Then I started reading the very next paragraph about pop ups on the site and was all like “naw, pop ups are for porn sites”. The next sentences when you were talking about changing the name from the Rebellion to the Fun Fit Squad I was laughing out-loud. Good call my friend. I thoroughly enjoyed the email and your references to Scranton, PA and your new boss, Lumberg.

  • Tori Wilferd

    This should be a crime. Star Wars should be a mandatory showing in order to graduate high school.

  • joshmaddog

    Steve…. there is nowhere to hide. Fun Hit Squads have been deployed worldwide. They will stop at nothing, you have taught them to train in hotels and playgrounds, To eat well, and travel cheaply. All your base are belong to us. Its rather scary to see the level of Passion/Psychotic terror you have inspired.

  • WalkerSister

    The pop-up ads part gave it away for me. What disappoints me now is that I didn’t get the Lumberg reference (heeeey, Steve, what’s haaaaaapening?).

  • Leena

    As soon as I saw that “Natural Life Food Company” logo I LMAO in disbelief and thought “What’s so special about today?” And my Mac had the date in the corner of the screen. Sorry about those 400 rebels the were hella funny though.

  • Moe

    Lurker here. I read it after April 1st, so no chance of believing it! Saddest thing is, most of this (other than things like low-fat paleo dinners) is very believable. There are companies out there who are *exactly* like this. Thank you for not being one of them. 🙂

  • I’ll admit, it got me until the Scranton, PA part and then I knew it was BS 🙂 nice one

  • This was the first time I came to this site, and the first article I read. I had started thinking, “Great. Just my luck that he would sell out when I’m trying to join in. Oh well, I’ll read the older articles and use those until they take ’em down.”

    As I continued reading however, the post seemed more and more incredulous. Scranton, PA? What were the odds. And then I got to “Fun Fit Squad.” That took it over the top for me, and I KNEW we were being had. And alas, we were. 🙂 Thanks for a good prank Steve.

  • Tiggs86

    lol, I only read half of the April 1st article, was pretty darn upset at first, but began realizing it HAD to be a joke when you were talking about supplements. But the office position is what REALLY gave it away! Good One!

  • Sarah G

    You totally got me. I am super gullible. The Fun-Fit-Squad bit really pissed me off and I almost quit reading then. Good thing I finished 🙂

  • Ben

    You definitely got me, but at the same time I thought it felt like an exercise in you stroking your ego. It was like “see how awesome my blog is (which it is) imagine how life would be if I changed it!!!”

  • Jin

    I actually believed you, got really sad, and didn’t check back for a couple weeks…. eventually, I actually FORGOT that you “sold” the company, checked back onto the site, and saw this article. You got me! lol

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