Camp Nerd Fitness 2016 Video… Okay, I cried. Twice.

Camp Nerd Fitness is the most magical week of the year around here.

The last Camp took place this past fall – and while over 400 rebels made the trip to Georgia from around the world – we know MOST rebels won’t be able to make it out to the live weekend.

I don’t think I can capture how powerful Camp is in words (campers usually make me cry several times a day at Camp with their stories). Luckily for me I don’t have to use my words. Today, I can show you.

Below is our official Camp Nerd Fitness 2016 video that was filmed and produced by the talented Grant Peelle this past fall in the mountains of Georgia.

It does an amazing job of capturing this indescribable spirit of camaraderie and passion. It also shows how Camp Nerd Fitness laid the groundwork and gave us the inspiration to push forward with Rising Heroes.

Take 5 minutes and watch (full screen if you can), it’ll be worth it!

As I mentioned above, Camp Nerd Fitness is truly a magical experience, but we know not everyone can make it out to the event in person.

Part of our intention with Rising Heroes was to bring the spirit and passion of Camp Nerd Fitness to a format that allows Rebels to experience it every day from wherever they are.

Right now, the chatter among recruits inside of Rising Heroes is exploding.

One of the coolest things we’ve been seeing is all the people talking about their specializations. See, one of the onboarding missions is to pick a custom non-fitness specialization that you can work on and train throughout Rising Heroes.

We don’t know yet what we are fully up against – and we’ll need a wide variety of skills and talents in the Rebellion to cover our bases.

People are picking specialization in music, dance, arts, coding, language learning, memory training, puzzle solving, game design, public speaking, meditation, video production, and everything in between.

It’s been so amazing to see all the new skills Rebels are dedicating themselves to train in 2017…


I have a special “mission” for you today – whether you join Rising Heroes or not:

I want you to leave a comment with one non-fitness specialization that you are committed to leveling up this year. I wanna know what you all are working on!

Tomorrow is the last day of enrollment for Rising Heroes – and then we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled blog posts and free resources to help you kick butt in 2017.

I think the coast is clear for me to return to the States early next week. I haven’t seen any suspicious activity in Europe, though I have uncovered some really interesting clues about the origins of the four factions.

More soon!


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  • Caitlin Cat O’Donovan Carter

    🙂 Well met!!

  • Non-fitness specialization: learning Spanish and leveling up my blog! I’m a US citizen living abroad in Thailand right now and dream of teaching in Spain or Colombia. I want to finally become bilingual and improve my writing through my blog. I’ve been using Duolingo for the past two months and love it!

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  • Goran Dimic

    Non-fitness specialization for me: publish my own tabletop RPG.

  • Caroline

    Damn, this made me cry!! you guys are amazing and so heart badasses. 2017 goal: fully, unapologetically and with heart, be authentically me, in words, actions and rest. No more hiding! Starting with slowly standing next to my beliefs, sharing them and ultimately create a business on issues that matters to me. High fives 2017!

  • MTangel

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  • Dyzan Constantine

    My non-fitness specialization will be Occult crafts & jewelery making.

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