The Avengers Workout Challenge

lego Avengers

The Avengers are in need of a hero.

Tony Stark created an artificially intelligent being by the name of Ultron, and Ultron decided to go off the rails and attempt to take over the planet. He and his minions have incredible intelligence, lightning-quick speed, tons of raw power, and are hell-bent on destroying his creator.

If the robots win, then we’ll end up in a future not unlike the Matrix. Suck!

Fortunately, despite dilly dallying across multiple movies and ridiculously fantastic plot points, the Avengers have assembled yet again, and are ready for the challenge to defeat Ultron and save Earth yet again from calamity.

Are you ready?

You have been presented with a unique opportunity to join the Avengers, but you’ll need to complete a trial to show the world you’re worthy of joining the cause.

Ultron is going down! Sorry James Spader.

The Avengers Workout Challenge


Complete the recommended reps of each exercise in as few sets as possible while following good form. (Any time you rest and put the bar down, that is considered a set). So, the best possible score would be to complete each movement in a single set, for 6 sets total across the challenge.

Complete all of the first exercise before moving on to the second exercise. Remember – we would rather you do the exercise spread across more sets with great form, than less sets with form that breaks down. If you can’t complete the prescribed movement, try the S.H.I.E.L.D. version of the movement.

As always: warm up before, and cool down after! Complete each of the movements below with great form and not focused on time.

This is a full body routine, so make sure you take a day off from strength training the day after. No gym access? Complete one of our other workouts that don’t require equipment, like the beginner bodyweight routine.

This isn’t meant to be a full workout routine to be done multiple times a week, but more as a one time challenge.

1) BLACK WIDOW MAKER SQUATS: 20 reps of barbell squats with the bar remaining on your shoulders. You can’t kick ass like Black Widow if you don’t have killer legs (see what I did there?), and there’s no better way to build leg strength and power than with a widowmaker set of squats.

Complete 20 reps at a weight on the bar that equals your bodyweight. You can rest for a moment, but the bar must remain on your shoulders.

S.H.I.E.L.D.: Complete 20 reps at a weight that’s comfortable for you, taking as many sets as necessary (instead of one 20-rep set).


2) HAWKEYE PULL-UPS – 20 Archer Pull Ups (10 each side). You need serious back strength to launch arrows with the power and accuracy of Hawkeye. And what better way to get that strength than with the appropriately named Archer Pull-up?

S.H.I.E.L.D.:: Unable to do archer pull ups? Do regular pull-ups, assisted with a band or on a machine.


3) IRON MAN BOOSTS – 20 Box JumpsImagine you have a rocket propulsion system strapped to the bottom of your feet. Stand in front of a box or bench at least 24 inches tall, and launch yourself as high as possible, landing softly on the bench or chair. And then STEP DOWN (don’t jump down).

S.H.I.E.L.D.:: Step ups onto the bench.


4) CAPTAIN AMERICA SHIELD LAUNCHES – 30 Plyometric Push-ups. Imagine you have a shield made of vibranium, and there is a robot on the other side of it trying to get through. You want to push that robot 100 yards away with your super soldier strength. Complete plyometric push ups as if you were launching your shield into an enemy.

S.H.I.E.L.D.: 40 regular push-ups, or knee push-ups.


5) HULK LIFTS – 30 barbell deadlifts at bodyweight. The Hulk has tree trunks for legs (though thankfully his shorts increase in size when he transforms). If you’re going to pick up cars and throw them at people, or toss enemies around like rag dolls, it’s time to level up your barbell deadlifts.

S.H.I.E.L.D.: 30 deadlifts at half-bodyweight. Reduce the weight – a great place to start is half bodyweight, but don’t be afraid to try less!


6) HAMMERS OF THOR – 30 swings of a sledgehammer into a tire. Thor can call the power of lightning, but it’s his strength that allows him to wield his famous hammer.

No access to hammer and tire? Do Kettlebell/dumbbell clean and presses, as if you were picking up Thor’s hammer and raising it to the heavens.

S.H.I.E.L.D.:: 30 kettlebell/dumbbell clean and presses of 30 pounds (or less depending on your skill). No prescribed weight.

How did you do?


You can download a PDF of the workout here: Avengers Workout.

So, Avenger…how did you do? Keep track of how many total sets it took you to complete all of the movements above.

  • 6-9 total sets: Avenger Hero
  • 10-15 total sets: Avenger Recruit
  • 16-20 total sets: SHIELD Agent
  • 21+ total sets: SHIELD Agent in training



photo source: Meet the Chembeques: lego avengersJD Hancock: Universal AvengersmarvelousRoland: Black Widow

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