The “I Ate Too Much at Thanksgiving” Black Friday Sale!

Hopefully you had a great Thanksgiving!

Just in case you managed to eat a little more than you wanted, and woke up today deciding you ate too much and need to make some changes, we’re having our first ever “I ate too much at Thanksgiving” Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale!  I’m a big of keeping things simple, so our sale is damn simple:

Simply add any Nerd Fitness ebook to your shopping cart and use the code “BOBOMB” for 20% off each ebook.

Ebooks are on sale from now until Monday at 11:59pm EST:

New Nerd Fitness T-shirts!

I figured it’s about time for us to start expanding our Nerd Fitness battle gear…

So we have some new comfy bulletproof superhero shirts available in the Nerd Fitness Merch Store!

We know most Nerd Fitness Rebels already FEEL like superheroes, so we figure it’s time to start dressing like true superheroes as well.  These shirts will give you superhuman strength, x-ray vision, supersonic speed.  Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Grab your Nerd Fitness superhero shirt today for $19.99 – available in both Men’s and Women’s!

(Note: we have our apparel and ebooks set up with two different merchants, so if you’d like to buy one of each, you’ll need to complete two transactions! Sorry for the bit of extra work!)

Go do something, right now.

 Just because you have today off from work doesn’t mean you get to have today off from taking care of yourself.

If you took yesterday off from working out, if you took yesterday off from making healthy eating decisions, get RIGHT back on track immediately. Because if one day off turns into two, then two days can quickly turn into three, which can turn into a week…and then it’s January 1st and you’re wondering what the hell happened!

Not this time! Go outside and go for a walk. Go do a workout. Go for a hike. Just do SOMETHING today to remind yourself that you’re changing your life for the better.




photo source: Lego Thanksgiving

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  • Fratczre

    And i justbought the deluxe version on tuesday 🙁

  • bgvanbur

    I showed my kids and they both wanted the new tee. I only ordered one for myself though.

  • Hey I already worked out today get off my back!

  • Shoot us an email at and we’ll get you squared away 🙂

  • hahahaha, you’ll get to be the coolest superhero dad on the block!


  • Wow, awesome design.

  • Jason Hage

    I was pretty good yesterday…
    Did some cleaning in the morning (an hour of windows, and bathrooms and floor scrubbing can make you work a sweat) and then did some boxing in the early afternoon with my buddy. Then had a decent dinner. Usually I’d load up my plate full AND then go back for seconds. Had about 2/3rds full plate and didn’t go back. Though after hitting Walmart I did have a piece of Apple Pie with Ice cream and caramel.
    I was below my calorie counts so I felt like it was a good day.

  • I thought about Nerd Fitness yesterday: I went for a 6 mile run before feasting & walked between dinner and dessert. Today & tomorrow are for 1 hour (each day) of kickboxing. Good stuff.

  • Joia

    Flipped through a “Men’s Health” at the airport today and suddenly realized: the main goal of “Men’s Health” is strength, the main goal of “Women’s Health” is weight loss. AUGH! No wonder 95%* of women (myself included) don’t know how to train for power.

    I’m reading “Men’s Health” until Staci’s guide comes out. Which is?

  • Leo

    Just bought the ebooks- cant wait to get started!

  • FMFBlogger

    Well crap! That’s what I get for working instead of checking my RSS reader! 🙂 A day late and 20% short, it seems…

  • Will2Lose

    That’s Right get Right back!!!!

    Reasons why you may NOT be losing weight
    1. You’re not exercising enough
    2. You’re not getting enough sleep
    3. You’re too stressed
    4. You’re skipping meals
    5. You’re eating too many calories
    6. You’re drinking too many calories
    7. You’re too lax about diet and exercise
    8. You’re slipping on weekends
    9. You’re diet impatient.
    10. You’ve reached a plateau