The Level Up Club Is Now Open! For Three Days Only…

The Level Up Club: Holiday Edition is now officially open for enrollment!

If you are somebody that struggles with motivation, accountability, and consistency when it comes to getting healthy, don’t beat yourself up – it’s a problem everybody struggles with!  However, just because everybody else is struggling doesn’t mean you have to struggle too – if you put the right systems in place, surround yourself with the right kinds of people, and build habits in the right way, you can make permanent changes to your life.

The Level Up Club is seven-week course for rebels who know they should get healthy but struggle with the motivation and accountability of actually following through! 

We had our first Level Up Club back in June of this year, and we sold out 100 slots in less than 10 hours; this was really surprising and encouraging; I couldn’t believe at how quickly we filled up all available slots, and I was excited to be able to help so many people with such a big problem.

This time around, we’re opening our enrollment for the Level Up Club right now!  Doors will remain open until 11:59pm this Saturday (yes, that’s only two days from now!). The class will run for SEVEN weeks, from this upcoming Sunday until December 31st, guiding you through the tough holiday season.  While everybody else is getting heavier, slower, and more upset with themselves….you’ll be getting stronger, faster, and happier, while STILL enjoying yourself at your holiday parties and with your friends.

What to expect out from the Level Up Club

I’ve done everything I can to pack the Level Up Club with the all of the tools you need to succeed this holiday season:

  • Video missions and lessons
  • Weekly missions
  • Exclusive articles
  • A community just for Level Up Club members
  • Live video Q&A’s (pictured above!)
  • Interviews with habit change pros and Nerd Fitness success stories
  • Holiday battle plans and recipes to prepare yourself for family events and office parties
  • Office hours with the NF Team to ask us questions
  • Assigned accountability teams, and more.

Hell, we’ve even added an option for somebody that wants personal text message support to stay on target.

I go over all of these features at

Does the Level Up Club work?

I wanted to share with you a handful of testimonials from our first Level Up Club class back in June and from a few readers who I’ve worked with on accountability that I’d love to share with you now:

Jeanette: “I am not sure what I expected when I started this six week journey, but I have surpassed any and all expectations. I started this journey at 215 lbs, I had plateaued… well that is what I thought anyway. I changed my diet to 80% paleo, 6 weeks later I am now 198, I have not been below 200 lbs in 7 years!!!

I love to workout…. wait did I just write that, why yes I did…. I cannot miss my workouts. It was a bit tough a week ago as the boxing club I was training at closed, so I persevered and found another club and will be registering with them next week.

I accomplished two goals while doing Level Up:

1) I participated in my very first Warrior Dash and survived, I was able to do it in 48 minutes… WOW!! I loved it. I will be going again next year.
2) I have always wanted to sky dive, but I always put it off as I did not feel fit enough, or was to heavy, July 28 I did not one but two tandem dives. I was so nervous, going up in the plane but needed to accomplish this, as soon as I touched ground, I said ‘sign me up, I want to go again’ – less than an hour later I was jumping again.

I feel like I have my life back. I am running longer, my endurance is higher, I can walk up two flights of stairs without being winded, I am wearing sizes that I did not think I would ever be in again. This season in soccer I have scored 3 goals…. THREE!!! the last time I scored one goal it was in 2007. THANK YOU!!!”

Audrey: “Thank you so much for running this course! I’ve learned lessons (and will continue to learn from them) that I’ll use for the rest of my life. “

James: “The Level Up Club has helped me to change not only my habits and life, but also myself.  I have begun approaching so many things in my life with a very different perspective, via using the tools, information, and skills I acquired in LUC. For example, rather than just blindly diving into something and trying to do all of the things ever, I take small bites.   Moreover, I’m capable of creating both achievable goals and realistic paths to get there.  

The Level Up Club members have encouraged me when things were getting rough, and it was comforting to see that I wasn’t the only one struggling.”

Teresa: “I had a blast during the last seven weeks and I’m really thrilled with the results. I’m thrilled with my new weight lifting skills. I joined the LUC to get stronger and I am. I look forward to getting even stronger in the future. When I started the LUC I had Olive Oyl arms; now my arms have definition! That’s a huge win!”

Thomas: “Being able to share my progress and get feedback and encouragement from someone I’ve never met is awesome. Family and friends are always nice to hear from but knowing Steve cared made the difference.”

Carolyn: “The LUC missions were carefully designed so that I had to take one thing at a time; it forced me to slow down, which was exactly what I needed.  I learned to take things one pound, one inch, one habit at a time.   The missions were great!!!  Heck, I even learned to stop checking Twitter and FB all the time (I didn’t even realize my problem until the LUC).

I really can’t say enough good things about the LUC, it was just that awesome.   The live Q&A sessions were great, and it was so nice of you guys to hang out and answer questions.”

The Next Chapter Begins

See that picture? That’s what happens when a world-traveling nerd with zero possessions decides to set up a “permanent” headquarters!  Yup, by the time you read this, I will be in the process of moving into my new apartment down here in Nashville, TN.  I love this city so much, I signed a ONE-YEAR LEASE!  Yeah. I know. Crazy talk for somebody that spent the past two years living on six different continents.

Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited to be here and start the next chapter of my life, and here’s why:

  • I am so freaking excited about Nerd Fitness.  Seriously. I love this community so much, and it was frustrating while traveling to give up half of my brain power and creativity to figure out where I was going to live next and how I was going to get there. I cannot wait to see what can happen with Nerd Fitness when I can devote myself fully to the Rebellion. I know Team Nerd Fitness is excited to finally not start our online meetings with “okay where are you now?” 2012 was an incredible year, and I have gigantic plans for 2013. Stay tuned.
  • I reconnected with my old entrepreneur professors from Vanderbilt.  Turns out, one of them started Nashville’s Entrepreneur Center, which is only two blocks from my new apartment downtown. I’ll be spending quite a bit of time there and I’m also planning on volunteering my time at Vanderbilt to help current entrepreneurship students develop their own businesses.
  • I can focus on different parts of my Epic Quest of Awesome.  I’m currently sitting on around 900,000 Frequent Flyer miles (thank you Chris), so I definitely still plan on traveling: San Diego in January? Brazil in February? London in April? Why not? However, I’m excited that I can put the focus on the non-travel parts of my life quest to level up – namely the strength, music (hey Music City!), and gymnastics goals.

Once I’m settled into the new place and NF is firing on all cylinders, I definitely want to plan a Nashville Nerd Fitness meet up!  Keep an eye on the site for meetup information.

I don’t know what I was thinking, but moving into an apartment and launching a massive project on the same day has been slightly exhausting.  Once I finish unpacking, I’ll be hanging out in the Level Up Club and greeting the new members that sign up today.

Hope to see you in there!

For the Rebellion!


PS: Nerd Fitness has always been and always will be 100% ad-free. Our awesome message boards will always be free to use as well, and I plan on writing two free articles each and every week until the end of time.  I can do all of this because Nerd Fitness’s revenue is generated through the one or two programs I launch each year, so thank you for checking out the Level Up Club.

I’m really proud of what we’ve created and I look forward to leveling up with you.


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    I’m signed up and looking forward to the next 7 weeks!!

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    P.S. Steve- If you do San Diego in January- I’m happy to plan the meet up!

  • Mark El-Wakil

    I see that you guys have class starting on November 12th, up until the end of the year. Do you have any plans for a level-up course starting at the beginning of the year?

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    Who won The Level Up scholarships!?

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    I’m signed up but didn’t get a confirmation email ( other than a receipt from the payment dudes). Should I receive something from Nerd fitness?

  • looking good steve, the balance of options are interesting

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    Awesome your doing this again guys

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    Platinum level: I need the accountability, tough love! In the Skype interview, will my yoda help me set realistic goals? Will I be required to respond to the daily text with my accomplishments and/or failures?

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    I’d love to be there at SD Meetup as well!

  • hey Muttsy!

    If you have a gmail address, our payment processing system sometimes takes and hour or two – let us know if you still haven’t received anything by emailing us at – cheers!


  • excited to have you with us Deeter!


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    We’re working on January 1st plans as we speak – there will definitely be something, we’re just deciding on what form that class/course takes. Thanks for asking!


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    Yes, the plan with the skype interview is to hear more about who you are and how you operate. Some people need constant optimistic support…others need a kick in the ass and some tough love. we’ll find out how you operate, and then provide you that support daily via text message and answer your questions, check in, etc.

  • We picked our winners this morning!

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    This is going to be tough with a massive trip to France planned to visit family… family who make very delicious pastries… but I’m biting!

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