When Was The Last Time You Did Something Spontaneous?

just jump

I want you to think about life “back in the day”:

Remember those nights where you were supposed to be studying but instead decided to drive to the next state just for your favorite ice cream?

Or when one of your friends excitedly ran in the room saying “do you want to…” and you said “HELL YEAH LET’S GO” before they even get a chance to finish their sentence?

When we’re younger, “spontaneity” is the name of the game. We live for those last minute moments where anything can happen, where there are no plans, no thoughts of “but how will this work,” no regrets.

Now that you’re older, when was the last time you’ve done something completely spontaneous?  Something that wasn’t planned, that didn’t fit into your five year plan, that took you outside of your comfort zone…just because.

Last week, I had an opportunity to do something ridiculous, and initially decided against it.  I then thought to myself that I had grown too comfortable, complacent, and safe…so I changed my mind last minute and said yes.

It resulted in 24 of the most exciting hours of my life.

Screw It, Let’s Do It


I’m a huge Richard Branson fan.

If you’re not familiar with Richard, he’s the founder of Virgin, a company that does just about everything.  He’s also a daredevil and sets off on a moment’s notice to hot air balloon across the Atlantic or base jump from the top of a skyscraper.

Reading his autobiography, Losing My Virginity, had a huge influence on how I’ve looked to live my life.  He oftentimes picks the unusual path for difficult decisions, not because it contributes most to the bottom line, but because in his gut it just feels right.  Sometimes, he sets off on a crazy adventure just for the story.

In fact, he’s run his life and his business with the mantra “screw it, let’s do it.”  When something feels right, he commits to it, and then figures out how to make it work after.

Since reading Richard’s story and really identifying with what he stands for, I started trusting my gut more.  And obviously “trust your gut” doesn’t sound nerdy enough, so instead I looked at it like “using the Force.”

Looking back, I realized that I was ALREADY a Jedi, and had used the Force to:

  • Pick the college I attended (despite there being ‘better’ choices on paper).
  • Change to a job that changed my life, despite it paying HALF of what I was getting paid before.
  • When I knew it was time to quit and focus on Nerd Fitness full-time, despite not having made any money yet!

On paper, none of these were the most viable decisions, but something inside me told me that I needed to shake things up, say yes, and then figure out how it would work after.

So then I started thinking of my favorite memories from my travel; the memories with friends that I’ll never forget.

These memories were always made on the days when there was no set plan, or when I said last minute to something that wasn’t initially in the plans.

Did you enjoy your story?

Adventuring in the Valley (and a new NBC TV Interview)

There’s a video called “A Story For Tomorrow” that I try to watch at least once a month.

At the end of the story, two questions are posed: “Is it possible to be happy with this life?” and “Did you enjoy your story?”

This is worth watching. Trust me.

A Story for Tomorrow

Life is composed of stories and memories.  When it comes to our “game over,” it’s not about our high score but rather how much fun we had playing the game.

After all, who cares if we set the high score in a game we didn’t even enjoy playing?

We never remember the time we stayed late at work and missed our kid’s soccer game, the test that we aced but passed up on the best concert ever, or the “no thanks” we gave to a friend because an event that had some uncertainty.

We remember the nights with friends staying up too late, the days we play hookie from work to take our kids out for pizza, and the adventures we embark on when we’re not sure of how they’ll turn out.

I challenge you today to start mixing some spontaneity back into your life.  To stop saying no to ‘uncertainty’ and instead say “screw it, let’s do it.”  It might not turn out perfectly, but it might also give you a life-changing story and lifelong memory.

If you’ve seen the trailers for “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” I bet many of us can relate:

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Video

There’s only one way to find out what could happen…

But Steve, I can’t Just…

sad dog

I can hear you now. (Seriously my hearing is that good.)

  • “But Steve you’re lucky and only 29.  I have a wife and kids and _______.”
  • “Must be nice to be you. I can’t because _________.”
  • I don’t have time or can’t afford to be spontaneous man. Sorry.”

I’ve already covered in a previous post why “Must be nice…” is the worst possible attitude you can have.

Yes, I realize not everybody can hop on a plane at a moment’s notice to attend an event; that’s just ONE example of how to be spontaneous.

It can be as simple as:

  • Leaving work at lunch time to come home and build a pillow fort with your kids.
  • Surprising your significant other with a picnic.
  • Driving to visit a friend you haven’t seen forever, just for the weekend.

These stories are what you get to take with you 50 years from now.

If money is tight, why not plan for spontaneity?  I realize that sounds like a paradox, but hear me out.  Oftentimes we don’t do something last minute because we can’t justify the expense…so why not create a spontaneity fund?

Hat tip to my yoda Chris Guillebeau for this:

Define your priorities: Determine what’s truly important to you.  I’ve chosen to make stories, memories, and personal development a priority (with my Epic Quest of Awesome), so I’ve structured my entire life around those things.  It took years of ‘engineering,’ a crazy amount of sacrifice, and more than a few risky moves, but I knew what I wanted and made those things a priority. It might be as simple as “family, friends, and happiness” or as complex as getting into a completely new career.  Clearly define what is important to you in your life.

Remember: experiences trump possessions, almost every single time.

Practice selective frugality: Sure it would be nice to buy whatever you want and go wherever you want and do whatever you want whenever you want…but things don’t work that way. So you need to practice selective frugality.  In other words, stop spending money on crap you don’t need to impress people you don’t like!  (Thanks Tyler Durden!).  Opt-out of “keeping up with the Joneses.” Instead, be ruthless in saving money on things you don’t really need.

Create a spontaneity fund:  I have an Idiot fund in my Capital One Savings Fund (non-affiliate link): every month I set aside $50 to cover any bonehead mistakes (parking ticket, broken whatever, etc.)  Because the money is automatically deducted from my checking account, I don’t notice it missing.  Why not create an automatically funded “spontaneity fund?”  Set aside just $10 or $20 from each paycheck and automatically pull it into a free savings account.

Then, when spontaneous things arise, you can’t use “I can’t afford it” as an excuse.  And you can’t use “I don’t have time” as an excuse.

So, you should probably just do the damn thing and have the time of your life.

Steve Ships Up To Boston

Steve and Mike

Last week, I flew up to Game 6 of the World Series between my beloved Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Growing up in Massachusetts, I was raised a Sox fan.  Following them is like breathing: it’s just what you do.  You know who’s pitching, where they are in the standings, and who the Yankees are playing.

I tend to go a bit overboard as a fan – I actually have friends that refuse to watch sports with me because I stress them out.  Oops.

When my buddy Mike Pacchione, a fellow die-hard Sox fan who lives in Portland, OR, reached out to me and said “Let’s go to Game 6,”  all I could think of was excuses: “I need flights. There’s no way we can get inside. What if they lose? Watching from my couch is easier and safer. I’m tired. I’m too busy.”  Tickets were going for record prices, I’d only be able to fly up for 24 hours, and it would be a crazy, chaotic mess for most of the day.

I then thought to myself, “What a great story and memory this will be.  When was the last time I’ve done something spontaneous and crazy?”

So I called up Mike, let out an audible sigh and said “F*** it. Let’s go.”  (Sorry for swearing Gramma!)

After a bit of travel hacking wizardry and anxious mouse clicks looking for tickets, I was in.  Not wanting to forget any of it, I chronicled my entire journey with a camera and put together a highlight reel below.

(Side note: If you hate the Red Sox or are a Yankees/Cardinals fan, you might not want to watch this.  You’ve been warned.  The rest of the Rebellion: ENJOY!)

Steve Goes to the World Series

Just say yes

say yes

I found myself saying “no” to too many adventures over the past six months.

I found myself spending too much time focusing on things that weren’t truly important, that didn’t make me happy.  After all, our goal here is happiness, ya?

So I made a concerted effort to practice selective frugality with both my money, time, and mental energy.  I started spending less time on things that didn’t make me happy or improve my life, and instead started saying “YES” to more things that were unknown, last minute, and/or potentially exciting.  

Sometimes, you just have to roll the dice and see what happens.

I’d love for you to share a simple memory from your past when you chose “spontaneity” and “story” over “but I really should…”

Here’s mine:

I had a 10 page paper due for a Political Science class in college, and instead chose to go get pizza and drive around Nashville with my friend Megan.  I had to stay up until 8 AM finishing the paper, and turned it in one minute before it was due.  To this day, I can’t remember what the paper was,  but I’ll never forget the few hours I spent with a great friend.

Let’s hear it!


PS: Quick note: I’m not advocating shirking your important duties and responsibilities, but rather truly spending time thinking about what’s important and keeping that in mind!  What we assume is important might not always be true.  Don’t forget to ask yourself, “I am enjoying the game I’m playing?”  Tomorrow is not guaranteed!

PPS: CHARLESTON, SC Rebels! I’m going to be in Charleston at the beginning of next week.  Maybe we can do a NF meetup Tuesday night the 12th?  I’ve created a Facebook event so we can get the ball rolling.

photo: Richard Branson Lego, mountain, jump, yes, sad dog

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97 thoughts on “When Was The Last Time You Did Something Spontaneous?

  1. I actually had a semi-spontaneous moment this last weekend. 2 weeks ago a friend told me there was an anime convention (Izumicon) going on in OKC. I’ve got classes and work, and it would require me taking a day off, so initially I said no…but then I realized I had the days off to spare, and my class is something I could make up for the missed time. The anime convention wasn’t just going to roll around again the next month. So I packed up and went, and it was the best weekend I’ve had in a LONG time. Spent the weekend being around some great people and having a blast taking pictures of some truly phenomenal cosplay.

  2. Last year I had plans, long standing plans, to go to a particular sporting convention in MA for Memorial Day weekend. My plans fell through when I was injured and not cleared for roller skating that whole weekend three days before leave time. So I decided instead to book a flight to Paris and spent two days wandering the streets, eating in cafes, and people watching. People ask me if I regret spending that much money on a short notice trip to do nothing in Paris, but I learned a lot about being comfortable with and by myself, and learned about my risk tolerance too (apparently, pretty high!)

  3. I live in Peru at the moment (lucky me). One Sunday evening I was out with some colleagues from work, eating. They mentioned that in two days time, they were flying to Easter Island. My girlfriend and I thought “screw it, we are in South America, why NOT go to Easter Island?”. So we went to the Supermarket the next day to get plane tickets (the supermarkets here sell everything) and spent 5 awesome days on Easter Island.

    Fun times. That was over a year ago, high time I did something else.

  4. Earlier this year, I was talking to a couple of friends who are music professors and had organized a trip for the university cello ensemble to spend two weeks traveling in Spain and Morocco. They were lamenting that one of the students had dropped out of the trip, had already invested a non-refundable $3000 (not a typo) and was still on the hook for $2500. The reason the student was on the hook for so much is because she dropped 5 days before departure. So I jokingly said I’d go in her place. They look at each other, then to me and said, “Are you serious?” I said, “Are you serious?” I offered to pay for half of the student remaining balance, and 5 days later I was not only traveling with the group to Spain and Morocco, but they added me as a guest vocalist on their concerts. It was absolutely one of the most incredible trips of my life!!!

  5. Mine was a premeditated spontaneous moment. Something I had long dreamed about doing. I spent 3 years studying for my CPA exam lost many friends along the way. The second I got my last passing score I booked a trip to San Diego CA (I had always wanted to go to the zoo) then I drove out to Long Beach and took the Catalina Express to Avalon. It was my first time on a plane and first travel adventure out of Texas. II’m a bit shy and can be awkward at times when I’m out of my comfort zone. Well this trip changed everything for me. I met many people, made conversations with plenty of strangers, went ziplining, scuba diving, bike riding, ate breakfast alone in a cafe, had buffalo’s milk. Basically I did everything I normally wouldn’t do back home. The money spent and the anxiety of leaving my comfie zone back home was well worth it. I’m 28 years old and this is the best time I have ever had. I was alone by myself in a different state but I had a great time and I am thankful that I clicked the “checkout” button on my airline tickets. I almost backed out because I was afraid of going alone and getting lost or something.
    This is my spontaneous moment and hopefully there are many more to come!!

  6. As much as I love the articles here, I think this is one I am going to not partake in. Not because I don’t have time or money, but because I HATE being spontaneous. One of those weird people I guess. I like having things planned weeks and months beforehand. I perfectly happy like that. I have some spontaneous friends but we hardly ever hang out because they want to do everything right now, no plans, and I want to have a schedule.

    If I’m bored at home, I don’t mind someone calling me up to catch a movie or something, but I could never do a spontaneous out of country trip. I don’t even like to leave my city without a predetermined idea in mind. I like itineraries. I like plans. I like calendars and checklists.

  7. My husband and i love board games, but had gotten out of the habit because we “didn’t have the time”. My husband has been watching Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop Games and found a lot of games that take anywhwere from 30 minutes to 2 hours tops. Now, we have tabletop games in our budget and add a game a month to our collections. Best of all, we have family game night once a week and spontaneous game nights to celebrate almost anything. Tonight’s celebration is we both have over 12,000 words in Nanowrimo.

  8. The last time I did something spontaneous was last weekend lol and I am so glad I did. My roommate and I decided it would be fun to head up to Philly and go to Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary, the nation’s #1 haunted attraction. We left Raleigh around 11am and started our 7 hour drive. We both were a bit under the weather (we may have celebrated Halloween a bit too hard the night before…) but we powered through and the memories, stories and jokes will last a long while.

    We got to Philly around 6 Friday evening, ate some delicious Philly Cheese steaks, a must whenever you are in Philadelphia, then headed to the penitentiary. The place is a historical ruin filled with so much history that any history & architectural buff, like myself, should make a trip and check it out. We did the Terror Behind the Walls tour and it was a blast, especially if you like having the bejeezus scared out of you! After we got done with that we headed downtown and hung out a neat piano bar. While sitting at the bar, reliving our frightful experience earlier we decided that this epic weekend had to continue so Saturday morning we continued heading north and went to NYC.

    I have been lucky enough to go to New York a couple times before so I was just excited to be back in the hustle in bustle but what I really enjoyed was being able to show my friend around town this being her first time in the big city. We are from small, rural Kansas towns so being in NYC was a bit of a culture shock for her but it was totally worth it. We roamed all over:Times Square, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, 5th Ave, Chinatown, and Little Italy. Finally, we wrapped up the day eating some pizza in Little Italy and decided it would be best to start heading back to Raleigh instead being spectators of the NYC marathon. After completing the Chicago marathon in October, I would have loved to stay, watch, and cheer on the runners but we realized how hectic traffic would be so we headed home and made it home around 4am Sunday morning.

    I will forever cherish the random weekend we had and it was only possible because just a few months back I made the spontaneous decision to relocate to Raleigh so I really appreciate this article. I am an outgoing, adventurous person that as stuck in a monotonous lifestyle so I took a giant leap and it has started another chapter in my fantastic journey.

  9. Thursday evening my husband gets a text from his son asking him to go hunting that weekend. We had no licenses, and the tags had to be purchased by the next day. I just had surgery so money was tight (as always), but we decided that it would be a good thing. So the next day we hurried home from work, went out and got our paperwork in order. We had a great day hunting with the boys. It lifted some depression from a few years of injuries, hospitalizations, and surgery (for both of us). It might have shown more fiscal responsibility to stay home, but it lifted our spirits and reminded us much we enjoyed being outdoors.

  10. I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to Houston then Quito Ecuador…a trip I booked last week…and now I readi this article!! Great timing Steve!! Happy Adventuring!!

  11. I can be spontaneous, but it’s mainly for other surprises for other people. My boyfriend didn’t do as well as he hoped in his exams, I showed up at his door with chocolate and a new game for him (this was a rare occasion that I had money, and a big part of me wanted to save it). My friend was really stressed, and some of our friends were teasing her about her looks and I could tell it was hurting her, though she tried not to show it-so I sent her an anonymous letter saying she’s beautiful and awesome, that she makes my day better just by being her and can do anything she sets her mind to. (Anonymous because she’d then think it might be from a guy with a secret crush on her, and since we’re both 17 year old girls, I knew that would cheer her up more-you never listen to praise from friends as much, do you?) A few weeks ago as well, I saw some people selling something in the street. People were ignoring them, and kind of acting like they weren’t people like them, and it was freezing…so I bought them all chocolate. The look of joy on their faces on al of these occasions made whatever risks I might have taken worth while-one of the guys I gave chocolate to told me I was beautiful and he loved me, and blew me kisses as I walked away-the change in his demeanour was incredible!

  12. Every day I do something spontaneous. One of the joys of being retired is no longer having to fit anything into a schedule. I just ask myself what I feel like doing then do that. Getting old is not a complete drag.

  13. This is awesome mate. I have recently taken this on. My fiance and I were talking about how cool it would be to campervan around Australia for a year. I said “Well, why not?”

    We leave in January next year 🙂

  14. This is so timely! A few weeks ago, over brunch, a good friend of mine suddenly said: “Hey, do you want to go to Thailand with me?” Without even thinking I just said yes. Yesterday, a completely unrelated other friend posts a link to a great travel deal he found to, yup, Thailand. I booked the tickets last night. We fly out in February and will be spending 21 days out there. Don’t know where we will stay or how we will get around, but we’re going.

  15. “After all, who cares if we set the high score in a game we didn’t even enjoy playing?”
    Lets face it. When do we ever even get a high score in a game we don’t enjoy playing? If we truly enjoy a game and put our heart into it, isn’t it that much easier to get a high score, and enjoy ourselves the entire time? So why should we ever waste any time on something we don’t love, or that won’t end up getting us something we love. Time is invaluable, spend it right. 🙂 Thanks Steve, amazing article. I needed to hear it.

  16. One day at lunch at college, my friend asked me if i wanted to go to Canada. I asked him if he was serious, he said yes, and we left within an hour. It was an 8 hr drive to Toronto. We skipped our classes, were detained crossing the border each time, saw the CN Tower, at dinner, walked around Toronto, took pics, and left. We made it back for our 9 am classes. I don’t remember anything about the classes I skipped (I literally can’t even remember the classes I was in) but I remember a great road trip full of debates, discussions, laughter, and fun. We became folk legends at our college for the rest of the semester. If you do skip classes, make sure you’re doing something amazing and not just sleeping in!

  17. Steve!
    Great post. All too true for myself. Also, you are an inspiration to not only my writing but also life. Keep it going!

  18. Me and a friend followed a Thunder storm into the Cascade mountains around 10pm once. Drove for an hour and a half. Caught up to it and It thundered and lightened at the same time and lit up the sky like day time. Long night but will never forget it

  19. Ooooo. and another. Took off on a whim at night and drove about 150 miles to eastern Washington. Went up logging roads looking for somewhere to pitch a tent. Found a wide part. looked like a field maybe. Next morning we woke up to a strange noise. Found that we pitched the tent 1 foot from a bees nest in the ground and we were in a cow field. Never packed up so fast in my life. I think the cows were amused by it all

  20. Yes the best times I have ever had were not planned or the best decision but they were just a simple “yes, I’ll go” and now they are great memories. Thanks for sharing yours!

  21. about 2 years ago i was travelling around Europe with family and had a month at the end of traveling on my own, i didnt have a plan so when my family went home i spent an hour looking at google maps on a hostel computer. about 3 weeks later i was in edinbrough on a highlands bus tour (7am – 7pm) and as my bus pulled back in to the main street i saw the pub crawl meeting across the road that id been meaning to go on for the last 3 days so i literally ran back to my hostel and ditched my back pack and went on the pub crawl. i had to leave call it a night at 3 am because i had to go and pack my bags for my 6 am flight to london i wouldnt have been as rushed if i hadnt fallen asleep for an hour while packing my bag. i woke in such a rush that i ran out the door and left my phone/camera in the hostel. i ended up making it to the airport JUST in time for my flight and some how made a fellow backpacker along the way. luckily the people at the hostel were so nice and posted my phone home for me.i hadnt planned on that pub crawl but it turned out to be one of my favorite memories

  22. I had my semi spontaneous moment this weekend.
    I have never been to a concert and SUPER randomly I found out that in a month one of my favorite dj’s would be at the Hollywood Bowl. I wanted to go but everything in me kept screaming about drugs and money and people to go with and whatever else came up. I talked to a few friends and we just bought tickets, I just used part of my paycheck and handed the money right over and went this weekend. IT wasn’t awe inspiring but…I wouldn’t have traded staying at home instead for 3xs the money back.

  23. I remember something my family and I did several years back. Technically it wasn’t me who made the decision, but being eleven or twelve years old, I still had some input. It was a day before Christmas Eve, and I lived in Red Lake at that time, and all of a sudden my dad just said, “Hey, we should go to Quévillon for Christmas, to see the grandparents.” Quévillon is in Québec, about two days of driving away from where we lived. It was an awesome Christmas.
    Nowadays, spontaneity doesn’t need to be big for me to get out of my comfort zone. Just staying up late on a week night to write a random story is spontaneous for me, because I know that the next day I will be half asleep and uncomfortable in most of my classes.

  24. When I was finishing college I was supposed to go to do a Masters degree in the UK. Deep down I really didn’t want to go. However, because of all of the social pressure to go, I went through incredible rationalizations on why I should do the program.

    2 weeks before I was scheduled to fly to the UK, I had this incredible epiphany. Life was too short to waste. I canceled my flight and 3 weeks later, I hitchhiked cross country to California. I spent the next 4 months hiking. I was more alive after making that decision than ever. It was the most spontaneous thing I have ever done!

    That was 2 years ago. Thank you for this post! I always need to be reminded about how important it is to be spontaneous.

  25. I applied to a study abroad language program for Intro Korean in South Korea and I know zero Korean. I was able to get two letters of recommendation within days before the due date.

  26. I’ve always been one for doing odd things and so in my first year of collage when I’m asked to do work experience I made a list of every stunt and jousting company in the country. But I was afraid of how they would respond so instead I made another list of sensible options. The problem with these were that actually when I looked at the variety I came up with i don’t know witch one I really wanted to do. The girl sitting next to me then laughed and said “yes you do, so do it.” so then I e-mailed them. and after over sending 50 e-mails I got 3 reply s and no placement and so I ended up with a boring option. Then randomly I came across one I hadn’t e-mailed. So i messaged them to ask if they wanted help over summer.
    I had a reply within 24 hours asking for my Cv, another 24 hours and my ticket was booked.
    I then spent an amassing 2 months preforming with an amassing stunt company making friends that I hope will last a lifetime. I learnt more then than i have every other summer. I’ve returned since and this summer plan to go back again, and hopefully the next summer as well and every other year they’ll take me.

  27. I love this post because I have been working hard over the last few years to become a “yes” person despite being someone who tends to enjoy the simplicity of routine. My favorite and least regretted “fuck it” moment however was when a friend of mine came to my apartment one evening during my last year of university with two bottles of wine saying, “at the end of the second bottle I have a question to ask you” …four months later, and by some financial miracle of saving, I was on a plane to Peru. I think I enjoyed this trip even more than my friend who had planned it solo, and have no regrets about a single penny, missed day of work, or hour spent planning. Go. Do. Live. The rest will always find a way to fall in place- thank you for the reminder of that!

  28. Two years ago I enlisted in the Coast Guard. When I moved to my first unit my number one rule was to say “yes” to any invitation I got, no matter how uncomfortable I was with it. Because of that I made a lot of solid friendships.

  29. This story goes way back (1985) but is my favorite story/memory. I was a sophomore in my first college attempt and it was spring break. On Monday of the break my best friend called and asked what I might be occupying my time with. Well, nothing really. The next question was “do you want to go somewhere for the week?” I said yes so he drive 2 hours from his hometown to mine to pick me up. We lived in Iowa at the time and decided to hit I-35 and head south until we hit water. Off we went with little money and no plans as to where to stop or a route to take. Just south. The only planning we did was to fill a little ice chest with cheese slices, lunch meat, and some condiments and to also bring a loaf of bread and a large bag of potato chips. Figured we could save money that way. We ended up in South Padre with a choice: pay for a regular hotel or be able to afford gas and food on the way home. We ended up staying in a very cheap leaky cabin but we had no food money. Our lunch meet ran out on about day 2. We started hanging in the beach and sneaking into the buffets provided by the big hotels by acting like we had rooms there. Got run off a couple times. Spent most of our time swimming in the gulf. Got stung by a huge jellyfish. Had an absolute awesome time! We ended up not being able to eat on the way home due to money.

    2 years later we did something similar when we went on a cruise together over Thanksgiving week. Drove 30 hours from Iowa to Orlando Florida then flew to Greater Bahama Island. Again, not enough money to drive home. Luckily his dad had stashed some cash in the car without us knowing. He knew us very well it seems! My friend lives half way across the country from me and my husband now but we still talk about our adventures. I need some more spontaneity I think!

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