Bodyweight Training Resources

No gym?  No problem!  A ton of strength training can be done with just your bodyweight.

Warming up and Cooling Down

Warming up
Cooling Down


Beginner Bodyweight Workout
Advanced Bodyweight Workout
20 Minute Hotel Room Workout
Angry Birds Workout
Batman Bodyweight Workout
Playground Workout

How-to Articles

How to do a proper push up
How to do a pull-up
How to do a perfect dip
Inverted Rows – what they are and why you need to do them

Feeling adventurous?  Check out the Definitive Guide to Parkour for Beginners.

How to Videos can be found here.

Want full bodweight routines and diet advice in an easy to digest package?  Check out the Nerd Fitness Academy, which contains both bodyweight and barbell/dumbbell routines!