Can Diet Coke Make You Fat?

Soda. Coke. Pop.

ept_sports_nba_experts-686956474-1256580685Whatever you call your carbonated beverage (it’s SODA, by the way), you’re probably already aware of how terrible it is for you.  Other than rotting your teeth, it’s also a huge reason there are so many overweight people in this country.  Check out this crazy story posted yesterday: Caron Butler (pictured) of the Washington Wizards was so addicted Mountain Dew that when he gave it up this summer, losing 11 lbs in the process, he went through actual withdrawals:

To try and give this up was crazy for me! I was going through withdrawals. I was in the bed sweating. My wife would turn over in the bed and ask “Are you OK?” Honestly, those first two weeks without The Dew [were] the roughest two weeks of my life. I’m talking headaches, sweats and everything. Before that I drank at least six 12-ounce Mountain Dews a day.

I know if you Google “soda weight loss,” you’ll find 2 million hits on how terrible these beverages are for you…so I won’t get into it.  Instead, I wanted to take a look at the effect of DIET soda on weight loss.  I know there are conflicting reports on whether or not this stuff can actually make you fat.

My Initial Thoughts Before Research

Diet soda has zero calories (generally) and zero actual sugar, which means it can’t directly make you gain weight, right?  A normal 20 oz. Coke, on the other hand, has 240 calories and 68 grams of sugar (holy ****), which definitely causes weight gain.  Now, if diet soda doesn’t have calories, it can’t contribute to the calorie equation (calories consumed vs. calories burned), which means diet soda alone can’t make you bigger.  However, is Diet Coke responsible for insulin spikes and increased appetite, which would indirectly cause weight gain?  Time to put on my nerd researcher cap and see what I can track down.

Sources I Don’t Trust

If you look up “diet coke weight gain,” you’ll find all kinds of articles that say Diet Coke is the devil.  Unfortunately, some of these articles site no sources and are written by people who are trying to sell their own supplements.  Other sites say that Diet Coke is perfectly fine for you, as it has no calories and therefore no ill effect (I would guess these articles are written by people who chug DC by the gallon).  As hopefully you’ve learned, not everything on the internet is true (shocking), and when it comes to fitness and diet our bodies are so complex that things are very rarely so black and white.

Sources I  Do Trust

After reading some of the crazy extremist websites, I tried to track down some actual studies (and not hearsay) that could prove or disprove the effects of diet drinks.  I came across this study from the San Antonio Heart Study, where the amount of diet soda consumed directly coincided with an increased chance of weight gain:

“On average, for each diet soft drink our participants drank per day, they were 65 percent more likely to become overweight during the next seven to eight years, and 41 percent more likely to become obese,” said Sharon Fowler, M.P.H., faculty associate in the division of clinical epidemiology in the Health Science Center’s department of medicine.”

Now, because diet studies always take place with people of various levels of health, wealth, genetics, and social standing, along with thousands of other variables that take place, I’m hesitant to place the blame squarely on Diet Coke.  Maybe the people who drink Diet Coke generally don’t take into consideration what constitutes a healthy diet, while people who don’t drink it generally could be more knowledgeable about their diets and thus eat better?  Maybe the heavy DC drinkers work stressful jobs (and ‘need’ the caffeine to stay alert), and the stress along with poor diet choices (from working late) is causing their weight gain?  I don’t know the full reasons and more research must be done, but the strong correlation between the two has me definitely leaning towards the “Diet Coke can make you fat” camp.  My defense your honor? Better safe than sorry.

I then came across this fantastic video on YouTube, already cued up to the proper part of the conversation where it talks about the effects of diet soda on your waistline.  I’m no scientist, but the guy makes a lot of great points in an easy to understand fashion.  Once again, I don’t have a scientific background (I was an Econ major in college), but after reading a few books on the effects of acidity and alkalinity on our diet, I would tend to agree with the makers of this video.

My Problem With Diet Soda

My big problem with Diet Coke is that I don’t know what the hell is in it.   I mean, if it tastes like soda, but doesn’t have any calories at all…what the eff are they putting in there?  Vin Miller over at (who is not surprisingly biased towards eating natural foods) breaks down the new ingredients in Coke Zero and Pepsi Max.  I’m a big fan of Vin’s and I certainly respect his opinion, as he always tends to lean towards the healthier/safer side of things.  Some of these can’t be good for you, no matter what the FDA says.  Speaking of which, I’m growing less and less trusting of the FDA by the day.  Check out this article where FDA scientists accuse their own administration of running the organization like the Mob.  Yikes.

My Conclusion

In my personal opinion, I’d say Diet Coke is the lesser of two evils if you’re trying to lose weight.  However, it’s still created in a lab with unnatural elements, and there are studies that have shown people who drink the stuff are more likely to be overweight.  Whether it’s directly the cause or simply part of a larger problem still needs to be shown, but the numbers don’t lie.  I think people who switch from a case of Mountain Dew a day to a case of Diet Mountain Dew are still going to have all kinds of health problems anyway…just a hunch. Regardless of what the FDA says, I’m not convinced that the stuff in Diet Coke and Coke Zero isn’t harmful, and I’m not convinced that because it has littler or no calories it can’t make you gain weight. Better safe than sorry, right?

My Recommendation

I recommend that you cut back on soda/sugary drinks as much as possible, even if they’re diet, if you’re trying to lose weight.  Even if you’re not trying to lose weight, give it up!  It’s not good for you.  If you’re drinking soda, don’t do so at the expense of your water consumption.  If you need “fuel” for a marathon session of Aion (a new MMORPG my friends are hooked on), you better be double-fisting some high-quality H20 with that diet Dew.  If you think water is too boring, you have to decide what’s more important: your health or your sweet tooth.

Now It’s Your Turn

These are my thoughts and opinions, but what do I know? I’d love to hear some actual stories from you guys and how soda and diet soda has affected your weight loss and health.  If you’ve given up regular soda and switched to diet and lost a lot of weight I want to know.  If you’re struggling to lose weight but you can’t kick your Diet Coke habit, I want to hear about it.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments.



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  • Zachary Aletheia

    oh and here is one more

  • Zachary Aletheia

    oh and here is one more

  • Zachary Aletheia

    Last one i promise

  • Maaike Quinn

    I lost quite a lot of weight about five years ago while drinking lots and lots of diet coke. I’m not saying it’s healthy, but it’s definitely possible to lose weight while drinking diet coke. However, I hardly drink it these days. I don’t doubt the FDA that much, but water just feels better. Better safe than sorry indeed!

  • Maaike Quinn

    I lost quite a lot of weight about five years ago while drinking lots and lots of diet coke. I’m not saying it’s healthy, but it’s definitely possible to lose weight while drinking diet coke. However, I hardly drink it these days. I don’t doubt the FDA that much, but water just feels better. Better safe than sorry indeed!

  • RDOwens

    I’m reading the Paleo Solution.  Discussing Cortisol Wolf wrote:
    “Cortisol raises blood sugar levels, which can cause fat gain.  Although many people don’t know this, cortisol release from stress and a lack of sleep factors prominently in body fat gain, leading to that pesky spare tire around the midsection.”

    “The following increase cortisol levels: . . . caffeine . . .”

    This is one of my issues.  I used to drink Coke.  I switched to Diet Coke thinking I was saving myself.  But I didn’t; I am addicted to caffeine.  I know it; I need to address it.

  • Anonymous

    It has no calories because it is not food.

  • Lance

    As a medical student few things drive me up the wall like “It’s full of chemicals, therefore it’s bad for you”. Everything is made of chemicals, our body circulates innumerable chemicals every day and without synthetic chemicals society would be utterly screwed. I’m not going to say Diet Coke is good for you in any way, I recognise it’s the lesser of two evils, but I did lose about 10kg just from switching my Coke addiction for a Diet Coke addiction.

  • Guest

    Just my two cents, in my experience the further i stay away from overly processed anything the healthier I have been. As a psychologist I can tell you it is possible to almost get addicted to anything and that anything you are addicted to regardless of how harmless it seem is a bad idea.(Drinking even too much water can be bad for you) Not to sound too cliche but balance is key,do you really need it and how much do you really need?Addiction messes with  our common sense in those situations. Also the link between chemicals like Aspartame and cancer is very fuzzy so here is my advice for what its worth. Water will always be better than processed products such as fizzy drinks. Maybe diet coke is the lesser of two evils and maybe aspartame does or does not cause cancer. Is it really worth it to find out?We definitely know its not good for you?Why waste your time drinking either until someone can prove that it really is bad for you as opposed to only being just not particularly good for you.The only reason i could think of drinking diet coke would be in a process to wean myself entirely off these products all together.

  • Zachary Aletheia

    Because you like the taste of it and all evidence points it it not being harmful (and its strong evidence).

  • Zachary Aletheia

    Further i see nothing necessarily wrong with a synthetic chemical. 

  • Erica

    Dakao – I have been looking for an option to get more water into my system, without having to resort to plain water all the time.  Right now I’m drinking diet drinks, but I feel horrible about all the artificial sweetners I take in everyday.  I never thought about adding a little fruit juice to my water to give it some flavor.  How simple a suggestion, but an amazing one.  Thank you for posting!!

  • Emily

    I am definitely not a fan of diet soda, for many reasons.  Research studies pointing to dangerous side effects of aspartame are one.

    I was tipped on to some serious issues with diet soda came from an awesome book by Jillian Micheals, Master Your Metabolism. Diet soda tricks our bodies (like so many other chemical-laden “foods” our there).  Here’s what I mean.  Our bodies are rigged to react a certain way when we consume (and consequently taste) sugar – our bodies kick into action at the cellular level and the sugar converts to glucose, etc.  Our taste buds link with this process, so when we taste “sweet” diet soda, our bodies gear up for those sugary calories.  But here’s the thing…no calories come, and our bodies are confused.  Sweet doesn’t equate with calories anymore.

    So, what happens when a diet coke addict breaks down and eats 3 fudge brownies?  Sweet goes in, but the body doesn’t react the way it’s supposed to because it doesn’t think we’ve consumed any calories.  We literally trick our bodies, which you can image leads to all kinds of whacked out consequences.

    Enough said.  Read Jillian’s book. 

  • akimbo

    Intriguing stuff… I’ve heard the science before, but I suppose I’ve also been in denial, and so continue to drink diet soda and sometimes use artificial sweetener in coffee. But I think I must end it now. I notice the hunger after a diet soda, and, thinking back on dinners with family at restaurants, I find another messed up aspect to the diet sodapop: Nearly every time we went out to eat (though we only went weekly) I’d order a diet soda. And you know they give free refills. I’d finish my first glass before the meal came. My second glass would probably be gone halfway through the meal. And I’d always want a final glass at the end. Usually we’d go home and have ice cream. It seems like I used the diet soda as an appetizer; It literally prepared my body for the consumption of food. I don’t think I ever thought of it this way, but that’s really how it was. There’s something about the refreshing, bubbly quality that makes me feel like there’s nothing in my stomach. Oh, it’s so strange!
    I typically drink diet soda at work, but today I actually didn’t feel like it (for the first time). I’m not sure if it’s the awareness of what I’m putting in my body since starting the paleo diet 5 days ago, or a natural reaction from treating my body better. But I know I have to try to keep it out of my system from now on. It’s a slippery slope with that stuff, too, because it’s refreshing and so easy to guzzle. If only the FDA actually wanted people to be healthy, maybe they’d ban such useless products. 
    Thanks for the interesting read, everyone.

  • akimbo

    And another thought: Would the addition of lemon juice to water have a similar effect on the thyroid, considering its acidity? Recently, I’ve been adding about a tablespoon to my glass of water a few times per day. I do drink a lot of plain water as well. I’ll have to get some of those pH testing strips, fuh sho.

  • Susan Thatcher

    I forwarded the link to a friend who is good for a six pack of Diet Pepsi daily. I could hear the “Nooooo” from across the country. I once asked her, if she had a 9 mm Glock in one hand and a Diet Pepsi in the other and had to drop one, which one would she choose. That was two weeks ago and I still haven’t gotten an answer.

  • Christine

    I was a huge drinker of Diet Coke for years until I realized that artificial sweeteners were giving me headaches BECAUSE THEY ARE POISON. I gave up diet everything and I felt so. Much. Cleaner! It was on the same level as how I felt when I quit smoking. I do still indulge in a regular soda every once in a while but 98% of my liquid intake right now is water. I’m just starting on my get-in-shape journey (I’m more than 100 lbs over weight… Joe’s transformation was so inspiring to read about!) so I have a long way to go but I’m so glad I found your site. FINALLY A FITNESS WEBSITE FOR SOMEONE LIKE ME (nerdy)!

  • fatty12

    i was a very big caffeine person..then i got pregnant and had to cut back but still couldn’t quiet kick the habit. now 2 months after giving birth i have switched to diet mt dew and diet dr. pepper. i’m not saying it is better for me but it isn’t any worse and i can control how much i consume better. i only drink 1 can a day!

  • Caity

    I was just wondering if you have an opinion on low-cal drinks sweetened with things like stevia or contain licorice root (Stash licorice spice= delish!). They avoid both the “full of calories” and “contain mystery things” traps.

  • Anonymous

     I don’t like your endorsement that the FDA is a “mob-like” organization, like as a whole. The article you link to doesn’t provide the text of the actual letter. This is misleading because the letter of complaint that was written was actually specifically relating to a division of the FDA, the one responsible for medical device approval, and not the entirety of the FDA itself. This letter was from 9 scientists about a specific area of the organization. That’s 9 out of thousands of scientists. You can’t make that kind of leap so easily.

    I’m not excusing the corruption that may or may not exist in this particular instance, but it’s not telling the whole story to say that actions in a group that has nothing to do with the approval of the ingredients in diet soda somehow malign the thousands of other scientists that work for the agency. Diet soda is literally 99% water by weight, you’re getting a minuscule dose of any of the other ingredients. The DOSE makes the poison. (This is why I don’t worry about pesticide in conventional fruits and vegetables. It’s hysterical.)

    How frequently do you hear about massive outbreaks of food-borne illness in this country? Not never, but certainly not every other day. Why? How many people eat a meal in this country every day (300+ million and counting), and from how many different places of origin and thus, possible points of contamination? Who orchestrates and oversees this system? 

    I love your website, but I think you should stay out of debates regarding complex and definitely scientifically answerable questions unless you are willing to review the evidence at face value. It’s not diligent to do so based on the ideas of someone (like Mike Adams) who sensationalizes and cherry picks the tidbits he finds in support of his views (which tend to lack strong evidence.) Specificity matters and in science, we also count the strikes and balls, not just the base hits.


    A Reader (who prefers coffee to be honest.)

    PS: Better safe than sorry is a little bit too much like Pascal’s wager. Better to have evidence than to make choices based on a gut feeling or dogma. 

  • MINK

    The FDA is hiding alot of stuff, the fact that MSG’s are no good for you is one of them…
    also, if you look at other countries, they eat starchy stuff, rice, ramen, whatever…they make it much better for you though, they add vegetables and protein of all sorts into it.
    all we do is eat just the starch, and the FDA says its ok, when its all extreemly processed here in america, everything in other countries, like costa rica or japan, is all natural

  • James Tyson Sutro

    Get real bro. The chemicals in a tomato are far different than the garbage they put in DC.

  • Julia Mathias

    For me giving up soda is really difficult since I used to drink almost 2 liters every day, and I just find water soooo boring, I basically want some sort of taste in anything I ingest. One thing that really worked for me was to substitute soda for Mate ( I don’t know if it is readily available in the US, but if it is, I really recommend it. It’s similar to green tea, but to me it tastes a lot better. Also make sure you buy the actual leaves and brew them yourself, don’t get the packaged version. And even though you can totally drink it hot, to get the “soda” feel it’s better if you ice it. Just brew it, which will usually give you a pretty concentrated liquid, add some water, some stevia, and put it in the refrigerator.

    Yes, you are still drinking something artificially sweetened, but at least you are getting rid of all the rest of the artificial stuff. Also, it helps you digest food, it’s diuretic (a big plus for me, personally), it has vitamins (A, B1, B2, C and E), it’s a natural stimulant (I know this is a problem for some people, but to me it’s a plus), it’s rich in flavonoids (plant antioxidants) and in calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and manganese, and at least for me, helps to curb appetite a little. So even though I haven’t totally eliminated soda from my diet, I have gone from drinking it at very meal, and between meals, to only drinking it like once a week, or in social situations. So big win for me!

    Coconut water is also a good alternative if you are not counting calories, and live somewhere where you can get it straight from the coconut.

  • MeMyselfAndI

    Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in despite this post being 3 years old…

    I’ve read that its better to not drink while eating in general, though I usually do myself. Though I would not consume something you suspect will cause you to have an insulin spike (if you are worried about such things) WHILE you’re currently consuming other foods. I’d suspect if you consume a diet coke halfway between your meals that the insulin spike likely will not cause you much of an issue since you aren’t consuming any macronutrients with them….but then again I’m no scientist ( actually I am, but not that kind :) ).

    In addition I always take offense to the idea that doing this or that is going to cause me to do something else. No….you cause yourself to do something. Learn to control your cravings, don’t let your cravings control you (cue the infomercial). Diet coke doesn’t make you consume more sugar any more so owning a treadmill causes you to lose weight…

    As always…imho.

  • MeMyselfAndI

    You should consider green tea, has a wonderful taste and is arguably better for you than even water as long as you aren’t adding sugar. I probably consume 3-4 glasses a day along with 1-2 glasses of coffee and about 1/2 gallon of water.

  • MeMyselfAndI

    I would suspect if you don’t eat 3 fudge brownies, and eat a generally low-carb & low-sugar diet ( <100g/day ) that your body would have no problem with this reaction. In fact I'd suspect that years of eating a crappy carb filled death diet is the reason you get this reaction in the first place. If you control yourself for a few months, you shouldn't see this effect.

    I think a lot of these tests are done on high-carb people, which illicits a skewed result based on these types of diets.

    On the other hand if you are one of the high-carb / low-fat lemmings then by god, why are you drinking diet soda in the first place?

  • MeMyselfAndI


    note, you are correct, it isn’t food, lol, but neither is water. Just think your premise is flawed in this case.

  • MeMyselfAndI

    An additional consideration is that donuts probably have some (although small) measurable amount of fiber in them, which does slow the absorption of the sugar from the donut. The candy bar is certainly better than the donut in the case of a baby ruth or snickers, due to the more balanced nature of the product. Soda on the other hand…its like injecting sugar straight into your bloodstream, much much worse than the other options.

    This is the reason that apples are better than eating the same amount of fructose straight on a spoon.

  • Anders Buch Frandsen

    I just thought I’d share my story here. I was completely addicted to cola a few years ago. I was chugging anywhere between 1-4 Litres every day, and I gained about 1 kg of fat every single month. I was eating moderately healthy at the same time, and was frustrated with still gaining weight. So I switched to diet soda.

    I spent three weeks with severe withdrawal symptoms; no sleep, shakes, headaches, twitching, mood-swings, and a general hatred for most everything. I’ve talked with a weed addict in recovery who said it was pretty similar. Brrrrr.

    Once through that, I was still drinking the same amount, but Coke Zero or Pepsi Max. I dropped 5 kg the next three months. I didn’t change anything else, no exercise, no diet, nothing – just ditched the sugar soda.

    Today, I am drinking much less, as I have less need for it, and I can’t stand regular soda anymore – it tastes like crap, and make your teeth feel weird:S

    I am well aware that it may not be healthy, but the sugar stuff had a much more immediate impact on my health and life. I am very glad that I switched.

  • stupidbaby

    God I hate soda.

  • cobaltsword

    i never was a great soda drinker, allthough that since i live in belgium again my fondness for Lipton Ice Tea with bubbles (so far i only found this in my home country XD) has grown, i’ve never drinken soda oftne; usually it would’ve been 2 glasses in the week :/ in such i never had problems giving it up entirely ^^
    i’m anyway more of a tea drinker so as long as i got me tea i’m good :D
    keep up the good work Steve ^^

  • try bubbly water

    I recommend flavored seltzer waters…they have just a subtle flavor (i.e. not too sweet) and do not have any calories or artificial sweeteners (just natural flavor). so, best of both worlds – you stay hydrated on something less boring than water, but less harmful than the chemicals of diet soda.

  • John

    The studies I’ve seen quoted don’t clarify causality. Diet sodas are correlated with obesity certainly; obese people drink more diet soda than sugar based soda. But is obesity caused by diet drinks (causal relationship) or do obese people, conscious of their weight, select diet soda to avoid calories.

    Whatever the relationship diet sodas have to many lab chemicals to be trusted.

  • Brandon Robbins

    I find that if I have diet ANYTHING–diet soda, sugar-free candy, etc.–I just want the real thing that much more. I have started making smoothies and shakes at home with sugar-free ice cream and/or sugar-free fruit juice, but the fresh fruit I put in them satisfies the sweet tooth. If I were to just eat a scoop of sugar-free ice cream by itself, it would trigger a craving from a “real” milkshake from Cook-Out, or a deadly creation from Cold Stone. As for game fuel, I will drink a sugar-free energy drink if I’m in it for the long haul, knowing full-well it’s bad for me, but the caffeine and other stimulants does help the neurons fire faster. I’ll wash it down with water.

  • Chloe

    i am dieting and i LIVE on Coke zero! 0 calories, 0 sugar, no caffine. It fills me up! Ive lost a stone in about 2 weeks doing this :)

  • thedude

    5 cokes a day? Are you kidding me? Gosh americans really are pathetic!

  • Jacky

    Hi there,

    So, I love Diet Coke. I’m not gonna lie. I’ve always hated the regular
    stuff because it leaves that disgusting ‘glucose film’ on your lips and I can’t cope with that. I just can’t. I also love Coke Zero (ever since Daniel Craig did the 007 endorsement for it and I was like, ‘wait a second…if I drink that I can be like…him?) I know. Sucker for advertising. And I’m a girl as well. I just think it’s cool to be able to work out like a guy. (Tomb Raider was that game I grew up with. Lara will stay close to my heart forever now…)

    Anyway. I’m going to be very honest here. I think the thing that makes me STOP giving up Diet Coke/Coke Zero is my personality…I’m not overweight, but I do have body image issues and I’m quite shy too. I’ve been like that most of my life. It’s just ‘me.’ I’m actually quite pretty, and I’m very accepting of others, just not myself. I saw someone flawed when I looked in the mirror and I started to hate it.

    A few years ago I developed an eating disorder and pack-a-day smoking habit. Chemicals over calories, right? Wrong. I knew it was wrong, but maybe that’s why I did it? I wasn’t happy with who I was, so I hit the red ‘self-destruct’ button. Cigarettes and coffee kind of became like extensions of my arms…they made me feel like I knew who I was. They were specific vices aligned to my identity and how I was feeling at the time…

    I eventually realized I had to change. My Dad got ill. I cut the coffee and the smoking – but the Diet Coke stayed.

    Why did it stay? Well, I’m happiER with myself, but not quite happY. So, Diet Coke will still stay for the foreseeable future because it’s my way of DEALING with being discontented. It’s akin to just having my hand NEAR that red self-destruct button. It’s my one remaining vice. I think I WILL be able to give it up once I get to where I want to be body-wise, because then I won’t feel self-destructive. But until then, it’s my thing, it’s the lesser evil, and it pulls me through ENOUGH to stay away from the OTHER things like the smoking and the eating disorder.

    It depends which way you look at it. Compare Diet Coke to water and Diet Coke’s the bad guy. Compare Diet Coke to a pack of Marlboro Lights and a damaging eating disorder…well…Diet Coke’s the saviour.

    Very best to all! ^_^

  • hawgsquatch

    I experienced Splenda sickness first hand when I replaced sugar with massive amounts of artificial sweeteners while on Weight Watchers. I can testify this crap made me mental. I had horrible mood swings and anxiety that I could not place. I quit the diet because of the stress and no more issues. Started the diet again and back to freaking out about nothing and then freaking out about freaking out about nothing. I do not use artificial sweeteners at all anymore, but when I am the DD I will use Stevia in iced tea. No more freaking out.

  • Kwe1966

    My doctor told me about a study he read that sweeteners only makes your body produce insulin which pretty much just waits for anything to enter your body so it can be turned into sugar and insulin can do its job. So he says to avoid anything with sweeteners.

  • Zen_Punk

    The chemicals in a tomato are also different from the chemicals in a peach, and your elbow is different from your ass. That real enough for you, bro?

  • Sarah Login

    One of the main reasons the numbers are skewed is that a large portion of obese people have diabetes. Of course they would then drink diet over regular.

  • NoodlyAppendage

    Correlation is not causation, but not everyone agrees.

  • nobody

    Thank you for this informative article! I was drinking a combination of either regular Pepsi or diet Mt. Dew – up to 4 or more cans a day. I’m currently weaning myself off the caffeine and sugar, so for the moment I only have a sip every 2 hours or so of diet Mt. dew, just to curb the headaches. I now drink at least 80 oz. of water a day and am also doing intermittent fasting.

  • Shelton Coker

    I lost a lot weight in the late 80s by doing 3 things ,cut out all sugar drinks, no chips or dip and work out 2 times a week. I Lost 60 lbs in 2 yrs. . i drank diet and it didn’t make me gain weight. One thing i noticed over the years is that most people that has a diet soda in one hand usually has something sugary or fattening in the other hand. It is a mindset that one will cancel out the other.

  • Dizz

    If I drink soda, it’s real. Diet tastes strange. It’s bad because it fuels our need for sweet in our diet and continue to crave sweet.

    When I go out, the water usually tastes really bad from the soda fountain or even bottled. I want something with flavor to go with my chicken wings. I get unsweetened tea. The stronger the better! Tea satisfies me.

  • c

    “diet soda is bad because it makes you more hungry because your body thinks its getting sugar when it isnt, hence you indulge”

    this is the dumbest fucking thing ive ever heard.

    calorie count is what matters. have some fucking will power and put the fork down and stop reading stupid articles like the one above.

    i drink diet coke everyday lost 110 pounds to date….and have had no problems keeping it off: all these articles are complete bullshit its ridiculous and pisses me off to see this shit because its misleading you.

  • Aileen

    interesting article, and I agree that, even if the jury is still out, it seems worth cutting down on diet coke. I wonder if soda water would be a good substitute? Surely the carbonation is not an element in this equation? I’m cutting out sugar, but have become heavily reliant on decaffienated DC. I’m want to swap it out for soda water. I’ll report back in a couple of weeks :).

  • NyxCalhoun

    hello mr steve my name is gabby and im trying to lose the rest of my weight. and im addicted to diet coke. and i dont know what to do. i do drink my water.. i didnt know diet coke was that bad for you. :( wows. thats real bad. is green tea and natural stevia good too? have a blessed day!

  • NyxCalhoun

    food inc is real scary i was too scared to eat meat for a while.

  • Merm

    My non-scientific opinion on diet soda? Eww. keep that crap away from me. Hate the taste, hate what’s in it.

    I’m trying to quit my coke addiction (Yes, I call it coke, I’m from Texas). I’ve notices that a day or 2 after drinking one if I drink some sort of “detox” drink like lemon/mint/cucumber/ginger infused water, I don’t get the headaches and short temper. My big problem is just quitting the habit! It’s not like I drink 3 a day or something. Depending on the week, it may only be 1 a week. But I know how bad cokes are for you (Yes, even diet cokes!) so I’m starting off by cutting out the caffeinated ones first, and then cut them out all together. I’ve done it before, and then I went back to school, so caffeine was a way of life! But now I’m done and trying to live healthier and be a better example to my kids! (You know it’s bad when your 4 year old asks you why you always go to Sonic. Yikes!)