Real-Life Role Playing: What is Your Profession?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Today, let’s delve deep into the nerd aspect of Nerd Fitness and turn life into a giant role-playing game.  Why?  Because it’s damn fun, nerdy, and quite applicable.  If you’ve played World of Warcraft, Everquest, Final Fantasy, or practically any fantasy-based RPG this article will feel right at home.

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, this will still be a fun exercise for you.

Let’s get started.

Your Race is Already Determined

Before you pick your profession, let’s talk about your “race.” Every RPG always has elves, hobbits, ogres, trolls, humans, wood elves, night elves, etc.  Each race has their own particular attributes that make them who they are.  Take a look in the mirror RIGHT NOW.  That’s your race.  300 pounds overweight, 50 pounds underweight, average, tall, short, beer gut, 6-pack abs, etc.  These are attributes about yourself that you cannot change immediately, so that’s your starting point.  Depending on your “race,” certain professions will be easier or harder for you to obtain.

Here’s an example: If you are an ogre (really tall and quite overweight), it’s going to be more work for you to become a really good Assassin (Parkour traceur), but if you’re willing to put the time in, anything is possible.  Maybe you’re an elf (incredibly thin) and you want to be a super-strong Warrior.  You’re going to need to spend months and months eating insane amounts of calories and lifting heavy weights to get results, but it is possible.

Make sense? Good!  Let’s check out the different professions.


Lego Warrior

This tank is incredibly strong and powerful, pushing weight like it’s his job.

Which is good, because it IS his job.  If you ever see any battle, warriors are the first responders, defending their party while attacking the enemy.  Strong as an ox, Warriors constantly try to push themselves to be bigger, better, stronger.  Eating and lifting are the only two things Warriors worry about.  You do NOT want to go punch for punch with a Warrior.  You will get destroyed.

Primary attributes: Strength, power

Training: Pure strength-building weight training.

Real life example: Any World’s Strongest Man competitor.


Lego Scout

Scouts can cover great distances in a short amount of time.

Built for distance and efficiency rather than strength and power, these guys can outlast any animal on the planet.  They eat a diet higher in carbohydrates than most (though they can still be healthy carbs!) to give them enough fuel to survive these grueling treks cross-country, and their muscles are designed to last for hours rather than minutes or seconds (like a Warrior).  A growing contingent of scouts have moved to barefoot running, returning to their ancient ancestral roots.

Primary attributes: Stamina, endurance.

Training: Lots of distance training, long bike rides, high volume exercises with any sort of weight training.

Real life example: Marathon runners, Ironman athletes.


Ranger Lego

Rangers are a hybrid of Warriors and Scouts, built for strength AND endurance.

A jack-of-all-trades but master of none, Rangers are well-equipped for any situation.  Their weight training revolves around varying the reps, sets, and downtime to continually force those body to adapt to new situations.  Usually Rangers follow a Paleo Diet, eating things that can only be found in nature.  Thanks to this type of training and diet, Rangers have incredibly low body-fat percentages.

Primary attributes: Functional strength, adaptability.

Training: Lots of weight training but with minimal downtime (think crossfit and 300 training).

Real Life example: Gerard Butler in 300.


Lego Assassin

To assassins, the world is one giant playground.

Every building can be climbed, every gap can be jumped, every obstacle can be conquered.  Assassins spend most of their time training with functional body weight exercises as that’s usually the only thing they need to lift.

Fearless, calculated, and efficient, Assassins have low body fat percentages because extra weight could mean the difference between life and death on a mission.  They have solid endurance as well, allowing them to progress through an obstacle-filled environment without breaking a sweat.

Primary Attributes: Agility, stamina

Training: Parkour, free running, rock climbing.

Real World example: Parkour traceurs, free runners, most athletes on Ninja Warrior.


Lego Monk

This isn’t the type of monk you’d want to run into on a bad day…

These monks can kick your ass with their fists and feet, and they will do it before you even knew what happened.  Incredibly agile, lightning fast, and loaded with power, Monks specialize in martial arts to stay in shape and destroy the opposition.

Training is mostly spent in dojos and in the ring, with some weight training thrown in to help produce stronger punches and kicks.  Monks only carry enough weight and muscle to provide maximum efficiency with each attack.  Muscles are compact and powerful, core strength is high, and speed is favored over size.

Primary Attributes: Agility, power

Training: MMA, Capoeria, Muay Thai boxing, Tai Kwon Do

Real life example:Georges St. Pierre (MMA fighter).


Lego Druid

Druids are one with nature.

Oftentimes consuming a plant-only diet, they specialize in being one with themselves, finding balance in everything.  These peaceful folk spend a majority of their time training in the arts of yoga, meditation, and tai chi.  Strength training is only done if necessary, as  most druids aren’t interested in massive muscles or explosive power.  Druids also follow a minimalist diet, high in vegetables, fruits, and nuts.  Some eat meat, but only enough to get sufficient protein.  Processed foods are the enemy.

Primary attributes: agility, flexibility

Training: meditation, yoga, tai chi

Real life example: Yogis, tai chi instructors

My Profession

Lego Berserker

I was born an elf (thin, tough to build muscle), and I want to be a Warrior/Ranger hybrid…let’s call it a Berzerker class?

I’m generally a pretty happy, calm, goofy guy.  But when I’m in training mode, I turn on berserker mode: I start foaming at the mouth, I walk around with this crazy look in my eye, and I push myself hard than I ever thought possible.

I focus on lift like squats, deadlifts, presses, handstand push ups, pull ups, dips, and chin ups.  I vary my rep range and downtime between sets to build strength, power, and muscle size.  I mix in assassin (gymnastics) training and monk (capoeira) training whenever possible.

Sure, it’d be a much quicker path for me to become a scout (as I already have the body type), but I love getting stronger and training in things that I truly enjoy, so I picked a different direction.


Because I can, and because it makes me happy.

How About You?


Leave a comment with your current race and what profession you’d like to be. 

I picked six classes up above to keep things simple, but let me know if I left out one that should be in there.  Feel free to combine two classes like I did as well.  Just so we’re clear: all classes are gender-neutral, so you can be a female warrior or male druid.  There are no restrictions!

Once you have your profession selected, feel free to join us in the Nerd Fitness message boards (it’s free!) and join up with your guild!  

Want to take things a step further?  

Check out the Nerd Fitness Academy, where you can actually pick your class, complete quests, gain experience, and yes…level up!

So, I ask you: “What is your PROFESSION!?”



Photo: KennyMatic, Lego berserkerWarrior Lego, Scout Lego, Ranger Legos, Druid Lego, Lego Assassin, Lego Monk, Lego Profession

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  • nicholas fotou

    I would say that I am a scout blended with druid.

  • Random Person

    I’m naturally an “elf”, petite and never weighing more than 115 lbs. soaking wet. I better use that to my advantage and aim to be a scout/assasin who can kick some butt (krav maga style).

  • Emily B.

    I think I’m a ranger, but I’m not planning on doing the paleo diet for right now. I wish there was an article talking about what defines the different races. I would like to know what race I would be.

  • TSS

    What profession does Daniel Craig’s Bond lie in? I choose that profession.

  • Tyrannus

    I’m 5 ft 6 and around 155 pounds.. Human I guess and probably belong in the Scout class (lvl 1 of course – can do lots of walking, but not much running). Trying to change classes to warrior or monk. Probably want to end up as a hybrid of all three xD A warrior/monk/scout hybrid would be badass.

  • RJ Baker

    I believe my profession is a mix of warrior/ranger. With a little bit of assassin thrown in cuz apparently I’m good at sneaking up on ppl. Love strength training, martial arts and archery. I have a stocky build for a female. Glad I found this place.

  • Gail Chan

    I’m a Druid. Predominantly vegetarian.

  • Luis Sousa

    I’m an elf and i wanted to be a monk/assassin, i’m skinny but have lack of muscle and more fat that i wish i had and i wish i could build a strong body and endurance, since i play drums and would love to practice mma and a lot of other martial arts

  • gilad eluz

    So, I’m an Ogre (:|) and warrior seems to fit me.

  • scar495

    I am rather small. I’m actually getting close to underweight, four pounds left and I could feel what little muscle I had dwindling, that’s what brought me to nerd fitness as I was losing weight rapidly with a clean diet and HIIT, but staying squishy. I decided to look into bodyweight training, and I’ve stopped dropping pounds, yay! I wouldn’t say I’m quite an elf. More like a half-elf. I have no trouble gaining and was pretty buxom at one point. My first instinct in choosing a profession is to go with warrior because who the eff doesn’t love Xena!? But, my goals tend to be more in the wiry and lean and fast category, And I am basically trying to train myself for apocalypse scenarios. It’s silly, but it’s hella motivation. and I am greatly interested in learning martial arts, tai chi specifically for the anger management benefits. So, I would say Ranger is my chosen class, as I’m not looking to master a martial art, and Will dabble in many things on my journey through life.

  • K-Chan

    I think I am either a human or an elf, but either way I’d like to be a Monk. I’ve already taken a class in Tae Kwon Do and loved it, and when I thought about what I would want to specialize in, it was agility/strength. I look forward to training more in that area. Thanks for this post, it’s really helpful!

  • Rick

    I’m 25 pounds overweight but I get winded extremely fast. I have very low stamina and my diet and exercise is an absolute mess if its even there.

    I want to be a Ranger/Assassin hybrid that I will call Hunter from now on.


  • doodles

    Hey guys, I’m just starting here. I’m a skinny elf, with a bit of a tummy and thighs. I’m a wannabe hybrid, of a monk and an assassin. :D

  • Isengar Bar-foot

    I’m new here…I might be a hobbit. I’m short but not skinny (fat in fact), so not an elf. I want to be a druid/assassin hybrid. You can probably call that class an “acrobat”. Now to come up with a hobbit name…

  • The Marvel Princess

    I was born an elf – naturally slender, but I also eat well (I’ve been on the paleo diet for about a year now for health reasons). I’m a 5’4″, 115lb female college student. My goal is an Assassin: I’m a big comic book nerd so my ultimate goal is self-trained superhero. :) I’m a musical theatre performer, so I dance regularly. Because of that I have pretty good stamina and I don’t have to worry about being overweight, but I want to build muscle. Does anyone have any tips for that? I’m hoping to buy the lifetime NF membership, but I don’t have the money right now.

  • Paul

    As a kid, I was an Drow Elf Anti- Paladin. Now, I guess I’d like to be a Ranger, but I need strength and stamina for my job (s) in the food service industry. I am 6’6″, 210 #, I used to lift free weights, until 2008. But I used cruddy form, and squatting 325 just to show off, cost me. Now I have a clot in my left leg, and am taking Pradaxa 2 a day. I also have sciatica, and am on prednisone and Norco for that. My younger years, I was an IV drug user, and plasma donor, so my circulatory system is shot. I try to eat lacto-ovarian vegetarian as much as possible, but still smoke a pack a day. Is there any hope?

  • Daniel Warren

    I think my race is Human… I’m fairly tall but I’m a bit fat. I’d go with Ranger as a profession… my role model would be Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. I need to do lots of walking around Middle-Earth to stay in shape. I’m not really aiming to get huge muscles, but to have a functional, not-overweight body with some strength. I’m also a meditator and I’m interested in martial arts. I’d like to be able to throw a punch at least. So there is elements of druid and monk in me but mostly I like the ranger.

  • Vitor Gusmão

    me too ! ;)

  • Zus

    I am GM.

  • Roscoe Mathieu

    Late to the party but – 5’6 halfling who’s gone to seed (180 lb). I’m an oily little French bastard. Was once a Monk (five years of karate and fencing), would like to take a few more levels and dual-class in Assassin. Maybe also pick up a level or two in Druid, at least until I can get that ‘unaging’ class attribute… ;)

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  • N Wilson

    So far I would say I am an elf scout and I would like to be an assassin.

  • Squeaky

    I’m probably either an Elf because I’m so thin or a Halfling because I’m so short lol. I’d like to be a combination of druid and assassin. I’m super pumped to get more into this :D

  • Mary Elisabeth Hirsh

    I suppose I am a halfling? Short and round. I would also like to be an assasin/ druid hybrid. The druid part really comes naturally to me, so it would make sense for me to do it. I also started doing yoga recently. I would love to eventually be able to do parkour.

    I do have to say I have Hashimoto’s Disease and it can make exercising a very daunting task. I have started by doing small amounts of yoga every other day or so, and I am hoping to build up on stuff. I want to be healthier.

  • Giancarlo Fusco

    Human (5’10″, 175 lbs) monk (been training in a variety of martial arts for nearly 20 years). Would love to cross that with a Ranger, abd go up a couple of druid levels

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  • Benjamin Bath

    At the moment, I’m a hobbit, short and a little stocky. My preferred class is Scout Assassin. :D That’s what I’m going to aim for. I wish there was a Nerd Fitness in Australia. Oh well, via correspondence it is. :)

  • Benjamin Bath

    Ranger Assassin, sorry, not Scout. My bad. :P

  • Axel Rivas

    I would be an Ranger Elf with a lot of Warrior and a little of Assassin on the side.

  • Nate

    Elves don’t have beer bellies! When’s the last time you ever read, played or watched anything fantasy related where the elves were anything but slim? I dunno what race you are, but it’s definitely not elf. Halfing maybe? (Man/elf hybrid)

  • melloki

    I think I’m a hobbit right now. Short (5’1″) with a belly and loves good food. I’m starting out as an adventurer on my journey but my path might lead me to specialize in some thing closer to a scout/ranger.

  • Jordan

    I am a warrior going ranger/skout. soo thief class?

  • Azirafallen

    I think I’m human with a dash of dwarf… Short (5’3), roundish around the middle (30ish lbs over where I probs should be) but in the bulky looking manner, broadish shoulders strong little legs lol I’ve been told I look like a little body builder but I’m I’m not exactly strong…

    As for my class: I’m close to a Ranger… based on description. I’ve got the strength, not so much the endurance and definitely not the low body fat.

    Where I’d like to be is Ranger/Druid definitely! So ready to level up my game!

  • Gemfae

    I was an elf growing up, short and thin, but as I got older I developed poor eating habits and stopped exercising until now I more closely resemble a hobbit. I am 5ft and weigh 205lbs. My long term goal is to be an Assassin/Scout, and my short term goal is to go down 1 dress/pant size by the end of February. Have to say I love this site; I found NF about 2 weeks ago and I’ve started applying some of the advice already. Not ready to go full Paleo, but I stopped eating fast food and started cooking my own meals. Also got some of the girls at work to park at the back of the lot with me and take the stairs on a daily basis. In the past I always dove in headfirst and gave up after a month or two; this time I am focusing on one change at a time and I look forward to seeing different results. ^_^

  • Alex Velazquez

    Based on what I see here, it sounds like I’m a hybrid between a Monk and a Warrior. Most def. I did a year of Kungfu and I love the power and grace, but I am fast and strong enough for Football which I did in gradeschool. If I had to choose a Bending class I’d be an Earth Bender.

    Is there a class for this?

  • Simone Hall

    i’m unsure what i currently am (short-average height, not-very-strong female), but I would love to be a mixture of assassin-monk-druid. i’d love to be totally kickass, but also be able to be calm about it all and flexible like yogis.

  • Elaniom

    I’m a hobbit. Think Rosie, Samwise’s wife. I’m average height, a bit overweight, and proportional. I’m aiming to be a Ranger. Strong and agile.

  • RoyaM

    OR, Nate, he’s an elf with a beer belly who’s trying to get back to his typical svelte elf shape. Unless you know him personally, in which case your opinion is completely more valid than his own.

  • RoyaM

    I’m stout, plump, rotund-ish, zaftig, Rubenesque, and average height. The height makes me think not a hobbit or dwarf… My general self-esteem keeps me from thinking I’m an orc… Feeling pretty much like a human stuck in a mystical fae land, actually.
    And I’m definitely feeling the Druid Assassin combo here.

  • LilyRed

    Well, I’m probably a dwarf (short and stout). I’d like to be a druid/monk. I’ve always loved martial arts and tai chi. Adding yoga would be good too :)

  • redghost1197

    so im kind of a tall halfling probably. or weaker dwarf. im around 6’3 and am more than little overwieght, and i would like to be a ranger/monk hybrid. ive also switched to a mostly organic, fruit and vegetable based diet, and use hemp as a major protien source. i getting a gym membership very soon becuase a new gym is opening up, as well as once i get at least a little more into shape i will learn some basic martial arts. though the body type of a ranger and a monk are somewhat contrdictory. also im new to this site, but i have to say amazing post, and thats actually a really good way to stay inspired if i think about it like this. it almost makes it fun and makes me really want to get into this when i keep that mindset.

  • Kamana Rai

    I’m a 5’2 (/.) and prolly a human (though I’ve always wanted to be an elf, just not the skinny one mentioned here.) I’ve always been on the chubby side and I want to be a ranger/monk! I’d say warrior/monk but I don’t want to be that much bigger, just stronger.

    (newbie here.)

  • little guy

    I think I’m a dwarf warrior monk.
    I’m short but pretty strong for my length and I do weight training and I’ve been doing karate for a few years now

  • Anagha

    I’m a druid with some scout characteristics I suppose! Lots of yoga and body weight exercises, with the occasional jog or swim mixed in :)

  • Brian Sula

    Currently I think I am a Monk and a Scout (I’ve ran several marathons and study Muay Thai/Ju Ki Do), but I’d like to work my way to Ranger and Assassin as well.

  • D Besson

    Not really feeling like I fit in a class right now. 100 lbs overweight, but ready to work hard to become a Berserker!

  • Garin Davis

    I’d say I’m a Human with a little bit of Orc, profession monk/ranger i’m almost a black belt but by the time i’m there i want to be really strong and fit.

  • Victoria Clemmons

    Ogress druid seems to be my destiny – exactly why am I an ogress again? Ogres are ugly, and I want to be beautiful and slender.