Are You Boring!?

Cat Bored and Yawning

For most people…

Eating the same healthy meals on a regular basis is boring.

Getting stronger with squats, pull ups, and push ups is boring.

Going for a simple walk every morning is boring.

Going to bed and getting up on time is boring.

Understanding that eating right is 80% of the battle is boring.

Saying no to sweets, politely declining desert, and skipping office candy is boring.

Doing the same thing, day in and day out, for months and months, is boring.

So…health companies make things exciting!

Shake Weight

There are new miracle foods each week that promise to banish belly fat!

There are daily articles telling you the five easy tips for fast weight loss!

There are new DVDs with killer workouts and muscle confusion that target your abs and thighs!

There are magazines with new workout plans and diet plans that change every week!

There are technologically advanced shoes that promise to tone your posterior!

And for those people that love these exciting things, they get to be excited for the next best thing each week.

And for those people that love these exciting things, they get to stay unhealthy, chasing the next cure.

Boring isn’t very marketable

Boring does not sell magazine subscriptions, advertisements, or DVDs. Boring is silent, unwavering progress.

Boring is sticking to the same routine week after week, month after month.

Boring means not freaking out when stepping on the scale and the number is slightly off.

Boring means making small, repeated improvements to an otherwise unmoving and determined schedule.

Boring is replacing grand declarations of drastic change with tiny habit changes over long periods of time.

So what happens when you get good at boring?

Saint embraced boring:

Staci kicked some boring ass:

Joe rocked at being boring:

Joe Nerd Fitness before/after

Be boring

Boring leads to weight loss.

Boring leads to strength and power.

Boring leads to increased productivity.

Boring leads to success and habit change that actually stick.

Boring actually works.

Sometimes, boring can be f***ing awesome.

This is one of those times.

Go be boring.


Today’s Rebel Hero, Chris M from Canada. He went on a ‘boring’ morning walk and found adventure:

“Thor approves of the Morning Mile.  Well, at least that’s what I’m forced to assume based on the torrential storm that erupted while I was about half way around my usual circuit. However, if the insane Canadian weather systems think that a little rain can slow me down, they’ve got another thing coming, because I enjoyed it so much I ran the mile again.

There’s just something glorious and dramatic about it. I remember the days before NF when I could hardly walk a mile without breaking a sweat. It feels like forever ago. Attached is a photo of me in my favorite workout shirt after I got back.”

Want to be the next Rebel Hero?  Send in a photo of you in your Nerd Fitness battle gear to!


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