Days of Future Past: How to Use Time Travel for Success

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One of the hottest movies so far this summer has undoubtedly been X-Men: Days of Future Past.

It combined the best of the new X-Men films with the best of the old X-men films (though sadly no Nightcrawler), and stuck them in one giant blockbuster.

How can you have young wolverine and old wolverine, young Magneto and old Magneto, young Charles Xavier and old Charles Xavier?

Time travel!

Everybody loves a good time travel story – from Star Trek to Looper to Chrono Trigger – it’s so much fun to think about what could happen if we could go back into the past, talk to our younger selves, and rewrite our own history.

Today we’re going to join Charles Xavier, and use time travel to level up our lives.

You in the Past

space future

Yeah yeah, I hear you. The past is done.  Written in stone.  Done.

We can’t go back and rearrange history (…yet), but we can learn from it.

However, I want you to take a few minutes and think about what you would tell yourself if you COULD go back in time 10 years ago.  This is what I would tell myself:

1) Stop reading Muscle and Fitness Magazine and working out six days a week with individual body parts. It’s not working.  Instead, learn how to do big lifts, and just focus on getting strong.

2) Macaroni and cheese served in a pot does not count as a healthy meal.  And pizza doesn’t count either.  If you want to get bigger, focus on eating quality food before just quantity.  You’re spinning your wheels.

3) Dude, she’s not worth it, cheer up.  And the next won’t be worth it.  You’re going to be fine 🙂  And they’re not scary, it’s okay to talk to them!

4) A few years from now you’re going to have a bunch of dumb ideas, and then an idea to start a fitness site for nerds….which you will do nothing with for 18 months.  Start sooner!

5) Things work out. You’re going to panic about all sorts of things, and blow so many other things wayyyy out of proportion.  You’re going to freak out.  That test? Those papers? They’re important, but you won’t remember a damn thing about them. You WILL remember those road trips with friends and late nights.  So relax.  Get your shit done, but don’t forget to enjoy today too.

Yeah, it would be awesome to go back and talk to 20-year old Steve. Sure, he was young, naive, weak, and terrified of women…but he was a good kid trying to figure stuff out!

Stick with me – this isn’t just a silly exercise – we’re about to do some more time traveling and figure out how this affects the YOU right now.

You in the Future


A few weeks ago at the World Domination Summit, attendees were asked, “What’s life like in the future for you?”

Most people had answers that were so incredibly positive and exciting (or hilarious):

  • “The future is great! I’m now a published author!”
  • “I started that school and now I’m helping kids get educated in third world countries. Everything is awesome.”
  • “I’m pretty happy, but also sad. Sure life is great in the future, but there are still no jet packs.” (from my buddy Thomas Frank)

Now, for your next exercise: Instead of transplanting ourselves back 10 years, I want you to think 10 years into the future.  What is life like for you?  I’m going to guess life is pretty damn good for you – you should be getting closer and closer to reaching that “Level 50” version of yourself.

Here’s what life is like for me:

Life is freaking awesome.  You’re in better shape at age 40 than you were at age 30.  The Assassin’s guild in the Nerd Fitness Rebellion is proud to have you, because you’re crushing gymnastic holds and reaching new records.  

Both of those books you wrote? They hit the New York Times List, and more importantly helped a LOT of people.

Your epic quest is marching onward, and you’ve reached Level 25.

Your violin and piano skills have lead you onto the stage for small shows simply because you enjoy play the music and having fun.

The Rebellion has effectively transformed the fitness industry.  No longer is it the norm for people to fall for scams and shady products.  You turned down that buy-out from the Natural Life Food Company, and have continued to focus on providing value, education, support, and really corny humor to your tribe.

Oh, and you have a jet pack.

Your turn.  We’re talking about stuff that hasn’t happened yet, so feel free to dream away as to what you’re going to accomplish with your future.


  • You didn’t just become a runner, you officially ran the Boston Marathon.
  • You didn’t just become a traveler, you hiked Kilimanjaro and found Nemo.
  • You didn’t just lose weight and get stronger, but you deadlifted 405 lbs and fit into size 32 jeans.

I want you to paint as vivid a picture as you can.  Project yourself into that future and see what life is like.

Days of Future Past

future past

I have ONE final step for you.

It’s time to do a little Future-Past living.

Imagine you actually accomplish the life you hope to live 10 years from now.  You are living this epic life.  10 years from now, both jet packs AND time travel exist, and you get to come back to visit yourself TODAY.

TODAY-you takes a look at the time-traveling FUTURE-you and (after initially freaking out) starts up a dialogue.  Today-you wants to know where you end up.  You see all these choices laid out before you, and there are so many possibilities. More importantly, there are the paths that lead to accomplishments, and other paths where things aren’t going so well.

Think of this like Spock in the reboot of Star Trek. There is a good path and a great future, and a poor path and a poor future.  What do you think the “future you” tells the “now you” to ensure you are heading down the proper path?

Ever heard of the Butterfly Effect? The smallest of decisions can result in massive changes. That decisions to finally give getting healthy a real chance leads to a lifetime of new habits and a new you.

That “what the hell, sure” response to your friend asking if you want to go play frisbee or try rockclimbing turned out to open an entirely new chapter in your life. You finally decided to stop avoiding the kitchen and try the easiest chicken ever…now you cook all the time!

Future-you knows better, and knows all the things that you wish you could have done differently starting today. This is that chance.

Here’s some things your future-you might tell the YOU from right now:

  • Stop eating that crap food – you know it’s not making you happier in the long-term, and 10 years from now you’ll wish you had started making small changes today.
  • Go to that _____ class!  Who cares if you’re self-conscious and are gonna suck at it?  Everybody else there is self-conscious too!
  • Stop spending money on useless junk!  That trip you always wanted to take…eventually? Well it’s 10 years later, and “eventually” hasn’t happened yet.  Experiences trump possessions!

It’s now your turn. I realize this is QUITE the exercise, so I’m going to bribe you.  I want you to leave a comment with the following three things:

  1. Something the current you would tell yourself 10 years ago.
  2. What your future looks like, being as specific and detailed as possible.
  3. What’s one thing the FUTURE you would come back and tell TODAY you so that you head down the right path?

Leave a comment before Thursday, August 28th at 11:59 pm, and we’ll pick two winners: one at random, and one that’s our favorite. We’ll send the winners a free Nerd Fitness shirt.

That’s right, I’m bribing you to mentally time travel.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some teeny tiny steps to take 🙂



photo pin: Ian Sane: Time to Walk Like a Rebel, Carsten Tolkmit: time tunnel, BagoGames: Future Past, Joe Penniston: orbit

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122 thoughts on “Days of Future Past: How to Use Time Travel for Success

  1. Just to clarify, when I say “punching” and “dumb” I mean cuddling with silly comic book sound effects and a ridiculous ongoing game of “pun-upmanship.” I don’t actually want to hurt anyone! D:

  2. 1. Something the current you would tell yourself 10 years ago.

    Dear 18 year old Poppy, you’ve worked hard to lose weight and get fit and you’re currently in the best shape of your life. But over the next 10 years you’re going to face some hard times, including leaving home and the death of someone really close to you. It’s really important that you know now that you need to find a way to deal with negative emotions and grief in a meaningful way. Eating your emotions is not the way forward – chocolate and wine may make you feel better in the short term, but in the long term they will damage your health. Take positive steps to consolidate the changes you’ve already made! You can do this – your family and friends love you and will support you through the hard times, but they can’t help if you don’t talk to them. Don’t shut people out.

    2. What your future looks like, being as specific and detailed as possible.

    Poppy, the future looks great for you! Your hard work on making diet and lifestyle changes has really paid off. You’re happy and content and can get into size 12 jeans. You’re body confident, strong and in the best shape of your life – and you’ve completed that elusive 100 mile sportive (more than once!). And the best bit? Your positive changes have had knock-on effects on your beloved boyfriend, he is finally muscly and strong like he has always wanted, Together you have supported each other to a healthy paleo diet and you strength train regularly. You’ve got married and gone on the honeymoon of a lifetime to a cycling training camp in Majorca – you’ve finally cycled up those mountains you looked at from afar in 2013, and you didn’t have to worry about not ‘fitting in’ because you were overweight. You’ve given birth to two healthy children and your healthy lifestyle is setting them the ideal example during the early years of their development. You’ve achieved everything you wanted to and more; you believe in yourself, you love, trust and respect yourself, and you’ve thrown out the bathroom scales!

    3. What’s one thing the FUTURE you would come back and tell TODAY you so that you head down the right path?

    Make time for yourself; relaxation and rest is not selfish, it’s needed to make you the best version of yourself that you can be. Stop worrying, what will be will be – some things are beyond your control and you have to accept that. Make changes to the things that you have the power to change – commit to the future you that you want to be.

  3. 1. something the current you would tell yourself 10 years ago: Get off the couch and do something physical. Seriously. Start making WAY better food choices (Empty carbs and sugar are NOT a sustainable diet) before you find that you HAVE to (and you WILL), and don’t go back to school just yet. What you think you want isn’t best choice… wait 5 years and attend the institute that will be discussed at church. You won’t regret it!!!!! The next several years will be really tough, but all that bad stuff will make you stronger and more able to minister to others.
    2. What your future looks like: your dream… (not to be a rock star admin… the REAL dream!) You are working in full time ministry! Yes! You really are! You help others achieve their dreams of moving forward. You are an encourager of people, a coach for change, and you make a difference in peoples lives. You are in shape, healthy, and happy. You have found fulfillment.
    3. One thing FUTURE me would tell TODAY me: You need to be stronger than you think you can be, keep a positive attitude, and mind your words. Words are powerful – stop speaking doubt, hesitation, and powerlessness in your life. Discouragement is easy when you don’t see immediate results, but what’s happening now is not forever and don’t give up. The classes you are in are the RIGHT choice so DON’T QUIT when it gets hard! People are depending on you to finish so you can help them.

  4. 1) dear 17-year-old self, stop worrying that you’ll never find a guy who’s interested. You do, soon, and he’s a keeper, but make sure you keep hanging with your friends as well. You’re going to have your babies close and while you’re young-don’t change that. It’s awesome! But watch those blood sugars, enjoy those baby snuggles b/c they really do grow all too quickly, and nurse those babes as long as you can. Oh, and don’t listen when the doctor says you need a c-section, do your own research on labor and birth and find a doulas. Then decide what’s best. Also, see Dr. F for your pregnancy. Don’t buy things you don’t need, especially vehicles. And avoid the fast food, it will be one of the biggest money-pits for you. Your marriage will keep getting better! Above all else, trust and depend on God. He got this far, He’ll be with you through the ups and downs.

    2) In 10 years, at 37, your first (and maybe second) child will be graduating and you will have made it through 10 years of homeschooling with them-go you! #3 will be getting his license and you’ll wonder where the time went-wasn’t he 5, almost 6 yesterday? Number 4 will still be trying to keep up with the rest and eating everything (paleo friendly) he can 🙂 You dropped that 50-60lbs and got into a bikini for that 10-year getaway with your hubby, and got out of debt and were able to feed your family how you’ve wanted for a long time. Your kids all know and love the paleo lifestyle and you do all sorts of physical activities as a family. You just built that nice, but modest 1500 sq foot house, just outside of town on some good storm viewing land with a nice screened in porch so you can relax and enjoy those storms from the comfort of home. Your best, single, friend is now married and both best friends have their own babies! But the 3 of you aren’t letting that stop you from opening a paleo bakery in your area! It’s a great life and you’re not quite 40 yet!

    3) 37 year old me would say to stop stressing over money. Find the willpower to do what you know needs done and do it. You’ll get where you want to be. Get in bed earlier so you can get moving earlier, and enjoy those littles while their little. Their will be time to clean the house later. Keep God first in all that you do. Don’t stress over school, keep doing what your best and they’ll learn all they need. You’re a great mom- remember that because God gave them the perfect mom for them, and you’re their favorite mommy. Cherish the lovies-they won’t throw them at you forever. Go now and play!

  5. Okay you had me hooked at time travel, and reeled me in with the rest. Excuses are so easy, but really, if you ask yourself, do you even buy them?! I know that when I lie to myself about something I intend to get done personally, and don’t follow through, I’m probably more disappointed than the people I tell my flimsy excuse to. This blog… it’s awesome, and I don’t feel like it’s written by people of a higher “social order” (not my words mind you, I think the geeks and nerds of the world could use a bit more limelight honestly) but it’s nice to see someone relateable posting things we can use for a lifetime. I’ll book something a bit more classy than a Delorean for my travel purposes though 🙂

  6. 1. Something the current you would tell yourself 10 years ago.
    It’s all going to be alright. You’re going to be in denial and depressed for the next couple of years, but in the end, it all turns out alright.

    2. What your future looks like, being as specific and detailed as possible.
    I will wake up to do the things I want to do: That is, writing, and coding, without being shackled to a “real job”. I will have visited at least New York, London, and Sydney for months at a time. I will be able to afford my daily frappe/shake without having to worry about it in the least.

    3. What’s one thing the FUTURE you would come back and tell TODAY you so that you head down the right path?
    Get started sooner, and you’ll get there sooner!

    Thanks for this, Steve!

  7. Past me – Don’t worry, it’s not that you ‘don’t fit in’ its just you haven’t met any other geeks yet – it’ll happen. Oh and put down the cookie.

    In 10 years I will have 3 children and am officially a MILF – I will be ‘that’ mother in the playground all the other mothers hate because I manage to always stay in shape, no matter how many children I have!

    Future me – You totally have the willpower to do this and stick with it, know how Naruto never gives up? – well that’s you now. And seriously, put down the damn cookie.

  8. 1. Alright, Mr. 17-year-old-who-knows-everything, you do NOT have life figured out yet. And when you leave for college, but keep dating your high school sweetheart who’s still back home, don’t be such a dick to her. You are going to marry her and you have to apologize for a bunch of crap later. It all works out. You are madly in love with each other still. But let’s just avoid that whole scary chapter. P.S. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE stop eating a box of Fudge Rounds and 6 Dr. Peppers every day. You’re going to gain “the freshman fifty” instead of fifteen. P.P.S. Check out Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. AND FREAKING LISTEN TO THE ADVICE! P.P.P.S.

    2. Ten years from now: I am 37. I am running my own private tutoring business. I also work as a Civil Engineer in my current day job, but have been promoted at least twice. On top of that I serve as a minister in the United Methodist Church. I have 3, maybe 4 or 5 kids. (We have 1 boy now, and another boy that will be arriving any day! So . . . maybe 2 girls and then one more boy.) My wife is a stay-at-home-mom, because she is passionate about shaping our children to be model human beings. We almost have enough money for me to quit work at anytime, and when we get there, I will cut my work hours severely (probably by dropping the Civil Engineering job) and spend WAY more time at home with my wife and all of our kids. I will be able to do at least 10 pull ups. I will be stronger, faster, and more anti-fragile than I’ve ever been. Life will be awesome.

    3. Look, if you want your business to grow, you’ve got to start aggressively looking for new customers. Like TODAY. At your day job, keep doing what you’re doing. Keep asking questions. Keep smiling. Keep showing up early and staying late. Keep doing what’s right. Doors will open for you. START the freaking process to become a pastor. Nobody is going to do it for you. Keep loving your wife and kids and keep supporting your wife in everything. Make her feel special every day. You’ve cut a lot of useless things from your lifestyle but you could do better – this, combined with ramping up your tutoring business, will get you to financial independence sooner rather than later. Keep working out, and keep looking for new challenges to keep it interesting. Once you’ve mastered the “Angry Birds workout” move on. When the TMNT workout gets boring (how could it?) find something else to do. Keep on doing things that are outside of your comfort zone every day. Everything is going to work out awesome for you. You are going to accomplish things you never thought were possible.

  9. Aaaalllll right, let’s do this.

    1. Something the current me would tell the 10-years-ago me:
    Look, kid. You’re going to have a great teenagehood, if you want it to be that way. I know Grandma’s got cancer, but first off: don’t worry. She’s going to be okay. Trust me, I know. Second: now that you know that, DON’T let out that worry in bad ways. Don’t cut. I know you feel neglected, but that’s because Mom’s got a lot on her plate. She has 4 other kids that all need more attention than you. It’s hard to understand, but be proud of the fact that she needs to spend time on you the least. 12 years old is not an age for someone to be left alone just because they are responsible enough to be left alone. But this will help you, too. You are right now, and will remain, a humble, loving, serving girl because of this. And gee whiz, go talk to some people at school! I know you’re shy, but break out of that shell a little. Go talk to someone at school every day, ESPECIALLY in high school. This chick named Kes is the bomb [you’re still great friends].
    Oh, get into karate. Look up this guy named ‘Al Doorlag’. Tell him that you wanna learn under the guy that taught Nick and Wilks to beat heads and take names all over the world.

    2. My future. Oh boy. Well, in the future, I pay off all my debt from Kalamazoo and finally gain some financial stability. That in itself will take some time. I’m married and living in this wonderful flat above my home-away-from-home dojo in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Who knows, let’s throw in a kid. I have a kid, who loves to run around outside, no matter what his or her age, and is getting to be a better sparrer than I am [and I’ve gotten good]! My now-husband [don’t tell him I’m writing this!!] and I teach together at our little dojo, and we’ve revamped the one in Escanaba to be as popular as it’s ever been! My in-laws are teaching me Iaido, traditional Japanese sword, and I’m ranked [as in some level of black belt] in Shotokan karate [my first style], Uechi-Ryu [my beau’s style], and Kobudo [weapons, specifically bo]. I’m used to working out hard three times a week at least, in addition to my regular daily workout, and I can not only hold a handstand unassisted for five minutes, I can walk on my hands and do some free tumbling, too! I wake up every morning after sleeping well next to my one true love, and love to eat healthy, fresh foods throughout the day. Being a vegetarian is awesome, and eleven years of it makes it even better. I and my family are more than financially stable, and I work as a Physician’s Assistant. I’m about to complete medical school; the dream of getting a doctorate is almost a reality! 32-year old me is awesome!!

    3. The one thing future me would tell ‘now’ me is… probably to continue to pray. Pray, meditate, and stay deeply connected with your spiritual side. Balancing and strengthening all three conflicts [body, mind, and spirit] is so essential for peace in one’s life. Keeping balance and giving proper, enthusiastic attention to each conflict will keep you patient, humble, enthusiastic AND motivated! Keep it up, champ. You’re on your way to real awesomeness, and you aren’t as far away as you think you are.

  10. Okay, I’ll bite. Long time reader, first time commenter!

    Something the current you would tell yourself 10 years ago:
    “Don’t buy the house on —- Ave!!! It’s a money pit, and you’ll hate yourself for it.”

    What your future looks like, being as specific and detailed as possible.
    “My son is 14 now, and I’m consistently embarrassing him by outlifting, outplaying, outrunning and outdancing him and all of his friends (even when the girls are watching!). I’ve abandoned my old career in public works, and now I’m self-employed as a personal trainer, meditation teacher and freelance writer. I’m fluent in Japanese, and I’m planning my next trip to Japan (the third or fourth, I can’t remember just now) this coming Spring so I can enjoy the Hanami (“cherry blossom viewing”). At 43, I feel like I’m a little too old for the local breakdance scene, but I’m often told that I should crash it sometime and “take the punk-ass brats to school.”

    What’s one thing the FUTURE you would come back and tell TODAY you so that you head down the right path?
    “Don’t think about the outcomes. Work your butt off because you like the work, NOT because you just want to get it over with and enjoy the rewards. Work that you enjoy doing is the best reward you can hope to get.”

  11. 1. Something the current me would tell me ten years ago…

    Indy…you are 35 and you don’t know this yet, but you are going to have three more children in addition to the two you already have now! Surprise!

    2. What my future looks like…..

    I am wonder woman and Mr. T. combined….my two all time fav heroes!

    3. One thing future me would come back and tell me today….

    Go ahead and join nerd fitness academy….it’s a great path to me, the 55 year young future you knows what she is talking about young lady:)

  12. 1. – If you can’t decide which theatre degree you want to pursue, that’s a good sign that you want to pursue them both.
    2. – I see a man in the fittest shape of his life, intentionally and boldly shaving his head, heading off to screen and stage auditions, confident that his investments will pay his rent if he doesn’t find work in his field. He works out at home each day because that’s the professional thing to do when you’re an actor. And he writes, even just a little bit, every day, because that’s the professional thing to do when you’re a writer. In sunlit, white-walled rooms. And he enjoys it all.
    3. – Get that emergency financial net in place, and then go for the trapeze act of dropping what isn’t challenging and jumping/swinging/leaping for the next ambitious bars in your career trajectory.

  13. 1. You might want to work on fitness and healthy eating right now rather than later. It’s much harder to get started the older you get.
    2. Remember that Ironman race that scared you so badly? You found a way to swim more efficiently, you crush hills on your bike that laughed at you in the past, and you can run. You completed that race with time to spare. You’re fit and feeling great. Don’t forget your camera. You’re kinda good at photography.
    3. Don’t be so afraid of what people think. You need only be concerned with what YOU think. Get out and do those things that you think you’ll look stupid doing. You are your own worst critic.

  14. 1.Something the current you would tell yourself 10 years ago:

    It is alright to talk to people like your family or a community like Nerd Fitness
    (join! It is amazing!) in order to figure out how to keep on track with
    exercise and eating, but don’t get caught up in not being good enough for
    x-activity: If you want to try it, do it! Do some dance, judge at that
    tournament, take that class on singing and that other one on literature: it’s the only way to become the person you want to be. You have to start somewhere, everyone does. But beyond health, let yourself hang out with friends and family, and really enjoy every moment of karate or playing the harp that you can! You never know where life will take
    you, so jump on the chances that are offered. Life is pretty darn good if you
    let it be! Your future looks like a normal college student, struggling to stay
    afloat in classes while not missing out on your friends, all while trying to
    figure out what you are going to do with your life. However, those courses, the
    people involved, all of your friends and family, and even just your
    acquaintances tend to be pretty awesome sources of insight and inspiration, so
    you enjoy listening and learning. You will spend a semester in Austria–bound
    to be good with all that chocolate and music, right? Some of your oldest
    friends will remain so, despite time and distance for school—you will even
    reconnect with a couple that you haven’t seen much of in years, and you realize
    that they are still amazing and wonderful friends to have and treasure. The new
    friends you have are also significant because they are great people, and
    inspirational as well. As for your family, it will forever remain a central
    part of your life, one that you love and cherish every day. 

    In addition to that you will be facing a pretty significant change looming on the
    horizon when someone dear to you is found to have terminal cancer…but things
    like that are great motivation not to wait around for the “perfect time to
    start,” start now. Don’t let the realization of what is happening slow you
    down, that would not help anyone.

    Let me tell you, even just taking the smallest steps toward better health make you
    feel so much better! I’ve realized that I just have to keep going forwards and
    it is great to use things like NerdFitness, or my sister, whoever, it keeps up
    the motivation and the happiness so I am on my way to being healthier than I
    have been in quite a while! Life is definitely scary and new, but also so
    exciting with all the possibilities that are appearing every day! Also, it
    really only takes a few minutes a day to get into the habit of something new
    and something better, no joke. Doing those planks, or the sit-ups, etc, it’ll
    help (and yes, it still takes some motivation to get going, but don’t let that
    stop you, let it fuel you–master the motivation).

    2. What your future looks like, being as specific and detailed as possible:

    In the future…I will be strong physically, being able to do such things as handstands, push-ups, and even some of those awesome body-weight exercises for the upper-level nerds that
    the Nerd Fitness articles always have ( the ones that you currently always oo
    and say “wow, how does anyone do that!?”). You’ll have figured out where your
    passion lies and have a higher degree in that field. You will have a job
    somewhere that you love and lets you learn all about biology, but incorporates
    your interest of the past at times as well. You may even be looking at getting
    another degree, wow! Your family will have remained a constant presence of
    support and love as it always has; providing the foundation for exploring the
    world on your own, but always there with words of advice and help when needed.
    You play the harp everyday because it is relaxing and you have worked hard to
    continue playing and learning new music. For Tang Soo Do, you are practicing on
    your own and even at a nearby school (or even a club you have started).
    Whenever you are home you make more than enough time to go into the studio and
    help teach and connect with your family there, because they are an integral
    part of your life just like your actual family. Your flexibility and strength
    lets you keep up with the younger students, and you can even boast that you
    have run some different races—even a half marathon or two. Things like parkour
    and aerial silk are no longer impossible to fathom doing, but rather are quite
    possible to try out and enjoy. Life is going very very well, because you
    decided to become a healthier person, without sacrificing the finer things in
    life like reading a good book or playing a game with your family.


3. What’s one thing the FUTURE you would come back and tell TODAY you so that you
    head down the right path?

    Don’t be afraid to jump in and try something new, just do your best: obviously you are
    new, so who cares?? Oh, and when you start Tang Soo Do–don’t feel like you
    have to live up to those around you, explore your own abilities to their
    fullest. Not everyone around you now will be around to help you later–changes
    can happen in a Split Second for good or bad, so take advantage of every
    opportunity and enjoy the work involved when you really do love what you are

  15. 1. Something the current you would tell yourself 10 years ago:

    Dear my 15 year old self. First I want you to put that fried chicken down. Yes, that coke too. In a few years, you will be stepping into a world completely different from yours. You will be fighting a tough battle in your career and school, but it will be okay. You’ll love it. You need eating and exercise habit that will stick. Live a little. Life is not all food and books. You will need to learn and excel in English. You will have a relationship with a sweet girl in a few years, but you can’t keep her; that’s okay too. You won’t die from it. Just learn to pay attention.

    2. What your future looks like, being as specific and detailed as possible.
    Dear 35 years old ComedyMan, you have fought a hard battle and won. Now you are a Professor at a well-renowned university close to your hometown. You work hard to experiment/research the best way to prevent floods in SE Asian peninsular, and you taught many proud students who will make the world a more beautiful place to live. You still find some time to exercise everyday, and you look ripped. Your novels in America made a New York Best Seller, and it inspired people in the minorities to identify with heroes in a popular media.
    Oh, and you still look like you’re 25

    3. What’s one thing the FUTURE you would come back and tell TODAY you so that you head down the right path?
    Write it for an hour everyday. Find people that will keep you inspired. Manage your time. Slab on sunscreen on top of the smile on your face. Make small experiment in yourself and assess the results constantly.

  16. 1) 14year old Kristina, you have a lot ahead of you but try to spend less time worrying what people think of you and more time with your family. Some of them might not be there as long as you think.
    2) 34 year old Kristina has her own restaurant with fresh local food on the menu. She has traveled all over and has a few more destinations. She is back living in Kansas City and wants to settle down and start a family.
    3) 24 year old Kristina keep working hard. With your work and with your family. One day they will your hard work will pay off. Keep positive and always love. If you have a hard day, week, ect. Take a deep breath and remember you can do anything in time.
    Thank you Steve for all you do.

  17. 1. Something the current you would tell yourself 10 years ago.

    ” remember how you used to be intimidated by girls and life in general? Guess what? It’s the complete opposite, girls are just as attracted to you as you are them. They just

  18. It has been almost 10 years! I wanted to go on a big rollercoaster trip from this certain website called themeparkreview, they take trips every few years to all parts of the world 🙁

  19. in the future i will have at least five friends, that is successful in life. I will also be a millionaire by investing in houses and stocks etc.
    I will have a good wife that support and love me.
    i will have kids, that is on the right path to a better life.
    i will have a job that i like, something i can work in long hours, like i’m playing mibile legends and forgetting time.
    i will have a healthy body, get enough sleep and the basics.
    i will become a good cook, that can cook healthy food that taste great
    i will read and learn everyday.
    i will take action on things that matters in the long run.
    i will not care about what others think about me.
    i will develop my social skills and make people laugh.
    i will open bussinesses and websites. No matter what i will create something great.
    i will not spend things on useless things
    i will learn to sell.

  20. Even thought this is an post I think is a good one and I wouldn’t have done it if I knew I wasn’t going to post it 😛

    1. Something the current you would tell yourself 10 years ago.

    Dont feel guilty for leaving it wasn’t good for you or your kids, and later they thank you for it. Don’t wait another 6 years to go back to college yes you are the oldest in your classes, but you graduate with a 4.0 and motivate your kids to go too! And while we are at it start doing yoga and go back to taekwondo now; don’t wait 9 ½ more years…

    2. What your future looks like, being as specific and detailed as possible.
    Yes you waited a while to get in shape but at least you started, you are now a strong and healthy person you are not going to hit 50 and say darn I should have done this 10 years ago. Your family business is booming, and the slow times are behind you. You and your brother have turned it around and it has never done better. You are now not only a second-degree black belt but a yoga instructor that is teaching others that it is never too late to get in shape.

    3. What’s one thing the FUTURE you would come back and tell TODAY you so that you head down the right path?

    Put down that hamburger, glass of wine, and Netflix remote get to yoga, on your bike, or to taekwondo class! No more binge watching game of thrones and The 100; get outside and live!

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