Embrace the Weird

I’m weird dude.

No, not “pushing a blow-up dinosaur around in a shopping cart” weird, but pretty damn weird.

I wear funny shoes to the gym.  I do pull ups on tree branches and swing sets.  I act like a big kid doing handstands and rolling around in parks.  I think everybody should have playtime.  I get funny looks when I eat in a peculiar manner, and people poke fun at me when I refuse dessert or extra servings at parties.

I used to try to fit in with the majority; to do things like everybody else, because everybody else HAD to be right, which made the opposite wrong. 

Then I looked at the majority: overweight, out of shape, over-medicated, in debt, and unhappy!

Suddenly…being weird seemed like the only option!

I embraced my inner Costanza and started doing everything the exact opposite of what everybody else expected of me.  As a result, I have never been happier, healthier, or felt more alive.

Let’s Get Weird

Steve, Saint, and Eric

Sometimes, you just need to get weird. Real weird.  Like my buddy Saint, Eric, and I above.

(Yes, our flip cup team name on The Rock Boat was “Let’s Get Weird!”).

  • Who cares what people think when you’re in the park practicing ridiculous handstands?
  • Who cares what people think when you bring in your homemade “weird” lunch rather than eating fast food like everybody else?
  • Who cares what people think when you’re doing squats and deadlifts as a 45 year old mom rather than leisurely using the elliptical like everyone else?

Be grateful that you’re different, especially if you are the only one.  “The same” is what got everybody else where they are now.

Different is what’s going to get you where you really want to go.

Be judged or ignored

sombrero lego

To borrow a line from Seth Godin: “You will be judged, or you will be ignored.”

If you’re going to change your life, you may have to zig when others zag,  stand while other sit, and run while others walk.  It’s much easier to follow the herd, not ruffle any feathers, and go with the flow.

Screw the flow!

You will be judged for being different.  Wear that judgment proudly, like an effin’ badge of honor…because it sure as hell beats the alternative.

My name is Steve.  I’m a Nerd Fitness Rebel, and I’m proud to be judged for my strange eating habits, unorthodox workout style, and acting like kid.

Who are you, and what are you proud to be judged for?


Today’s Rebel Hero: Amanda M., the first owner of a Nerd Fitness-themed tattoo!  The Rebellion has officially arrived!  Here’s the story behind it: 

tattooI’m 34 and have been smoking since I was 14.  I’ve quit at times but always started when things got stressful.  I survived marriage, divorce, childbirth, losing family members, and getting remarried.  I always kept it together. Smoking was something that had control over me…until Nerd Fitness.

I read Spezzys story and I started lifting. I read your article about slaying dragons and I felt like you wrote it for me! I had to slay the dragon of smoking! I made a commitment to my NF family, I was done, it would not control me anymore. The-tin-man made me a counter and I had so much support and encouragement.

My last cigarette was May 6, 2012 at 10:15 pm central. Knowing I’d have to start again at zero if I failed, having to tell all the people cheering me on that I failed…not happening!

Nerd Fitness, you and my NF family taught me that dragons are meant to be slayed, I am stronger than the addiction, and my life has leveled up in so many ways!  I’m running Warrior Dash in November with a bunch of nerds, a half marathon in February, and then the Dallas marathon!


photo source: sombrero lego, cart

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60 thoughts on “Embrace the Weird

  1. Great article, Steve! I’ve definitely embraced the weird for a long time (I distinctly remember making someone mad in 4th grade for being proud when he called me “weird.”) I’m finally applying it to things other than my personality and am seeing good things happening. And Pixie, you’re a ROCKSTAR! I love you, girl. The tattoo is awesome!

  2. dude, eating and enjoying fermented herring is weird. packing your lunch and/or deciding to be tarzan for the day is so not weird. well, perhaps if you did it DRESSED like tarzan, i may laugh. just a little.

  3. Great article! I love that there are other weird people out there! Everyday I close my office door & level up because that’s the only time I can find. Which is weird. Especially in a skirt & heels.

  4. I think blogging helps one to get over the “weirdo complex”. 🙂 It’s realing we’re all the same when it comes down to it!
    Great article, Steve.

  5. Wow, I feel like you wrote this perfectly for me. Too many times have I been singled our or looked at ‘weird’ because of what I choose by my firends and roommates.

    Thank you for realizing that I’m the one bettering myself and I need to ignore them and just be weird.

  6. I long ago embraced my weird and enjoy finding new ways to be even weirder. I just never cared too much what people think and I’m pretty damn stubborn when I want something. And the thing with giving up grains and processed crap – most people don’t notice I don’t eat it. If they say something, I just say, “I’m trying out a new way to eat’. Most of the time that works and we are done. if they ask me questions, I share my opinions and understanding of how our bodies work. I don’t judge, preach or otherwise comment on what other people do. If you are cool and kind, people tend to leave you alone. Plus, I look way more awesome since I started the weird exercise and eating – so people can’t argue with that.

  7. I’m especially proud to be mocked for taking the stairs multiple times every day up to the 5th floor at work and considered to be insane for training with kettlebells and dumbbels 🙂

  8. This is hands down, without a doubt, my favorite article here on Nerd Fitness. That is saying a lot since I enjoy reading Nerd Fitness more than any other website (even my own!).

    I’m weird. I tell my siblings all the time that they are weird too. We all need to embracess are weirdness instead of shying away from it.

    I’ve been taking notes on unique facts about Toad (me) and now I am going to use the word weird because it just fits. I think being weird brings more joy into one life.

    Let’s be weird!

    Dance anyone? 🙂

  9. well not criminal minds/serial killer-esque weird, but jason segel-weird w the vamp musical, totally.

  10. I’m from Portland, Oregon, where our city’s slogan is: Keep Portland weird.

    Better yet, I’ve been accused (by more than one person) that I have a lot of similarities with George Castanza. Weird, huh?

    I’ve always been weird. Like you, I’m the one doing push ups at parties, handstands in the park, pull ups on subway cars. I run, play, jump, and have fun. As a teenager, being weird might have sucked a bit… but now, I think it’s the greatest gift ever. Because in my mind, if you’re not weird, you’re normal… and who wants to be normal?

    Anyway, embrace the weirdness, man. We all love it.

  11. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this sight a couple months ago. I’ve been putting a lot of this to the test. Even got some Vibrams! But this article right here puts the icing on the cake. I too will slay the dragon of smoking!

  12. I love hearing this! You can do it when you put your heart & soul into it! If you need any encouragement or support- find me on the forums!!! ~*~Wicked Pixie~*~

  13. i would like to hear more on Saints progress. I think a lot of guys related to him. He went from the SAD (standard american diet) looking guy to a machine. So whats ups?

  14. Yesssss, the moment you can accept you for who you are, nothing else really matters. I think we should all learn to embrace that face people give us, that face of disapproval and embarrassment. Once you can acknowledge the fact that that face doesn’t affect you anymore, you are one step closer.

  15. People say I’m weird I just like to say Thank you. I embrace the weird. It feels right- it feels healthy to me. It feels like me. I’ll take it!! GO on with your bad weird selves folks! 😀

  16. I am proud to say I’m weird. The two weird things I do that get the most comment?
    I bring Tupperware boxes (in a nice gift bag) to restaurants so I don’t need a nasty Styrofoam to-go box.
    I bring my own cold cup to Starbucks every day. I get a lot of questions about how cleaning and remembering it. Most people end up say “but that is so hard I would never do it.” Washing the cup and putting in my backpack is hard?
    My new weird goal is to be stronger and sleeker at 56 than I am at 55. I don’t believe that fifty and fat are synonymous & I’m going to prove it. I am so glad I found this wonderfuly weird site.

  17. When I go to the national chain gym, I do things I was tought by my trainer. Wall sits, planks ect, plus im still a larg guy on a journey. Some of those robots look at me like im crazy. ‘Whats the big guy doing over there?” “Is he resting on that wall?” “Looks like he’s about to do a pushup, but he isnt moving” I see them talking and wondering, but it’s ok. I just do my thing and continue to lose this girth. Great article, and I can relate…..PEACE

  18. I’ve always been so frustrated with my weird because I refuse to be anything but me and no-one I’ve met gets me. This article made me feel a bit better about that. I feel about twenty percent cooler.

  19. Such a great article, can completely relate to this.
    “Weird” gets results…Why be “normal” like everyone else, and end up complaining about how you’re not achieving your goals!

    “My name is Jonathan. I’m a Nerd Fitness Rebel, and I’m proud to be judged for
    my strange eating habits, unorthodox workout style, and acting like a kid.”

  20. Being weird is awesome i act immature. i jump on my friends from behind. i flip their hoods on I poke them in the face and I flip their bags. I act like a 12 year old. many of my sisters friends think I am weird but it’s just too fun being weird.

  21. I am Connie, and I am proud to be judged for my social anxiety and poor social skills that can only be explained by arrested development.

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