How to Level Up in the Game of Life



This may be the sweetest sound you can possibly hear when playing a role-playing game (henceforth referred to as an RPG).  “DING!” or something similar depending on the video game you’re playing, means that your character completed a certain number of quests, killed a specific number of monsters, and ran enough errands to level up.

Congratulations, or “grats!” are usually in order for this occasion. After a brief celebratory /dance, you purchase new spells, reward yourself with new armor, and then immediately start working towards  your next level.

It’s this particular reason that games like World of Warcraft, Rift, Oblivion, Everquest 2, and any other RPG are so damn addictive: there’s always another level to reach, another dragon to kill, and better armor to acquire.

Today, we’re going to turn life into a giant role playing game. If you’ve read the “What Is Your Profession?” article, then you’ve already turned yourself into a character. Let’s put that character into action.

Since day one, the tagline for Nerd Fitness has been “Level up your life.”

Today, you’re going to learn how.

Don’t complain about your starting zone

This trooper doesn't complain of his starting point.

Let’s assume that you hit the random button when creating your character in World of Warcraft – you were hoping for a good looking elf and ended up with a goofy-looking ogre.  Instead of starting in a beautiful city high up in the clouds, you start in a dank sewer down in the bogs.  Suck.  However, you agreed to play a random character, so you suck it up, and decide to become the best damn ogre you can be.

In the game of life: we’re all dealt a “random character.”  Some humans are good looking, some are goofy, some are tall, some are short, some are big, some are small.  Some people can build muscle quickly; others can’t build muscle to save their life.  Some people have fast metabolisms, while others have slow metabolisms.

That’s life.

It might not be fair, but it is what it is. If you think you were dealt a poor hand, try complaining  to anybody that will listen for the next week and see if it helps make you better, faster, stronger.  After that doesn’t work, try sucking it up and taking action for the next week.

Look at it this way, the more dire your situation now, the better your origin story will be when you create your own epic destiny.

Rule #1 of the Rebellion – “We don’t care where you came from, only where you’re going.”

We don’t accept excuses, only solutions.

Life as a newbie

This dino is just starting out in his game.

Whenever you start playing a new RPG, your character is generally wearing a plain tunic, carrying a wooden sword, and has no sense of direction.  Luckily, there’s a commoner near you that asks for a favor: “Go into the sewer and kill ten rats.”

It’s a crappy job, but you know that if you go into the sewer and kill those rats, you’ll complete the quest and be that much closer to level 2, where you’ll have access to more interesting quests and eventually better equipment.

In the Game of Life: Things are no different. If you’re 300 pounds overweight and live in your parents’ basement, that’s your starting point. If you want to get in shape, get a job, and move out, you need to start at level one by “killing a couple rats.”

These are the rats you need to slay:

  • Walk 15 minutes a day.
  • Put together a job resume.
  • Open a savings count.

These are things you need to do in order to start “leveling up.” They might not be fun activities, they might not be what you WANT to do, but you know that these actions serve a purpose. and will get you moving down the path towards a better life.  Never forget that undesirable and seemingly insignificant tasks up front can pave the way for success down the road.

Encountering Elite Players

This ninja is an elite player.

After you’ve gained a few levels, you’re finally allowed to venture outside of the safety confines of your city’s walls.

At this point, you get to do more important quests like delivering letters, killing giants spiders, slaying snakes and such. While you’re whacking away at these mobs, you encounter a level 50 player; the best of the best.

This dude has it all:

  • A glowing horse decked out in platinum armor.
  • A flaming sword and shield.
  • Badass armor crafted from the rarest metal.

You take one look at his inventory and you’re instantly inspired to play more. You know it took this guy days and days of questing, grinding, and dungeon crawling, but if he can get to level 50 and get all that stuff, so can you.

In the Game of Life: You’re standing on a treadmill at the gym, huffing and puffing after two minutes. You peak over to the free weights section and see a guy that is absolutely ripped doing pull ups with 45 pounds hanging off him.

Rather than get jealous/blame your genetics/get depressed at how much farther you need to go: GET INSPIRED. This guy might be a Level 50, but you have NO idea what he’s gone through to get to that point in his life – the hours in the gym, the nights at home cooking healthy meals, the early evenings in bed to get enough rest. He’s living proof of what’s possible if you’re willing to work for it. You might be level 2, but it’s a short leap to level 3…and a little larger leap to level 4…and so on.

Pick on somebody your own size

When you’re level 10, try attacking a level 70 dragon with your rusty sword. Half a nano-second later, you’ll be shouting “um, can I get a res(urection) please?” because you just got your ass kicked. Lesson learned.  You get a good laugh out of it, realize you’re WAY out of your league, and quickly run back to the proper zone to fight things that are your level.

In the game of life: If you’re severely overweight, underweight, or hopelessly out of shape, don’t try to run a marathon tomorrow…you’re going to get your ass kicked and get very depressed. Start with walking 15 minutes a day, and then 20, and then 30, and then 45, and then jogging for 15, and then jogging for 20.

Tackle challenges that are level-appropriate. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Perfect physique, superhuman strength, and unlimited endurance won’t happen overnight either.

One day at a time, one level at a time.

Determine your Level 50

want to be a superhero like these legos? do circuit training!

In games like Everquest and World of Warcraft, finding out what happens at Level 50 is easy – it’s the level that comes after level 49. When you get to level 50, you get to enter special zones, wear special armor, and it comes with a certain amount of prestige.

In the game of life: you need to decide what your level 50 is, which will certainly depend on where you’re at now and what your life goals are.

Your “level 50” doesn’t need to be something incredibly dramatic, outlandish, and extraordinary (though it certainly can be), but it does need to be something that you can visualize perfectly so that you have something to work towards:

My life at level 50 looks like this: From a fitness perspective, I’m in the best shape of my life – handstand push ups, pistol squats, pull ups with 45 pounds hanging off, 300 pound squat, and a 400 pound deadlift. I’m also flexible as hell, well trained in Kung Fu, a great breakdancer, and a damn good cook.

I live in a nice house on the coast somewhere in the States. I wake up without an alarm clock and grab my surfboard for a morning session. I spend the middle of my day working on Nerd Fitness and the Rebellion (while also booking a business trip to…Hawaii? Japan? and a free vacation to Tahiti using airline miles), and then sneak out to play 18 holes of golf in the afternoon at a local course. I come home, crank out a quick strength training workout or martial arts session, cook a healthy dinner for my wife and I, and then relax by inviting some friends over for drinks, music, (Halo), and hanging out.

That’s my life at level 50…I still have a long way to go, and I’m sure my definition of level 50 will change drastically as I get older and my priorities change, but I have something to work towards.

Plot your path to 50

It's important to know exactly how you'll get to 50!

RPGs are so damn addictive because it’s easy to say “one more quest.”

As soon as you level up, there are new quests that become available to you.  If you’re level 14, you know that you’re 36 levels away from Level 50 – it’s a long way to go, but it’s a fun journey, and you get to explore new zones, fight new bad guys, and do more fun quests with each new level.

Everything is documented, and you know how many more quests you need to complete in order to level up. You know which zones to fight in for your particular level, when its time to move on to the next zone, which mobs give the most experience, and so on.

That level 50 carrot on the end of the stick keeps you walking in the right direction.

In the Game of life: Once you’ve determined your level 50, you can start making decisions based on whether or not they’re bringing you closer or further away from that end goal.

Games are fun, life is fun, why can’t life be a game?

For example, I’m currently traveling on my world trip and I don’t have access to a gym, but I want to come back in better shape than when I left.  I hope to be able to do handstand push ups and pistol squats by the time I get back to San Francisco in June.

In order to get to that point, I have MANY MANY levels in between. Every other day, I level up by getting stronger than the previous workout. With no weight, I have to continually “upgrade” my exercises to make them tougher and tougher until I’m at the point where I’m happy.

This is what my progression looks like push ups to hand stand push ups

  • Regular push ups
  • Divebomber push ups
  • Shoulder press push ups
  • Handstand push ups

I’m currently doing regular push ups until I’m at a particular number of reps that’s high enough for me to “level up” and start again with divebombers.  Once I can do enough of those in a row, I’ll move onto should press push ups, and then eventually to handstand push ups.  It’s going to take me months to get there, but I have a clear, distinct path to take, and know what I need to do in order to succeed.

This works no matter what type of life you seek at level 50:

  • If you want to run marathons: sign up for a 5k, then a 10k, then a half-marathon, and so on.
  • If you want to be a power lifter: start by learning the basic lifts with just the bar, and begin with just 5 pounds on each side of the bar. Every week, add more weight.
  • If you want to become a black belt in Tae Kwon Do: you have to start as a white belt, and then work your way up to yellow, then green, then blue.

Don’t just kill rats for the hell of it

Don't just kill rats for the hell of it. Level up!

When you start playing a RPG for the first time, you’re always sent out to kill level 1 rats. You do it because that’s what the quest asks for and you know that completing the quest will open up other quests. However, once you’ve leveled up a bunch, going back to kill another 100 rats probably won’t be that fun, and it won’t get you any closer to level 50. You have bigger fish to fry, tougher mobs to kill, and more important quests to complete.

In the game of life: Live your life with purpose – if you’re doing something, make sure you know WHY you’re doing it. And if you don’t like the thing you’re doing, and it’s not bringing you any closer to your life at Level 50, find a way to stop doing it  At least put a plan in place so that eventually you don’t have to do it anymore.

Reward yourself with better equipment

This Knight knows equipment will help level her up.

The big draw in RPGs is that whenever you level up, you get to use better weapons, wear cooler armor, cast cooler spells, and so forth. Better equipment will help you fight tougher monsters, which will in turn give you more experience and get you closer to the next level up. It’s a viciously awesome cycle that keeps people playing for days and days on end.

In the game of life: reward yourself with stuff that will reward you back.

I don’t love the concept of rewarding yourself with unhealthy food or habits when you do something good. It drives me nuts to see somebody that spends four months training for a marathon, and then rewards himself then after the race is done with two weeks of binge eating and no exercise (which becomes three weeks…and then a month…).

According to Rule #2 of the Rebellion, “When you join, you’re in for life.” We’re not in this for diets and quick fixes. We don’t accomplish a goal and then backslide with an unhealthy reward system. We accomplish goals and celebrate with rewards that push us to be even better:

  • Hit a new weight loss goal? Great! Buy yourself a new bathing suit to show off that body.
  • Just ran a 5k? Awesome! Buy yourself some vibrams and start considering barefoot running for your upcoming 10K.
  • Completed the advanced body weight routine? Great! Reward yourself with a gym membership and start learning how to lift weights.

The above are just examples – it’ll be up to you to determine your rewards, but if you can find ways to reward yourself with things that help you level up, you’ll get to level 50 far quicker than if you reward yourself with stuff that has you backsliding.

Don’t turn life into a grind!

Make sure you live a little, and don't just focus on battle like this lady.

If you’ve ever wondered if I was a true nerd, these next two paragraphs should just about do it.

Back when I used to play the original Everquest, WAY back in the late 1990s, I remember hanging out with my friend Saint at the wizard spires in North Karanas. We weren’t doing any quests, we weren’t killing any bad guys, but it was the first time I had ever met up with a friend from real life in a video game. We giggled like school children, and took turns cracking each other up by typing “/flex” and “/dance” which made our characters perform those actions.  I think three hours later we finally moved on to fighting stuff.

I also remember going to Kelethin, a city up in the tree tops, and having races with my friends Cash and Seth after drinking mead (which made my character “drunk” and thus unable to run in a straight line) to see who could run from one end of the city to the other without falling off the pathways.

Did these things have ANY purpose or advance my character in any way towards a higher level?


Was it fun?

You’re DAMN right it was!

In fact, those were probably two of my favorite memories from playing Everquest.

In the game of life: I know earlier I said “always have a purpose,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too. I like to live a life worth living, knowing that each activity or action puts me one step closer to  my ideal life. However, I still go out drinking with friends, stay up too late playing Halo: Reach (how I miss thee), and eat foods that are unhealthy for me every once and a while.

These things keep me grounded, keep me sane, and keep me happy.

Although I’m fanatical when it comes to my gym sessions, I also seek out “fun quests” like ultimate frisbee, hiking, climbing, surfing, and other activities that make me happy but might not necessarily get me any closer to competing on Ninja Warrior.

I’m okay with that.

Stay out too late every once a while. Eat bad foods while watching sports or playing video games. Do stuff that makes you happy.  Just make sure you’re also doing stuff that makes you a better person and gets you closer to a better life.

What’s life like for you at Level 50?

Landscape shot of someone who has built muscle and strength.

In the comments below, tell me what life is like for you at level 50. Then, tell me one quest that you’re going to complete TODAY in order to “level up” and get closer to making that dream a reality.

Let’s hear it – your life at level 50, and your quest for today to make that dream a reality!


Photo Sources can be found here: Pascal: Knightseeing, Bixentro: Green Dragon, stromtrooper Lego Egg, pre-historic world, Winter in the bamboo grovelego custom by HOBBYBRICK, Mouse Trap, Tomoe Gozen, Achieve.

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355 thoughts on “How to Level Up in the Game of Life

  1. At level 50, I’m going to own a reasonably sized cottage in the mountains near the Pacific, with plenty of land between me and my nearest neighbors. I’ll make enough money as a freelance web developer and professional copy editor to take care of myself and a few pets, with enough left over to do something fun with it every now and then. I’ll have learned to surf, and will spend a lot of spare time doing that and hiking with the dogs, with a good amount of video games thrown in. I’ll be fit enough that when I look in the mirror and say “Damn,” I’ll mean it in a good way. I’ll have friends I actually like, and a good social network built on trust, respect, and a taste for adventure.

    Today, I’ll find a beginner’s bodyweight workout and give it a go, and play Minecraft with my friends.

  2. At level 50, I will be living in Japan working as a english teacher. I will be a black belt in the martial art of my chose and be comfortable with my body. I will have a comfortable life with a family and small group of friends.

  3. At Level 50 I will own a house near the airport right here in my hometown. I will be a charter pilot. I’ll be an Olympic archer/coach and a top level fighter in the SCA. I’ll be able to do 1 hand push-ups and will be a published game designer. I’ll be able to run 20 km and I’ll weigh 180 or less. I’ll have a family (likely enabled due to my soon-to-be stunning physique) and we’ll regularly go kayaking and long distance backpacking.

    Today, I will kill 50 rats! JK, but what I will do is 100 jumping jacks, 15 push ups, and walk for 20 mins.

    Good luck to everyone!

  4. Level 50: Legally Ross V. with a male gender marker, having completed full transition, including “top” surgery, hysterectomy, metoidoplasty and 7+ years on hormones. Living in Virginia with my lovely adventurous wife and our two children. Working as a wilderness medicine or SERE instructor with experience in domestic and international medical aid work from one or more tours with MSF and the US Public Health Service. Trilingual. Able to run five miles in rough terrain, and live off the land in back country indefinitely. Parkour as a side hobby.

    Today I will send in my application for top surgery, do a basic body weight workout and go for a mile jog.

  5. Level 50: have thru-hiked the PCT and maintain that level of fitness. Go hiking at least once a week, trilingual (English, Spanish, Irish), play the clarinet well, can draw, live in a house I built myself with a large yard surrounded by trees and a massive veggie garden. The house will have awesome things like secret bookshelf doors and there’ll be a playroom for the adults as well as the kids. And it’s in the Pacific Northwest, preferably near enough to Portland for daytrips downtown. Have managed to get my husband (currently boyfriend) out hiking with me and liking it (I am convinced he would like hiking more if he was in better shape), have two or three kids who also love the outdoors. Somehow work at a university (or other facility) doing ecological research without having to teach.

    Shorter term fitness goals: be able to make it through a week of day camp by week after next (very important, as I’m volunteering, and don’t have the energy to be on my feet most of a day right now due to recently finishing chemo. Or I hope I’m done, anyway), and be in marching band shape by mid September (i.e. playing and marching without running out of air during the show. I want to actually be playing, not just a body on the field)

    Today: learn the pronunciation rules for Irish (like why sean is pronounced shawn but sinead is shin-ade), go for a couple-mile walk without having to stop as much as last time.

  6. My Super Hero self has a healthy percent body fat, is strong, lean, toned, and flexible, has healthy sleep habits, is less anxious and stressed, is comfortable in her body, inspires people, and is better at forgiving myself when I make mistakes.

  7. My level 50. I am toned, healthy and flexible. I take care of my daughter who has Cerebral Palsy with much more ease and energy. I lead by example, changing my life for the better, living healthier and have found a true outlet for stress release. I cook dinner for my husband and my (as yet imaginary) other children every night. I get precious time to myself to exercise. In the evenings I get the play the games with my husband that we both enjoy and I inspire him to be healthier too.

    Today I went for a 20 minute, fast walk.

  8. At Level 50 I will be a pretty flipping moto Marine Reserves Officer (former active duty for at least 5 years, maybe more) with 5 kids I homeschool so the family can spend several months of the year doing mission work wherever we are called to go – Africa, India, you name it. I’ll take advantage of the adventures to be had (activities to try, mountains to conquer, all the “bucket list” type stuff) in each place I travel to – and bring the whole family along for the ride! I will be able to utilize my Masters Degree in Systems Engineering, my medical license, or my helicopter-flying know-how from my days on active duty (or all three – this is level 50 after all; I can dream) on these trips however they’re needed, and we’ll (my kids, my husband and I) all gain additional experience and skills on our travels to use wherever we go next. Today I am working towards that first pull-up – been working consistently about “2.5” days a week for the past 2.5 months, and am closer than I’ve ever been, including where I was on my multiple past attempts that each lasted about a month consistently before getting frustrated and letting other things take priority. It’s taking longer than I think it should, but I’m getting there :D!

  9. You can turn you life literally into a game on here:
    Unfortunately it doesn’t let you choose what you want to have achieved by lv50 or create your own quests (yet) but it’s still new and developing.

  10. At Level 50, I will be in better shape than most of my athletic friends. I will be able to run for miles and be able to walk around shirtless and feel good about myself. I will have a job that brings me purpose in life, have a family that I love, and live in a beautiful home. I will have a lakeside property with all the toys associated with it. I will have my Masters in Financial Law.

    Today: I’m going to go shopping at the grocery store for good foods, try a new recipe, create a savings account, clean my home, and plan my new workout plan.

  11. My Level 50 is being able to lift 150 pounds with each hand, being able to jump 6 feet in the air and land a fall from 13 feet easily. Also being a game designer that has just shipped the best game every made by mankind. Today I am going to learn some new weight training off the internet and apply it for a 40 minute workout. Also study some new programming techniques and organize my next development cycle for the game project I’m working on.

  12. My level 50 is being 40 pounds lighter and doing some type of physical fitness activity I enjoy every day. I’ll have enough energy to get through my days without feeling like a wet dishrag by mid-day. Today I made a list of rats I need to slay for my level 1 and wrote the quests I need to complete to conquer those rats. I also determined the reward I’m working towards when I complete my level 1. The first quest I’m completing today is to take a 10 minute walk with my kids.

  13. At my lvl 50, I will have created my dream video game, along with an app idea I have been mulling around, and they will be wildly successful. I will live in a beautiful home in a city near the ocean, and as close to the equator as possible, hopping around between coffee shops on my road bike or long board with nothing but my laptop and sketch book to work on my next hit video game or app idea. I will have a beautiful wife, inside and out, with children who are chasing their dreams, and enough free time to surf, hike, rock climb, travel, and all the other things i enjoy doing in my free time. Physically, I will be built, lean, flexible, and have functional strength. I want to be able to sprint like a racehorse (not literally of course, although that would be awesome!), bench 315 lbs, squat 375 lbs, deadlift 405 lbs, and do handstand pushups (they are so awesome! ;).

    To work towards this goal, today I will go for a morning run with sprints and jumps mixed in, CRUSH shoulders in the gym by attempting a 10lb increase in weight on my standing overhead press, and end my workout with 15-20 minutes of stretching. I will complete two chapters of work in my programming textbook. I will create another 3 animations and implement them into the game i am currently working on. I will approach and converse with a girl that I am interested in, in person, not on tinder (haha xD ). I will complete a design drawing assignment as well as begin my english paper. And last but not least, I will do something for myself today (maybe a nice soak in the hot tub at my complex :).

  14. My Level 50: I am a published author living in a suburban area that still has easy access to the city, I have a one-acre organic garden with rare pet chickens, ducks, and turkeys; I have a husband, three children, two dogs, and two cats; I have college funds set up for my children and my nephews, I’m slender and healthy, and I finally have a driver license.

  15. Level 50 would, for me; I really want to look more androgynous (which means more masculine since I look like a plump little lady thing), of course the easiest way to reach that is to lose weight (since I’m a little overweight). I also want to get a job, by overcoming my laziness and perfectionism, and social anxiety stuff yeA, and write that DAMNED resume! Mostly so I can buy even MORE video games and art supplies yey. And to top it all off, I wanna be a hot cosplayer hah. These three things are, at the moment, my “dreams”. I hope I can actually achieve this sometime, maybe I should get better at putting my manga to the side haha–

  16. At level 50. Oh level 50. I’m already so close. I’m the same weight now that I was five years ago, and 9 inches shorter and much less strong. Close is more like half way. My level 50: Living with my crush somewhere, anywhere. Doesn’t even matter, as long as she’s there. Knowing the languages I’m studying to fluency. Having a kickass youtube channel that teaches people to be the nerdy life of the party (magic, pen spinning, memorization, fitness, and languages). I want to have around 6-14% body fat with a good amount of muscle. Something that makes me look lean and that I’ve been that way my whole life. I love decieving people. I also want to teach ESL as a side job while I’m a computer hardware engineer as my day job. So far, most of these things I literally can’t achieve right now. I’m 15. And right now, I’ve made so much progress I’m super happy with it. It was January 4th when I started the Paleo diet, at level 10 ish. Level 1 was when I was in 5th grade at 140 pounds and 4′ 9″. I now have lost 20 some pounds and I definitely can see the dragon in sight. Every rep that I do, every good meal I eat, makes me feel so much closer. To anyone who feels like they want to quit, just don’t. If you have a bad day, just push through it. I actually ate about 500 extra calories than I should’ve, all in fruit. I practically only ate fruit that day. I felt anxious and nervous, until the next day, where I burned it all off and end some. My level 50 is sheer bliss

  17. I just recently began reading nerd fitness and while thinking about steps to level 50 my mind went back to when I was playing Dante’s Inferno and another method of leveling up. As you progress and earn XP, you build the skill tree by choosing which path to take and learn one skill before unlocking the next better one in that path.

    While you don’t necessarily need to choose whether to follow the dark or light path in real life (collecting souls also not required), you can certainly choose a skill that you would like to learn (one in my case is a muscle up) and build your own skill tree with the easier moves to provide steps up to that ultimate skill.

    If in fact you want to take it one step further, you award yourself xp points for each rep. For my muscle up, +2 XP for each rep, start with inverted rows then at 500 xp move to assisted pull ups, 1250 xp start normal pull ups, and continue adding until achieving the last skill on the path. And don’t forget, you can always focus on more than on path at a time (anyone up for some ab work?).

  18. I normally focus on small goals. My first career goal was to have a job that I didn’t have to wear a hat. My current career goal is to have an hour lunch. So, I’m going to allow myself to set a lofty high goal for 50. Something that my dreams have dreams to become. With that bit with that being said my level 50 includes me having a garden, chicken coop and beautiful home. I want to be able to live off of my own land and maybe even learn how to weave and start a silk worm colony. I want to have a body like the best cosplayers. I would like to be sponsored to do cosplay and attend conventions free of cost. I would have a law degree and lead a lucrative career that allows me plenty of free time. I would have plenty of time off to travel and explore ancient ruins in far off lands. My first step to this today is applying for home loans (i already passed preapproval). And look for a home that has enough land to complete my goals.

  19. what a bunch of mental masturbation, in life there is no such thing as “leveling up”. There are 4 year olds more charming than 30 year old nerds. There are 18 year old more sexually attractive than CEOs or even athletes, because they were gifted with good face and bones.

  20. At level 50, I will be a successful forex trader with at least 500k in my accounts, that is ever growing. I will be spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally strong. I will have all of my stats close to max and be teaching/researching in philosophy while advancing ethics and helping the world as I can. I will have learned/developed a martial arts, be married and have a beautiful home, travel the world, but most importantly be spiritually wholesome, regardless of where I find that, be it in a religion, or in metaphysics, or even in something I develop myself.. I will be happy, fulfilled, and ever growing, grinding and slowly progressing myself to 60, but not letting myself lose sight of the abilities and stats that I grind out before I work on leveling up (because it will help me in the long run)… I really love this post, and I found it after writing out myself on a character sheet and working on a quest log for all of the stuff I have going on… Thank you for this, and thank you everyone in the comments section, you have inspired me to find ambition and really focus on the long term goals as well as the short term.

  21. I try to keep my expectations low, because I’m prone to delusions of grandeur. I just want to be doing better than what I’m doing now. Maybe making living as a programmer. Maybe my site will take off. Maybe one of the other ideas will take off.

    It’s hard for me not to go into flights of fancy because so much of my life has been about fantasizing where I want to be. Now my life is about doing what I need to be doing. I just wanna be a winner and not a loser.

    So that’s what I’m trying to do. Just working on creating more real-life, concrete achievements for myself than I had the day before.

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  25. My level 50 would be to own my own game development studio of a few people, and making enough money to continue making games :). Then, at the end of a good day’s work, go home to my wife, a ‘girlfriend’ that lives over 1000km away from me. Sit back, relax, and reflect on the past 14 years in which i’ve built this life.

    Today: Continue learning C++ and write to said girl 🙂

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