How Star Wars Made Me a Better Person


“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….”

Every time those words pop up on a screen, my spine tingles. Excitement swells in me as the text fades to a starlit sky.

That fraction of a second before the horns blare the Star Wars theme… my heart skips a beat.

And then it happens.

Trumpets blare and I’m instantly transported to another galaxy.

Any time I watched Star Wars as a kid, it was like hitting the pause button. The homework I had due or the big Little League game I lost disappeared. The complexities of junior high (and figuring out how to navigate awkward hormones) took a back seat. The acne and braces stopped feeling so overwhelming.

This past weekend, I was one of the millions who saw the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, and life paused again. I was giddy through the entire movie. Several scenes filled my arms with goosebumps and I’m not afraid to admit I even teared up once or twice. Sitting there watching at 31 years old, I felt five again sitting on my living room floor. For a brief moment, nothing else mattered. I was on an adventure in galaxy far, far away.

Here’s the thing, though: my relationship with Star Wars is more than just a boyish crush. This saga has helped shape and mold the person I am today. It’s made me a better person.

Today I want to share this magic with you.

You Always Have a Choice.

storm troopers

In my research for my book Level Up Your Life, I stumbled across something that is now tattooed on the wall in my brain.

In the book, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, the #1 regret voiced by those on their deathbeds, having the ability to look back at what they had done or not done in their lives, is that they wished they’d had the courage to live lives true to themselves, as opposed to the lives others expected of them.

Let that sink in for a moment.

These are not philosophical or hypothetical ponderings, but rather real-life reflections from people who know they’re down to their last quarter in the arcade, so to speak. These people didn’t live the lives they wanted to live; they felt a call to adventure or a call to a path that challenged and fulfilled them, and yet refused the call because they didn’t want to ruffle any feathers or were scared of what that path might reveal. They were the Lukes who never left home.

They chose the easy, safe, non-conflicting path; a life that others expected them to live, and they would give anything now for an extra life to try again and take the more adventurous route.

Until we develop time machines, older folks at the end of their lives will never have the luxury of trying again, but you can certainly learn from the wisdom of their words.

Start with this: stop thinking of what others want for you, and instead start asking what you want for yourself.

Regardless of where you are now, you have a choice. No matter how old you are, or far down a path you think you might be, you can always turn back or change course.

Whether or not you realize it, YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE:

Remember, Luke was initially considered too old to be trained as a Jedi according to Master Yoda.

Han Solo bailed on the Rebel Alliance before coming back to save Luke on his trench run.

Vader’s redemption at the end of The Return of the Jedi was only possible because he realized no matter how far down a path he had gone, he could change.

You might be overweight and in a job you hate and a relationship that sucks, simply because you’re worried that this is the best it’s going to get. Or that you should be thankful in this economy.

Choose to take care of yourself and live the life you feel you deserve. And you deserve better. I promise you.

You might think you’re too old for adventure. That you’re too out of shape to ever do the things you want to do. That you’re too far down a career path to ever change, even though it stopped being fulfilling a decade ago.

Be honest with yourself. What’s the life you really want?

What’s the choice you need to make? Yep, there will be consequences either way, but you always have a choice.

Fighting the Dark Side Is hard… But Worth it.

pilot poe

Here at Nerd Fitness, we don’t sugar-coat things. In fact, we DEFINITELY try to avoid sugar-coated things. So here it is:

Fighting back against the Dark Side is tough. There are no quick fixes, fad diets (that actually work), or magic bullets.

Being a member of the Rebellion isn’t an easy path, but the journey and the adventure is worth every ounce of struggle you will put into overcoming your own Dark Side.

For you it may be years of bad habits holding you back. It may be an addiction. It may be an unfulfilling career, a failed or unhappy relationship, overdue bills, medication, or depression. Yours may be mental… physical… professional… or personal.

And the faces of the Dark Side are always evolving. The Sith, the Empire, the First Order… you may have several hurdles to overcome on your adventure. This is a marathon labyrinth, not a sprint.

If Han Solo taught me anything, it’s where ever you are now, how far down a certain path you might be, you can redeem yourself and find a way to succeed, just never listen to the odds.

Now, one of the key principles we help teach people is to think of what we call the “Very Next Step.”

If you would’ve pulled Luke from Tatooine and told him to duel Vader immediately, starting today… he would’ve been struck down in the first few seconds of the fight.

That’s why I’ve learned to ask myself, “Steve, if you want XXX result in the future… what’s the Very Next Step you can do today that will start you in that direction.”

For some that’s throwing out the junk food in their house. For others it’s researching gym options on their commute home from work. It may be just making it to your martial arts class tonight when you’ve had a hard day.

For many it’s making a list of the people who will make up your Rebel Alliance and have your back as you continue your journey.

Figure out your Very Next Step, because fighting the Dark Side is daunting and challenging. You can’t take the Empire on all at once.

Harness The Force


Star Wars captured the hearts and minds of the world because it had the power to stir something inside of us – hope.

Hope that a young boy on a farm could change the fate of the galaxy. That a scoundrel like Han Solo could surprise us and save the day. That an evil monster like Darth Vader could sacrifice himself to right the wrongs and save his son.

There was this magic to Star Wars that made it something more than just an epic action movie – the Force brought out a sense of awe and wonder. An idea that we CAN be what we want, that we CAN change the fate of the world, that no matter what, there’s hope.

I remember feeling the magic as a kid. The flashlight next to my bed was a freaking lightsaber. The tall trees in my back yard? Endor!

This feeling, this Force, it was magical. Filled with this child-like sense of awe and wonder, it felt like my possibilities were endless.

Then life happens, and we all know what happens when we age. We lose that spark. Our imaginations dull. The energy and the optimism become muffled. By the time we reach adulthood, this mentality is sucked out of us with each passing day of living a life we aren’t proud of.

Enter the REAL power of the Force – to wake us the @%#$ up!

Are you passively living an unhappy, unhealthy, unfulfilling life? Does life feel like it’s one big routine?  

Sometimes we need to be shaken – pulled from the Dark Side and shown another option… shown that there is always hope

That’s what Star Wars means to me, and what The Force Awakens means for the Rebellion.

The new year marks a change – it’s time for the Rebellion to strike back at the Empire. And I’m giddy with being able to share that with you the tactics and systems I’ve used to turn myself and other Rebels in the community into real life Jedi doing big things.

This is what I love more than anything: helping people get to where they want to go. My upcoming book, Level Up Your Life, digs into all of this in great detail and I can’t wait to share it with the world. I know it’s going to help a lot of people and give you a plan to follow to start improving your life immediately.

It’s just the beginning, and  I’m stoked you are along with us for the ride.

Leave a comment answering the two questions below:

1) What’s your first Star Wars memory you can remember as a kid? Be as descriptive as possible.

2) What’s a choice you’ve been running from for years, and you will commit to re-examine and take action on in 2016?

May the force be with you!


PS: Speaking of the book, we’re doing an EPIC mini adventure tour so I can meet as many members of this community as possible and we can have adventures TOGETHER. It starts in NYC at a Ninja Warrior training facility on January 12th, and I hope to see you there (or at the other 5 stops where we’re doing some other amazing activities!)

If you happened to have already pre-ordered the book, make sure you go to to get your pre-order bonuses!

PPS: Members of the Holiday Watch, you better be holding your post!


photo source: Kenny Louie: Luke, Dale Jackson: Poe, Martin Hajeck: Droids, leg0fenris: storm troopers

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85 thoughts on “How Star Wars Made Me a Better Person

  1. 1. Running around the yard playing Han Solo to my friends Luke and Leia. They were siblings..forshadowing..?
    2. Selt doubt of my abilities as a videographer and speaker. This year I’m going to charge more for my services and promote myself better.

  2. 1. My earliest Star Wars memory was podracing. I was kind of in awe at how a little boy could build something that cool. I wanted to be able to do something that cool. And then the actual podracing came and it. was. magnificent. Oh man, this is making me wish pod racers were real. I watched ep 1-6 instead of 3-6, 1, 2.
    2. I want to go for classes on things I’ve always thought were cool but never took the first step to learn. E.g. I’m planning to go for pottery classes with my friend after our exams are over. I also really wanna find an ASL class.

  3. 1. My earliest Star Wars memory is the scene where Luke and Hans Solo rescue Leia but retreat into the trash compactor. The unknown creature pulling Luke under always frightened me!

    2. In 2016 I will take the steps necessary to be in a career that is fulfilling and compensates well. I am currently a personal trainer, but unfortunately, it is not a sustainable income. I want to find a career where I am still making a difference in people’s lives but also advancing mine as well!!

  4. 1. My mom & dad took me to see episode IV in the local old movie theater. I remember swinging a plastic yellow tube that was my sword and wearing a black cape my mom made me. And then my dad asked me a few days later “So, what do you think you will be when you grow up?” and I answered: “A swordsman! With a light saber!”. My parents just sighed, but here I am, more then doesen of years of martial arts later – a “swordsman”.

    2. Next, try to lead “a simpler life” – control my budget and start saving up. I have all I need for my workouts: maybe not the fancy equipment, but hey: I got some heavy bags, huge gallon bottles, trees with low branches, a park, shoes on my feet and ideas in my head. Enough for a hefty routine, and then some.

  5. 1. I was about 8 when my dad bought Episodes IV, V, and VI on vhs for my birthday. We started the first three days earlier, culminating on the third being played my birthday night. Well, I managed to get in trouble and misunderstood my punishment (I was to go to bed until I was ready to come out, thought I had to stay in bed). So my family watched it without me. The next day I asked my brother about it and we found ourselves re-enacting his favorite scene where Han and Luke are to go to their death with Jabba watching from his barge. When R2D2 shoots Luke’s light saber for him to catch, Luke catches it, breaks out of his bonds, and performs all those flips. All in our basement pantry. 🙂 I think we each took turns being Luke. And I got to watch it that day.

    2. I’ve been a stay at home mom for over 6 years now, my youngest soon to be 6 months. I am done having kids and find myself looking to the horizen for something I can do for a hobby that doesn’t require much extra funds or travel (we have only 1 vehicle, so hubby usually has that for work. No way I’m waking up 3 kids before 6 am to take him so I can have the car ). So, in addition to cutting sugar and building up my exercise habits, I am also looking for a doable hobby that I can do just for me (I love baking but not so good for my waistline! )

  6. 1. I remember acting in a Star Wars play that friends and I put together in 3rd grade. We all loved the movies and a couple of us (myself of course included) got the full movie scripts so we could put on a little production in class. I was Darth Vader and spent hours practicing lines with my mom and preparing my bright red painted-cardboard-gift-wrap-tube lightsaber.

    2. As for 2016, it’s the year in which I figure out what I’m doing next. Top options right now include applying to PhD programs and preparing for a move from California back to the east coast. I’ve spent the past three years setting aside big future plans for living in the present and I’m excited to get back to embracing tomorrow as well as today.

  7. 1. Heard all my friends talking about Star Wars in school and me being really backward. Had never watched stars wars in my whole life. I watched Episode III right as a gift for my First Holy Communion. Can never forget that day.

    2. I’ve been afraid to tell people what I really want to achieve in life. Quite often due to others not fully believing in me, and being afraid of criticism. It’s been affecting my beliefs and the action I’m taking towards my goals

  8. I remember the first time my parents let me watch Star Wars. I sat in my teal bean bag chair totally in awe of the computer graphics. I remember how real it looked to me. I had never seen anything like it with space travel and aliens. I wanted ti live that adventure so bad. I loved how princess Leia was tough and opinionated. I looked up to her.
    I would put the original 3 on the vhs player and fall asleep to them when I was 18 – 20. They were comforting in a time that was really rough for me. I had distanced myself from my family and was in a very hard and abusive relationship struggling to make ends meet and have enough to eat. They reminded me of my childhood, love, family and a simpler time. They lulled me to sleep so I could try to make it through one more day. (Crap! Tearing up at my desk at work. Not a good place to write this!)

    Next year I am going to stress less and try to reverse my adrenal fatigue I was diagnosed with in November. This will be the most difficult thing for me to do. I have been in survival mode so long that I do not know how to turn it off. I create in my head and react like Empire Battles are in my life even though the war is over and there is peace in the universe.
    I will defeat the dark side by discovering myself again and try to find something I really want to do for a career and with my life. I still have no idea. It does feel late to start from scratch but I will turn it into an adventure.
    May the Force be with you and Merry Christmas!

  9. So don’t write a book, write words on a page, and then more words. Writer’s Write. It’s my mantra for the new year.

  10. 1. The best part of Star Wars for me was the very first scene where the imperial cruiser come into view and just grew larger and larger and larger.
    2. I’ve been running from people all my life. This year will be earning how not to hate people.

  11. 1. I used to live in California, and when I was about 10 or eleven, and I would play with lightsabers outside my friends house. I had a blue obi wan, and My friend Hayden had the Darth Maul, and my other friend Colton used a red vader one, or maybe it was Mace Windus. We would battle from one end of the court to the other, we would do this in summer or winter, when one hit on the finger would send up a flare of pain, causing a flare up of pain that would pause the game for a few seconds, then we would contiunue. We did this for years. Then when we grew out of it and some of us moved away, I kept all of our lightsabers before they could throw them out, so I would always have the memory of how we would play together. I still have them, and have moved away to Hoth (North Dakota) and I have passed down the tradition of lightsaber dueling to my young neighbors.

    2. A choice I have been running for years is sittting down and writing a book. i have had plenty of ideas over the years but never sat down and worked on them. This year, I have a really good idea for a stroy that I am going to work on until it’s finished, and try to get it published one way or the other.

  12. I was 6 when it came out in the theaters. The first thing I remember was the long long long lines at the theater. Then Vader’s march as he invades Leia’s ship accusing her of being a traitor and leader of the Rebel Alliance. I don’t think I took a real breath during the entire movie. I might have actually cried at the end during the medal ceremony.

    I’d like to get hold of my all or nothing mentality. I can’t do what I once could physically and there’s nothing I can really do to get back to that, but it doesn’t mean that I have to give up on myself/my body altogether. Every athlete has limitations right?

  13. 1) I’m six (or seven) years old, and it’s sometime in 1978. I’m sat in a cinema surrounded by Greek people, which makes sense, because I’m in Cyprus. The place darkens, nothing but glowing cigarettes (yeah, Cyprus)….


    DIDDLY-DAA. DIDDLY-DA-da-da-DA-da-da-DA-da-da-DAAAAA….

    Star Wars was the first film I saw in a cinema, and my first plunge into scifi and geekery and the imaginary worlds that great stories can built, worlds that can speak truths that the deepest parts of you will hear, truths that stay in your bones, ready to remind you who you *really* are, when you need to go deep into yourself and call on them. Star Wars was my first deep dive..

    I haven’t come up for air yet, and I hope I never have to.

    2) I’m a science fiction writer. I write other things (mostly for money, as a career choice) – but past all that I’m a writer of scifi. I’ve published stories in magazines (decades ago), half of my Goodreads reading challenge for 2015 was scifi, and my favourite videogames and TV shows are set off-world or other-world.

    In 2016, I start honoring that, by writing my own fiction on Kindle, some of it scifi. It’ll require energy, meaning I need to get in better shape, meaning I keep coming back here for guidance – but most of all it’ll require me to stop BS-ing myself about who I am. Because *this* is who I am.


  14. 1) What’s your first Star Wars memory you can remember as a kid? Be as descriptive as possible.

    My first Star Wars memory that I can remember as a kid was watching the original trilogy on Laser Disc. I was captivated by the story. I especially loved Han Solo and the Millenium Falcon. As I watched A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi, I imagined myself there fighting alongside the Rebellion against the Empire rejecting the odds.

    2) What’s a choice you’ve been running from for years, and you will commit to re-examine and take action on in 2016?

    I’ve wanted to write a book for the longest time but I’ve let my lazy habits get in the way. I’m committing to getting down to business to re-examine this choice and take huge action on it in 2016.

  15. 1) I was a kid about 7 or 8 age old, for this time the last movie released was the episode I, my memory change after I get a better idea of the history I learn that even when my master, the best in something I know, fail this not mean that I couldn’t success and would never know until I challenge Dark Maul !

    2) Thinking about what I’ve done this year I think I had an incredible first half, but in some moment of my second half something change and I found myself lost in the dark side, for my 2016 I only want to be same and the best I can along all the year an the new year too !

  16. 1. As a child, I was surrounded by girls who loved Disney princess movies and comedies. I was the one who differed once I saw Star Wars for the first time. It was Christmas break and my dad and I had a marathon of all six Star Wars movies that week. We started with the originals and then ended with the release of episode 3. I remember watching these films and thinking how much I wanted to be like Luke Skywalker and be a Jedi night. Forget being a princess, I wanted to travel the galaxies and fight the galactic empire. Star Wars made me the person I am today.

    2. Cutting out junk food and living a healthier life. At the moment I’m currently studying mechanical and aerospace engineering and have slipped in my diet and exercise. Next year I would like to slowly incorporate tweaks in my diet to reach my ultimate goal. I have the worst sweat tooth. With that in mind, next year I would like to try and tame that.

  17. 1. Loved Star Wars because Leia was not just the girlfriend or eye candy. She told the boys to get out of her way and led the charge. There are still very few action movies that the women are strong when the guys are the lead. ( Laura Croft was the lead)

    2. Self Love. I put everyone first. That is how I was taught being the oldest kid. I still do not take care of me and what I need much less what I want. Very old habits that make me feel older. Now I have to take better care of myself because of borderline (on good side) health issues. Advice given eat better, lose weight, and move more (Yeah as if I did not know that mantra). I joined the NFA last month so it is a start.

  18. I saw Star Wars when I was 10, it was the opening weekend of the original episode (“A New Hope”) in 1977. Yes, I’m aging myself! My first memory was the words scrolling across the screen, then the massive imperial cruiser coming into view, taking up the entire screen. I had never seen anything like that before, and it was overwhelming, in a good way. I just watched it again last week, after not seeing it since the ’90s, and that scene was just as impressive as I remember.

    I actually didn’t really commit to working out until I couldn’t because of my “frozen shoulder.” After not being able to do anything involving my left arm for the past six months, and not being able to do anything but walk because jarring the arm was so painful, I really missed lifting. I didn’t really get how much I missed it until I wasn’t physically capable of doing it. Being given the green light to return to the gym by my physical therapist was just what I needed to get my act together.

  19. 1. My brightest memory is of the strength demonstrated by Leila and Luke’s bravery to stand up and do what is right. At times, he seems to be standing alone and also an outcast who is too niece for the real world. His conviction and preserverance leads him to his wins.

    2. The lesson that I’ve not been brave enough with is speaking my truth. I shy away from confrontation even if it means not sharing what I truly think. It has hurt my relationships and it is something I don’t want to look back and regret.

  20. Ha! That’s good. My first memory is all the kids during recess who had seen Star Wars in the theater, pretending to fight each other with imaginary light sabers. “What are they doing? What is this movie about?”. My second memory is standing in a huge line that wrapped around the theater, when my father finally took me to see the movie two weeks after it released. This forever cemented a dislike of theater lines. My third memory, at all of seven years of age, expecting so much from all the hype from the other kids, was finding whiny Luke Skywalker completely obnoxious and uninspiring. “But I was going in to Tosche station to pick up power converters.” Fourth memory. Thinking, “This is really goofy”, watching the Cantina scence, which lots of adults were raving about.

  21. 1. My first star wars memory was watching the original trilogy with my brother and my dad. My brother and I then amassed a huge collection of awesome toy sets from the movies with all these little tiny figures. I still have most of these sets in my closet, and have recently passed them along to my 5 year old nephew, who is quickly becoming a big star wars fan too.

    2. Yoga! I’ve always been drawn to yoga, I even signed up for the nerd fitness yoga. I’ve done it here and there since I was old enough to start thinking about exercising…but I’ve never taken it too seriously. The Force Awakens actually kind of rekindled a spark in me to start meditating again, thanks to all of the Force scenes…and I would really like to get into yoga on a regular basis. Your blog has already been huge in getting my life straightened out, and I know your book would take it to the next level (literally!).

  22. 1. I was a kid when Star Wars was released, but I remember my grandfather gifted me a little keychain with R2-D2, and I’ve brought it with me since today, following all the ups and downs of life. That keychain give me the force to continue my adventure. And then during Italian Carnival I was wearing a Darth Vader costume… 🙂
    2. For 2016 I want to take the time for a travel, and be able to relax from my work as an author. That’s all I want 🙂

  23. 1. I have actually never seen Stars Wars. Yes, I miss most of the references that Steve makes… but it’s worth reading his articles regardless!
    2. I have avoided skiing for about 8 years after I had a negative experience the first and only time I ever went skiing. Last week however, while chaperoning a trip for college students and young professionals, I took the plunge and gathered the courage to try again. And I loved it! And I’m actually planning on going again this week! I had to share that… For 2016, I’d like to work on being more vulnerable and allowing people to read me rather than being closed off when I’m afraid of seeming vulnerable.

  24. 1. The first Star Wars memory I have is walking into the room when I was a wee one while my Dad watched Return of the Jedi. Instead of walking out of the room like I had so many times before, I decided to sit down and watch it with him, asking questions the entire time. At some point during the movie, my dad turned it off and put on A New Hope instead, so I could start from the beginning. That was the beginning of my life as a nerd. From then forward my dad and I would forever do nerdy things together whether it be going to conventions or going to opening night of any nerd movie possible.
    2. I have been running from revamping a pop-up book I designed and selling it. It will be a lot of work, time, and sacrifice of much of my social life, but I don’t want to let anything stand in my way this year. I won’t let procrastination and negativity get in my way.

  25. 1. I was 5 years old when it was first released – a nerd before it was cool. I remember being furious at my older sisters (who were 15 and 17) for refusing to take me with them when it first came out. After incessant badgering (and various and sundry blackmail threats to tattle on their teenage shenanigans), they finally took me. If it wasn’t the first movie I saw, it was definitely the most memorably awesome.
    2. Writing. I started blogging a couple years ago, but stopped because I let insecurities get the better of me.

  26. 1. My mom regularly baby sat the boy next door. He was like my older brother. He’d bring over his Star Wars toys. I got to play all the Stormtroopers, the Ewoks, and Leia. I didn’t even get to be Darth Vader because he was just *SO COOL*.

    2. I’ve been meaning to take TRUE action on starting my own business, but normally I just do some of the easy steps and then when things get hard/uncomfortable, I give up. This time, I am going to go through all the steps! (Having a full time job tends to put a crimp in my style of living an upgraded life, so I really need my own gig that I can do from anywhere!)

  27. Princess Leia leading the fight. Coming up I heard “girls can’t do X” a lot. But Leia, you just KNEW she could do X better than most anyone. I was convinced she could have taken down Vader and the Emporer if someone had just given her a lightsaber. Still am, really.

    Cooking dinner. I hate cooking. A lot. Left to my own devices I’d probably eat toast and an apple every night for dinner. But my husband isn’t always awesome at picking options for dinner so we do end up eating more processed food than is good. But I can’t complian if I’m not gonna cook, so I’ll cook. On a limited basis lol

  28. My first memory of Star Wars is actually very recent. I’m the only nerd in my family really, half of my family haven’t even seen Star Wars so it was never a big deal that I hadn’t seen them. But a couple of months back, I really felt like I needed to watch them so I got hold of some copies and marathoned them over a weekend. We had a big family event that weekend as well though so I got all the eye rolls when I watched it at my parents’ place- but my brother-in-law (slightly nerdy, huge Batman fan) joined me and my sister (his wife) also tried to watch them for a bit because she hadn’t seen them- I like to think I’m helping increase the overall nerd level in our family. It’s not going to badly :).

    The choice I’ve been running from for years? Well… I’m here because Steve asks hard questions, but seriously, why such hard questions? I tend to make a choice, stick with that for a bit, run away for a bit and then come back to the choice and start again. But I guess the one I’ve been the best at avoiding for the longest, is doing something to get to a better state of mental health. Maybe life can hold it together if I can, and then I can stop zigzagging to and from my decisions…

  29. 1. My first memory of Star Wars was watching the Clone Wars television series with my brother. I saw Ahsoka Tano, a badass female Jedi that was my age, and was instantly hooked. I love the heroic characters of Star Wars, both male and female.
    2. I want to be a writer. I’ve been writing for years, but I really want to become a full-time writer, and this is the year I’m going to dedicate to finishing my book.

  30. I stood by my dad as he stood in line to see Star Wars in ’77. I remember the line wrapped around the block but I’m not sure how long the line was.

  31. Riding in the car with my family to the old Belle Meade Theatre on Harding Place to see “The Empire Strikes Back” when it *first* came out and being amazed at the line to get in wrapping around the building nearly twice. Not being allowed to save a seat for anyone either; if you got up to go to restroom or get refreshments, you lost your seat.

    I want to start cooking more, and healthy meals. My husband and I have both set a goal that we will lose and Keep Off 30 pounds this year. It will be incredibly hard to do that as we are both sugar addicts, but we are holding each other accountable this time. Hopefully with the items Steve provides in his emails each week, we can be motivated to actually do this.

  32. 1. I remember going to see Star Wars, but it was a very long time ago, ( was born in 1957 so I am now 58) and at that time I was in the stage of life where I was thinking very superficially, not really very conscious, and so I probably didn’t take much deep meaning from the story. Although I did like the movie! My search at that time as a young adult was to find a nice guy, get married, and start a family. And my life would go on as wife, mom, homemaker, and income earner. Sheesh!
    2. Now 30 years in as the wife, the mom and the homemaker and the income earner, I have since dropped the mom role, and picked up more of the income earner. Sheesh! The past 7 years has been a search for something more, and I know the emotional abuse I have allowed has finally stopped, and my relationship is now with me enjoying being alone, feeling free, and not living feeling lonely. 2016 will bring the continuation of eating healthy paleo-ish, more running (I have run 6 marathons and umpteen half’s), enjoying the company of many true friends, and my home is now simple and efficient. I am commiting 2016 to learning about personal boundaries, not feeling guilt (*@ck guilt!) and will be doing much more travelling.
    Thank you Steve for all that you share with us!

  33. 1. Earliest memory of star wars, it’s an odd one. I still laugh thinking about it now, Yoda rifling through Luke’s stuff and finding the little light, the part that cracks me up is when R2 tries getting it back and Yoda just starts whacking him with the stick (that since seeing episode 2) I have no idea why he carries it! Any ideas on that one?
    2. I got a sort of bucket list…… Not really a written in sand kind of thing, but a list of things I’ve seen on the internet, or heard about from history, to just seen on a t.v show or read about in a book. I always say to myself I got plenty of time, I’ll do that when the weather is nicer, that’s gonna cost too much and I can’t afford it. I want to make a start at that. Or at least some of them, the smaller ones that I can afford (until I get some funds together to climb Kilimanjaro that is)

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