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I want to lose weight.  Eat less and move more.

I also want to be healthy. Eat less crap and more real food.

I want abs.  Eat VERY clean and lift heavy, like Saint.

I want to build muscle and get bigger. Lift heavy, eat enough protein, and increase your calorie intake.

I want results. Track everything. “That which is measured gets improved.”

Do I need a gym membership? Nope.

I don’t have time to work out. Yes, you do.

I don’t like eating [specific healthy food]. Don’t eat it.  Double up on [specific healthy food you DO like].

I don’t like [specific physical activity].  Then don’t do it.

I do enjoy [specific physical activity].  Good, do more of that.

Should I take [expensive supplement]? No. Spend the money you save on healthier food options.

It hurts when I do [specific exercise].  Fix your form or do a different exercise that works the same muscles.

I’m not motivated today. Now you are.

How else can I help?

Leave your quick question in the comments, I’ll give you a quick answer!



(Photo taken by my buddy Cash while we were at a fire show in Railay, Thailand back in May)

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129 thoughts on “The World’s Quickest Advice Column

  1. I’m an older, partially disabled, citizen & have only been doing Paleo since July 1st.
    I have lost 15 lbs. so far with minimal exercise.
    My question is: Since I’ve cut out grains what would be a good source of fiber? Constipation has become a problem.

  2. Vegetables (mainly cruciferous and leafy green) should be your main source of fiber. Good fats (coconut oil, lards, olive oil) also help with constipation. I find that magnesium oil sprayed daily on my skin helps a lot also. Frankly, grains were never a good source of fiber.

  3. Yup, slap in the face. I made lots of excuses, stupid excuses, some semi-valid ones (car accident). But I don’t need to spend all my time laying around the house in hopes I get better. Yup, time to sign up for my 6 week challenge

  4. i met this guy online. really like him. had to end the convo, so he gave me his number and asked me to text him when i could. should i text him?

  5. I have 30 mins on any given day between coming home from work and going to bed. What food can I make in that time?

  6. Is it bad to eat before bed?
    I work 12-13 hour overnight shifts. 6pm-6/7am. I have a hard time prepping food for the shifts and I usually come home starving. Then I eat and get in bed.
    Is it better to work out after work or before work? I struggle with both… If after work, I’m too tired to stay awake. If before work, I’m too tired to wake up.

  7. P.s. Thank you! You’re brilliant. Your whole website just makes sense to me and has really helped motivate me. Thanks for everything you do for us!

  8. The picture is two people spinning fire poi.

    I’ve been juggling and picking up contact staff. Good exercise right there.

  9. How do i get more protein without increasing fat??? This is my BIGGEST challenge…..

    (I know I need fat. I’m not afraid of fat. I just can’t seem to get the proportions right!)

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