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I want to lose weight.  Eat less and move more.

I also want to be healthy. Eat less crap and more real food.

I want abs.  Eat VERY clean and lift heavy, like Saint.

I want to build muscle and get bigger. Lift heavy, eat enough protein, and increase your calorie intake.

I want results. Track everything. “That which is measured gets improved.”

Do I need a gym membership? Nope.

I don’t have time to work out. Yes, you do.

I don’t like eating [specific healthy food]. Don’t eat it.  Double up on [specific healthy food you DO like].

I don’t like [specific physical activity].  Then don’t do it.

I do enjoy [specific physical activity].  Good, do more of that.

Should I take [expensive supplement]? No. Spend the money you save on healthier food options.

It hurts when I do [specific exercise].  Fix your form or do a different exercise that works the same muscles.

I’m not motivated today. Now you are.

How else can I help?

Leave your quick question in the comments, I’ll give you a quick answer!



(Photo taken by my buddy Cash while we were at a fire show in Railay, Thailand back in May)

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  • Matwvl


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  • Carolyn D.

    I’m an older, partially disabled, citizen & have only been doing Paleo since July 1st.
    I have lost 15 lbs. so far with minimal exercise.
    My question is: Since I’ve cut out grains what would be a good source of fiber? Constipation has become a problem.

  • ImperialFool

    That´s sweeet!!! A big thanks!

  • rocky


  • Princess Ava

    Awesome, concise advice!

  • discob75

    Vegetables (mainly cruciferous and leafy green) should be your main source of fiber. Good fats (coconut oil, lards, olive oil) also help with constipation. I find that magnesium oil sprayed daily on my skin helps a lot also. Frankly, grains were never a good source of fiber.

  • Naomi

    Love it. Thank you!

  • nxf33

    good stuff. seeing you’ve inspired so many, top 3 tips to inspire others?

  • Carolyn D.

    Thank you. Very helpful info.

  • Pietro

    Are you on instagram?

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  • Angela

    Yup, slap in the face. I made lots of excuses, stupid excuses, some semi-valid ones (car accident). But I don’t need to spend all my time laying around the house in hopes I get better. Yup, time to sign up for my 6 week challenge

  • vicky

    Want to shed the anxiety from my mind??

  • vicky

    how to shed my anxiety?

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  • kat

    i met this guy online. really like him. had to end the convo, so he gave me his number and asked me to text him when i could. should i text him?

  • Janny

    I don’t how to get my friends to take pictured of me What do I do

  • Guest

    my boyfriend wants to kiss me and i dont want to kiss him! i need help from a woman

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  • Hannah Ward

    I have 30 mins on any given day between coming home from work and going to bed. What food can I make in that time?

  • Dane S

    Is it bad to eat before bed?
    I work 12-13 hour overnight shifts. 6pm-6/7am. I have a hard time prepping food for the shifts and I usually come home starving. Then I eat and get in bed.
    Is it better to work out after work or before work? I struggle with both… If after work, I’m too tired to stay awake. If before work, I’m too tired to wake up.

  • Dane S

    P.s. Thank you! You’re brilliant. Your whole website just makes sense to me and has really helped motivate me. Thanks for everything you do for us!

  • Dizz

    The picture is two people spinning fire poi.

    I’ve been juggling and picking up contact staff. Good exercise right there.

  • Shawna Mann Lubs

    How do i get more protein without increasing fat??? This is my BIGGEST challenge…..

    (I know I need fat. I’m not afraid of fat. I just can’t seem to get the proportions right!)

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