Steve Finally Does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Also, We’re Hiring!)

Steve Super Man

Hey guys!

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, your social media has been taken over by people dumping buckets of ice on themselves in the name of raising money for a cure for ALS.  I’ve been challenged a few times from friends, teammates, and rebels, but due to travel, I haven’t been able to get in on the action.

You can stop asking, because I finally took the challenge, and had a bit of fun with it.

Yesterday, equipped with help from a few of my childhood heroes, a camera, a few buckets of ice water, four hours of amateur video editing (and no shame), I put together a quick, corny, and hopefully funny video for such a great cause.

Nerd Fitness will also be matching a big chunk of donations that come into the Nerd Fitness page!

Check it out:

Steve does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Big shout out to my buddy Adam Moore for selflessly throwing ice cold water on me four times. A true humanitarian.

What is this all about?

In case you HAVE been living under a rock, a few weeks back Pete Frates, former baseball player for Boston College who has been battling ALS for the past two years, challenged his friends to donate to the ALS Association within 24 hours or post a video of them dumping ice water on their heads. Before long, people were doing both.

Growing up as a little leaguer in Massachusetts, I immediately fell in love with this idea.  And it was this piece on ESPN that brought me to tears.  

Well, what started as a small thing in Boston amongst baseball players went viral and took over the internet.  It was fun to watch. Although some folks were tired of watching video after video, the campaign was a wild success, raising over 88 million dollars!

Now, my favorite part of Nerd Fitness is just how truly helpful and supportive this community can be.  I’m proud to be part of it, and I’m excited to support a great cause.  So, hopefully you have a chance to watch the above silly video and consider donating:

Team Nerd Fitness Donation Page

To sweeten the pot, we’ll be matching the first $5,000 donated, in honor of Pete Frates and all that are suffering from this brutal disease.

If you can’t donate, that’s totally fine…instead, do something nice for somebody today!

If you’ve already donated, that’s FANTASTIC.

Regardless, thanks for your sharing, supporting, and donating!

Team Nerd Fitness is hiring

Before I wish you all a great weekend, I wanna make a quick announcement.

Nerd Fitness is hiring!  

Darryl, our awesome designer who helped us update the Nerd Fitness Academy and Camp NF Pages, was hired to become the lead designer on a video game.  How freaking cool is that!?

So, since we have massive plans for the next year when it comes to Nerd Fitness we need some help!

We’re hiring for two full time positions:

  • Web Development Master
  • Graphic Design Wizard

If you’re a web developer (especially if you specialize in WordPress development) or a web designer, these are both HUGE roles we’re filling trying out *immediately*.

We also have a few hours a month of work for:

  • Video/Audio Editing Ninja

This is *not* a full-time role, but as we ramp up our online media we’d need someone we can trust to help us edit videos, fix audio, and manage media.

You can find out all of the details and how to apply for either position over on our “Work With Us” page.

I hope you have an awesome long weekend, I know I plan on having some fun.  Also, we’re only THREE weeks away from Camp Nerd Fitness!  If you’re joining us, see you there! If not, we still have room 🙂



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17 thoughts on “Steve Finally Does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Also, We’re Hiring!)

  1. sup nerds.
    i’d love to apply for the small audio/video editing gig but couldn’t find a link over at the ‘work with us’ page. anyone i can contact for that?

  2. sup nerds.
    i’d love to apply for the small audio/video editing gig but couldn’t find a link over at the ‘work with us’ page. anyone i can contact for that?

  3. This ice bucket challenge video is excellent – the best I’ve seen I think! Batman is hilarious!!!

  4. Yeah, I was also interested in the video/audio editing opportunity, but didn’t see a link to the form anywhere…anyone have more information on how to apply?

  5. Good job Steve, the video lives up to true nerdiness (?)… geekery (?). Whatever the word – you just made my day 😀

  6. Hey there,

    would also love to apply to the small audio/video editing job but also cannot find a working link on the “work with us page”. Is there a separate application process for it?

  7. Pfft, nice video, Steve! That was hilarious. (and also a lot of buckets!)

    I thought I’d share a nerdy passion of mine that has a little to do with this- the anime Space Brothers. One of the characters on that show wants to be an astronaut so they can research ALS on the International Space Station. It comes into the plot later in the series, as well. So, if there are any anime or space fans out there, I highly recommend you give Space Brothers a try. (it’s on Crunchyroll) It was how I came to find out about ALS, and I’m so glad this Ice Bucket Challenge has gotten more people to know about it.

  8. Great job Steve, don’t forget Jason Becker, a virtuoso guitarist struck with ALS just as he was about to take over the world. His documentary Not Dead Yet is pretty awesome and everyone can find hope and inspiration in his determination and drive.

  9. Great video, Steve. I was laughing my butt off, but trying to do it quietly as I’m watching it at work, hehe. It’s great that this community is working towards such a great cause.

    I think my boyfriend wants to apply for the position, but he doesn’t have any professional work online, sadly. 🙁 Ahh, well. Maybe some other time!

  10. Marty? Marty Friedman? Is that you? 🙂
    Yeah, Jason Becker’s beaten the odds as far as his survival timespan, and he still composes music even if he has others actually play it for him.

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