The World’s Quickest Advice Column: Hack Your Life

We'll give you some quick but awesome life tips today.

I tend to be wordy with articles on Nerd Fitness.

With now 680 articles published, there’s a LOT of information to wade through.

So every once and a while I like to change things up, and provide you instead with the world’s quickest advice column. If you’re currently struggling with leveling up your life, consider this your wake up call!

I’ve already done two of these on getting healthier (here and here), so here’s one on getting happier.


This LEGO wants you to know it's okay to accept who you are and also want to change.

I’m not happy. Change something in your life, or change yourself.

What do I change? Pick one thing and change it. Report back with results.

I’m overwhelmed. Deep breath. Pick one thing. Change what you are in control of right now.

Will more money make me happier? Yes, but only up to a certain amount.

What’s more important than money? Time. Time to spend time with people you love or doing things you love. You can never get it back.

more Time

I don’t have enough time to get stuff done. You have poorly managed priorities.

But there’s so much to get done. Do less. Say “no” to more things.

But I have [obligation]. It’s either a “hell yeah” or a no. Clear your schedule.

But I might offend [somebody] by saying no. That’s on them. Better to not go than go and not want to be there.

But the timing isn’t right. The timing is never perfect. If you wait for the perfect moment, you’ll never do anything. A month from now, you’ll wish you started today.


Proper love can make for a leveled up life, as these two LEGOS know.

How do I make a good first impression? Look them in the eyes. Smile. Talk slowly. Stand tall. Wear clothes that fit.

Should I ask that person out? Yes.

What if he/she says no? Then you’re in the same spot if you did nothing, except now no regret.

What do I say? “Hey, I think you’re cute/beautiful/stunning. I’m [name], can I buy you a cup of coffee or a drink sometime?”

I have anxiety now! Use 20 Seconds of Courage.

I’m in a bad relationship. Get out.

What if I never find anybody better? What if you find somebody way better?  What if you get hit by a bus tomorrow?

I got dumped. I’m heartbroken. But it’s still ticking, which means there’s hope for you yet.

Should i…

Try temptation bundling today!

But Steve, none of this is that easy. I know! If it was, everybody would be happy with everything!

I’m not the type of person who does ___. Stop sabotaging yourself with self-limiting beliefs. You aren’t the type of person who does ___ until you do it. Now you are.

This won’t work for me. Okay! Keep doing what you’re doing.

But what I’m doing isn’t working. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Damn you, Steve. We’re either growing and changing, or we’re dying.

When should I start? Right now.

What other short questions do you have?

I’ll be hanging out your questions in the comments below as quickly and succinctly as possible!



Photo sources: Working, Amazing, Time Machine Clockwork, the giving of flowers, rain doesn’t stop a photographer.

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