The World’s Quickest Advice Column, Part 2

Fast, Faster, Cheetah...

Last week, I hit you with a 5,000 word post on getting bigger, so today I figure I’ll smack you in the face with 330 words of motivation, education, and inspiration!

Let’s get started!

I’m overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Go for a walk.

I need to be healthier. Make ONE decision today that’s better than yesterday.

I do well for a week and then run out of steam. Do less. Use less willpower.

I missed my workout yesterday! Do it today. Do it now.

I want to wake up earlier. Put your alarm clock across the room.

I want to exercise in the morning. Sleep in your workout clothes.

I ate like crap and feel guilty. Stop. Make your next meal healthy and MOVE ON.

I need to lose weight. Cut back on sugar. Eat real food.

I need to get bigger. Pick up heavy things and eat more.

I spend too much time on stupid sites. Install this. For PC users.

I want to travel but don’t have time. Make it a priority.

I want my [significant other] to get healthy. You can’t force them, only inspire.

I always procrastinate. Pick a goal. Pay your friend $50 every time you fail to complete it.

I suck at building healthy habits. Not anymore!

I want to do [crazy fitness goal] and [unrelated crazy fitness goal] at the same time.  “Don’t half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.” -Ron Swanson

I want to look like [ripped celebrity]. Unless you have their resources, it’s an unfair comparison. Pick REAL heroes to follow.

I don’t like my job. Slash your expenses. Start work on something you care about. Choose Yourself. Maybe invent your own job. I did.

Yesterday sucked. Good thing it’s over. Move on.

I’m worried about tomorrow. Focus on today.

What questions do you have for me?

Leave a quick comment and I’ll give you a quick answer.


PS: Here’s part 1.


photo: cheetah

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